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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
ACCT1010Prin of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACCT1020Prin of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACT115Payroll Sm Bus Acct ACCELECPayroll Sm Bus Acct
ACT201Prin Of Accounting I ACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACT202Prin Of Accounting II ACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACT205Income Tax ACCELECIncome Tax
ACT206Corporate TaxationACCELECCorporate Taxation
ACT210Microcomputer Acct ACCELECMicrocomputer Acct
ACT211Acctg for Govt & NonProfitsACCELECAcctg for Govt & NonProfits
ACT215Managerial Cost Acct ACCELECManagerial Cost Acct
ACT221Intermed Acct I ACCELECIntermed Acct I
ACT276TSelected Topics Acct ACCELECSelected Topics Acct
AGR130Animal ScienceELECAGRAnimal Science
AGR140Plant ScienceELECAGRPlant Science
AGRI1020Intro to Animal ScienceELECAGRIIntro to Animal Science
AHC100Intro to Health Care SysELECAHCIntro to Health Care Sys
AHC101Intro to Phys TherapyELECAHCIntro to Phys Therapy
AHC102Intro to Health ProfsELECAHCIntro to Health Profs
AHC104Intro Radiologic TechELECAHCIntro Radiologic Tech
AHC109Safety & Hlth in WorkplaceELECAHCSafety & Hlth in Workplace
AHC111Drugs and SolutionsELECAHCDrugs and Solutions
AHC115Medical TerminologyELECAHCMedical Terminology
AHC130Anat/Phys for Hlth SciELECAHCAnat/Phys for Hlth Sci
AHC204Health AssessmentELECAHCHealth Assessment
ART100Art Fundamentals ARTELECArt Fundamentals
ART101Drawing I ART1050Drawing I
ART1010Art History Survey IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ART102Drawing II ART1060Drawing II
ART1030Intro To Art ART1110Introduction to Art
ART1212 Dimensional DesignART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
ART1223 Dimensional Desgn ART1020Visual Stud II:Form in 3D
ART135Intro To Ceramics ARTELECIntro To Ceramics
ART136Intro To Printmaking ARTELECIntro To Printmaking
ART141Art Hist Survey I ART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ART142Art Hist Survey II ART2150Hist of West Art Ren to Pres
ART150Intro to ArtART1110Introduction to Art
ART201Drawing III ARTELECDrawing III
ART211Painting I ARTELECPainting I
ART212Painting II ARTELECPainting II
ART253Computer Prnt Des I ARTELECComputer Prnt Des I
ART254Computer Prnt Des II ARTELECComputer Prnt Des II
ART260Spec Studies In Art ARTELECSpec Studies In Art
ART280TIndiv Prob In Art ARTELECIndiv Prob In Art
ARTH2010Survey of Art History IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ARTH2020Survey of Art History IIART2150Hist of West Art Ren to Pres
ARTP1010Drawing IART1050Drawing I
ARTP1020Drawing IIART1060Drawing II
ARTP1110Two Dimensional DesignART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
ARTP1120Three Dimensional DesignART1020Visual Stud II:Form in 3D
ARTP136Intro To PrintmakingARTELECIntro To Printmaking
ARTP155Intro Photography Digital ImagARTELECIntro Photography Digital Imag
ARTP211Painting IART2070Painting I
ARTP253Graphic Design IARTELECGraphic Design I
ARTP2805Individual Problems in ArtARTELECIndividual Problems in Art
ARTP135Intro to CeramicsARTELECIntro to Ceramics
ASTR1030Astronomy ASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar System
ASTR1030Astronomy ASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar System
ASTR276TSelected Topics AstronomyASTR1999Special Projects
AVI200Priv Pilot Ground InstrELECAVIPriv Pilot Ground Instr
AVI210Instru Pilot Gound InstrELECAVIInstru Pilot Gound Instr
BIO231Hum Anat/Phy IBIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIO232Hum Anat/Phy IIBIOL2080Human Physiology
BIO240MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and Health
BIOL1010Introduction To Biology BIOLELECIntroduction To Biology
BIOL1020Intro to Biology IIBIOLELECIntro to Biology II
BIOL1030Essentials Biol W Lab BIOLELECEssentials Biol w/Lab
BIOL1040Environmental Science ESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
BIOL1050Intro to Environmental StudiesESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
BIOL1060Environmental ScienceESC1510Intro Environ Science II
BIOL110DScient Meth Values W Lab BIOLELECScient Meth Values W Lab
BIOL1110General Biology I BIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BIOL1120General Biology II BIOL1120Principles of Biology II
BIOL2010Anat Phys I Lab BIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIOL2020Anat Phys II BIOL2080Human Physiology
BIOL2230Microbiology BIOL2100Microbiology and Health
BIOL276TSelected Topics Biol BIOL1999Special Projects
BIOT1010Intro BiotechnologyBIOLELECIntro Biotechnology
BIT1150MicrocomputerCPSC1000Intro to Computing
BLUE1240DBluegrass Seminar IELECBLUEBluegrass Seminar I
BUS110Intro To Business MGT1030Intro to Business&Entr
BUS111Keyboarding Word ProcessingELECBUSKeyboarding Word Processing
BUS155Business MathematicsBUSELECBusiness Mathematics
BUS222Business Commun II MGTELECBusiness Commun II
BUS255International Business MGTELECInternational Business
BUS276TSelected Probs In BusinessMGTELECSelected Probs In Business
CED100Career Exploration EDUC1010Career & Life Planning
CHE100Chem Health ScienceCHEMELECChem Health Science
CHEM1030Fund Of Chemistry W Lab CHEMELECFund of Chemistry W Lab
CHEM1110General Chemistry I CHEM1110General Chemistry I
CHEM1110General Chemistry I CHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM1120General Chemistry II CHEM1120General Chemistry II
CHEM1120General Chemistry II CHEM1120LGen Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry I CHEM3010Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry I CHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry II CHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry II CHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2030Introductory Organic ChemCHEMELECIntroductory Organic Chem
