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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
M C305Basic B & W PhotographyARTELECBasic B&W Photography-305
M C321Understand M MediaCOMM3200Mass Communication PerspSSCI, UDV
MATH1010Math for General StudiesMATH1010Math in Our Modern WorldLDV, MATH
MATH2010Elements of Linear AlgebraMATH2200Elementary Linear Algebra
MATH3080Discrete Structures MATH3030Discrete Structures
MATH1910Calculus I MATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry ILDV, MATH
MATH4420Number Theory MATH4270Number Theory
MATH4700Combinatorics Graph TheoryMATH4720Introduction to Graph Theory
MATH110Concepts of ArithMATHELECConcepts of Arith
MATH2050Probability and StatisticsMATH2XXXProbability and StatisticsCourse material covered is between MATH 2100 and 3100.
MATH121HAlgebra & TrigMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1420Informal GeometryMATH2160Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch IILDV, MATH
MATH114Math of Business IIMATHELECMath of Business II-114
MATH100Mathematics in LifeMATHELECMathematics in Life
MATH1710College AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH3120Differential EquationsMATH2450Intro to Different&Diff Equat
MATH3260Differential Equations II MATH4450Adv Differential Equations
MATH4990Seminar in MathematicsMATHELECSeminar in MathematicsUDV
MATH1920Calculus II MATH1960Calc with Analytic Geometry II
MATH141College AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1720Plane TrigonometryMATH1720Precalculus IIMATH
MATH1730Pre-Calculus MATH1710Precalculus IMATH
MATH3070College Geometry MATH4010Basic Concepts of Geometry
MATH3190Determin and Prob ModelsMATHELECDeterministic & Prob Models
MATH4210Advanced Calculus I MATH3500Fund Concepts in Analys
MATH4510Abstract Algebra I MATH3250Introduction to Modern Algebra
MATH100Mathematics in LifeMATH1010Math in Our Modern WorldLDV, MATH
MATH141College AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraMATH
MATH3460Foundation Higher MathematicsMATH3000Foundation of Mathematics
MATH300Math/Gen StuMATHELECMath/Gen StuUDV
MATH142Plane TrigonometryMATH1720Precalculus II
MATH209Math for Health ProfMATHELECMath for Health Prof
MATH122Calc & An Geom IMATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry ILDV, MATH
MATH1410Concepts of Elem Sch MathMATH2150Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch I
MATH4270Intro to Topology MATH4050Intro to Point Set Topology
MATH113Math of BusinessMATHELECMath of Business
MATH3110Calculus IIIMATH2560Calc III with Analytic GeomUDV
MATH4230Vector Analysis MATH4550Applied Analysis
MATH4620History and Phil of Math MATH4000The Hist Dev of Mathematics
MATH111Remedial AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
MATH1820Applied Calculus IIMATHELECApplied Calculus II
MATH243Math-Mgrl/Soc/LifeMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1630Coll Math Mgrl Social Life SciMATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc SciLDV, MATH
MATH1000Essentials of MathematicsMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH1530Applied StatisticsMATH2100Introductory StatisticsLDV, STAT
MATH4220Advanced Calculus II MATH4500Modern Analysis
MATH4530Abstract Algebra II MATH4250Abstract Algebra
MATH1810Applied Calculus IMATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc SciLDV, MATH
MATH342Math of FinanceMATHELECMath of Finance-342
MATH2110Data AnalysisMATHELECData Analysis
MATH113Math of Bus IMATHELECMath of Bus I
MATH121Algebra & TrigMATH1710Precalculus ILDV, MATH
MC151Intro to Mass CommCOMM1010Intro to Mass CommunicationLDV
MES3100Spec Top in Mid East StudiesELEC3XXXSpec top in Mid East Studies
