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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
ACCT1010Accounting Concepts ACCELECAccounting Concepts
ACCT1210Payroll Accounting ACCELECPayroll Accounting
ACCT2010Accounting I ACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACCT2020Accounting II ACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACCT2120Accounting Practice ACCELECAccounting Practice
ACCT2130Intermediate Acct I ACCELECIntermediate Acct I
ACCT2140Intermediate Acct II ACCELECIntermediate Acct II
ACCT2210Tax Accounting ACCELECTax Accounting
ACCT2310Cost Accounting ACCELECCost Accounting
ACCT2710Comp Acct Systems ACCELECComp Acct Systems
ACCT2990Special Topics In Acct ACCELECSpecial Topics In Acct
AHSC2000Preparation for MarriageELECAHSCPreparation for Marriage
AHSC2120Fdns of Early ChildhoodELECAHSCFdns of Early Childhood
AHSC2420Principles of NutritionNUTR1350Nutrition
ART1030Introduction To Art ART1110Introduction to Art
ART1110Basic Design ART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
ART1201Drawing ART1050Drawing I
ART1204Color Theory ART1040Vis Stud III: Clr Thry&Fund
ART2010Art History Survey I ART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ART2020Art History Survey II ART2150Hist of West Art Ren to Pres
ART2401Comp Art And Design ARTELECComp Art And Design
ART2990Special Topics In Art ARTELECSpecial Topics In Art
ARTH2010Survey of Art History IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ARTP1010Drawing IART1050Drawing I
ASTR1010Astronomy I ASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar System
ASTR1010Astronomy I ASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar System
ASTR1020Astronomy II ASTR1020Intro to Astr-Stars to Galax
ASTR1020Astronomy II ASTR1020LAstr Lab-Stars to Galaxies
ASTR1030Astronomy and LabASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar System
ASTR1030Astronomy and LabASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar System
BIOL1010Intro To Biology IBIOLELECIntro To Biology I
BIOL1020Introduction to Biology IIBIOLELECIntroduction to Biology II
BIOL1030Concepts in BiologyBIOLELECConcepts in Biology
BIOL110Gen Biol IBIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BIOL1110General Biology I BIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BIOL1120General Biology II BIOL1120Principles of Biology II
BIOL1205Hum Anat/Phys SurveyBIOLELECHum Anat/Phys Survey
BIOL1210Anatomy/Physiology IBIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIOL1220Anatomy/Physiology IIBIOL2080Human Physiology
BIOL1230Introduction to MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and Health
BIOL2000General Ecology I BIOLELECGeneral Ecology I
BIOL2010Human Anat & Phys I BIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIOL2020Hum Anat And Phys II BIOL2080Human Physiology
BIOL2990Special Topics In Biol BIOLELECSpecial Topics In Biol
BSMG1110Principles Of Business MGT1030Intro to Bus & Entrepreneurshp
BSMG121Business LawBUSELECBusiness Law
BSMG2120Suprv And Pers Mgmt MGTELECSuprv And Pers Mgmt
BSMG2220Marketing MKTELECMarketing
BSMG2410Small Bus Mgmt MGTELECSmall Bus Mgmt
BSMG2460Human Relations In Bus MGTELECHuman Relations In Bus
BSMG2470Service Pro Oper Mgmt MGTELECService Pro Oper Mgmt
BSMG2908Bus Mgmt CapstoneMGTELECBus Mgmt Capstone
BSMG2990Spec Topics in Bus MgmtMGTELECSpec Topics in Bus Mgmt
CHEM1030Intro To Chemistry CHEMELECIntro to Chemistry
CHEM1110General Chem I CHEM1110General Chemistry I
CHEM1110General Chem I CHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM1120General Chemistry IICHEM1120General Chemistry II
CHEM1120General Chemistry IICHEM1120LGen Chemistry II Lab
CHEM1130Forensic ChemistryCHEMELECForensic Chemistry
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry I CHEM3010Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry I CHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry II CHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry II CHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2220Quantitative AnalysisCHEMELECQuantitative Analysis
