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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
ACCT1010Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACCT1020Principles of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACCT1410Small Bus Record Keeping ACCELECSmall Bus Record Keeping
ACCT2110Introductory Accounting IACCELECIntroductory Accounting I
ACCT2120Introductory Acctg IIACCELECIntroductory Acctg II
ACCT2210Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACCT2220Principles of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACCT2550Tax Practice ACCELECTax Practice
ACCT2560Accounting Practice IACCELECAccounting Practice I
ACCT2570Accounting Practice IIACCELECAccounting Practice II
ACCT2580Accounting Practice IIIACCELECAccounting Practice III
AGRM1010Perspectives in AgricultureELECAGRMPerspectives in Agriculture
AGRM1020Intro to Turfgrass MgmtELECAGRMIntro to Turfgrass Mgmt
AGRM1030Adv Turf ManagementELECAGRMAdv Turf Management
AGRM1040Pest ManagementELECAGRMPest Management
AGRM1170Livestock Event MgmtELECAGRMLivestock Event Mgmt
AGRM2030Soil ScienceELECAGRMSoil Science
AGRM1110Fundamentals of Animal ScienceELECAGRMFundamentals of Animal Science
ART1000Introduction to the ArtsARTELECIntroduction to the Arts
ART1030Art Appreciation ART1110Introduction to Art
ART1110Basic Design I ART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
ART1120Basic Design II ART1020Visual Stud II:Form in 3D
ART1510Computer Animation I ARTELECComputer Animation I
ART1520Computer Animation II ARTELECComputer Animation II
ART1810School Art ARTELECSchool Art
ART2040Art Hist Survey I ART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ART2050Art Hist Survey II ART2150Hist of West Art Ren to Pres
ART2110Studio Non Art MajorARTELECStudio Non Art Major
ART2210Photography I ART2810Photography I
ART2220Photography II ARTELECPhotography II
ART2410Ceramics I ARTELECCeramics I
ART2420Ceramics II ARTELECCeramics II
ART2510Painting I ARTELECPainting I
ART2520Painting II ARTELECPainting II
ART2610Sculpture I ARTELECSculpture I
ART2620Sculpture II ARTELECSculpture II
ART2710Printmaking I ARTELECPrintmaking I
ART2720Printmaking II ARTELECPrintmaking II
ART2990Art Problems ARTELECArt Problems
ARTH1030Art AppreciationART1110Introduction to Art
ARTH2010Art History IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ARTH2020Survey of Art History IIART2150Hist of West Art Ren to Pres
ARTP2210Photography IART2810Photography I
ARTP2510Painting IART2070Painting I
ASTR1030Astronomy ASTR1020Intro to Astr-Stars to Galax
ASTR1031Astronomy Lab ASTR1020LAstr Lab-Stars to Galaxies
ASTR1030AstronomyASTR1020Intro to Astr-Stars to Galax
ASTR1030AstronomyASTR1020LAstr Lab-Stars to Galaxies
BANK1010Principles of BankingELECBANKPrinciples of Banking
BANK2990Spec Topics in BankingELECBANKSpec Topics in Banking
BIO2321HU Anat&Phys II LabBIOL2060LFunctional Human Anat Lab
BIO2331HU Anat&Phys III LabBIOL2080LHuman Physiology Lab
BIOL1010General Biology IBIOLELECGeneral Biology I
BIOL1011General Biology I LabBIOLELECGeneral Biology I Lab
BIOL1020General Biology IIBIOLELECGeneral Biology II
BIOL1021General Biology II LabBIOLELECGeneral Biology II Lab
BIOL1030Concepts in BiologyBIOLELECConcepts in Biology
BIOL1031Concepts in Biology LabBIOLELECConcepts in Biology Lab
BIOL1110Org and Functions of the CellBIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BIOL1111Org & Functions of Cell LabBIOL1110LPrinciples of Biology I Lab
BIOL1120Biodiversity BIOL1120Principles of Biology II
BIOL1121Biodiversity Lab BIOL1120LPrinciples of Biology II Lab
BIOL1130Population Biology BIOLELECPopulation Biology
BIOL1131Population Biology Lab BIOLELECPopulation Biology Lab
BIOL2010Human Anat Phys IBIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIOL2011Human Anat Phys I Lab BIOL2060LFunctional Human Anat Lab
BIOL2020Human Anat Phys II BIOL2080Human Physiology
BIOL2021Human Anat Phys II Lab BIOL2080LHuman Physiology Lab
BIOL2210General Botany BIOLELECGeneral Botany
BIOL2211Gen Botany Lab BIOLELECGeneral Botany Lab
BIOL2230Intro MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and Health
BIOL2231Intro Microbiology LabBIOL2100LMicrobiology and Health Lab
BIOL2510General MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and Health
BIOL2511General Microbiology LabBIOL2100LMicrobiology and Health Lab
BIOL2530Food Microbiology BIOLELECFood Microbiology
BIOL2531Food Microbiology Lab BIOLELECFood Microbiology Lab
BIOL2610Genetics BIOLELECGenetics
BIOL2611Genetics Lab BIOLELECGenetics Lab
BIOL2910Research Module ONline:Part ABIOLELECResearch Module OnLine:Part A
BUSN1010Introduction to BusinessMGT1030Intro to Bus&Entr
BUSN1305Introduction to BusinessMGT1030Intro to Business&Entr
BUSN1310Bus Commun Corres MGTELECBus Commun Corres
BUSN2010Business FunctionsMGTELECBusiness Functions
BUSN2510Legal Environment of BusinessBUSELECLegal Environment of Business
BUSN1290Profess Develop and Bus EthicsBUSELECProfess Develop and Bus Ethics
CHEM1000Basic ChemistryCHEMELECBasic Chemistry
CHEM1010Introductory Chemistry CHEMELECIntroductory Chemistry
CHEM1011Introductory Chemistry LabCHEMELECIntroductory Chemistry Lab
CHEM1020Organic And Biochemistry CHEMELECOrganic And Biochemistry
CHEM1021Organic And Biochem LabCHEMELECOrganic And Biochem Lab
CHEM1030Introductory Chemistry CHEMELECIntroductory Chemistry
CHEM1031Introductory Chemistry LabCHEMELECIntroductory Chemistry Lab
CHEM1110General Chemistry ICHEM1110General Chemistry I