MGMT4490Industrial Relations LegisMGT4100Industrial Relations
MGMT4510Unions and Coll BargainingMGT4510Production Planning&Control
MGMT4660Compensation Systems MGT4350Compensation Management
MGMT4920Small Business ManagementMGTELECSmall Business ManagementUDV
MGMT4680Organization BehaviorMGT3300Concepts in Org Behavior
MGMT4710International BusinessMGT4380International Management
MGMT3710Management of QualityMGTELECManagement of QualityUDV
MGMT4690Problems in Hum Res MgmtMGT4340HR Management Staffing
MGMT3610Principles of ManagementMGT3150Mgmt Concepts Theory&Practice
MGMT361Prin Mgmt & Org BehMGT3150Management Concepts, Theory, a
MGMT3620Operations ManagementMGT3110Operations Management
MGMT3640Intro to Management ScienceMGT3560Management Science
MGMT3650New Venture Creation ETR4300New Venture Creation
MGMT3810Human Resources MgmtMGT3320Human Resource Management
MGMT3890Managerial Decision Making MGT3400Innov&Creativity in Business
MGMT4840Study AbroadMGT4XXXStudy Abroad
MGT3610(EXL) Principles of ManagementMGT3150Mgmt Concepts Theory&Practice
MKT3840Personal Selling MKT3610Selling and Sales Management
MKT3960Marketing Channels Mgmt MKT4170Strategic Distribution Mgmt
MKT3930Marketing ResearchMKT4500Marketing Research
MKT4710International Business MKT3180International Marketing
MKT3900Dir Mkt Electronic Commerce MKT4310E-Marketing
MKT3830Retailing MKT3640Retailing
MKT3910Consumer Behavior MKT3650Consumer Behavior
MKT382Principles of MarketingMKT3130Principles of Marketing
MKT3950Business-to-Business MktgMKT4150Business to Business Marketing
MKT4890Marketing ManagementMKTELECMarketing Management
MKT3820Principles of Marketing MKT3130Principles of Marketing
MKT4870Services Marketing MKT4420Services Marketing
MS1021st Year Basic M SMILSELEC1st Year Basic M S
MS2012nd Year Basic M SMILSELEC2nd Year Basic M S
MS10201st Yr Basic Military ScienceMILS1080Army ROTC Fitness ProgramREP
MS20202nd Year Basic MSMILSELEC2nd Year Basic MS
MS10101st Year Basic MSMILS1060Basic Leadership
MS1011st Year Basic M SMILSELEC1st Year Basic M S
MS20102nd Year Basic MSMILSELEC2nd Year Basic MS
MS10101st Year Basic MSMILS1060Basic Leadership
MS10201st Yr Basic Military ScienceMILS1080Army ROTC Fitness ProgramREP
MS2022nd Year Basic M SMILSELEC2nd Year Basic M S
MS1000Military Science PracticumMILSELECMilitary Science Practicum
MSE2010Step 2:Inquiry Lesson DesignSTEM1020Step Two:Inq Based Lesson Des
MSE1010Step 1: Inquiry ApproachesELECMSEStep 1: Inquiry Approaches
MUAP2351PianoMUS1510Keyboard InstructionREP
MUAP2411GuitarMUS2530String InstructionREP
MUAP2462Private Instruction SaxophoneMUS2574Saxophones InstructionLDV, REP
MUAP2481Private Instruct French HornMUS2592Horn InstructionLDV, REP
MUAP2491TromboneMUS1590Brass InstructionREP
MUAP2421Flute/PiccoloMUS2570Woodwind InstructionREP
MUAP2382Private Instruction ViolinMUS2531Violin InstructionLDV, REP
MUAP2381ViolinMUS1530String InstructionREP
MUAP2461Private Instruction SaxophoneMUS2574Saxophone InstructionREP
MUED1310Woodwind Technique IMUS2230Woodwind Methods
MUED2000Phil Intro to Music EducationMUS2XXXPhil Intro to Music Education
MUED3310Woodwind TechniquesMUS3XXXWoodwind Techniques
MUED3250Band Org and March Band TechMUS3250Band & Orch Org Mgmt & ArrangUDV, UDV
MUED3230Instrumental MaterialsMUS3XXXInstrumental Materials
MUED3250Band Org and March Band TechMUS3250Band & Orch Org Mgmt & ArrangUDV, UDV
MUED1320Percussion TechniquesMUS2250Percussion Methods
MUED3200Elem Grades Music MajorsMUS3210Survey of Piano Repertoire IIUDV
MUEN3220Women's ChorusMUS26Women's Chorale
MUEN3200Concert ChoraleMUS28Concert ChoraleREP
