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March 2013 Grant Announcements:


National Science Foundation (3/12/13)

  • Workforce Program in the Mathematical Sciences
  • The program's primary interest is in activities centered on education through research involvement for trainees at the undergraduate through postdoctoral educational levels.  Activities that broaden participation in the mathematical sciences are of significant interest to the Division of Mathematical Sciences.  The program welcomes proposals for activities that address the program goals in innovative and creative ways. Proposals must clearly identify: the goals to be achieved; the specific new activities to be conducted, the way in which these address the goals, and the way in which the activities significantly differ from or enhance common practice; measurable proposed outcomes for the project; specific methods for evaluation of the success of the activity and for assessment of progress toward the goals to be achieved, and a budget commensurate with the proposed activity.
  • Deadline: Proposals due June 15, 2013


National Science Foundation (3/12/13)

  • Mentoring Through Critical Transition Points in the Mathematical Sciences
  • The MCTP program provides funds to develop a system of mentoring devoted to points of transition in a mathematical sciences career path that are critical for success, from undergraduate studies to the early years in a tenure track position. MCTP emphasizes department-wide activities aimed at specific stages in the education of trainees. Proposals must address the likely number of trainees who will be involved in the project and provide demographic information from the past to demonstrate the point. As such, four-year institutions with small enrollments are encouraged to form consortia or alliances with larger universities. While any transition point is worthy of exploration, proposals that address the undergraduate to graduate transition are encouraged. Such a proposal will require a plan for recruiting and retaining undergraduate majors in the mathematical sciences and involving more undergraduates in research activities and in a curriculum that will allow them to enter strong graduate programs in mathematics and science.
  • Deadline: Proposals due June 4, 2013


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