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Deferment Request

Deferment request confirms your attendance so that your classes will not be cancelled for non-payment and it provides the opportunity to delay payment until the last day of the semester.

Every semester that you are enrolled, you will receive an email from the School Certifying Official providing you with opportunity to request deferment.

By requesting deferment, you are acknowledging your acceptance to the following terms and conditions:

I am a student with adequate remaining entitlement and an expiration delimiting date within the current term or after to an educational benefit program of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs;

I understand that this deferment does not pay my tuition and fees, but it allows me an extension of time (the last day of the term or when I receive education benefit payments in full for the semester) to pay tuition and fees;

I have formally requested an enrollment certification through the Veterans Affairs office and expect to receive benefit payments for this term;

I understand that if I do not receive the educational benefits that I am still responsible for all tuition and fees to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga;

I understand that the tuition and fees being deferred are subject to the University’s refund policy and withdrawal after the first day of classes does not eliminate this obligation;

I understand that all academic records and enrollment registration will be encumbered if all financial obligations to the University are not settled in a timely manner.