CHEM276TSelected Topics in ChemCHEM1999Special Projects
CIS100Computer Tech & ApplicsCPSC1000Intro To Computing
CIS101College Computer TechCPSCELECCollege Computer Tech
CIS113Visual BasicCPSCELECVisual Basic
CIS141Elec Pres for CommCPSCELECElec Pres for Comm
CIS150Microcomp SpreadsheetsCPSCELECMicrocomp Spreadsheets
CIS160Microcomp DatabasesCPSCELECMicrocomp Databases
CIS161Adv Database SQL ServerCPSCELECAdv Database SQL Server
CIS173Programming in CCPSCELECProgramming in C
CIS190Computer Use SupportCPSCELECComputer Use Support
CIS191A+ Hardware CertificationCPSCELECA+ Hardware Certification
CIS192A+ Software CertificationCPSCELECA+ Software Certification
CIS193Intro to Linux CertCPSCELECIntro to Linux Cert
CIS194Network CertificationCPSCELECNetwork Certification
CIS195Security CertificationCPSCELECSecurity Certification
CIS210Fund of Web ProgrammingCPSCELECFund of Web Programming
CIS213Adv WebApplic ProgramCPSCELECAdv WebApplic Program
CIS260Local Area NetworksCPSCELECLocal Area Networks
CIS261Adv Network & SecurityCPSCELECAdv Network & Security
CIS264Web Page ApplicationsCPSCELECWeb Page Applications
CIS270Info Sys in BusinessCPSCELECInfo Sys in Business
CIS276TSel Probs Database ProcessingCPSCELECSel Probs Database Processing
CISP1610Programming in C Plus PlusCPSCELECProgramming in C Plus Plus
CJA201Intro Criminal JusticeCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CJA202Crim Evidence& ProcedureCRMJELECCrim Evidence& Procedure
CJA203Intro Criminal LawLAS1700Intro to Criminal Law
CJA204Intro to CorrectionsCRMJELECIntro to Corrections
CJA205Intro to Policy Sys & PracticeCRMJELECIntro to Policy Sys & Practice
CJA207Criminal InvestigationCRMJELECCriminal Investigation
CJA209Probation and ParoleCRMJELECProbation and Parole
CJA211DCriminologyCRMJ1000Introduction to Criminology
COM100Fund Speech Commun THSP1090Public Speaking
COM1000Beginning HTMLCPSCELECBeginning HTML
COM101Intro To Journalism COMMELECIntro To Journalism
COM102Report Print Media COMMELECReport Print Media
COM103Public Speaking THSP1090Public Speaking
COM106Interpersonal Comm COMMELECInterpersonal Comm
COM110Survey Mass Comm COMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
COM111Radio Production COMMELECRadio Production
COM112TV ProductionCOMMELECTV Production
COM120Intro To BroadcastingCOMMELECIntro To Broadcasting
COM130Announcing COMMELECAnnouncing
COM200DVoice And Diction THSP1070Voice and Diction
COM201Media Advertis Sales COMMELECMedia Advertis Sales
COM202Broadcast Prog Promo COMMELECBroadcast Prog Promo
COM205DIntro Voice and MovementCOMMELECIntro Voice and Movement
COM210Business Prof CommunicationCOMMELECBusiness Prof Communication
COM220Writing Brdcst Media COMMELECWriting Brdcst Media
COM240Intro Public RelationsCOMM2710Intro to Public Relations
COM250Argumentation Debate COMMELECArgumentation Debate
COM270Audio For Media COMMELECAudio For Media
COM271Intro Record Tech Sound COMMELECIntro Record Tech Sound
COM280Special Topics In Comm COMM1999Special Projects
COM285Coop Work Exp in CommCOMMELECCoop Work Exp in Comm
COM291PComm Practicum Radio COMMELECComm Practicum Radio
COM292PCommun Pract Newspaper COMMELECCommun Pract Newspaper
COM293PCommun Pract Yearbook COMMELECCommun Pract Yearbook
COM294PCommun Pract Video Prod COMMELECCommun Pract Video Prod
COM295PRecording Practicum COMMELECRecording Practicum
COM296PForensics Practicum COMMELECForensics Practicum
COMM1010Intro to Mass CommunicationCOMM1010Introduction to Mass Communica
COMM1020Media WritingCOMM2300Media Writing I
COMM1030Intro to Electronic MediaCOMMELECIntro to Electronic Media
COMM120Intro to BroadcastingCOMMELECIntro to Broadcasting
COMM2020Television ProductionCOMMELECTelevision Production
COMM292PComm Practicum NewspaperCOMMELECComm Practicum Newspaper
CRMJ1010Intro to Criminal JusticeCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CRMJ1020Intro to Legal ProcessLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CRMJ1030Understanding TerrorismCRMJELECUnderstanding Terrorism
CRMJ1040Criminal InvestigationCRMJELECCriminal Investigation
CRMJ1110Criminal LawLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CRMJ2000CriminologyCRMJ1000Introduction to Criminology
CRMJ2010Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJ3100Law Enforc in Crim&Juv Just
CRMJ2020Introduction to CorrectionsCRMJ3120Corr Persp in Crim&Juv Just
CRMJ207Criminal InvestigationCRMJELECCriminal Investigation
CRMJ208Terrorism Homeland SecurityCRMJELECTerrorism Homeland Security
CRMJ2110Juvenile JusticeCRMJELECJuvenile Justice
CRMJ211DCriminologyCRMJ1000Introduction to Criminology
CST218Java Programming IICPSCELECJava Programming II
DES100Basic Dental AssistingELECDESBasic Dental Assisting
DES105Basic Dental Ofc MgmtELECDESBasic Dental Ofc Mgmt
DES110Fund Of Dental AssistingELECDESFund Of Dental Assisting
DES120Dental Materials & Lab ProcELECDESDental Materials & Lab Proc
DES130Dental Ofc MgmtELECDESDental Ofc Mgmt
DES210Preventive Dental AssistingELECDESPreventive Dental Assisting
DES211Dental Science IELECDESDental Science I
DES212Dental Science IIELECDESDental Science II
DES220The Compromised PatientELECDESThe Compromised Patient
DES221Dental Radiography IELECDESDental Radiography I
DES222Dental Radiography IIELECDESDental Radiography II
DES231Clinical Science IELECDESClinical Science I
DES232Clinical Science IIELECDESClinical Science II
DES233Clinical Science IIIELECDESClinical Science III
DES241CClinical Practice IELECDESClinical Practice I
DES242CClinical Practice IIELECDESClinical Practice II
