Below you will find forms grouped by subject matter.  For more information on the programs associated with these forms, please click on the topic in our sidebar menu.

Environmental Compliance

Chemical and Hazardous Materials Inventory Form
Hazardous Waste Removal Form
Lab Inventory Form
New Surplus Form


Programs for Minors

Covered Program Forms

Program Registration Form (Form A)
Camp Staff Worksheet (Form A1)
Child Protection Training Verification Sheet (Form A2)
Camper Paperwork Verification Form (Form A3)
Request for Exception to Safety Policy 575 Requirement of Criminal Background Checks and Training for Volunteers (Form F)
National Sex Offender Registry Verification Form (Form F1)
Notification of Exceptional Circumstances Requiring Exception to Safety Policy 575 (Form G)
Permission for One Covered Adult to Transport Minor (Form I)
Third Party License for Use of University Property for Program Involving Minors (Form D1)
Independent Study Program Waiver (Form J)

Camp Staff Paperwork

Tennessee Law on Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse (Form C)
Standards of Conduct for Covered Adults (Form E)
Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure and Authorization to Release Information (Form H)

Camp Attendee Paperwork

Medical Information and Medical Treatment Release and Authorization Form (Form B)
Authorization for Self-Administration of Prescription Medication (Form B1)
Authorization for Dispensation of Over-the-Counter Medication (Form B2)
Release, Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement (Form D)


Risk Management

Bomb Threat Report
Report of Unsafe Condition 
Report of On-the-Job Injury or Illness 
UT Report of Occurrence
Vehicle Accident Report