CISP1010Computer Science ICPSC1100Fundamentals of Computer Scien
CJCR1100Intro Criminal Justice CRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CJCR1200Hum Relations in CRMJCRMJELECHum Relations in CRMJ
CJCR1500Criminal InvestigationCRMJELECCriminal Investigation
CJCR1600Forensic ScienceCRMJELECForensic Science
CJCR2000Research MethodsCRMJELECResearch Methods
CJCR2010Intro to GIS TechnologyCRMJELECIntro to GIS Technology
CJCR2020Spatial/Temporal AnalCRMJELECSpatial/Temporal Anal
CJCR2030Crime Mapping AnalysisCRMJELECCrime Mapping Analysis
CJCR2050Crime Mapping PracticumCRMJELECCrime Mapping Practicum
CJCR2300Criminal Justice EthicsCRMJELECCriminal Justice Ethics
CJCR2330Police in AmericaCRMJELECPolice in America
CJCR2400Crime Control AnalysisCRMJELECCrime Control Analysis
CJCR2440Corrections in AmericaCRMJELECCorrections in America
CJCR2500Juvenile DelinquencyCRMJELECJuvenile Delinquency
CJCR2540Criminal LawCRMJELECCriminal Law
CJCR2610Understanding TerrorismCRMJELECUnderstanding Terrorism
CJCR2650Criminal procedureCRMJELECCriminal procedure
CJCR2700Forensic Sci PracticumCRMJELECForensic Sci Practicum
CJCR2800Computer forensicsCRMJELECComputer forensics
CJCR2990Spec Topics Criminal JusticeCRMJELECSpec Topics Criminal Justice
CRMJ1010Intro to Criminal JusticeCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CRMJ1200Human Relations in Crim JustCRMJELECHuman Relations in Crim Just
CRMJ2020Intro to CorrectionsCRMJ3120Corr Persp in Crim&Juv Just
CRMJ2030Crime Mapping AnalysisCRMJELECCrime Mapping Analysis
CRMJ2040Spatial/ Temporal AnalysisCRMJELECSpatial/ Temporal Analysis
CRMJ2500Juvenile DelinquencyCRMJELECJuvenile Delinquency
CRMJ2540Criminal LawCRMJELECCriminal Law
CSCI1100Concepts Com CPSCELECConcepts Com
CSCI1110Adv Conpt Comp And Appl CPSCELECAdv Conpt Comp And Appl
CSCI1120Multimedia Production CPSCELECMultimedia Production
CSCI1130Computer SpreadsheetsCPSCELECComputer Spreadsheets
CSCI1140Adv Computer SpreadsheetsCPSCELECAdv Computer Spreadsheets
CSCI1150Essentials Web DevelopmentCPSCELECEssentials Web Development
CSCI1200Essentials of Computer ScienceCPSCELECEssentials of Computer Science
CSCI1250Intro to Computer Sci ICPSCELECIntro to Computer Sci I
CSCI1260Intro to Computer Sci IICPSCELECIntro to Computer Sci II
CSCI1290Microcomputer Op SystemsCPSCELECMicrocomputer Op Systems
CSCI1310Programming with FortranCPSCELECProgramming with Fortran
CSCI1340Web Site Dsgn MethodologiesCPSCELECWeb Site Dsgn Methodologies
CSCI1550Network Sys & InfrastructuresCPSCELECNetwork Sys & Infrastructures
CSCI1610Visual BasicCPSCELECVisual Basic
CSCI1620Visual Basic IICPSCELECVisual Basic II
CSCI1630Program DesignCPSCELECProgram Design
CSCI1720Web ProgrammingCPSCELECWeb Programming
CSCI1730Java ProgrammingCPSCELECJava Programming
CSCI1800Visual Basic ApplicsCPSCELECVisual Basic Applics
CSCI2010Intro to GIS TechnologyCPSCELECIntro to GIS Technology
CSCI2030SQL FundamentalsCPSCELECSQL Fundamentals
CSCI2150Intro Comp Organization CPSCELECIntro Comp Organization
CSCI2160Assembler LanguageCPSCELECAssembler Language
CSCI2200E-Commerce ConceptsCPSCELECE-Commerce Concepts
CSCI2240Fundamentals of UNIX/LINUXCPSCELECfundamentals of UNIX/LINUX
CSCI2250E-Commerce Impl StrategiesCPSCELECE-Commerce Impl Strategies
CSCI2360Systems Analysis CPSCELECSystems Analysis
CSCI2370System Design And Imp CPSCELECSystem Design And Imp
CSCI2400Microcomp Hardware Cont CPSCELECMicrocomp Hardware Cont
CSCI2401Computer Art And Design CPSCELECComputer Art And Design
CSCI2500Personal Computer SupportCPSCELECPersonal Computer Support
CSCI2770Database Mgmt SystemsCPSCELECDatabase Mgmt Systems
CSCI2790SQL Server managementCPSCELECSQL Server management
CSCI2800Visual Basic Prog-Adv ConceptsCPSCELECVisual Basic Prog-Adv Concepts
CSCI2810Computer ForensicsCPSCELECComputer Forensics
CSCI2840Computer EthicsCPSCELECComputer Ethics
CSCI2980Computer Science CapstoneCPSCELECComputer Science Capstone
CSCI2990Spec Topics Computer ScienceCPSCELECSpec Topics Computer Science
DEVE80Develop WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing II