DES243CClinical Practice IIIELECDESClinical Practice III
DSM85Elem AlgebraMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSM86Interm AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DSPM700Basic MathematicsMATH1004Basic Mathematics
DSPM800Elementary Algebra MATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSPM850Intermed Algebra MATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DSPR700Reading IEDUC1004Reading I
DSPR800Reading II EDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
DSPS800Study Skills USTU1000Principles of Effective Study
DSPW700Writing I ENGL1005Developmental Writing I
DSPW800Writing II ENGL1006Developmental Writing II
DSR88Reading IIEDUC1004Reading II
DSS74Study SkillsUSTU1000Principles of Effective Study
ECED1010Intro Early Child Hood ECHDELECIntro Early Child Hood
ECED2010Safe Lrn Environment ECHDELECSafe Lrn Environment
ECED2015Early Childhood Cur ECHDELECEarly Childhood Cur
ECED2020Infant Toddler Dev ECHD2430Infant Toddler Dev
ECED2030Infnt Toddler Care ECHDELECInfnt Toddler Care
ECED2040Family Dynamics ECHDELECFamily Dynamics
ECED2050Psychomotor Development ECHDELECPsychomotor Development
ECED2060Dev Excep Children ECHDELECDev Excep Children
ECED2070Dev Assessment ECHDELECDev Assessment
ECED2080Lang Literacy Early Ch ECHDELECLang Literacy Early Ch
ECED2085Math Sci Early Childhood ECHDELECMath Sci Early Childhood
ECED2090Creative Development ECHDELECCreative Development
ECED2100The Mentoring Teacher ECHDELECThe Mentoring Teacher
ECED2110Adv Learning EnvironmentECHDELECAdv Learning Environment
ECED2120Administrative Child CareECHDELECAdministrative Child Care
ECED2130Clinical Practicum I ECHDELECClinical Practicum I
ECED2140Clinical Practicum IIECHDELECClinical Practicum II
ECED2150Clinical Practicum III ECHDELECClinical Practicum III
ECO211Prin Of Economics I ECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECO212Prin Of Economics II ECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
ECON2010Economics IECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECON2020Economics IIECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
EDU101Intro To Education EDUC2010Educ in the United States
EDU102Human Growth Develop EDUCELECHuman Growth Develop
EDU103Prin Childhood Educ EDUCELECPrin Childhood Educ
EDU1120Introduction to TeachingEDUC2010Education in the United States
EDU181PPracticum In Child Care EDUCELECPracticum In Child Care
EDU2200Educational PsychologyEDUCELECEducational Psychology
EDU264Educ Except Children EDUCELECEduc Except Children
EDU281PEarly Exp In Educ EDUCELECEarly Exp In Educ
EDU2200Educational PsychologyEDUCELECEducational Psychology
EGR101Engr Graphics W CAD IENGRELECEngr Graphics W CAD I
EGR102Engr Graphics W CAD IIENGRELECEngr Graphics W CAD II
EGR130Intro Engineering ENGRELECIntro Engineering
EGR230Fortran For Engr ENGR2250Engr Prog
EGR240Statics ENGR1040Vector Statics
EGR250Dynamics ENGR1030Basic Engr Science
EGR276TSelected Topics Engineer ENGRELECSelected Topics Engineer
EGR230Fortran For EngrENEE2250Engineering Programming
EMT101EMS Theories IELECEMTEMS Theories I
EMT101CEMS Clinical IELECEMTEMS Clinical I
EMT103Basic Life SupportELECEMTBasic Life Support
EMT104Survey of Anat/Phys Pre-HospELECEMTSurvey of Anat/Phys Pre-Hosp
EMT121Intro Pre-Hosp Emerg PharmELECEMTIntro Pre-Hosp Emerg Pharm
EMT122Life Span DevelopmentELECEMTLife Span Development
EMT151Basic TelecommunicatorELECEMTBasic Telecommunicator
EMT152Basic Emerg Med DispatchELECEMTBasic Emerg Med Dispatch
EMT160EMT Reciprocity/RefresherELECEMTEMT Reciprocity/Refresher
EMT200Paramedic Critical Care CourseELECEMTParamedic Critical Care Course
EMT201Gen Prin Pathophys & DiseaseELECEMTGen Prin Pathophys & Disease
EMT211Paramedic Theories IELECEMTParamedic Theories I
EMT212Phys & Hlth Assess and LabELECEMTPhys & Hlth Assess and Lab
EMT213Adv Prin of PharmacologyELECEMTAdv Prin of Pharmacology
EMT214Pediatric & OB/GYN EmergELECEMTPediatric & OB/GYN Emerg
EMT215EMS Fundamentals IIIELECEMTEMS Fundamentals III
EMT216Paramedic Theories IIELECEMTParamedic Theories II
EMT217Geriatrics & Home Care IntervELECEMTGeriatrics & Home Care Interv
EMT218Adv Trauma CareELECEMTAdv Trauma Care
EMT240CField InternshipELECEMTField Internship
EMT241Medical Director's Summ ReviewELECEMTMedical Director's Summ Review
EMT251Field Supervisors CourseELECEMTField Supervisors Course
EMT251CField Supervisors InternshipELECEMTField Supervisors Internship
ENG101English Comp IENGL1010Rhetoric & Composition
ENG102English Comp IIENGL1020Rhetoric & Composition
ENGL810Learning Support Writing IENGL1004Learning Support Writing I
ENGL820Learning Support Writing IIENGL1005Developmental Writing I
ENGL830Learning Support Writing IIIENGL1006Developmental Writing II
ENGL1010Engl Composition I ENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL1020Engl Composition II ENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL1030Introduction To Film THSP2800Introduction to Film
ENGL110Technical Writing ENGL2820Scientific Writing
ENGL2010Intro To Poetry ENGL1330Introduction to Literature
ENGL2020Intro To Fiction ENGL1330Introduction to Literature
ENGL2030Experience of LiteratureENGLELECExperience of Literature
ENGL2110Survey Of Amer Lit I ENGL2110American Literature to 1865
ENGL2120Survey Of Amer Lit II ENGL2120American Literature from 1855
ENGL230Creative Writing ENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2300Intro to Creative WritingENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2310Survey Of World Lit ENGL2410Western World Literature I
ENGL2320Survey Of World Lit ENGL2420Western World Literature II
ENGL2420Western World Lit IIENGL2420Western World Lit