MUEN3120Wind Ensemble MUS35Wind EnsembleREP
MUEN3210Meister Singers MUS22Chamber SingersREP
MUEN3300University Orchestra MUS50University Orchestra
MUEN3400Jazz EnsembleMUS36Jazz EnsembleREP
MUEN3110Symphonic BandMUS31Concert BandREP
MUEN3240MTSU Singers MUS20Chattanooga Singers
MUEN3250Opera Workshop MUS40Opera WorkshopREP
MUEN3260University ChorusMUS28University ChorusREP
MUEN3100The Band of Blue Marchin MUS30Marching Band
MUEN3100The Band of Blue Marchin MUS30Marching Band
MUEN3700Mixed Chamber EnsembleMUS2025Chamber MusicREP, UDV
MUEN3220Women's ChorusMUS26Women's Chorale
MUEN3300University Orchestra MUS50University Orchestra
MUEN3740String Chamber EnsembleMUS2025Chamber Music
MUHL3020History of Art Music IIMUS3160History of Music IIUDV
MUHL4530History of JazzMUS3170Survey of JazzARTS, TBR, UDV, VPAR
MUHL1610The World of MusicMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUHL210Introduction to MusicMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUHL3670History of Popular Music in AmMUSELECHistory of Popular Music in Am
MUPD2180Diction Singers I Engl LatnMUS2170Diction for Singers
MUPD3050Jazz PedagogyMUS3XXXJazz Pedagogy
MUPD4130Advanced String PedagogyMUS4XXXAdvanced String Pedagogy
MUS1520Class Voice II MUS1340Voice Class
MUS1530Class Piano I MUS1310Piano Class
MUS1560Class Guitar IIMUS1360Guitar Class
MUS3500Percussion Ensemble MUS2010EnsembleREP
MUS151Class Voice IMUS1330Voice Class
MUS4000Special Topics in Music: WomenMUSELECSpecial Topics in Music: WomenUDV
MUS1540Class Piano IIMUS1320Piano Class
MUS1550Class Guitar I MUS1350Guitar Class
MUS3300Symphony OrchestraMUS50University OrchestraREP
MUS1030Introduction to MusicMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUS1010Recital AttendanceMUS1000SeminarREP
MUS151Class Voice IMUS1330Voice Class
MUS1020Music Enrich InstrumentMUSELECMusic Enrich Instrument
MUS1510Class Voice I MUS1330Voice Class
MUTH1000Elements of MusicMUS1050Elements of Notation, Dictatio
MUTH1120Theory and aural Skills IIMUS1080Theory II
MUTH2110theory and aural Skills IIIMUS2070Theory III
MUTH1120Theory and aural Skills IIMUS1040Ear Training II
MUTH4130Orchestral ArrangingMUS1XXXOrchestral Arranging
MUTH1110Theory and Aural Skills IMUS1070Theory I
MUTH4110Form and AnalysisMUS4070Advanced Analysis IUDV
MUTH3670History of Popular Music in AMMUSELECHistory of Popular Music in Am
MUTH2110theory and aural Skills IIIMUS2030Ear Training III
MUTH1110Theory and Aural Skills IMUS1030Ear Training I
NFS3260Community NutritionNUTR3360Community Nutrition
NFS1240Principles of Nutrition NUTR1350Nutrition
NFS3100Food and Culture in the USNUTR3330Food and CultureNWCL, TBR, THVB, UDV
NFS3200Food PrinciplesELECNFSFood PrinciplesUDV
NFS3280Nutrition in Health PromotionNUTR2370Nutr Educ & Hlth Promotion
NFS4251Nutrition for the Young ChildHHPELECNutrition for the Young childUDV
NFS4250Maternal and Child NutritionHHPELECMaternal and Child NutritionUDV
NFS4210Nutrition in AgingHHPELECNutrition in AgingUDV
NFS124Principles of NutritionNUTR1350Nutrition
NFS2220Nutrition for Health ScienceNUTR1350Nutrition
NURS3000Professionalism in NursingNURSELECProfessionalism in Nursing
NURS3570Health Care ResearchNURSELECHealth Care Research
NURS3030Health AssessmentNURSELECHealth AssessmentUDV
NURS3370(EXL) Health and GerontologyNURSELEC(EXL) Health and GerontologyUDV
NURS4036(EXL) Nursing's Image in the MNURSELEC(EXL) Nursing's Image in the M
NURS3040Health Assessment LabNURSELECHealth Assessment LabUDV
NURS4039(EXL)Health Care Issues & TrenNURS4XXX(EXL)Health Care Issues & Tren
ORCO3250EXL Organizational Comm in ComCOMMELECEXL Organizational Comm in Com
