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Required CITI Training:

UTC is strongly committed to ensuring that all research conducted by our faculty, staff, and students is conducted in a responsible and ethical manner.  In pursuit of this goal, as of January 1, 2017, all UTC affiliates conducting research with human subjects will be required to complete the Human Subjects Basic online training course through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) prior to beginning research activities. 


CITI offers two basic courses on Human Subject Research (HSR) differentiated by research area:  Biomedical, and Social-Behavioral-Educational.  Researchers  will be enrolled in the course best suited to their research area.  Upon completion of the course a completion certificate will be automatically emailed to  This certificate will be required prior to approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB).


CITI training may be accessed at:




CITI Instructions for First Time Users:

  1. Create an account.  Answer the questions as appropriately as possible and affiliate yourself with UTC in the institution drop-down menu.
  2. Once registered, you will be prompted to complete a short questionnaire to enroll in courses.  Questions # 1-4  will determine the HSR basic course that is most applicable to your research area.  Note that Question #2 should only be answered if you  have previously completed an HSR Basic course. 
  3. Questions #5-#11 are optional and will enroll you in additional courses.  These courses (Responsible Conduct of Research, Animal Care and Use, Export Control, and Biomedical Safety) are available to all investigators but are not required to gain IRB approval.  
  4. Complete the questionnaire by clicking "Submit" and you will be directed to your "Main Menu" that lists all courses that you are enrolled in. The HSR basic course names will be listed as "Biomedical Research Investigators" or "Social & Behavioral Research Investigators" on your course list depending on your answers in the previous questionnaire.
  5. Begin a course by clicking on the course name.  You will be presented with a list of modules, with a short quiz following each module.  All modules within a course will need to be completed in order to earn a completion certificate. Course progress is automatically saved if you log out of CITI, so you may complete a course at your convenience. A  quiz score average of 80% must be maintained to earn the Completion Certificate. Quizzes may be retaken as many times as necessary.
  6. Once all modules are completed, you will be prompted to save or print your Completion Certificate.  Please save a copy of this certificate for your own records.  The IRB office will be automatically notified of your completion by CITI, so there is no need to email it to us separately.
  7. HSR Certificates are current for 2 years, after which they will expire.  You must maintain HSR certification for the length of your IRB project. You may renew your HSR Certificate by completing a CITI Refresher course or by retaking the Basic Course.  

If you have questions about the CITI website, please visit the CITI Learner Support webpage or contact ORI. 




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UTC Training Presentations:


Spring 2016 -  Research Involving Human Subjects PowerPoint (.pdf)