Physical Activity & Health Research Interest Group

Proposed Reserach Teams/Collaborations:

  • Exercise is Medicine Research Team: 
    • Greg Heath, DHSc, MPH;
    • James W. Haynes, MD;
    • Nicholas Boer, PhD;
    • Manuel Santiago, PhD;
    • Diedri White, DrPH;
    • Rehan Qayyum, MD, MS;
    • Chris Cunningham, PhD;
    • Chris Smith, PhD, RN;
    • Cathie Smith, PhD, RPT
    • Karissa Peyer, PhD


  • Community-based Physical Activity Research Team: 
    • Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, PhD;
    • Elgin B. Andrews, PhD;
    • Greg Heath, DHSc;
    • Ignatius Fomunung, PhD;
    • John Bilderback, MS;
    • Jamie Harvey, EdD
    • Kate Kemplin, DNP, RN, CCEMTP


  • Exercise is Medicine Outdoors Research Team: 
    • Andrew Bailey, PhD;
    • Hallie Blunck, MD, MPH

Recent Research Projects

Heath GW, Kolade VO, Haynes JW.  Exercise is Medicine™: A pilot study linking primary care with community physical activity support.  Preventive Medicine Reports.  2015; 2:492-497.

Heath GW, Bilderback J, McInnis D, Wilson WS.  Grow Healthy Together Chattanooga: Effects of Policy/Environmental Interventions on Physical Activity Among Urban Children.  MSSE 2015; 47 (5S):832-833.