DEVM80Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DEVM81Inter AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DEVR80Develop ReadingEDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
DEVS80Dev Study SkillsEDUC1004Dev Study Skills
DRAF1010Description Drafting App ELECDRAFDescription Drafting App
DRAF1020Architectural EstimationELECDRAFArchitectural Estimation
DRAF1110Fundamentals of DrawingELECDRAFFundamentals of Drawing
DRAF1120Technical DrawingELECDRAFTechnical Drawing
DRAF1210Computer-Aided Draft IELECDRAFComputer-Aided Draft I
DRAF1220Computer Aided Draft IIELECDRAFComputer Aided Draft II
DRAF1230Computer-Aided Draft IIIELECDRAFComputer-Aided Draft III
DRAF1310Const Est/Project MgmtELECDRAFConst Est/Project Mgmt
DRAF2110Architec/Const Drafting & DsgnELECDRAFArchitec/Const Drafting & Dsgn
DRAF2120Architec/Const Drafting & DsgnELECDRAFArchitec/Const Drafting & Dsgn
DRAF2210Pipe Drafting I ELECDRAFPipe Drafting I
DRAF2220Pipe Drafting II ELECDRAFPipe Drafting II
DRAF2310Structural Detailing ELECDRAFStructural Detailing
DRAF2320Structural Design ELECDRAFStructural Design
DRAF2410Jigs And Fixtures ELECDRAFJigs And Fixtures
DRAF2420Tool And Die Design ELECDRAFTool And Die Design
DRAF2510Geometrical Dimensions ELECDRAFGeometrical Dimensions
DRAF2520Product Design ELECDRAFProduct Design
DRAF2710Machine Design ELECDRAFMachine Design
DRAF2990Spec Topics Design Tech ELECDRAFSpec Topics Design Tech
DSPM700Foundations of Math IMATH1004Foundations of Math I
DSPM800Foundations Of Math II MATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSPM850Foundations Of Math III MATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DSPR800Developmental ReadingEDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
DSPR850Developmental Reading EDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
DSPR870Basic & Devel ReadingEDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
DSPS800Learning Strategies USTU1000Principles of Effective Study
DSPW700Basic Writing ENGL1005Developmental Writing I
DSPW800Developmental Writing ENGL1006Developmental Writing II
ECED1010Intro Early Childhood EducECHDELECIntro Early Childhood Educ
ECED2010Safe, Hlthy Lrng EnvironsECHDELECSafe, Hlthy Lrng Environs
ECED2015Early Childhood CurriculumECHDELECEarly Childhood Curriculum
ECED2020Infant, Toddler/Chld Dev ECHD2430Child Dev & Observation I
ECED2030Infant and Toddler CareECHDELECInfant and Toddler Care
ECED2040Family Dynamics/CommECHDELECFamily Dynamics/Comm
ECED2050Psychometer Development ECHDELECPsychometer Development
ECED2060Dev of Exceptional Children ECHDELECDev of Exceptional Children
ECED2070Devl Assessment ECHDELECDevl Assessment
ECED2080Children Literature ECHDELECChildren Literature
ECED2085Math, Science in Early ChldhdECHDELECMath, Science in Early Chldhd
ECED2090Creative Development ECHDELECCreative Development
ECED2100Mentoring Teacher ECHDELECMentoring Teacher
ECED2120Admin Child Care Center ECHDELECAdmin Child Care Center
ECED2130Clinical Practicum I ECHDELECClinical Practicum I
ECED2140Clinical Practicum II EDUC2000Investigatns of Sch in Society
ECED2150Clinical Practicum III ECHDELECClinical Practicum III
ECED2160Final PracticumECHDELECFinal Practicum
ECED2990Sp Topics Early Child EducECHDELECSp Topics Early Child Educ
ECON1050Economics And Society ECONELECEconomics and Society
ECON2010MacroeconomicsECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECON2020MicroeconomicsECON1020Principles of Econ:Microecon
ECON2210Prin Of Economics I ECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECON2220Prin Of Economics II ECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
EDUC1000Intro to Media ResourcesEDUCELECIntro to Media Resources
EDUC1010College SuccessEDUCELECCollege Success
EDUC1015Applics of Stu Adv & LdrshpEDUCELECApplics of Stu Adv & Ldrshp
EDUC2010Psy of Hum Dev for TeachersEDUCELECPsy of Hum Dev for Teachers
EDUC2100Orient Profession Teach EDUCELECOrient Profession Teach
EDUC2300Foundations For Teaching EDUC2010Educ in the United States
EDUC2440Computer Applications Ed EDUCELECComputer Applications Ed
EDUC2910Field Study In Education EDUC2000Investigatns of Sch in Society