ENGL280TIndividual Prob Engl ENGLELECIndividual Prob Engl
ENGL290PEnglish PracticumENGLELECEnglish Practicum
ENGR101Engr Graphics w CAD IENGRELECEngr Graphics w CAD I
ENGR210C Plus Plus for EngineersENCEELECC Plus Plus for Engineers
ENGR2110StaticsENGR1040Vector Statics
ENGR2120DynamicsENGR1030Basic Engr Science
ENGR2130Circuits IENEEELECCircuits
ENGR3110StaticsENGR1040Vector Statics
ESC1110Intro Environmental Studies IESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
EXSC190Intro to Exercise ScienceHHP2010Introduction to Health and Hum
EXSC290PHealth Exercise Sci PracticumHHPELECHealth Exercise Sci Practicum
FIN100Prin Of Banking ELECFINPrin Of Banking
FIN104Law And Bank Appls ELECFINLaw And Bank Appls
FIN105Law And Bank Prin ELECFINLaw And Bank Prin
FIN106Money and BankingELECFINMoney and Banking
FIN107Consumer Lending ELECFINConsumer Lending
FIN108Analy Fin Statements ELECFINAnaly Fin Statements
FIN117Commercial Lending ELECFINCommercial Lending
FIN119Mktg Financial Services ELECFINMktg Financial Services
FIN127TSelected Probs In Financ eELECFINSelected Probs In Financ e
FIN210Real Estate Finance ELECFINReal Estate Finance
FREN1010Beginning French I FREN1010Elementary French I
FREN1020Beginning French II FREN1020Elementary French II
FREN2010Intermed French I FREN2110Interm French for Convers I
FREN2020Intermed French II FREN2120Interm French for Convers II
FST101Intro To Fire Science ELECFSTIntro To Fire Science
FST102Hazardous Materials I ELECFSTHazardous Materials I
FST103Ff Strategies Tactics ELECFSTFf Strategies Tactics
FST107Firefighter Safety ELECFSTFirefighter Safety
FST109Legal Aspects Fire Fight ELECFSTLegal Aspects Fire Fight
FST111Fire Service Hydraulics ELECFSTFire Service Hydraulics
FST112Rescue Awareness ELECFSTRescue Awareness
FST115Fire preventionELECFSTFire prevention
FST116Fire Behavior & CombustionELECFSTFire Behavior & Combustion
FST120Span for Emerg RespondersELECFSTSpan for Emerg Responders
FST121Fire Protection SystemsELECFSTFire Protection Systems
FST130Leadership DevelopmentELECFSTLeadership Development
FST201Bldg Constr Fire Service ELECFSTBldg Constr Fire Service
FST202Fire Investigation ELECFSTFire Investigation
FST203Pers Mgmt FirefightersELECFSTPers Mgmt Firefighters
FST208Water Enhancing Agents ELECFSTWater Enhancing Agents
FST209Hazardous Materials II ELECFSTHazardous Materials II
FST210Public Fire Education ELECFSTPublic Fire Education
FST219Hax Materials ChemistryELECFSTHax Materials Chemistry
FST220Independent Study ELECFSTIndependent Study
FST222Fire investigation IIELECFSTFire investigation II
FST231NFPA Life Safety CodeELECFSTNFPA Life Safety Code
GEOG101Physical Geography GEOG1010Physical Geography
GEOG1030Cultural GeographyGEOG1040Cultural Geography
GEOG105Essentials Of Geol GEOG1030World Geography
GEOG108Essentials Of Geol GEOG1040Cultural Geography
GEOG2010World Regional GeographyGEOG1030World Geography
GEOG240TSpec Topics in GeographyGEOGELECSpec Topics in Geography
GEOL1030Essentials Of Geol GEOLELECEssentials of Geol
GEOL1040Physical Geology GEOL1110Physical Geology
GEOL1040Physical Geology GEOL1110LPhysical Geology Laboratory
GEOL1050Historical Geology GEOL1120Historical Geology
GEOL1050Historical Geology GEOL1120LHistoric Geology Laboratory
GEOL1060Earth's EnvironmentsGEOLELECEarth's Environments
GEOL276TSelected Topics GEOL1999Special Projects
HED100Personal HealthHHP1000Personal Health
HED110Community Health HHPELECCommunity Health
HED120Intro To Wellness HHP21Con/App in Wellness/PE
HED2001st Aid And Safety/Cpr HHP1540Safety & First Aid
HED220Prin Of Nutrition NUTR1350Nutrition
HIS201Surv Am History IHIST2010United States History to 1865
HIS202Surv Am History IIHIST2020U S History since 1865
HIS210Hist of Old SouthHISTELECHist of Old South
HIS211History of the New SouthHISTELECHistory of the New South
HIST1110World Civil To 1650 HIST1010World Civilizations I
HIST1120Wrld Civil From 1650 HIST1030World Civilizations III
HIST2010Survey Amer Hist I HIST2010U.S. History to 1865
HIST2020Survey Amer Hist II HIST2020U.S. History since 1865
HIST2030Tennessee History HISTELECTennessee History
HIST220African Amer History HISTELECAfrican Amer History
HIST240TSelected Topics HistoryHISTELECSelected Topics History
HIT115Info Hlth Info TechELECHITInfo Hlth Info Tech
HIT125Computer Applic Hlth Info TechELECHITComputer Applic Hlth Info Tech
HIT126Med Style & GrammarELECHITMed Style & Grammar
HIT127Pharmacol & Lab MedicineELECHITPharmacol & Lab Medicine
HIT203Basic Med TranscriptionELECHITBasic Med Transcription
HIT204Interm Med TranscriptionELECHITInterm Med Transcription
HIT205Adv Med TranscriptionELECHITAdv Med Transcription
HIT210Classification Sys ICD-9-CMELECHITClassification Sys ICD-9-CM
HIT215Classification SystemsELECHITClassification Systems
HIT225Pathophysiologic ScienceELECHITPathophysiologic Science
HIT230Reimbursement MethodologiesELECHITReimbursement Methodologies
HIT235Prof prac Exp in Med TransELECHITProf prac Exp in Med Trans
HIT250Legal Aspects Hlth InformationELECHITLegal Aspects Hlth Information
HIT270Supervisory Mgmt for HlthcareELECHITSupervisory Mgmt for Hlthcare
HIT275Hlthcare Quality MgmtELECHITHlthcare Quality Mgmt
HIT280Seminar in Hlth Info TechELECHITSeminar in Hlth Info Tech
HIT281Prof Practice Exper IELECHITProf Practice Exper I
HIT282Prof Practice Exper IIELECHITProf Practice Exper II
HIT283Prof Dev Med TranscriptionistsELECHITProf Dev Med Transcriptionists
HIT290Ind Study in Hlth Info TechELECHITInd Study in Hlth Info Tech
HPRO2100Wellness Concept&PracticesHHP21Conc & App in Wellness/PE
HSC100Intro to Social ServicesSOCW1100Intro to Soc Wrk Experience
HSC110Documentation ELECHSCDocumentation
HSC115Motivation ELECHSCMotivation