ORCO3240EXL Intro to Organiz CommCOMMELECEXL Intro to Organiz Comm
ORCO3650Conflict and OrganizationsCOMMELECConflict and Organizations
ORCO3340(EXL) Interview CommunicationELECORCO(EXL) Interview CommunicationUDV
ORCO3500(EXL) Strategic CommunicationELECORCO(EXL) Strategic CommunicationUDV
P S325Public AdministrationPANMELECPublic Administration-325
P S2010American Government & PoliticsPOLS1010American GovernmentLDV, SSCI
P S122Foundations of GovernmentPOLSELECFdns of Government-122
P S328State and Local GovernmentPOLS2330State & Local Gov/Politics-328
P S150American Govt & PoliticsPOLS1010American GovernmentLDV, SSCI
PADM4226Intro. Nonprofits Org.PANMELECIntor. Nonprofits Org.UDV
PHED1080Beginning BowlingHHP29Beginning Bowling
PHED1170Beginning RacquetballHHP31Beginning Racquetball
PHED1140GymnasticsHHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, REP
PHED3930Concepts/Tactics GamesHHPELECConcepts/Tactics GamesUDV
PHED227VolleyballHHP22VolleyballACTV, REP
PHED1250Self DefenseHHP61Self DefenseACTV
PHED1340Chi GongHHP22Recreational ActivityREP
PHED2090Intermediate Tennis HHP69Interm Tennis
PHED2120Scuba Diving HHP49Beginning Scuba Diving
PHED1130Beginning BicyclingHHP22Beginning BicyclingACTV, REP
PHED3500Physical Edu Early ChildhoodHHP3300Physical Education in the Elem
PHED3760Water Safety InstructorHHPELECWater Safety InstructorUDV
PHED1301Women's Personal ConditioningHHP40Beginning Condition & WellnessACTV
PHED218Jazz DanceHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1270YogaHHP53Power Yoga
PHED2010Beginning Modern DanceHHP52Beginning Modern Dance
PHED309Adv TennisHHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, REP
PHED1271Intermediate YodaHHP22Intermediate YogaACTV, REP
PHED2121Advanced Scuba Diving IHHP22Advanced Scuba Diving IACTV, REP
PHED121BasketballHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1180Aerobic WalkingHHP55Walking for Fitness
PHED1200Beginning Weight TrainingHHP40Begin Condition & Weight Trng
PHED1300Personal ConditioningHHP40Beginning Conditioning and WeiACTV
PHED2320Advanced Weight TrainingHHP70Intermediate Conditioning andACTV
PHED1280Beginning PilatesHHP22Recreational ActivitesREP
PHED1320Intermediate RugbyHHP22Recreational ActivityREP
PHED2420Intermediate GolfHHP68Intermediate GolfACTV
PHED2450Advanced TennisHHP69Intermediate TennisACTV
PHED122SoccerHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, LDV, REP
PHED206Adapted Phy ActHHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED241SoftballHHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED3300First Aid & Safety EducationHHP1540Safety & First Aid
PHED102Social DanceHHP22Social DanceACTV, REP
PHED160Ballet PrimaryHHP48Beginning BalletACTV
PHED3720Fitness Education K-12HHPELECFitness Education K-12UDV
PHED3800Teaching Physical EducationHHPELECTeaching Physical EducationUDV
PHED3900Adapted Physical EducationHHPELECAdapted Physical EducationUDV
PHED1210Beginning BasketballHHP22Beginning BasketballREP
PHED1220Beginning SoccerHHP22Recreational ActivityREP
PHED1240Water Aerobics HHP44Beginning Water Aerobics
PHED202GolfHHP30Beginning GolfACTV
PHED117RacquetballHHP31Beginning RacquetballACTV
PHED120Weight TrainingHHP40Beg Cond and Weight TrainACTV, LDV
PHED204Swimming (Beginners)HHP51Beginning SwimmingACTV, LDV
PHED4340Fitness Education for AdultHHP4XXXFitness Education for Adult
PHED2800Intro Teaching Phys EducHHPELECIntro Teaching Phys Educ
PHED1150Beginning BadmintonHHP38Beginning Badminton
PHED4470Educational Rhythms TeachersHHPELECEducational Rhythms TeachersUDV
PHED4930Teaching Territory GamesHHPELECTeaching Territory GamesUDV
PHED1290Tai Chi HHP56Tai Chi