CHEM1111General Chemistry I LabCHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM1120General Chemistry IICHEM1120General Chemistry II
CHEM1121General Chemistry II LabCHEM1120LGen Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry I CHEM3010Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2011Organic Chem I Lab CHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry II CHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2021Organic Chem II Lab CHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
COMM1010Intro to Mass CommunicationsCOMM1010Introduction to Mass Communica
COMM1020Media WritingCOMM2300Media Writing I
COMM2020Television ProductionCOMMELECTelevision Production
COMM2600Survey of BroadcastingCOMMELECSurvey of Broadcasting
CPSC1100Using Info Technology CPSC1000Intro To Computing
CPSC1115Microsoft Word CPSCELECMicrosoft Word
CPSC1200Pers Compng w/IBMPCCPSCELECPers Compng w/IBMPC
CPSC1201Pers Cmpt w/ IBMPC LabCPSCELECPers Cmpt w/ IBMPC Lab
CPSC1201Pers Cmpt w/ IBMPC LabCPSCELECPers Cmpt w/IBMPC Lab
CPSC1230Intro To Programming CPSCELECIntro To Programming
CPSC1235Visual Basic CPSCELECVisual Basic
CPSC1240Microcomputer Business ApplicsMGT1000Computers in Business
CPSC1280Dbase Applications CPSCELECDbase Applications
CPSC1290Powerpoint CPSCELECPowerpoint
CPSC1350Introduction to ComputingCPSCELECIntroduction to Computing
CPSC1530Structured Programming CPSCELECStructured Programming
CPSC2010Assembly Language CPSCELECAssembly Language
CPSC2160Fortran Math/EngrngCPSCELECFortran Math/Engrng
CPSC2170Computer Prog Math Engr CPSCELECComputer Prog Math Engr
CPSC2300Essentials Info SecurityCPSCELECEssentials Info Security
CPSC2370System Project CPSCELECSystem Project
CPSC2770Dbase Mgmt Sys CPSCELECDbase Mgmt Sys
CPSC2820Cisco Networking Fund CPSCELECCisco Networking Fund
CPSC2830Cisco Router Fund CPSCELECCisco Router Fund
CPSC2840Cisco Advanced Routers CPSCELECCisco Advanced Routers
CPSC2850Cisco Wan Technologies CPSCELECCisco Wan Technologies
CPSC2990Special Topics CPSCELECSpecial Topics
CRJT1010Overview Criminal Just CRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CRJT1015Basic Law EnforcementCRMJELECBasic Law Enforcement
CRJT1020Admin Concepts Cjus LAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CRJT1025Basic Law Enforcement IICRMJELECBasic Law Enforcement II
CRJT1030Basic Firearms EducCRMJELECBasic Firearms Educ
CRJT1035Basic Firearms EducationCRMJELECBasic Firearms Education
CRJT1090Police Exec DevelopmentCRMJELECPolice Exec Development
CRJT1130Defense & Tactical DrivingCRMJELECDefense & Tactical Driving
CRJT1135Defensive and Tactical DrivingCRMJELECDefensive and Tactical Driving
CRJT1140Sects Cults Deviant CRMJELECSects Cults Deviant
CRJT1230Domestic TerrorismCRMJELECDomestic Terrorism
CRJT1260Domestic Violence CRMJELECDomestic Violence
CRJT1320Crim Jus Work W Juve CRMJELECCrim Jus Work W Juve
CRJT1350Community Policing CRMJELECCommunity Policing
CRJT1380Ethics for Law EnforcementCRMJELECEthics for Law Enforcement
CRJT1510Crim Law And Procedures LAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CRJT1540Police Civil LiabilityCRMJELECPolice Civil Liability
CRJT1610Probation And Parole CRMJELECProbation And Parole
CRJT1720PR24 & Defense TacticsCRMJELECPR24 & Defense Tactics
CRJT1725Physical Defense TacticsCRMJELECPhysical Defense Tactics
CRJT1810Intro To Security CRMJELECIntro To Security
CRJT1920Tech Police Photo&VideoCRMJELECTech Police Photo & Video
CRJT2130Crime Scene SpecialistCRMJELECCrime Scene Specialist
CRJT2140Criminal Investigation CRMJELECCriminal Investigation
CRJT2170Narcotics & Danger DrugsCRMJELECNarcotics & Danger Drugs
CRJT2190Death InvestigationCRMJELECDeath Investigation
CRJT2220Organized Crime CRMJELECOrganized Crime
CRJT2280Domestic Violence CRMJELECDomestic Violence
CRJT2285Domestic ViolenceCRMJELECDomestic Violence
CRJT2300Criminology CRMJELECCriminology
CRJT2340Forensics Criminalistics CRMJELECForensics Criminalistics
CRJT2550Corr Oper ProceduresCRMJELECCorr Oper Procedures
CRJT2730Correctional Counseling CRMJELECCorrectional Counseling
CRJT2930Basic Law Enf Proced & TechniqCRMJELECBasic Law Enf Proced & Techniq
CRJT2935Basic Law Enf Proced/TechniqCRMJELECBasic Law Enf Proced/Techniq
CRJT2970Research In Criminal Jus CRMJELECResearch In Criminal Jus
CRJT2980Current Issues Pub Safe CRMJELECCurrent Issues Pub Safe
CRJT2990Spec Topics In CRJt CRMJELECSpec Topics In CRJt
CRJT2285Domestic ViolenceCRMJELECDomestic Violence
CRMJ1010Intro to Criminal JusticeCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CRMJ1020Intro to the Legal ProcessLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CRMJ1030Understanding TerrorismCRMJELECUnderstanding Terriosm
CRMJ1040Criminal InvestigationCRMJELECCriminal Investigation
CRMJ1050Domestic ViolenceCRMJELECDomestic Violence
CRMJ2010Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJ3100Law Enforc in Crim&Juv Just
CRMJ2020Intro to CorrectionsCRMJ3120Corr Persp in Crim&Juv Just
CRMJ2100Field Experience PracticumCRMJELECField Experience Practicum
CULN1010Intro to CulinaryELECCULNIntro to Culinary
CULN1210Culinary Math SkillsELECCULNCulinary Math Skills
CULN1400Personal Chef ELECCULNPersonal Chef
CULN1410Sanatation Safety Pc ELECCULNSanatation Safety Pc
CULN1420Personal Chef Production ELECCULNPersonal Chef Production
CULN1490Personal Chef Intern ELECCULNPersonal Chef Intern
CULN2100Sanitation Safety ELECCULNSanitation Safety
CULN2105Sanitation and SafetyELECCULNSanitation and Safety
CULN2150Nutrition and Menu PlanningELECCULNNutrition and Menu Planning
CULN2180Culinary ExternshipELECCULNCulinary Externship