HSC120Human Behavior ELECHSCHuman Behavior
HSC190Intro Human PathophysiologyELECHSCIntro Human Pathophysiology
HSC200Theories & Mthds Soc ServicesELECHSCTheories & Mthds Soc Services
HSC220Selected Probs In Hu Ser ELECHSCSelected Probs In Hu Ser
HST100Intro HistologyELECHSTIntro Histology
HST101Histology IELECHSTHistology I
HST102Histology IIELECHSTHistology II
HST103Histology IIIELECHSTHistology III
HST104Histology IVELECHSTHistology IV
HST105Histology VELECHSTHistology V
HST106Histology VIELECHSTHistology VI
HTL101Culinary Prof Dev IELECHTLCulinary Prof Dev I
HTL102Culinary Prof Dev 2ELECHTLCulinary Prof Dev 2
HTL103Culinary prof Dev 3ELECHTLCulinary prof Dev 3
HTL104Culinary Prof Dev 4ELECHTLCulinary Prof Dev 4
HTL105Culinary Prof Dev 5ELECHTLCulinary Prof Dev 5
HTL110Intro to Hospitality IndustryELECHTLIntro to Hospitality Industry
HTL111Intro Hospitality MgmtELECHTLIntro Hospitality Mgmt
HTL115Culinary NutritionELECHTLCulinary Nutrition
HTL120Mgmt Food & Beverage OpsELECHTLMgmt Food & Beverage Ops
HTL125Mgmt of Restaurants ELECHTLMgmt of Restaurants
HTL130Basic SanitationELECHTLBasic Sanitation
HTL135Hospitality SupervisionELECHTLHospitality Supervision
HTL140Training in Hospitality IndELECHTLTraining in Hospitality Ind
HTL202Service mgmtELECHTLService mgmt
HTL205Lodging MgmtELECHTLLodging Mgmt
HTL210Mgmt of Front Ofc OperationsELECHTLMgmt of Front Ofc Operations
HTL215Housekeeping MgmtELECHTLHousekeeping Mgmt
HTL220Food Production PrinciplesELECHTLFood Production Principles
HTL240Mktg of Hospitality ServicesELECHTLMktg of Hospitality Services
HTL246Hospitality Purch & Cost CtrlELECHTLHospitality Purch & Cost Ctrl
HTL252Hosp Sales & AdvertisingELECHTLHosp Sales & Advertising
HTL255Hosp Industry Computer SysELECHTLHosp Industry Computer Sys
HTL260Catering ServicesELECHTLCatering Services
HTL265Mtgs, Conventions, ExpositinsELECHTLMtgs, Conventions, Expositins
HTL276Spec Topics in HospitalityELECHTLSpec Topics in Hospitality
HTL290Hosp Coop Wk Experience IELECHTLHosp Coop Wk Experience I
HTL291Hosp Coop WkExperience IIELECHTLHosp Coop WkExperience II
HUM1020Introduction to Humanities IIENGL1150Western Humanities II
HUM1030Intro to Art and MusicHUMELECIntro to Art and Music
HUM275Leadership DevelopmentHUMELECLeadership Development
HUM280Indiv Problems in HumanitiesHUMELECIndiv Problems in Humanities
HUM290Leadership PracticumHUMELECLeadership Practicum
HUM2990American Popular CultureHUMELECAmerican Popular Culture
INFS1010Computer ApplicationsCPSC1000Introduction to Computing
INTC1050Computer GraphicsCPSCELECComputer Graphics
ISCI1030Science Society SustainabilityELECISCIScience Society Sustainability
ISCI1030Sci, Society & SustainabilityELECISCISci, Society & Sustainability
LAW100Intro Legal Assist Ethic LAS1010Law and the Legal Assistant
LAW101Intro To Law LAS1010Law and the Legal Assistant
LAW103Ethics and ProfessionalismLASELECEthics and Professionalism
LAW104Torts LAS2500Personal Injury Practice
LAW105Legal Research LAS2100Legal Research and Writing
LAW106Legal Writing LAS2100Legal Research and Writing
LAW107Criminal Law LAS1700Intro to Criminal Law
LAW135Law Office Technology LASELECLaw Office Technology
LAW200Family Law LAS2450Family Law
LAW210Civ Trial App Prac I LAS2350Litigation I
LAW211Cvl Trial App Pra II LAS2350Litigation I
LAW220Bus Orgn Contracts LAS2400Business Organizations
LAW231Estates And Trusts LAS2300Estate & Trust Law
LAW245Real Property LAS2200Real Property Law
LAW250Administrative Law LASELECAdministrative Law
LAW261Secur Trans Bankruptcy LASELECSecur Trans Bankruptcy
LAW276Spec Topics Law LASELECSpec Topics Law
LGM130Intro Logistics Mgmt ELECLGMIntro Logistics Mgmt
LGM140Transportation ELECLGMTransportation
LGM150Disrib Center Warehse Mg ELECLGMDisrib Center Warehse Mg
LGM276Special Topics Log Mgmt ELECLGMSpecial Topics Log Mgmt
MAT131Finite MathematicsMATHELECFinite Mathematics
MAT150College AlgebraMATH1130College Algebra
MATH810Learning Support Math IMATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH820Learning Support Math IIMATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH830Learning Support Math IIIMATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH100Mathematics PracticumMATHELECMathematics Practicum
MATH1000Pre College AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
MATH1005Algebra EssentialsMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
MATH1010Math For Liberal Arts MATH1010Math in Our Modern World
MATH1110College AlgebraMATH1130College Algebra
MATH1130College Algebra MATH1130College Algebra
MATH1410Structure Math Sys I MATH2150Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch I
MATH1420Structure Math Sys IIMATH2160Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch II
MATH1530Elem Statistics MATH2100Introductory Statistics
MATH1630Finite MathematicsMATHELECFinite Mathematics
MATH1710Pre Calc I Coll Alg MATH1710Precalculus I
MATH1720Pre Calc II Trig MATH1720Precalculus II
MATH1830Intuitive Calculus MATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc Sci
MATH1910Calc Anal Geom I MATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry I
MATH1920Calc Anal Geom II MATH1960Calc with Analytic Geometry II
MATH2010Linear AlgebraMATH2200Elementary Linear Algebra
MATH2110Calc Anal Geom III MATH2560Calc with Analytic Geom III
MATH2120Differential EquationsMATH2450Intro to Different&Diff Equat
MATH276Selected Topics In Math MATHELECSelected Topics In Math
MATH1630Finite MathematicsMATHELECFinite Mathematics
MATH1005Algebra EssentialsMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
MDT203Medical Transcription ELECMDTMedical Transcription
MDT230CClinical ApplicationELECELECClinical Application
MGT110Prin Of Management MGTELECPrin Of Management