PHED2160Ballet PrimaryHHP48Beginning BalletACTV
PHED105Adapted Phy ActHHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1020Beginning Social DanceHHP22Recreational ActivityREP
PHED1100Beginning KarateHHP22Beginning KarateACTV, REP
PHED1111Casting and Fishing TechniquesHHP22Recreational Activity
PHED1190Aerobic Dance HHP45Beginning Aerobic Dance/Step
PHED4710Authentic Assess Tchg Phys EdHHPELECAuthentic Assess Tchg Phys EdUDV
PHED4780Curriculum Physical EducationHHPELECCurriculum Physical EducationUDV
PHED1310Beginning RugbyHHP22Recreational ActivityREP
PHED2020Beginning GolfHHP30Beginning Golf
PHED2071Fitness SwimmingHHP57Swimming for Fitness
PHED212Scuba DivingHHP49Beginning Scuba Diving
PHED2250Intermediate BowlingHHP67Intermediate BowlingACTV
PHED1110Casting & Fish TechniquesHHP22Recreational Activities
PHED1281Intermediate PilatesHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, REP
PHED2040Beginning SwimmingHHP51Beginning Swimming
PHED2124Advanced SCUBA Diving IIHHP88Advanced Scuba DivingACTV
PHED106Adapted Phy ActHHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED4910Applied Kinesiology BiomechHHP3180Kinesiology
PHED1040Beginning Tennis HHP37Beginning Tennis
PHED3430Skills Themes Games Gymn RythHHPELECSkills Themes Games Gymn RythUDV
PHED205Adapted Phy ActHHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED2270Beginning VolleyballHHP22Beginning VolleyballACTV, REP
PHED2260Basic Rock ClimbingHHP22Basic Rock ClimbingACTV, REP
PHED232Adv Weight TrainingHHP89Adv Weight TrainingACTV
PHED2180Beginning Jazz DanceHHP22Beginning Jazz DanceACTV, REP
PHED104Tennis (Beginners)HHP37Beginning TennisACTV
PHED4400Motor BehaviorHHPELECMotor BehaviorUDV
PHED2030Tumbling and TrampolineHHP22Recreational Activity-2030REP
PHED2100Effective LivingHHP21Concepts & Applics Wellness/PE
PHED1120Backpacking and HikingHHP28Beginning Hiking and BackpackiACTV
PHED1160Beginning ArcheryHHP22Recreational Activities
PHIL2110Elem Logic and Critical Think PHIL2110Logic Language and Evidence
PHIL4010Hist of Ancient and Med PhilPHIL3510History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL4500Philosophy of Science PHIL3480Philosophy of Science
PHIL201Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL2010Introduction to PhilosophyHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL4350Philosophy of LanguagePHILELECPhilosophy of LanguageUDV
PHIL3150Ethics PHIL2210Introduction to EthicsHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL311E1 Logic & Crit ThinPHIL2110Logic, Language, and Evidence
PHIL4600Philosophy of HistoryPHIL4XXXPhilosophy of History
PHIL3300Philosophy of Religion PHIL3330Philosophy of Religion
PHIL4100Aesthetics PHIL3360Aesthetics
PHIL1030Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL2010Introduction to PhilosophyHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL4200Existentialism PHIL3640Existentialism&Phenomenology
PHIL3500Philosophy, Race and SocietyPHILELECPhilosophy, Race and Society
PHIL4800Reading in Philosophy:AtheismPHIL4910Studies in PhilosophyREP
PHIL201Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL2010Introduction to PhilosophyHUM, TBR, THVB
PHIL211Elem Logic & Critical ThinkingPHIL2110Logic, Language, and Evidence
PHIL4450Marx and MarxismPHIL4XXXMarx and Marxism
PHIL4560Philosophy of MusicMUSELECPhilosophy of MusicUDV
PHIL4020Hist of Modern Philosophy PHIL3530History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL4300American Philosophy PHIL3600American Philosophy
PHIL3120Persp on Science and MathPHIL3XXXPersp on Science and Math
PHIL4250Philosophy of GenderPHIL4XXXPhilosophy of Gender
PHOT3580Photography PracticumELECPHOTPhotography PracticumUDV