CULN2200Nutrition Menu Plannin ELECCULNNutrition Menu Plannin
CULN2210Table Service Bev Plan ELECCULNTable Service Bev Plan
CULN2310Culinary Arts I ELECCULNCulinary Arts I
CULN2320Food Production II ELECCULNFood Production II
CULN2330Food Production III ELECCULNFood Production III
CULN2350American Regional CuisineELECCULNAmerican Regional Cuisine
CULN2360Advanced CuisinesELECCULNAdvanced Cuisines
CULN2400Bakery Skills ELECCULNBakery Skills
CULN2410Adv Bakery Pastry SkillsELECCULNAdv Bakery Pastry Skills
CULN2415Advan Baking and Pastry SkillsELECCULNAdvan Baking and Pastry Skills
CULN2420Artisan and Specialty BreadsELECCULNArtisan and Specialty Breads
CULN2430Chocolate SkillsELECCULNChocolate Skills
CULN2435Chocolate SkillsELECCULNChocolate Skills
CULN2440Art Decorating CakesELECCULNArt Decorating Cakes
CULN2441Intro to Cake DecoratingELECCULNIntro to Cake Decorating
CULN2442Advanced Cake DecoratingELECCULNAdvanced Cake Decorating
CULN2450Confection ArtistryELECCULNConfection Artistry
CULN2460European Cakes and TortesELECCULNEuropean Cakes and Tortes
CULN2470Culinary Care and Bake ShopELECCULNCulinary Care and Bake Shop
CULN2475Bistro OperationsELECCULNBistro Operations
CULN2510Hot and Cold DessertsELECCULNHot and Cold Desserts
CULN2550Grade Mgt Catering ELECCULNGrade Mgt Catering
CULN2560Garde Manger and CharcuterieELECCULNGarde Manger and Charcuterie
CULN2600International Buffet ELECCULNInternational Buffet
CULN2610International CuisinesELECCULNInternational Cuisines
CULN2620Classical French CuisineELECCULNClassical French Cuisine
CULN2710Plated Desserts I PresentationELECCULNPlated Desserts I Presentation
CULN2910Culinary Internship I ELECCULNCulinary Internship I
CULN2920Culinary Internshp II ELECCULNCulinary Internshp II
CULN2990Special Prob Cul Arts ELECCULNSpecial Prob Cul Arts
CULN2991Spec Pro Cul Artsb ELECCULNSpec Pro Cul Artsb
CULN2992Spec Pro Cul Arts C ELECCULNSpec Pro Cul Arts C
DANC1030Introduction to DanceTHSP1130Introduction to Dance
DANC1530Ballet IHHP48Beginning Ballet
DANC1550Modern Dance IHHP52Beginning Modern Dance
DANC1555Modern Dance IIELECDANCModern Dance II
DANC1560Tap Dance IELECDANCTap Dance I
DANC1565Tap Dance IIELECDANCTap Dance II
DANC2010Dance for the TheatreELECDANCDance for the Theatre
DANC2500Dance Production ELECDANCDance Production
DANC2990Dance ProblemsELECDANCDance Problems
DMAT820Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DMAT830Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DSC810Writing IIENGL1006Writing II
DSPM700Basic MathematicsMATH1004Elementary Algebra
DSPM800Elementary Algebra MATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSPM850Intermed Algebra MATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DSPM870Intermed Algebra MATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DSPR800Developmental Reading EDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
DSPS800Develop Study Skills USTU1000Principles of Effective Study
DSPW700Basic Writing ENGL1005Developmental Writing I
DSPW800Developmental Writing ENGL1006Developmental Writing II
ECED1010Orient Early Childhood ECHDELECOrient Early Childhood
ECED2010Safe Healthy Learning ECHDELECSafe Healthy Learning
ECED2015Early Childhood CurriculumECHDELECEarly Childhood Curriculum
ECED2020Infant Todler Child Dev ECHD2430Child Dev & Observation I
ECED2030Infant Toddler Care ECHDELECInfant Toddler Care
ECED2040Family Dynamics And Comm ECHDELECFamily Dynamics And Comm
ECED2050Psychomotor Dev ECHDELECPsychomotor Dev
ECED2060Dev Exceptional Child ECHDELECDev Exceptional Child
ECED2070Developmental Assessment ECHDELECDevelopmental Assessment
ECED2080Emotional Development ECHDELECEmotional Development
ECED2085Math & Science Early ChildhoodECHDELECMath & Science Early Childhood
ECED2090Creative Development ECHDELECCreative Development
ECED2100The Mentoring Teacher ECHDELECThe Mentoring Teacher
ECED2110Advanced Learning Env ECHDELECAdvanced Learning Env
ECED2120Adm Of Child Care Cen ECHDELECAdm Of Child Care Cen
ECED2130Clinical Practicum I ECHDELECClinical Practicum I
ECED2140Clinical Practicum II EDUC2000Investigatns of Sch in Society
ECED2150Clinical Practicum IIIECHDELECClinical Practicum III
ECED2160Final practicumECHDELECFinal practicum
ECED2990Special Problems In Eced ECHDELECSpecial Problems In Eced
ECON2010Prin Of Economics I ECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECON2020Prin Of Economics II ECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
ECON2110Prin of Economics IECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECON2120Prin of Economics IIECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
ECON2210Business StatisticsMGT2110Stats Methods for Business I
ECON2410Managerial Economics ECONELECManagerial Economics
ECON2010MacroeconomicsECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECON2020MicroeconomicsECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
EDUC1010The Freshman Experience USTU1250First Year Studies:UTC Exper
EDUC1030The College ExperienceEDUCELECThe College Experience
EDUC2010Psy Hum Dev For Tchr ECHD2430Child Dev & Observation I
EDUC2100Orientation To EducationEDUC2000Investigatns of Sch in Society
EDUC2110Career Plan For 21st Cen EDUCELECCareer Plan For 21st Cen
EDUC2300Foundations Of EducationEDUC2010Educ in the United States
EDUC2810Hon Semn Ldr Dev EDUCELECHon Semn Ldr Dev
EDUC2818Honors Program SeminarEDUCELECHonors Program Seminar
EDUC2910Field Study In Educ EDUC2000Investigatns of Sch in Society
EDUC2990Problems In EducationEDUCELECProblems In Education