MGT120Supervision Prin MGTELECSupervision Prin
MGT260Small Bus Mgmt MGTELECSmall Bus Mgmt
MGT264Hum Resources Mgmt MGTELECHum Resources Mgmt
MGT276Selected Probs In Mgmt MGTELECSelected Probs In Mgmt
MIR100Intro Media ResourcesELECMIRIntro Media Resources
MIR200Info Resources inMulti-MediaELECMIRInfo Resources inMulti-Media
MIR270Cult Enrich: Orig Rsch in AmerELECMIRCult Enrich: Orig Rsch in Amer
MIR280Cult Enrich: Foreign CulturesELECMIRCult Enrich: Foreign Cultures
MKT110Prin Of Marketing MKTELECPrin Of Marketing
MKT120Personal Selling MKTELECPersonal Selling
MKT125Retailing Buying MKTELECRetailing Buying
MKT135Adv Pub Relations MKTELECAdv Pub Relations
MKT210Retailing Management MKTELECRetailing Management
MKT2450E CommerceMKTELECE Commerce
MKT276Select Problems Mktg MKTELECSelect Problems Mktg
MLT100Intro Medical LabELECMLTIntro Medical Lab
MLT110Clinical ChemistryELECMLTClinical Chemistry
MLT112Blood Bank/SerologyELECMLTBlood Bank/Serology
MLT113Clinical MicrobiologyELECMLTClinical Microbiology
MLT200Clinical SeminarELECMLTClinical Seminar
MLT205Clinical Practicum IELECMLTClinical Practicum I
MLT210Clinical Seminar IIELECMLTClinical Seminar II
MLT215Clinical Practicum IIELECMLTClinical Practicum II
MPM101Intro Med Practice MgmtELECMPMIntro Med Practice Mgmt
MPM270Medical Practice OperationsELECMPMMedical Practice Operations
MUS100Fundamentals of MusicMUS1050Elements Notat Dict&Sight Sing
MUS101Music Theory I MUS1030Ear Training I
MUS101Music Theory I MUS1070Theory I
MUS102Music Theory II MUS1040Ear Training I
MUS102Music Theory II MUS1080Theory I
MUS1030Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to Music
MUS150Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to Music
MUS153Chorale Bel CantoMUS22Chamber Singers
MUS154Vol State Singers MUS20Chattanooga Singers
MUS155Vol State Show Choir MUSELECVol State Show Choir
MUS156Commercial Music Ensem MUS2010Ensemble
MUS160Guitar & String EnsembleMUS2010Ensemble
MUS161Brass EnsembleMUS2010Ensemble
MUS170Class Piano I MUS1310Piano Class
MUS171Class Piano II MUS1320Piano Class
MUS172Class Voice MUS1330Voice Class
MUS173Low Brass InstructionMUS1590Brass Instruction
MUS174Piano Instruction MUS2510Keyboard Instruction
MUS175Voice Instruction MUS2550Voice Instruction
MUS176Guitar Instruction MUS2530String Instruction
MUS177Trumpet InstructionMUS1590Brass Instruction
MUS178Trombone InstructionMUS1590Brass Instruction
MUS179French Horn InstructionMUS1590Brass Instruction
MUS180Class Guitar for BegMUS1350Guitar Class
MUS181Jazz Piano ClassMUSELECJazz Piano Class
MUS201Music Theory III MUS2030Ear Training II
MUS201Music Theory III MUS2070Theory II
MUS202Music Theory IV MUS2040Ear Training II
MUS202Music Theory IV MUS2080Theory II
MUS222Hist Recording Indus MUSELECHist Recording Indus
MUS223Surv Recording Indus MUSELECSurv Recording Indus
MUS224Comm Songwrit Arrang MUSELECComm Songwrit Arrang
MUS225Commercial Songwriting IIMUSELECCommercial Songwriting II
MUS280TIndiv Probs in MusicMUSELECIndiv Probs in Music
NRM100Environmental IssuesELECNRMEnvironmental Issues
NRM120Backcountry CampingELECNRMBackcountry Camping
NRM140Intro to ForestryELECNRMIntro to Forestry
NRM150Wildlife MgmtELECNRMWildlife Mgmt
NRM276TTopics Natural Resource MgmtELECNRMTopics Natural Resource Mgmt
OMT101Begin Keyboarding ELECOMTBegin Keyboarding
OMT102Interm Keyboarding ELECOMTInterm Keyboarding
OMT105Desktop Publ I EssentialsELECOMTDesktop Publ I Essentials
OMT110Keyboarding I EssentialsELECOMTKeyboarding I Essentials
OMT221Bus Communications I ELECOMTBus Communications I
OMT248Word For Windows ELECOMTWord For Windows
OMT249Adv Word For Windows ELECOMTAdv Word For Windows
OMT253Office Procedures ELECOMTOffice Procedures
OMT276Sel Prob Office Occup ELECOMTSel Prob Office Occup
OPH102Ocular anat & PhysELECOPHOcular anat & Phys
OPH105Intro to ophthalmic TechELECOPHIntro to ophthalmic Tech
OPH110CClinical Applications IELECOPHClinical Applications I
OPH112Ophthalmic OpticsELECOPHOphthalmic Optics
OPH120CClinical Applications IIELECOPHClinical Applications II
OPH121Basic Ophthalmic PharmELECOPHBasic Ophthalmic Pharm
OPH123Intro to Ophthalmic DiseaseELECOPHIntro to Ophthalmic Disease
OPH126Ocular MotilityELECOPHOcular Motility
OPH130CClinical Applications IIIELECOPHClinical Applications III
OPH150Ophthalmic Procedures IELECOPHOphthalmic Procedures I
OPH151Ophthalmic Procedures IIELECOPHOphthalmic Procedures II
OPH152Ophthalmic Procedures IIIELECOPHOphthalmic Procedures III
OPH153Ophthalmic Procedures IVELECOPHOphthalmic Procedures IV
PED104ArcheryHHP22Recreational Activities
PED107Lifetime FitnessHHP21Concepts and Application in We
PHED1000Phys Conditioning HHP40Begin Condition & Wt Training
PHED1040Archery HHP21Concepts & Apps in Wellness/PE
PHED1050Badminton HHP38Beginning Badminton
PHED1060Aerobic Dance HHP45Beginning Aerobic Dance/Step
PHED1070Lifetime Fitness HHP21Concepts & Apps in Wellness/PE
PHED1080Basketball HHPELECBasketball
PHED1090Bowling HHP29Beginning Bowling
PHED1100Golf HHP30Beginning Golf
PHED1110Leisure Time Activ HHP22Recreational Activities
PHED1120Softball HHPELECSoftball
PHED1140Tennis HHP37Beginning Tennis
PHED1150Volleyball HHPELECVolleyball
PHED1160Weight Training HHP40Begin Condition & Wt Training
PHED1170Intermediate GolfHHP68Intermediate Golf
PHED1180Intermediate TennisHHP69Intermediate Tennis
PHED1190Walking HHP55Walking for Fitness
PHED1200Step Aerobics HHP45Beginning Aerobic Dance/Step
PHED1210Physical Fitness HHP21Concepts & Apps in Wellness/PE
PHED1220Popular Dance HHP22Recreational Activities
PHED1240Stationary Cycling HHP22Recreational Activities
PHED1250Sport YogaHHP53Power Yoga
PHED1260PilatesHHP22Recreational Activities