EDUC2940Media Info Resource in EducEDUCELECMedia Info Resource in Educ
EDUC2990Spec Topics in EducationEDUCELECSpec Topics in Education
ELEC1010Intro To Electricity ELECELECIntro To Electricity
ELEC1110Dc Fundamentals ELECELECDc Fundamentals
ELEC1120Ac Fundamentals ELECELECAc Fundamentals
ELEC1310Motors, Alts and GeneratorsELECELECMotors, Alts and Generators
ELEC2110Transformers & Power ApplicsELECELECTransformers & Power Applics
ELEC2210Magnetic Motor ControlsELECELECMagnetic Motor Controls
ELEC2350Industrial ElectronicsELECELECIndustrial Electronics
ELEC2400Industrial Prog Controllers IELECELECIndustrial Prog Controllers I
ELEC2410Industrial Prog Controllers IIELECELECIndustrial Prog Controllers II
ELEC2990Sp Topics Elec TechnologyELECELECSp Topics Elec Technology
ELET1010D C Fundamentals ELECELETD C Fundamentals
ELET1020Ac Fundamentals ELECELETAc Fundamentals
ELET1050Programming And Simul ELECELETProgramming And Simul
ELET1110Survey Electronics Chem TechELECELETSurvey Electronics Chem Tech
ELET131Digital CircuitsELECELECDigital Circuits
ELET1310Digital Circuits ELECELETDigital Circuits
ELET2110Circuits And Systems I ELECELETCircuits And Systems I
ELET2120Circuits And Systems II ELECELETCircuits And Systems II
ELET2130Circuits And Systems III ELECELETCircuits And Systems III
ELET2140Wireless Comm ElementsELECELETWireless Comm Elements
ELET2150Wireless Comm SystemsELECELETWireless Comm Systems
ELET2310Measurements And Control ELECELETMeasurements And Control
ELET2320Semiconductor DevicesELECELETSemiconductor Devices
ELET2410Electronic Communication ELECELETElectronic Communication
ELET2990Special Topics ELECELETSpecial Topics
EMTP1015Cardiopul ResuscitationELECEMTPCardiopul Resuscitation
EMTP1030Emerg Med Tech Basic IELECEMTPEmerg Med Tech Basic I
EMTP1050Emerg Med Tech Basic IIELECEMTPEmerg Med Tech Basic II
EMTP1060Emerg Med Tech AcceleratedELECEMTPEmerg Med Tech Accelerated
EMTP1070Extended Skills - IV therapyELECEMTPExtended Skills - IV therapy
EMTP2110Intl Trauma Life SupportELECEMTPIntl Trauma Life Support
EMTP2200Intro Adv Pat Care-ParamedicELECEMTPIntro Adv Pat Care-Paramedic
EMTP2210Adv Pat Care Paramedic IELECEMTPAdv Pat Care Paramedic I
EMTP2215Paramedic Clin Practicum IELECEMTPParamedic Clin Practicum I
EMTP2220Adv Pat Care Paramedic IIELECEMTPAdv Pat Care Paramedic II
EMTP2225Paramedic Clin Practicum IIELECEMTPParamedic Clin Practicum II
EMTP2230Paramedic Clin Practicum IIIELECEMTPParamedic Clin Practicum III
EMTP2990Sp Topics Emerg Med TechELECEMTPSp Topics Emerg Med Tech
ENGL1010Composition I ENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL1020Composition II ENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL111Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition I
ENGL1110Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL112Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition II
ENGL1120Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL121Speech/ListeningTHSP1090Public Speaking
ENGL1310Business Communications ENGL2880Professional Writing
ENGL1410Technical Writing ENGL2820Scientific Writing
ENGL2110American Literature IENGL2110American Literature to 1855
ENGL2120American Literature IIENGL2120American Literature from 1855
ENGL2130American Masterpieces ENGL2130Survey of American Literature
ENGL2131American Lit IENGL2110American Literature to 1855
ENGL2132American Lit IIENGL2120American Literature from 1856
ENGL2150Appalachian LiteratureENGLELECAppalachian Literature
ENGL2170Children's LiteratureENGL2280Children's Literature
ENGL2180Myth and TraditionENGLELECMyth and Tradition
ENGL2210British Masterpieces I ENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800
ENGL2220British Masterpieces IIENGL2220Survey of Engl Lit Since 1800
ENGL2330World Literature ENGLELECWorld Literature
ENGL2410Western World Lit IENGL2410Western World Literature I
ENGL2420Western World Lit IIENGL2420Western World Literature II
ENGL2810Creative WritingENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2990Special Topics in EnglishENGLELECSpecial Topics in English
ENGL2030Literary HeritageENGL1130Western Humanities I