EMRC1010Emergency Medical ResponderELECEMRCEmergency Medical Responder
EMTB1040First ResponderELECEMTBFirst Responder
EMTB1080Critical Incident ControlELECEMTBCritical Incident Control
ENGL1010Composition I ENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL1011Writing LabENGLELECWriting Lab
ENGL1020Composition II ENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL1111Writing Laboratory ENGLELECWriting Laboratory
ENGL2110American Literature I ENGL2110American Literature to 1855
ENGL2120American Literature II ENGL2120American Literature from 1855
ENGL2210British LiteratureENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800
ENGL2230Literature For Children ENGL2280Children's Literature
ENGL2310Technical Writing ENGL2820Scientific Writing
ENGL2400Appalachian LiteratureENGLELECAppalachian Literature
ENGL2410Western World Literature IENGL2410Western World Literature I
ENGL2420Western World Literature IIENGL2420Western World Literature II
ENGL2510Folklore ENGLELECFolklore
ENGL2810Creative Writing I ENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2820Creative Writing II ENGLELECCreative Writing II
ENGL2990English Problems ENGLELECEnglish Problems
ENGR2110StaticsENGR1040Vector Statics
ESC1110Intr to Environment Studies IESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
ETDD1010Engineering Graphics IENGRELECEngineering Graphics I
ETDD2820Parametric Modeling and DesignELECETDDParametric Modeling and Design
ETDD2821Parametric Mod and Dsgn LabELECETDDParametric Mod and Dsgn Lab
ETEE1110Electrical Circuits w/LabENEE2700Electrical Circuits I
ETEE1110Electrical Circuits w/LabENEE2700LElectrical Circuits I Lab
ETEM1010Mechanical Power TransmissionENMEELECMechanical Power Transmission
FREN1010Beginning French I FREN1010Elementary French I
FREN1020Beginning French II FREN1020Elementary French II
FREN2010Intermed French I FREN2110Interm French for Convers I
FREN2020Intermed French II FREN2120Interm French for Convers II
GEOG1012Intro Cultural Geog GEOG1040Cultural Geography
GEOG1013World Geography I GEOG1030World Geography
GEOG1014World Geography IIGEOGELECWorld Geography II
GEOG2010World Regional GeographyGEOG1030World Geography
GEOG2990Projects In GeographyGEOGELECProjects In Geography
GEOL1030Geology GEOLELECGeology
GERM1010Beginning German I GER1010Elementary German I
GERM1020Beginning German II GER1020Elementary German II
GERM2010Intermed German I GER2110Interm Ger for Conv I
GERM2020Intermed German II GER2120Interm Ger for Conv II
HIST1000Intro to US HistoryHISTELECIntro to US History
HIST1110Survey World Civil I HIST1010World Civilizations I
HIST1120Survey World Civil II HIST1030World Civilizations III
HIST2010American History I HIST2010U.S. History to 1865
HIST2020American History IIHIST2020U.S. History Since 1865
HIST2030Tennessee History HISTELECTennessee History
HIST2100Intro To Women Studies WSTU2000Intro to Women's Studies
HIST2110American History IHIST2010US History to 1865
HIST2118Honors in American History IHISTELECHonors in American History I
HIST2120American History IIHIST2020US History Since 1865
HIST2128Honors in American History IIHISTELECHonors in American History II
HIST2200Women In Society HISTELECWomen In Society
HIST2990Problems In History HISTELECProblems In History
HLTH2210Personal Health HHP1000Personal Health
HLTH2220Human Sexuality HHPELECHuman Sexuality
HLTH2310Safety First Aid HHP1540Safety & First Aid
HMGT1010Foundations of HospitalityELECHMGTFoundations of Hospitality
HMGT1250Service ManagementMGTELECService Managment
HMGT2640Hsptlty Hum Resource MgmtELECHMGTHsptlty Hum Resource Mgmt
HMGT2820Foodsrvc Cost Ctrl & PurchaseELECHMGTFoodsrvc Cost Ctrl & Purchase
HMGT2825Foodservice Cost Cntrl and PurELECHMGTFoodservice Cost Cntrl and Pur
HPER1010Physical ConditioningHHP22Recreational Activity
HPER1020Adaptive Phys Ed IHHP27Adapted Physical Education
HPER1030Adaptive Phys Ed IIHHP27Adaptive Phys Ed II
HPER1140Personal WellnessHHP1000Personal Health
HPER1720Weight TrainingHHP40Beginning Conditioning and Wei
HUM1010Intro to Humanities IENGL1130Western Humanities I
HUM1030Intro to Film AppreciationTHSP2800Introduction to Film
HUM2010Humanities I ENGL1130Western Humanities I
HUM2020Intro African-Amer Studies IHUMELECIntro African-Amer Studies I
HUM2030Intro African-Amer Studies IIHUMELECIntro African-Amer Studies II
HUM2100Intro Women's StudiesWSTU2000Intro to Women's Studies
HUM2110Humanities IIENGL1150Western Humanities II
HUM2150Women In LiteratureHUMELECWomen In Literature
HUM2200Women in SocietyHUMELECWomen in Society
HUM2500Intro to the Great BooksHUMELECIntro to the Great Books
HUM2900Spec Problems in HumanitiesHUMELECSpec Problems in Humanities
HUM2990Prob and Topics Cultural StdsHUMELECProb and Topics Cultural Stds
HUMA2010Hum: Human AdventureENGL1130Western Humanities I
HUMA2810HUM Through the ArtsHUMELECHUM Through the Arts
INFS1010Computer ApplicationsCPSC1000Introduction to Computing
ITDD1010Engineering Graphics I ENGRELECEngineering Graphics I
ITDD1015Pre-Engr GraphicsENGRELECPre-Engr Graphics
ITDD1020Engineering Graphics II ENGRELECEngineering Graphics II
ITDD1310Construction FundamentalsENGRELECConstruction Fundamentals
ITDD1320Res & Commerc Plan w labENGRELECRes & Commerc Plan w lab
ITDD1410Technical Illustration ENGRELECTechnical Illustration
ITDD2430Computer Aided DraftingENGRELECComputer Aided Drafting
ITDD2440Engr Graphics III W LabENGRELECEngr Graphics III W Lab
ITDD2510Architectural Cad ENGRELECArchitectural CAD
ITDD2520Architectural CADENGRELECArchitectural CAD
ITDD2610Comp Graphics Appls ENGRELECComp Graphics Appls