PHOT3040History of PhotographyARTELECHistory of PhotographyUDV
PHOT3200Still Digital ImagingELECPHOTStill Digital ImagingUDV
PHOT3110Intermediate Photography IELECPHOTIntermediate Photography IUDV
PHOT2050Black & White PhotographyART2810Photography I
PHYS3100Modern Physics I PHYSELECModern Physics
PHYS2021Physics Problems Lab IIPHYS1040Gen Phys: Electrmgntsm&OpticsLDV, LEC
PHYS2120Calculus-Based Physics II PHYS2310Princ of Phys:Electr & MagntsmLDV, LEC
PHYS3350Con and Appl of Analog ElectPHYS3030Basic Electronics
PHYS4310Electricity and MagnetismPHYS3420Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS3300Classical Mechanics PHYS3410Classical Mechanics
PHYS2011Physics Problems Laboratory IPHYS1030LGen Phys-Mech & Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2111University Physics Lab IPHYS2300LPrinc of Phys :Mech&Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2121University Physics Lab II PHYS2310LPrinc of Phys:Elect&Mgntsm LabLAB, LDV
PHYS3110Modern Physics II PHYS4120Nuclear Physics
PHYS3310Con and Appl of Digital ElectPHYS3040Electronic Circuits
PHYS233Intro Exp Phys LabPHYS1030LGen Phys:Mechanics & Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS1010Physics ColloquiumPHYS1XXXPhysics Colloquium
PHYS2021Physics Problems Lab IIPHYS1040LGen Phys :Electrmgntsm&Opt LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2110Calculus-Based Physics I PHYS2300Princ of Phys:Mechanics & HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS231College PhysicsPHYS1030General Phys:Mechanics&HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS3610Thermodynamics PHYS3110Intro to thermal Physics
PHYS2011Physics Problems Laboratory IPHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS1110Discovering PhysicsPHYSELECDiscovering PhysicsLBSC, LDV
PLEG3010LitigationLAS4350Litigation II
PLEG3410Family Law LAS2450Family Law
PLEG4010Paralegal Internship LAS4700Legal Assistant InternshipREP
PORT1010Elementary Portuguese IPORT1010Elementary Portuguese I
PORT1020Elementary Portuguese IIPORT1020Elementary Portuguese II
PORT2010Intermediate Portuguese IPORT2110Intermed Portuguese Convers I
PR304Public Relations PrinciplesCOMMELECPubl Relations Principles-304
PR3360Public Relations CommunicationCOMMELECPublic Relations Comm-3360
PR3040Public Relations PrinciplesCOMM2710Intro to Public Relations
PRSE4900Professional SeminarELECPRSEProfessional Seminar
PRST4995Culminating ProjectELEC4XXXCulminating Project
PS2130(EXL) Model United Nations & CPOLSELEC(EXL) Model United Nations & C
PS4290Public Service Internship POLS4710Metro Government InternshipREP
PS3210International RelationsPOLS2420International Relations
PS3770The Former Soviet UnionPOLSELECThe Former Soviet Union
PS4220World PoliticsPOLSELECWorld Politics
PS3001Research Methods in PSPOLSELECResearch Methods in PSUDV
PS3010Women and the Law LAS2350Litigation I
PS2440Law and the Legal System POLSELECLaw & Legal System-2440
PS4240American Foreign PolicyPOLS3450American Foreign Policy
PS4230Classical Political TheoryPOLSELECClassical Political Theory
PS3400Municipal Government POLS3310Urban Politics
PS3200British Government and FilmsPOLSELECBritish Government and Films
PS2100(Honors)Legal Courtroom ProcedPOLSELEC(Honors)Legal Courtroom Proced
PS3250Public AdministrationPOLS2250Intro Public/Nonprofit Admin
PS3500International LawPOLSELECInternational Law
PS3220Intl and Comp PoliticsPOLSELECIntl and Comp Politics
PS328State & Local GovtPOLS2330State & Local Govt
PS3790Eastern European PoliticsPOLSELECEastern European PoliticsUDV
PS391Intern'l OrganizPOLSELECIntern'l OrganizUDV