ENGR1110Engineering Graphics ENGRELECEngineering Graphics
ENGR1120Engineering ProgrammingENEE2250Engineering Programming
ENGR1210Intro to EngineeringENGRELECIntro to Engineering
ENGR2110Engineering StaticsENGR1040Vector Statics
ENGR2330Engineering DynamicsENGR1030Basic Engr Science
ENGR2990Spec Topics in Pre-EngrENGRELECSpec Topics in Pre-Engr
FREN1010French I FREN1010Elementary French I
FREN1020French II FREN1020Interm French for Convers II
FREN2010French III FREN2110Elementary French II
FREN2020French III FREN2120Interm French for Convers I
GEOG1010Ear Sc Weather And Clt GEOG2060Atmosphere Weather and Climate
GEOG1011Ear Sc Land And Pro GEOGELECEar Sc Land And Pro
GEOG1030World Geography GEOG1030World Geography
GEOG2010World Regional GeographyGEOG1030Physical Geology
GEOG2030Intro Cultural Geography GEOG1040Cultural Geography
GEOG2210Modern Geographic ConceptsGEOGELECModern Geographic Concepts
HIST1110Survey of World History IHIST1010World Civilizations I
HIST1120Survey of World History IIHIST1030World Civilizations III
HIST1210Wrld History I HIST1010World Civilizations I
HIST1220World History II HIST1030World Civilizations III
HIST2010U S History IHIST2010U.S. History to 1865
HIST2020U S History IIHIST2020U.S. History Since 1865
HIST2030Tennessee HistoryHISTELECTennessee History
HIST2050American Civil War HistoryHISTELECAmerican Civil War History
HIST211U.S. to 1877HIST2010U.S. History to 1865
HIST2110American Pop CultureHISTELECAmerican Pop Culture
HIST2600Germany and the HolocaustHISTELECGermany and the Holocaust
HIST2990Special Topics in HistoryHISTELECSpecial Topics
HIT1010Medical TerminologyELECHITMedical Terminology
HLTH1010Personal Health HHP1000Personal Health
HLTH2010Personal HealthHHPELECPersonal Health
HLTH2020Patient Care And Assess HHPELECPatient Care And Assess
HLTH2030First Aid And Emer Care HHP1540Safety & First Aid
HLTH2100Health Systems HHPELECHealth Systems
HLTH2420Prin Of Nutrition NUTR1350Nutrition
HRPR1000Intro Hlth-Related ProfELECHRPRIntro Hlth-Related Prof
HRPR1100Med Terminology Hlth ProfsELECHRPRMed Terminology Hlth Profs
HUM1010Intro to Humanities IENGL1130Western Humanities I
HUM2010Intro To Humanities I ENGL1130Western Humanities I
HUM2020Intro Humanities II ENGL1150Western Humanities II
HUM2340Black Studies HUMELECBlack Studies
HUM2350Technology in SocietyHUMELECTechnology in Society
HUM2990Spec Topics in HumanitiesHUMELECSpec Topics in Humanities
INFS1010Computer ApplicationsCPSC1000Introduction to Computing
MATH700Basic MathMATH1004Basic Math
MATH800Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH801LS Math 1MATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH802LS Math 2MATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH803LS Math 3MATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH890Enhanced Real Number Sense/OpMATH1004Enhanced Real Number
MATH891Real Number Sense/OperationsMATH1004Real Number Sense/Operations
MATH892Operations w/Algebraic ExpressMATH1004Operations w/Algebraic Express
MATH893Solving Linear EquationsMATH1005Elementary Algebra
MATH894Analyzing GraphsMATH1004Analyzing Graphs
MATH895Modeling and Critical ThinkingMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
MATH1010College Algebra MATH1010Math in Our Modern World
MATH1080Introductory StatisticsMATH2100Introductory Statistics
MATH1100Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
MATH1130College AlgebraMATH1130College Algebra
MATH130College AlgebraMATH1130College Algebra
MATH1410Found Numerical Concepts MATH2150Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch I
MATH1420Logic Prog Solv Geom MATH2160Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch II
MATH1530Probability Stats MATH2100Introductory Statistics
MATH1630Finite MathematicsMATHELECFinite Mathematics
MATH1710Pre Calculus I Algebra MATH1130College Algebra
MATH1720Pre Calculus II MATH1720Precalculus II
MATH1740Algebraic Trig Func MATH1720Precalculus II
MATH1830Calculus For Business MATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc Sci
MATH1840Calc I for TechnologyMATHELECCalc I for Technology