PHED1280Core Circuit Weight TrainingHHP22Recreational Activities
PHED1290Boot CampHHP22Recreational Activities
PHED176Sel Top Phys Ed ActivityHHPELECSel Top Phys Ed Activity
PHED220Care Of Ath Injuries HHPELECCare Of Ath Injuries
PHED230Sports Officiating HHPELECSports Officiating
PHED240Intro Phys Educ Act HHP2010Intro to Ehls & Sport
PHED260Fnd Tec Coach Basebl HHPELECFnd Tec Coach Basebl
PHED270Fnd Tec Coach Bsktbl HHPELECFnd Tec Coach Bsktbl
PHED290PSports Medicine PracticumHHPELECSports Medicine Practicum
PHIL1030Intro To Philosophy PHIL2010Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL110Intro To Logic PHIL2110Logic Language and Evidence
PHIL120Workplace Ethics PHILELECWorkplace Ethics
PHIL121EthicsPHIL2210Introduction to Ethics
PHIL201Intro to World ReligionsREL2110Religions of the East
PHIL210Religion In America REL2360Religion in American Life
PHIL220Philosophy of ReligionPHILELECPhilosophy of Religion
PHIL260Intro to Biblical StudiesRELELECIntro to Biblical Studies
PHIL261Intro Old Test REL2210Biblical Literature I
PHIL262Intro New Test REL2220Biblical Literature II
PHIL270Survey of World ReligionsREL2110Religions of the East
PHIL280Spec Top Rel Phil Study PHILELECSpec Top Rel Phil Study
PHYS1030Introductory Physics PHYSELECIntroductory Physics
PHYS2010Non Calculus Based Physi PHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&Heat
PHYS2010Non Calculus Based Physi PHYS1030LGen Phys:Mechanics & Heat Lab
PHYS2020Non Cal Based Phys II PHYS1040Gen Phys: Electrmgntsm&Optics
PHYS2020Non Cal Based Phys II PHYS1040LGen Phys :Electrmgntsm&Opt Lab
PHYS2110Calculus Based Physics I PHYS2300Princ of Phys:Mechanics & Heat
PHYS2110Calculus Based Physics I PHYS2300LPrinc of Phys :Mech&Heat Lab
PHYS2120Cal Based Phys II PHYS2310Princ of Phys:Electr & Magntsm
PHYS2120Cal Based Phys II PHYS2310LPrinc of Phys:Elect&Mgntsm Lab
PHYS276Select Top Phys Sci Phys PHYSELECSelect Top Phys Sci Phys
POL104Current Issues POLSELECCurrent Issues
POL110Intro Political Sci POLSELECIntro Political Sci
POL200Amer Govt Politics POLS1010American Government
POL204Intro To Public Safety ELECOPHIntro To Public Safety
POL207International Politics POLS2420International Relations
POL210State Local Govt Us POLS2330State and Local Government
POL280Selected Probs Pol Sci POLSELECSelected Probs Pol Sci
POLS1030American GovernmentPOLS1010American Government
POLS110Intro to Political SciencePOLS1010American Government
POLS2010State and Local GovtPOLS2330State and Local Govt
PS2020State and Local GovernmentPOLS2330State and Local Government and
PSCI1010Survey of Physical Science IGNSC1110Physical Envir:Atoms to Galax
PSCI1010Survey of Physical Science IGNSC1110LGeneral Science Laboratory
PSCI1030Intro To Physical Sci GNSC1110Physical Envir:Atoms to Galax
PSCI1030Intro To Physical Sci GNSC1110LGeneral Science Laboratory
PSCI110Scientific Method Val ELECPSCIScientific Method Val
PSCI200Science PracticumGNSCELECScience Practicum
PSY101General Psychology I PSY1010Introduction to Psychology
PSY201Personal Adjustment PSYELECPersonal Adjustment
PSY210Abnormal PsychologyPSYELECAbnormal Psychology
PSY211Industrial/Organizatn PsychPSYELECIndustrial.Organizatn Psych
PSY221Psyc of Human InteractionPSYELECPsyc of Human Interaction
PSY222Human Growth And Dev PSYELECHuman Growth and Dev
PSY231Child Psychology PSY2210Psychology of Child Dev
PSY232Adolescent Psych PSY2220Psych of Adolescence/Adult
PSY240Select Topics Psyc PSYELECSelect Topics Psyc
PSY243Psych Death And Dying PSYELECPsych Death And Dying
PSY244Alcohol Drug Abuse PSYELECAlcohol Drug Abuse
PSY244DAlcohol & drug AbusePSYELECAlcohol & Drug Abuse
PSY250Psych Of Gender Differ PSYELECPsych Of Gender Differ
PSY251Social Psychology PSYELECSocial Psychology
PSYC1030General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to Psychology
PSYC210Abnormal PsychologyPSYELECAbnormal Psychology
PSYC2110Psychology of AdjustmentPSY2510Psychology of Adjustment
PSYC2130Life Span PsychologyPSY2200Psychology of Lifespan Develop
PSYC231Child PsychologyPSY2210The Psy of Child Development
PSYC2120Social PsychologyPSYELECSocial Psychology
PSYC2130Life Span PsychologyPSY2200Psychology of Lifespan Dev
PSYCH2110Psychology of AdjustmentPSY2510Psychology of Adjustment
PTA110Phys Science for the PTAELECPTAPhys Science for the PTA
PTA221Clinical Anatomy IELECPTAClinical Anatomy I
PTA222Clinical Anatomy IIELECPTAClinical Anatomy II
PTA242CClinical Practice IELECPTAClinical Practice I
PTA243CClinical Practice IIELECPTAClinical Practice II
PTA250Med Conditions for the PTAELECPTAMed Conditions for the PTA
PTA253Therapeutic ApplicsELECPTATherapeutic Applics
PTA263Therapeutic Applics IIELECPTATherapeutic Applics II
PTA264Therapeutic Applics IIIELECPTATherapeutic Applics III
PTA265therapeutic Applics IVELECPTAtherapeutic Applics IV
PTA270Therapeutic Applics VELECPTATherapeutic Applics V
PY151Psy of Personal AdjustmentPSY2410Psych of Individual Differencs
QMT150Stat Qual Control ELECQMTStat Qual Control
QMT175Stat Qual Control ELECQMTStat Qual Control
QMT255Stat Qual Control ELECQMTStat Qual Control
RAD110Patient CareELECRADPatient Care
RAD111CClinical Education IELECRADClinical Education I
RAD112CClinical Education IIELECRADClinical Education II
RAD113CClinical Education IIIELECRADClinical Education III
RAD120Positioning & Procedure IELECRADPositioning & Procedure I
RAD121Positioning & Procedure IIELECRADPositioning & Procedure II
RAD122Positioning & Procedure IIIELECRADPositioning & Procedure III
RAD130Radiographic Anat IELECRADRadiographic Anat I
RAD131Radiographic Anat IIELECRADRadiographic Anat II
RAD150Radiation ProtectionELECRADRadiation Protection
RAD200Radiographic Image EvalELECRADRadiographic Image Eval
