How do you apply for approval?


All non-classroom research proposals require the submission of Form A to Upon receipt of Form A, the IRB will determine if the application classifies as exempt or expedited. Annual review and minor changes require a Form B. Classroom assignment applications require a Form C. All  applications contain submission directions on the form. All students must have their application approved and signed by their faculty sponsor before submission to the IRB Committee.

If the information on the application seems incomplete or raises any concerns (e.g., regarding eligibility for exempt status, invasion of  the subjects' privacy, or confidentiality of research records), the applicant will receive an Action Form from the IRB Chair and/or his or her designee. The Action Form will outline the concerns that must be addressed in order to continue the review process.


Exempt and Expedited Applications

All new applications should be submitted as a Form A, the Application for Review of Research Involving Human Subjects. This form requires the investigator to discuss the purpose/objectives of the research; background and rational for the study; the subject population; methods/procedures; incentives; risks and benefits; and privacy/confidentiality. Ensure that all consent forms are submitted with the application. For student projects, faculty advisor approval is required. Submit the application to the faculty advisor first, then he or she can submit it and all applicable attachments to the IRB.

Continuing or Annual Renewal

Investigators who believe their changes involve minor modifications should complete a Certification for Changes Form. Major modification/change requests require that the investigator complete a new Form A noting the modifications to the project.  Investigators should email all change requests to

Classroom Assignments

Faculty members who wish to use this procedure must submit a Form C, Student Class Project Application, indicating the course, the assignment, and a  copy of their certificate of completion of training. This Form must be approved by the IRB Chair prior to any projects proceeding; faculty  also must require that students submit the appropriate application form for approval by the instructor (instead of submitting it to the IRB). At the end of the semester, a Classroom Project Completion Form must be  submitted which outlines the student's name, project title, a short description of the project and certifies that  the instructor has ensured that all human subjects protections have been met (including informed consent, anonymity, and minimal risk).