ITDD2710Graphic Design ENGRELECGraphic Design
ITDD2820Parametric Modeling & DsgnENGRELECParametric Modeling & Dsgn
ITDD2990Spec Prob Draft Design ENGRELECSpec Prob Draft Design
ITEE1010Electrical Appls ELECITEEElectrical Appls
ITEE1011Elec Appls Lab ELECITEEElec Appls Lab
ITEE1110Electrical Circuits I W LabELECITEEElectrical Circuits I W Lab
ITEE1120Electrical Circuits II W LabELECITEEElectrical Circuits II W Lab
ITEE1320DC Electrical CircuitsELECITEEDC Electrical Circuits
ITEE1321DC Elec Circ LabELECITEEDC Elec Circ Lab
ITEE1330Ac Electrical Circuits ELECITEEAc Electrical Circuits
ITEE1331Ac Elec Circ Lab ELECITEEAc Elec Circ Lab
ITEE1510Digital Electronics ELECITEEDigital Electronics
ITEE1511Ddigital Electronics LabELECITEEDdigital Electronics Lab
ITEE1710Electronics ELECITEEElectronics
ITEE1711Electronics Lab ELECITEEElectronics Lab
ITEE1720Electronics IIELECITEEElectronics II
ITEE1721Electronics II LabELECITEEElectronics II Lab
ITEE1910Microprocessor Fund ELECITEEMicroprocessor Fund
ITEE1911Microprocess Fund Lab ELECITEEMicroprocess Fund Lab
ITEE2610Electrical Power ELECITEEElectrical Power
ITEE2611Elec Power Lab ELECITEEElec Power Lab
ITEE2730Industrial Controls ELECITEEIndustrial Controls
ITEE2731Industrial Control Lab ELECITEEIndustrial Control Lab
ITEE2800Industrial Automation W LabELECITEEIndustrial Automation W Lab
ITEE2990Spec Prob Elec Electron ELECITEESpec Prob Elec Electron
ITEM1110Mech Power TransmissionELECITEMMech Power Transmission
ITEM1310Millwright PrinciplesELECITEMMillwright Principles
ITEM2110General WeldingELECITEMGeneral Welding
ITEM2410Hydraulics & PneumaticsELECITEMHydraulics & Pneumatics
ITEM2610Piping and AuxiliariesELECITEMPiping and Auxiliaries
LAW1110Intro Paralegal Prac,Prof,EthLAS1010Law and the Legal Assistant
LAW1120Legal Research/Writing SkillsLAS2100Legal Research and Writing
LAW1130Civ Lit, Evid, Invest SkillsLASELECCiv Lit, Evid, Invest Skills
LAW1140Torts, Wk Comp, Empl LawLAS2500Personal Injury Practice
LAW1150Contract LawLAS2250Commercial Law
LAW1160Bus OrganizationsLAS2400Business Organizations
LAW1170Real Property LayLAS2200Real Property Law
LAW1180Wills, Trust, & Estate AdminLAS2300Estate & Trust Law
LAW1185Debt-Cred Rel, Bankruptcy LawLASELECDebt-Cred Rel, Bankruptcy Law
LAW1190Legal Writing SkillsLAS2100Legal Research and Writing
LAW2010Crim Litigation & ProceduresLASELECCrim Litigation & Procedures
LAW2020Domestic Relations, Admin LawLAS2450Family Law
LAW2030Secured TransactionsLASELECSecured Transactions
LAW2040Legal ExternshipLASELECLegal Externship
LAW2050Sel Topics in the LawLASELECSel Topics in the Law
LAW2990Spec Problems in the LawLASELECSpec Problems in the Law
MATH801Math Learning Support 1MATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH802Mathematics Learning Support 2MATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH803Mathematics Learning Support 3MATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH804Mathematics Learning Support 4MATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH805Mathematics Learning Support 5MATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH1030Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
MATH1310Coll Algebra w/ApplMATH1130College Algebra
MATH1320Calculus AMATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc Sci
MATH1410Num Concepts Alge Str MATH2150Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch I
MATH1420Prob Solv Geom Stat MATH2160Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch II
MATH1530Probability And Stats MATH2100Introductory Statistics
MATH1630Finite Mathematics MATHELECFinite Mathematics
MATH1710Math Functions I MATH1710Precalculus I
MATH1720Math Functions II MATH1720Precalculus II
MATH1830Calculus AMATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc Sci
MATH1910Calculus IMATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry I
MATH1920Calculus IIMATH1960Calc with Analytic Geometry II
MATH2010Elem Matrix AlgebraMATH2200Elementary Linear Algebra
MATH2050Prob and Stat ApplicsMATHELECProb and Stat Applics
MATH2110Calculus IIIMATH2560Calc with Analytic Geom III
MATH2120Differential EquationsMATH2450Intro to Different&Diff Equat
MATH2910Readings in MathematicsMATHELECReadings in Mathematics
MATH1910Calculus IMATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry I
MATH1920Calculus IIMATH1960Calc with Analytic Geometry II
MATH2110Calculus IIIMATH2560Calc with Analytic Geom III
MCOM1020Intro to Mass CommCOMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
MCOM1040Writing for Mass MediaCOMMELECWriting for Mass Media
MCOM2020Intro to Film & Media CritCOMMELECIntro to Film & Media Crit
MCOM2600Survey of BroadcastingCOMMELECSurvey of Broadcasting
MDCD1010Basic ICD 9-CM CodingELECMDCDBasic ICD 9-CM Coding
MDCD1030Intermed ICD-9-CM CodingELECMDCDIntermed ICD-9-CM Coding
MDCD1040Adv Coding for ReimburseELECMDCDAdv Coding for Reimburse
MDCD2990Spec Probs in Medical CodingELECMDCDSpec Probs in Medical Coding
MDTR1010Medical TerminologyELECMDTRMedical Terminology
MDTR1015Terminology for Health CareELECMTDRTerminology for Health Care
MDTR1020Basic Medical Trans LabELECMDTRBasic Medical Trans Lab
MDTR1030Fund of Med ScienceELECMDTRFund of Med Science
MDTR1040Adv Med Transcription LabELECMDTRAdv Med Transcription Lab
MDTR1050Clinical PracticumELECMDTRClinical Practicum
MDTR2990Sp Prob in Med TranscriptionELECMDTRSp Prob in Med Transcription
MGMT1100Bus Computer ApplicsMGT1000Computers in Business
MGMT1110Spreadsheet & Dbase ApplicsMGT1000Computers in Business