RAD211CClinical Education IVELECRADClinical Education IV
RAD212CClinical Education VELECRADClinical Education V
RAD213Clinical Applic ReviewELECRADClinical Applic Review
RAD220Radiologic PathologyELECRADRadiologic Pathology
RAD221Radiographic PhysicsELECRADRadiographic Physics
RAD222Radiographic Physics IIELECRADRadiographic Physics II
RAD231Prin of Radiographic ExposureELECRADPrin of Radiographic Exposure
RAD232Pring of Radiographic Exp IIELECRADPring of Radiographic Exp II
RAD240Radiography SeminarELECRADRadiography Seminar
RAD241Radiography Seminar IIELECRADRadiography Seminar II
RAD242Registry ReviewELECRADRegistry Review
RAD260Radiologic BiologyELECRADRadiologic Biology
READ180Learning Support Reading IEDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
READ810Learning Support Reading IEDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
READ820Learning Support Reading IIEDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
READ830Learning Support Reading IIIEDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
RES215Intro to Real EstateELECRESIntro to Real Estate
RPC101Intro to Respiratory CareELECRPCIntro to Respiratory Care
RPC201Fund Respiratory Care IELECRPCFund Respiratory Care I
RPC202Fund Respiratory Care IIELECRPCFund Respiratory Care II
RPC203Fund Respiratory Care IIIELECRPCFund Respiratory Care III
RPC204Fund Respiratory Care IVELECRPCFund Respiratory Care IV
RPC205Adv Airway MgmtELECRPCAdv Airway Mgmt
RPC220Arterial Blood Gas Anal & PhysELECRPCArterial Blood Gas Anal & Phys
RPC225Arter Bld Gas Anal & Phys IIELECRPCArter Bld Gas Anal & Phys II
RPC229Fund Mechanical VentilationELECRPCFund Mechanical Ventilation
RPC230Fund Mechanic Ventilation IELECRPCFund Mechanic Ventilation I
RPC260Pulmonary PathologyELECRPCPulmonary Pathology
RPC281CClinical Practice IELECRPCClinical Practice I
RPC282CClinical Practice IIELECRPCClinical Practice II
RPC283CClinical Practice IIIELECRPCclinical practice III
RPC289Curr Topics Respiratory CareELECRPCCurr Topics Respiratory Care
RPC290Natl Certification ReviewELECRPCNatl Certification Review
RPC291Natl Registry reviewELECRPCNatl Registry review
RPC292Topics Respiratory Care IIELECRPCTopics Respiratory Care II
RSE77Writing IENGL1005Developmental Writing I
RSM75Basic MathMATH1004Basic Math
SOC101Intro To Sociology SOC1510Introduction to Sociology
SOC1010Intro to SociologySOC1510Introduction to Sociology
SOC102Social Problems SOC1250Sociology of Social Problems
SOC1020Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social Problems
SOC204Sociology Of Aging SOCELECSociology Of Aging
SOC206Delinquency And Crime SOCELECDelinquency And Crime
SOC240Select Topics Sociol SOCELECSelect Topics Sociol
SOC250Social Psychology SOCELECSocial Psychology
SOCI1010Intro to SociologySOC1510Introduction to Sociology
SOCI1020Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social Problems
SOCI1120Intro to Cultural AnthropologyANTH2080Cultural Anthropology
SOCI2000CriminologyCRMJ1000Introduction to Criminology
SOCS1010DIntro to Social ServicesELECSOCSIntro to Social Services
SOCS1020Hum Beh Social EnvironmentELECSOCSHum Beh Social Environment
SOCS2010Soc Services Child and YouthELECSOCSSoc Services Child and Youth
SOCS2015Soc Services Spec PopulationsELECSOCSSoc Services Spec Populations
SOCS2020DTheory/Mthds Soc Serv PractELECSOCSTheory/Mthds Soc Serv Pract
SOCS2030Violence and ConflictELECSOCSViolence and Conflict
SOCS2035DAlcohol & Drug AbuseELECSOCSAlcohol & Drug Abuse
SOCS2050TSel Topics Social ServicesELECSOCSSel Topics Social Services
SOCS2051Field PracticumELECSOCSField Practicum
SOCS2053Field PracticumELECSOCSField Practicum
SOCS2060Field PracticumELECSOCSField Practicum
SOS101Intro Social Science IELECSOSIntro Social Science I
SOS102Intro Social Science IIELECSOSIntro Social Science II
SPA101Beg Spanish ISPAN1010Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1010Beginning Spanish I SPAN1010Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1020Beginning Spanish II SPAN1020Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2010Intermed Spanish I SPAN2110Interm Span for Convers I
SPAN2020Intermed Spanish II SPAN2120Interm Spanish for Convers II
SPCH1010Fund of Speech CommunicationTHSP1090Public Speaking
SPCH103Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public Speaking
THEA1030Introduction To Theatre THSP1110Introduction to Theatre
THEA120Fund Of Acting THSPELECFund Of Acting
THEA130Stagecraft THSPELECStagecraft
THEA200Voice And Diction THSPELECVoice And Diction
THEA205Intro to Voice & MovementTHSPELECIntro to Voice & Movement
THEA205DIntro Voice and MovementTHSPELECIntro voice and Movement
THEA210Children Thea THSPELECChildren Thea
THEA240Fund Of Costume Make Up THSPELECFund Of Costume Make Up
THEA280Ind Prob In Thea THSPELECInd Prob In Thea
UST200Intro Med SonographyELECUSTIntro Med Sonography
UST205Orient to Patient CareELECUSTOrient to Patient Care
UST211Clinical Education IELECUSTClinical Education I
UST212Clinical Education IIELECUSTClinical Education II
UST213Clinical Education IIIELECUSTClinical Education III
UST220Phys & Instrumentation IELECUSTPhys & Instrumentation I
UST221Phys & Instrumentation IIELECUSTPhys & Instrumentation II
UST240Abdominal ScanningELECUSTAbdominal Scanning
UST241Obs and GynELECUSTObs and Gyn
UST242Small Parts ScanningELECUSTSmall Parts Scanning
UST250Registry reviewELECUSTRegistry review
UST260Vascular Anat & PhysELECUSTVascular Anat & Phys
UST261Vascular SeminarELECUSTVascular Seminar
VET101Intro to Veterinary TechnologyELECVETIntro to Veterinary Technology
VSCC1000College SuccessUSTU1000Principles of Effective Study
WEB2811Adv Computer GraphicsCPSCELECAdv Computer Graphics