MATH1850Calc II for TechnologyMATHELECCalc II for Technology
MATH1910Calculus I MATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry I
MATH1920Calculus II MATH1960Calc with Analytic Geometry II
MATH2010Linear AlgebraMATH2200Elementary Linear Algebra
MATH2080Stat Methods for BusinessMATH2100Introductory Statistics
MATH2110Calculus III MATH2550Multivariable Calculus
MATH2110Calculus III MATH2551Multivariable Calculus Lab
MATH2120Differential Equations MATH2450Intro to Different&Diff Equat
MATH2990Special Topics MATHELECSpecial Topics
MATH1630Finite MathematicsMATHELECFinite Mathematics
MATT1110Machine Tool IELECMATTMachine Tool I
MCOM1030Intro Mass Communication COMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
MCOM2070Advertising GraphicsCOMMELECAdvertising Graphics
MCOM2080Broadcast ApplicationsCOMMELECBroadcast Applications
MCOM2600Survey of BroadcastingCOMMELECSurvey of Broadcasting
MCOM2604Broadcast Lab ICOMMELECBroadcast Lab I
MCOM2605Broadcast Lab IICOMMELECBroadcast Lab II
MCOM2630Writing for Radio/TVCOMMELECWriting for Radio/TV
MCOM2640Radio Television NewsCOMMELECRadio Television News
MCOM2700Intro to Public RelationsCOMM2710Intro to Public Relations
MCOM2800Advertising PrinciplesCOMMELECAdvertising Principles
MCOM2990Spec Topics in Mass CommCOMMELECSpec Topics in Mass Comm
MCOM2990Spec Topics in Mass CommCOMMELECSpecial Topics
MECH1210Mechanical TransmissionsELECMECHMechanical Transmissions
MECH2310Hydraulics and Pneumatics IELECMECHHydraulics and Pneumatics I
MECH2320Hydraulics and Pneumatics IIELECMECHHydraulics and Pneumatics II
MECH2330Piping and AuxiliariesELECMECHPiping and Auxiliaries
MECH2410Refrig & Air Cond IELECMECHRefrig & Air Cond I
MECH2420Refrig & Air Cond IIELECMECHRefrig & Air Cond II
MECH2430Refrig & Air Cond IIIELECMECHRefrig & Air Cond III
MECH2510Preventive Maint and RepairELECMECHPreventive Maint and Repair
MECH2610Millwright PrinciplesELECMECHMillwright Principles
MECH2990Spec Topics Mechanical TechELECMECHSpec Topics Mechanical Tech
MFGT1120Comp Numeric Cntrl MachinesELECMFGTComp Numeric Cntrl Machines
MFGT2410Master Cam IELECMFGTMaster Cam I
MFGT2420Master Cam IIELECMFGTMaster Cam II
MFGT2510Tool and Die MakingELECMFGTTool and Die Making
MFGT2870Programming and RoboticsELECMFGTProgramming and Robotics
MFGT2900Automation and QualityELECMFGTAutomation and Quality
MFGT2990Spec Topics in ManufacturingELECMFGTSpec Topics in Manufacturing
MLAB1000Orientation to Medical LabELECMLABOrientation to Medical Lab
MLAB2010Clinical ChemistryELECMLABClinical Chemistry
MLAB2020Urinalysis/Body fluidsELECMLABUrinalysis/Body fluids
MLAB2040Blood Bank/SerologyELECMLABBlood Bank/Serology
MLAB2050Clinical MicrobiologyELECMLABClinical Microbiology
MLAB2100Clinical Practicum IELECMLABClinical Practicum I
MLAB2110Clinical Practicum IIELECMLABClinical Practicum II
MLAB2990Sp Topics in Med Lab TechELECMLABSp Topics in Med Lab Tech
MUS1030Music Appreciation MUS1110Introduction to Music
MUS1221Choral Music MUS20Chattanooga Singers
MUS2990Special Topics In Music MUS1999Special Projects
MUSC2100Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to Music
NURS1100Nurs Concepts, Skills, ProceNURSELECNurs Concepts, Skills, Proce
NURS2000Nursing Process INURSELECNursing Process I
NURS2200Nursing Process IINURSELECNursing Process II
NURS2400Nursing Process IIINURSELECNursing Process III
NURS2600Nursing Process IVNURSELECNursing Process IV
NYSC2100Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to Music
OFMG1030Document Processing IELECOFMGDocument Processing I
OFMG1040Document Processing IIELECOFMGDocument Processing II
OFMG1050Document Processing IIIELECOFMGDocument Processing III
OFMG1100Medical TerminologyELECOFMGMedical Terminology
OFMG1250Intro to Desktop PublELECOFMGIntro to Desktop Publ
OFMG2000Legal Doc Prod and ControlELECOFMGLegal Doc Prod and Control
OFMG2010Leg Terminology & TransELECOFMGLeg Terminology & Trans
OFMG2020Proof and Edit for BusinessELECOFMGProof and Edit for Business
OFMG2040Records ManagementELECOFMGRecords Management
OFMG2050Leg Asst & Ofc MgmtELECOFMGLeg Asst & Ofc Mgmt