MGMT2110Adv Wd Proc & Desktop PublELECMGMTAdv Wd Proc & Desktop Publ
MGMT2210Prin Mgmt and Quality ImprovmtMGTELECPrin Mgmt and Quality Improvmt
MGMT2300Intro to Business MgmtMGTELECIntro to Business Mgmt
MGMT2530Human RelationsMGTELECHuman Relations
MGMT2570Human Resource ManagementMGTELECHuman Resource Management
MGMT2590Business PresentationsMGTELECBusiness Presentations
MILS1030Bushcraft SkillsMILSELECBushcraft Skills
MILS1040Military History of the USMILSELECMilitary History of the US
MILS2010Leadership and Mgmt IMILSELECLeadership and Mgmt I
MILS2020Leadership and Mgmt IIMILSELECLeadership and Mgmt II
MKTG1010Marketing ManagementMKTELECMarketing Management
MUS1000Intro to the ArtsMUSELECIntro to the Arts
MUS1020Fundamentals of MusicMUS1050Elements Notat Dict&Sight Sing
MUS1030Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to Music
MUS1040Ear Training IMUS1030Ear Training I
MUS1045Ear Training IIMUS1040Ear Training I
MUS1050Concert ChoirMUS20Chattanooga Singers
MUS1060College-Community ChoraleMUS29Master Chorale
MUS1070Survey of Pop Music: CountryMUSELECSurvey of Pop Music: Country
MUS1072Survey of Pop Mus:Rock&RollMUS2130A History of Rock
MUS1074Survey of Pop Music: JazzMUSELECSurvey of Pop Music: Jazz
MUS1076Survey of Pop Music: FolkMUSELECSurvey of Pop Music: Folk
MUS1078Survey of Sacred MusicMUSELECSurvey of Sacred Music
MUS1090Jazz BandMUS36Jazz Band
MUS1110Theory IMUS1070Theory I
MUS1120Theory IIMUS1080Theory I
MUS1510Class Voice IMUS1330Voice Class
MUS1520Class Voice IIMUS1340Voice Class
MUS1565Brass EnsembleMUS2010Ensemble
MUS1610Class Piano IMUS1310Piano Class
MUS1620Class Piano IIMUS1320Piano Class
MUS1710Commerc Vocal Styles IMUSELECCommerc Vocal Styles I
MUS1720Commerc Vocal Styles IIMUSELECCommerc Vocal Styles II
MUS1730Choral StudiesMUSELECChoral Studies
MUS1740Choral Performance EnsMUSELECChoral Performance Ens
MUS1745Music BusinessMUSELECMusic Business
MUS1750Commer Instrum Styles IMUSELECCommer Instrum Styles I
MUS1760Commer Instrum Styles IIMUSELECCommer Instrum Styles II
MUS1810Class Guitar IMUS1350Guitar Class
MUS1820Class Guitar IIMUS1360Guitar Class
MUS1912Indiv Music Instr-VoiceMUS2550Voice Instruction
MUS1922Indiv Mus Instru-KeyboardMUS2510Keyboard Instruction
MUS1932Indiv Mus Instru-InstrumentMUSELECIndiv Mus Instru-Instrument
MUS1933Indiv Mus Instru-GuitarMUS2535Guitar Instruction
MUS1934Indiv Mus Instru-WoodwindsMUS2570Woodwind Instruction
MUS1935Indiv Mus Instru-BrassMUS2590Brass Instruction
MUS1936Indiv Mus Instru-PercussionMUS2610Percussion Instruction
MUS1937Indiv Mus Instru-StringsMUS2530String Instruction
MUS2010Adv Ear Training IMUS2030Ear Training II
MUS2020Adv Ear Training IIMUS2040Ear Training II
MUS2090Coll-Comm Symphonic BandMUS31Concert Band
MUS2110Adv Theory IMUS2070Theory II
MUS2120Adv Theory IIMUS2080Theory II
MUS2200Intro to Music TechnologyMUSELECIntro to Music Technology
MUS2210Live Production TechniquesMUSELECLive Production Techniques
MUS2211Live Production Tech LabMUSELECLive Production Tech Lab
MUS2220Studio Prod Tech IMUSELECStudio Prod Tech I
MUS2221Studio Prod Tech I LabMUSELECStudio Prod Tech I Lab
MUS2225Studio Prod Tech IIMUSELECStudio Prod Tech II
MUS2226Studio Prod Tech II LabMUSELECStudio Prod Tech II Lab
MUS2240Audio for MediaMUSELECAudio for Media
MUS2245Artis Mgmt/Concert ProdMUSELECArtis Mgmt/Concert Prod
MUS2910Entertainment Tech InternshipMUSELECEntertainment Tech Internship
MUS2990Music ProblemsMUSELECMusic Problems
MUSC1010Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to Music
NURS1001Basic Life Suppt for HlthcareNURSELECBasic Life Suppt for Hlthcare
NURS1002Test Taking StrategiesNURSELECTest Taking Strategies
NURS1003Drug Dosage CalculationNURSELECDrug Dosage Calculation
NURS1004Intro to Med TerminologyNURSELECIntro to Med Terminology
NURS1005Nursing at End of LifeNURSELECNursing at End of Life
NURS1006Nutrition for Nurs PractNURSELECNutrition for Nurs Pract
NURS1010Fund of Nursing INURSELECFund of Nursing I
NURS1011Fund of Nursing I LabNURSELECFund of Nursing I Lab
NURS1020Fund of Nursing IINURSELECFund of Nursing II
NURS1021Fund of Nursing II LabNURSELECFund of Nursing II Lab
NURS1100Nurs Concepts and ProcessesNURSELECNurs Concepts and Processes
NURS1110Nursing SkillsNURSELECNursing Skills
NURS1120Intro to Nursing ProcessNURSELECIntro to Nursing Process
NURS1121Intro to Nursing Process LabNURSELECIntro to Nursing Process Lab
NURS1150Nursing SkillsNURSELECNursing Skills
NURS1160Intro to Nursing ProcessNURSELECIntro to Nursing Process
NURS1170Nursing Process-CMNURSELECNursing Process-CM
NURS1180Transition to NursingNURSELECTransition to Nursing
NURS2410Nrsng Care-Adlt&Chld INURSELECNrsng Care-Adlt&Chld I
NURS2411Nrs Car-Adlt&Chld I LabNURSELECNrs Car-Adlt&Chld I Lab
NURS2420Nrs Car-Adlt&Chld IINURSELECNrs Car-Adlt&Chld II
NURS2421Nrs Car-Adlt&Chld II LabNURSELECNrs Car-Adlt&Chld II Lab
NURS2500Nursing Process INURSELECNursing Process I
NURS2501Nursing Process I LabNURSELECNursing Process I Lab
NURS2510Nursing Process IINURSELECNursing Process II
NURS2511Nursing Process II LabNURSELECNursing Process II Lab
NURS2520Nursing Process IIINURSELECNursing Process III
NURS2521Nursing Process III LabNURSELECNursing Process III Lab
NURS2530Nursing Process IVNURSELECNursing Process IV
NURS2531Nursing Process IV LabNURSELECNursing Process IV Lab
NURS2600Nursing Process INURSELECNursing Process I
NURS2610Nursing Process IINURSELECNursing Process II
NURS2620Nursing Process IIINURSELECNursing Process III
NURS2630Nursing Process IVNURSELECNursing Process IV
NURS2990Sp Problems in NursingNURSELECSp Problems in Nursing
PARA2010Paramedic Roles and RespELECPARAParamedic Roles and Resp
PARA2020Human Sys and Patient AssessELECPARAHuman Sys and Patient Assess
PARA2030Shock TraumaELECPARAShock Trauma
PARA2040Medical EmergenciesELECPARAMedical Emergencies
PARA2050Behavioral Crises & StressELECPARABehavioral Crises & Stress
PARA2060Obstets & PediatricsELECPARAObstets & Pediatrics
PARA2070Clinical Practicum IELECPARAClinical Practicum I
PARA2110Cardiovascular SysELECPARACardiovascular Sys
PARA2120Dysrhythmia Rec & TreatELECPARADysrhythmia Rec & Treat
PARA2130Gen Pharm & Fluid TreatELECPARAGen Pharm & Fluid Treat
PARA2170Clinical Practicum IIELECPARAClinical Practicum II
PARA2220Adv Cardiac CareELECPARAAdv Cardiac Care
PARA2230Adv Trauma CareELECPARAAdv Trauma Care
PARA2240Field practicumELECPARAField practicum
PARA2250Adv Pediatric CareELECPARAAdv Pediatric Care
PARA2270Clinical Practicum IIIELECPARAClinical Practicum III
PARA2290Seminar Rural EmergencyELECPARASeminar Rural Emergency
PHAR1000Pharmacy Anat & Med TermELECPHARPharmacy Anat & Med Term
PHAR1010Intro Pharmacy Tech Prac/LabELECPHARIntro Pharmacy Tech Prac/Lab
PHAR1020Pharmacy Calcs and LabELECPHARPharmacy Calcs and Lab
PHAR1030Pharmacology & TherapeuticsELECPHARPharmacology & Therapeutics
PHAR1050Prin Pharmacy PracticeELECPHARPrin Pharmacy Practice
PHAR1060Sterile Products TechnologyELECPHARSterile Products Technology
PHAR1070Phar Jurisprudence & EthicsELECPHARPhar Jurisprudence & Ethics
PHAR2055Inst Pharmacy PracticeELECPHARInst Pharmacy Practice
PHAR2080Retail Pharmacy PracticeELECPHARRetail Pharmacy Practice
PHAR2990Sp Projects in Pharmacy TechELECPHARSp Projects in Pharmacy Tech
PHED1010Physical ConditioningHHP40Begin Condition & Wt Training
PHED1011Physical Conditioning IIHHP70Intermed Cond and Weight Train
PHED1020Adaptive Phys Educ IHHP27Adapted Physical Educ
PHED1030Adaptive Phys Educ IIHHP27Adapted Physical Educ
PHED1110ArcheryHHP22Recreational Activities
PHED1137Power WalkingHHP55Walking for Fitness
PHED1140Fitness for LifeHHP21Concepts & Apps in Wellness/PE
PHED1210BadmintonHHP38Beginning Badminton
PHED1220RacquetballHHP31Beginning Racquetball
PHED1250TennisHHP37Beginning Tennis
PHED1410BowlingHHP29Beginning Bowling
PHED1510Contemporary DanceHHPELECContemporary Dance
PHED1520ExerdanceHHP45Beginning Aerobic Dance/Step
PHED1530Ballet IHHP48Beginning Ballet
PHED1550Modern Dance IHHP52Beginning Modern Dance
PHED1555Modern Dance IIHHPELECModern Dance II
PHED1560Tap Dance IHHPELECTap Dance I
PHED1565Tap Dance IIHHPELECTap Dance II
PHED1610GolfHHP30Beginning Golf
PHED1720Weight TrainingHHP40Begin Condition & Wt Training
PHED1721Weight Training IIHHPELECWeight Training II
PHED1810KarateHHP22Recreational Activities
PHED1910AquaticsHHP51Beginning Swimming
PHED1920Water ExerciseHHP44Beginning Water Aerobics
PHED1930Snow SkiingHHPELECSnow Skiing
PHED2000Personal WellnessHHP21Conc & App in Wellness/PE
PHED2010Intro to PHEDHHP2010Intro to Ehls & Sport
PHED2070Sport OfficiatingHHPELECSport Officiating
PHED2110Human Motor BehaviorHHPELECHuman Motor Behavior
PHED2310Sprot ahd Phys Act in Am SocHHPELECSprot ahd Phys Act in Am Soc
PHED2320Care and Trtmt of Ath InjuriesHHPELECCare and Trtmt of Ath Injuries
PHED2323Care and Treat Ath InjuriesHHPELECCare and Treat Ath Injuries
PHED2810Skills &Tchg Elem Act/Move EdHHPELECSkills &Tchg Elem Act/Move Ed
PHED2990Prob in Hlth, Phys Ed & RecHHPELECProb in Hlth, Phys Ed & Rec
PHIL1030Human Nature and LifePHIL2010Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL1110Elementary LogicPHIL2110Logic Language and Evidence
PHIL1310Religion & CulturesREL2110Religions of the East
PHIL1600Issues in PhilosophyPHIL2010Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL2020Self & ValuesPHILELECSelf & Values
PHIL2210Religions and CulturesREL2110Religions of the East
PHIL2400Intro to EthicsPHIL2210Introduction to Ethics
PHYS1030Concepts of Physics and LabPHYSELECConcepts of Physics and Lab
PHYS1130Conceptual PhysicsPHYSELECConceptual Physics
PHYS2010General Physics IPHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&Heat
PHYS2011Gen Phys I LabPHYS1030LGen Phys:Mechanics & Heat Lab
PHYS2020General Physic IIPHYS1040Gen Phys: Electrmgntsm&Optics
PHYS2021General Physics II LabPHYS1040LGen Phys :Electrmgntsm&Opt Lab
PHYS2110Physics IPHYS2300Princ of Phys:Mechanics & Heat
PHYS2111Physics I LabPHYS2300LPrinc of Phys :Mech&Heat Lab
PHYS2120Physics IIPHYS2320Principles of Physics-Optics
PHYS2121Physics II LabPHYS2320LPrinciples of Physics Lab
PHYS2210Statics PHYSELECStatics
PHYS2910Independent StudyPHYSELECIndependent Study
POLI1120Intro to American GovtPOLS1010American Government
POLI2010Intro to Political SciencePOLSELECIntro to Political Science
POLI2900Probs/Topcis Cultural StudiesPOLSELECProbs/Topcis Cultural Studies
POLI2990Problems in Political SciencePOLSELECProblems in Political Science
POLS1030American GovernmentPOLS1010American Government
POLS2100Intro to Political SciencePOLSELECIntro to Political Science
POLS2990Probs in Political SciecnePOLSELECProbs in Political Science
PSCI1010Physical Science IELECPSCIPhysical Science I
PSCI1020Physical Science IIELECPSCIPhysical Science II
PSCI1030Concepts Earth & Sp SciGNSC1110Physical Envir:Atoms to Galax
PSCI1030Concepts Earth & Sp SciGNSC1110LGeneral Science Laboratory
PSCI1030Concepts of Earth and Sp SciGNSC1110Physical Envir:Atoms to Galax
PSCI1031Concepts/Earth & Sp Sci LabGNSC1110LGeneral Science Laboratory
PSYC1010Gen Psychology IPSY1010Introduction to Psychology
PSYC1030General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to Psychology