OFMG2100Fund Ins Claims & Pat BillELECOFMGFund Ins Claims & Pat Bill
OFMG2430Career Planning & DevelopmentELECOFMGCarer Planning & Development
OPHT1010Ocular Anat & PhysiologyELECOPHTOcular Anat & Physiology
OPHT1020Intro to Ophthalmic TechELECOPHTIntro to Ophthalmic Tech
OPHT1030Ophthalmic OpticsELECOPHTOphthalmic Optics
OPHT1040Ophthalmic Procedures IELECOPHTOphthalmic Procedures I
OPHT1200Clinical Practicum IELECOPHTClinical Practicum I
OPHT2000Basic Ophth PharmacologyELECOPHTBasic Ophth Pharmacology
OPHT2010Intro to Ophthalmic DiseaseELECOPHTIntro to Ophthalmic Disease
OPHT2020Ocular MotilityELECOPHTOcular Motility
OPHT2040Ophthalmic Procedures IIELECOPHTOphthalmic Procedures II
OPHT2050Ophthalmic Procedures IIIELECOPHTOphthalmic Procedures III
OPHT2060Ophthalmic Procedures IVELECOPHTOphthalmic Procedures IV
OPHT2200Clinical Practicum IIELECOPHTClinical Practicum II
OPHT2300Clinical Practicum IIIELECOPHTClinical Practicum III
PHED108Snow SkiingHHP22Recreational Activity
PHED1115Exercise To Music HHP45Beginning Aerobic Dance/Step
PHED1130Fitness For Life HHP21Con/App in Wellness/PE
PHED1135Conditioning HHP40Beginning Cond & Wt Training
PHED1150Weight Training HHP40Beginning Cond & Wt Training
PHED1160Weight Management HHPELECWeight Management
PHED2205Archery HHP22Recreational Activities
PHED2210Badminton HHP38Beginning Badminton
PHED2225Beginning Bowling HHP29Beginning Bowling
PHED2270TennisHHP37Beginning Tennis
PHED2280Volleyball HHPELECVolleyball
PHED2445Snow SkiingHHPELECSnow Skiing
PHED2515Marksmanship HHPELECMarksmanship
PHED2545Snow Skiing HHPELECSnow Skiing
PHED2600Adapted Physical Educ HHP27Adapted Physical Educ
PHED2955Care & Prev Athl InjuriesHHPELECCare & Prev Athl Injuries
PHED2990Spec Topics Phed And Re HHPELECSpec Topics Phed And Re
PHIL1010Old Testament SurveyREL2210Biblical Literature I
PHIL1020New Testament SurveyREL2220Biblical Literature II
PHIL1030Self And World PHIL2010Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL2020Values Of Society PHIL2210Introduction to Ethics
PHIL2210Intro Study Of Religion REL1030Intro to the Study of Religion
PHIL2640Sci and Modern WorldPHILELECSci and Modern World
PHIL2990Spec Topics in PhilosophyPHILELECSpec Topics in Philosophy
PHYS1030Physics With Appl PHYSELECPhysics with Appl
PHYS2010Non Calculus Based Physics IPHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&Heat
PHYS2010Non Calculus Based Physics IPHYS1030LGen Phys: Mechanics & Heat Lab
PHYS2020Non Cal Based Physics PHYS1040Gen Phys: Electrmgntsm&Optics
PHYS2020Non Cal Based Physics PHYS1040LGen Phys :Electrmgntsm&Opt Lab
PHYS2110Calc Based Phys IPHYS2300Princ of Phys:Mech&Heat Lab
PHYS2110Calc Based Phys IPHYS2300LPrinc of Phys :Mech&Heat Lab
PHYS2120Cal Based Physics IIPHYS2310Princ of Phys:Electr & Magntsm
PHYS2120Cal Based Physics IIPHYS2310LPrinc of Phys:Elect&Mgntsm Lab
PHYS2990Spec Topics in PhysicsPHYSELECSpec Topics in Physics
POLI1120Intro To Amer GovernmentPOLS1010American Government
POLI2990Spec Topics in Political SciPOLSELECSpec Topics in Political Sci
PSCI1010Physical Science IGNSCELECPhysical Science I
PSCI1020Physical Science IIGNSCELECPhysical Science II
PSCI1030Survey Of Physical Sci GNSC1110Physical Envir:Atoms to Galax
PSCI1030Survey Of Physical Sci GNSC1110LGeneral Science Laboratory
PSYC1030General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to Psychology
PSYC1310General Psychology PSY1010Introduction to Psychology
PSYC2000Social PsychologyPSYELECSocial Psychology
PSYC2130Life Span PsychologyPSYELECLife Span Psychology
PSYC2310Development Psychology PSYELECDevelopment Psychology
PSYC2311Adv General psychologyPSYELECAdv General psychology
PSYC2320Child Psychology PSY2210Psychology of Child Dev
PSYC2325Child And Adol Dev PSY2210Psychology of Child Dev
PSYC2330Adolescent PsychologyPSY2220Psych of Adolescence/Adult
PSYC2500Behavior ModificationPSYELECBehavior Modification
PSYC2900Special Topics PSYELECSpecial Topics
PSYC2990Special Topics PSYELECSpecial Topics
QUAL2220Quality Control I ELECQUALQuality Control I
READ870Basic & Developmental ReadingEDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