PSYC1310Intro to PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to Psychology
PSYC2010Creative Problem SolvingPSYELECCreative Problem Solving
PSYC2110Psychology of AdjustmentPSY2510Psychology of Adjustment
PSYC2120Social PsychologyPSYELECSocial Psychology
PSYC2130Life Span PsychologyPSY2200Psychology of Lifespan Develop
PSYC2220Psyc of Human SexualiltyPSYELECPsyc of Human Sexualilty
PSYC2240Social PsychologyPSYELECSocial Psychology
PSYC2310Abnormal PsychologyPSYELECAbnormal Psychology
PSYC2320Psychology of HelpingPSYELECPsychology of Helping
PSYC2340Psyc of AdjustmentPSYELECPsyc of Adjustment
PSYC2410Psyc of Chldhood & AdolescPSY2210Psychology of Child Dev
PSYC2420Dev Across the LifespanPSYELECDev Across the Lifespan
PSYC2990Problems in PsychologyPSYELECProblems in Psychology
PTA1010Intro to Phys Therapist AsstELECPTAIntro to Phys Therapist Asst
PTA1200Orthopedic ConditionsELECPTAOrthopedic Conditions
PTA1300Neurological Conditions IELECPTANeurological Conditions I
PTA1331Clinical IELECPTAClinical I
PTA2120Med-Surg ConditionsELECPTAMed-Surg Conditions
PTA2300Neurological Conditions IIELECPTANeurological Conditions II
PTA2331Clinical IIELECPTAClinical II
PTA2431Clinical IIIELECPTAClinical III
PTA2500Correlative PTC ProcELECPTACorrelative PTC Proc
PTA2531Clinical IVELECPTAClinical IV
PTA2990Spec Probs in Phys TherapyELECPTASpec Probs in Phys Therapy
RELS2110Real Estate Principles IELECRELSReal Estate Principles I
RELS2120Real Estate Principles IIELECRELSReal Estate Principles II
RESP1110Resp Care Science IELECRESPResp Care Science I
RESP1111Resp Care Sci I LabELECRESPResp Care Sci I Lab
RESP1112Clinical Practice IELECRESPClinical Practice I
RESP1120Cardio Anat and PhysELECRESPCardio Anat and Phys
RESP1130Resp Care Science IIELECRESPResp Care Science II
RESP1131Resp Care Sci II LabELECRESPResp Care Sci II Lab
RESP1132Clinical Practice IIELECRESPClinical Practice II
RESP1140Pathology of Resp DiseasesELECRESPPathology of Resp Diseases
RESP2110Resp Care Science IIIELECRESPResp Care Science III
RESP2111Resp Care Sci III LabELECRESPResp Care Sci III Lab
RESP2112Clinical Practice IIIELECRESPClinical Practice III
RESP2116Cardio Diagnostic TestingELECRESPCardio Diagnostic Testing
RESP2120Resp Care Science IVELECRESPResp Care Science IV
RESP2121Resp Care Sci IV LabELECRESPResp Care Sci IV Lab
RESP2122Clinical Practice IVELECRESPClinical Practice IV
RESP2130Resp Care SeminarELECRESPResp Care Seminar
RESP2990Sp Probs Respiratory CareELECRESPSp Probs Respiratory Care
SCWK1010Intro to Social WorkSOCWELECIntro to Social Work
SCWK2020Social WelfareSOCWELECSocial Welfare
SCWK2045Soc Wk w Families & ChildrenSOCWELECSoc Wk w Families & Children
SOC1020Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social Problems
SOCI1005Cult Stds: Afric-Amer Exper ISOCELECCult Stds: Afric-Amer Exper I
SOCI1010Cult Stds:Afric-Amer Exper ISOCELECCult Stds:Afric-Amer Exper I
SOCI1020Gen Soc,Institutions & SocietySOC1510Introduction to Sociology
SOCI1240Intro Cultural AnthropologyANTH2080Cultural Anthropology
SOCI1280Prehistoric ArchaeologyANTH2110Introduction to Archaeology
SOCI2010Intro to SociologySOC1510Introduction to Sociology
SOCI2020Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social Problems
SOCI2110Family, Society, IndividualSOC2150The Sociology of the Family
SOCI2220Honors Sem: Indiv & SocietySOCELECHonors Sem: Indiv & Society
SOCI2900Probs/Topics in Cultural StuSOCELECProbs/Topics in Cultural Stu
SOCI2990Problems in SociologySOCELECProblems in Sociology
SOCI1010Introduction to SociologySOC1510Introduction to Sociology
SOCI1020Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social Problems
SOCI2005Cult Std:Afric-Amer Exper ISOCELECCult Std:Afric-Amer Exper I
SOCI2006Cult Std:Afric-Amer Exper IISOCELECCult Std:Afric-Amer Exper II
SOCI2010Marriage and FamilySOCELECMarriage and Family
SPAN1005Span Comm of Hospitality IndSPAN1999Special Projects
SPAN1010Elementary Spanish ISPAN1010Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1020Elementary Spanish IISPAN1020Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2010Intermed Spanish ISPAN2110Interm Span for Convers I
SPAN2020Intermed spanish IISPAN2120Interm Spanish for Convers II
SPAN2900Probs/Topics in Spanish StdsSPAN1999Special Projects
SPCH1010Intro to Speech CommTHSP1090Public Speaking
SPCH1210Voice & Physical PreparationTHSP1070Voice and Diction
SPCH2010Intro to Speech CommunicationTHSPELECIntro to Speech Communication
SPCH2020Adv Speech CommTHSPELECAdvanced Speech Comm
SPCH2040Interpersonal CommunicTHSP2100Interpersonal Communication
SPCH2050Intro to Film-Media CritTHSPELECIntro to Film-Media Crit
SPCH2440Oral InterpretationTHSP1080Oral Interpretation
SPCH2550Debate/Forensics PracticumTHSPELECDebate/Forensics Practicum
SPED2010Intro to Special EducationEDUCELECIntro to Special Education
SSCI1010Introduction to SociologySOC1510Introduction to Sociology
THEA1030Intro to TheatreTHSP1110Introduction to Theatre
THEA1200Audition TechniquesTHSPELECAudition Techniques
THEA1210Voice & Physical PreparationTHSP1070Voice and Diction
THEA2410Acting ITHSPELECActing I
THEA2440Oral InterpretationTHSP1080Oral Interpretation
THEA2500Major ProductionTHSPELECMajor Production
THEA2990Theatre ProblemsTHSPELECTheatre Problems
WPCP1010Workforce SkillsELECWPCPWorkforce Skills
WPCP1020Workforce LeadershipELECWPCPWorkforce Leadership
WPCP1030Bus CommunicationELECWPCPBus Communication
WPCP1040Business MathELECWPCPBusiness Math
WPCP1050Prof Work Skills DevELECWPCPProf Work Skills Dev