RELS1010Basic Prin Of Real Est ELECRELSBasic Prin Of Real Est
RELS1020Basic Prin of Real EstateELECRELSBasic Prin of Real Estate
RELS1030Environmental LawELECRELSEnvironmental Law
RELS2010Real Estate Law ELECRELSReal Estate Law
RELS2020Adv Real Estate Finance ELECRELSAdv Real Estate Finance
RELS2030Prof Real Estate Sales MgmtELECRELSProf Real Estate Sales Mgmt
RELS2040Commercial & Resid LendingELECRELSCommercial & Resid Lending
RELS2050Consumer LendingELECRELSConsumer Lending
RELS2060Real Estate Appraisal ELECRELSReal Estate Appraisal
RELS2100Appraising Single Fam ResELECRELSAppraising Single Fam Res
RELS2110Incom Property ValuationELECRELSIncom Property Valuation
RELS2120Real Est Economic DevELECRELSReal Est Economic Dev
RELS2500Real Est Post License PractELECRELSReal Est Post License Pract
SOCI1010Intro to SociologySOC1510Introduction to Sociology
SOCI1020General Sociology SOC1510Introduction to Sociology
SOCI1030Intro To Anthropology ANTH1520Introduction to Anthropology
SOCI2000Marriage & FamilySOC2150The Sociology of the Family
SOCI2020Social Problems SOC1250Sociology of Social Problems
SOCI2310Criminology SOCELECCriminology
SOCI2990Special Topics SOCELECSpecial Topics
SOCS1010Intro to Social ServicesELECSOCSIntro to Social Services
SOCS1020Hum Beh in Soc EnvironELECSOCSHum Beh in Soc Environ
SOCS2010Soc Serv Children and YouthELECSOCSSoc Serv Children and Youth
SOCS2015Soc Service Spec PopulationsELECSOCSSoc Service Spec Populations
SOCS2020Theories & Mthds Soc ServELECSOCSTheories & Mthds Soc Serv
SOCS2025Survey Counseling TheoriesELECSOCSSurvey Counseling Theories
SOCS2030Violence and ConflictELECSOCSViolence and Conflict
SOCS2035Alcohol & Drug AbuseELECSOCSAlcohol & Drug Abuse
SOCS2045Family SystemsELECSOCSFamily Systems
SOCS2060Field PracticumELECSOCSField Practicum
SOCW2010Fitness, Wellnes & SocietyHHP1000Personal Health
SOWK1010Intro to Social WorkSOCWELECIntro to Social Work
SOWK1020Prof Values and EthicsSOCWELECProf Values and Ethics
SOWK1030Cultural DiversitySOCWELECCultural Diversity
SOWK2400Rural & Appalachian CultureSOCWELECRural & Appalachian Culture
SOWK2500Interview & Recording SkillsSOCWELECInterview & Recording Skills
SPAN1010Spanish I SPAN1010Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1020Spanish II SPAN1020Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2010Spanish III SPAN2110Interm Spanish for Convers II
SPAN2020Spanish IVSPAN2120Interm Span for Convers I
SPCH1010Fundamentals of SpeechTHSP1090Public Speaking
SPCH121Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public Speaking
SPCH1300Speech CommunicationTHSPELECSpeech Communication
SPCH2300Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public Speaking
SPCH2310Interpersonal CommunicationTHSP2100Interpersonal Communication
SPCH2320Argumentation and DebateTHSPELECArgumentation and Debate
SPCH2330Communication TheoryTHSPELECCommunication Theory
SPCH2340Adv Public SpeakingTHSPELECAdv Public Speaking
SPCH2341Business & Professional CommTHSP2090Bus&Prof Speech Communication
SPCH2346Bus and Prof CommunicationTHSP2090Bus&Prof Spch Communication
SPCH2660Oral InterpretationTHSP1080Oral Interpretation
SPCH2900Independent StudiesTHSPELECIndependent Studies
SPCH2990Spec Topics in Speech CommTHSPELECSpec Topics in Speech Comm
SPED2030Exceptional LearnersEDUCELECExceptional Learners
SPED2300Exceptional LearnersEDUC2090Introduction to Early Chldhd
SWRK2010Intro to Social WorkSOCW1100Intro to Soc Wrk Experience
SWRK2020Cultural DiversitySOCWELECCultural Diversity
TCOM1010Telecomm Fundamentals IELECTCOMTelecomm Fundamentals I
TCOM1020Telecomm Fundamentals IELECTCOMTelecomm Fundamentals I
THEA1030Intro to TheatreTHSP1110Introduction to Theatre
THEA2010Theatre History ITHSPELECTheatre History I
THEA2020Theatre History IITHSPELECTheatre History II
THEA2510Acting ITHSPELECActing I
THEA2607Theatre PracticumTHSPELECTheatre Practicum
THEA2800Theatre Lab ITHSPELECTheatre Lab I
THEA2810Theatre Lab IITHSPELECTheatre Lab II
THEA2990Spec Topics in TheatreTHSPELECSpec Topics in Theatre
WMST2010Intro to Women's StudiesWSTU2000Intro to Women's Studies