PS2010Amer Government and PoliticsPOLS1010American GovernmentLDV, SSCI
PS3160American Public Policy POLS1030Controversies in Public PolicyLDV, SSCI
PS3320Public Opinion POLS3030Politics and Communication
PS4360Legislative Internship POLS4610State Government InternshipREP
PS4900Latin American Politics POLS2460Comparative Lat Amer Politics
PS4920Modern Political TheoryPOLSELECModern Political Theory
PS333Pol & Party SystemPOLS3330Pol Parties & Election Process
PS4770Russian PoliticsPOLSELECRussian PoliticsUDV
PS4870Advanced Studies in Pol TheoryPOLSELECAdvanced Studies in Pol TheoryUDV
PS1010Foundations of GovernmentPOLSELECFoundations of GovtSSCI
PS3060The U.S. CongressPOLS3350Congress
PS1005American GovernmentPOLS1010American GovernmentLDV, SSCI
PS4120Tennessee GovernmentPOLS2330State and Local Government
PS4180African PoliticsPOLSELECAfrican PoliticsUDV
PS2020State and Local Government POLS2330State and Local Government
PS4040Pre-Law Internship POLS4810Judicial Honors Internship
PS4190Middle East Politics POLS3470Politics of Middle East
PS4300Comparative European GovtPOLS3430Comparative Govt and PoliticsREP
PS4260Political Status of WomenPOLS3360Women in Politics
PS4390Special Topics:Judicial DecisiPOLSELECSpecial Topics:Judicial Decisi
PS3510Intl Political EconomyPOLSELECIntl Political Economy
PS122Foundations of GovtPOLSELECFoundations of Govt
PS4930Intro Contemp Political Phil POLS3140Contemporary Political Ideas
PS3100Politics and FilmPOLSELECPolitics and Film
PS4210International ConflictPOLSELECInternational Conflict
PS150Amer Govt & PolPOLS1010American GovernmentLDV, SSCI
PS244Law & Legal SystemPOLS2240Justice & Amer Trial Process
PS3050The US Presidency POLS2340The Presidency
PS3530Legal Writing and Research LAS2100Legal Research and Writing
PS3170Civil Rights Policy PoliticsPOLSELECCivil Rights Policy Politics
PS3000Political Status of WomenPOLS3360Women in Politics
PS310Politics & FilmPOLSELECPolitics & FilmUDV
PS3340Political Campaign ManagementPOLSELECPolitical Campaign ManagementUDV
PSCI1030Topics in Physical ScienceGNSC1110LGeneral Science LaboratoryLAB, LDV
PSCI4030Experimental Physical ScienceELECPSCIExperimental Phys Sci-4030
PSCI1030Topics in Physical ScienceGNSC1110Physical Envir:Atoms to GalaxLDV, LEC
PSCI100Topics in Phys SciGNSC1110Physical Envir:Atoms to GalaxLBSC, LDV
PSY3071Research Methods LabPSY2020LResearch Methodology Lab
PSY3230Abnormal Psychology PSY3080Princ of Abnormal Psychology
PSY4460Psy of Happiness & Well-BeingPSYELECPsy of Happiness & Well-BeingUDV
PSY3240Abnormal Child PsychologyPSY3080Principles of Abnormal Psychol
PSY4050Applied PsychopharmacologyPSYELECApplied Psychopharmacology
PSY4030Psych of Sens and PerceptPSY3120Sensation & Perception
PSY1410General Psychology PSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY4630Death and DyingPSYELECDeath and DyingUDV
PSY4380Group DynamicsPSYELECGroup DynamicsUDV
PSY2180Think Intelligence CreativityPSYELECThink Intelligence CreativityUDV
PSY460Psychosexual AdjustPSYELECPsychosexual AdjustUDV
PSY4780Human NeuropsychologyPSYELECHuman Neuropsychology
PSY4150Lab: Behavioral NeurosciencePSYELECLab: Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY3070Research MethodsPSY2020Research Methodology
PSY3250Perspectives Black Psychology PSY2420Psychology of Black Experience
PSY3320Intro to I/O PsychologyPSY4060Industrial/Org Psychology
PSY4190Child Psychology PSY2210Psychology of Child Dev
PSY4620Psychology of Women PSY4510Psychology of Women
PSY4700History and Systems of Psych PSY4600Systems of Psychology
PSY412Psychology of Criminal BehavrPSYELECPsych Criminal Behavior-412
PSY463Death & DyingPSYELECDeath & DyingUDV
PSY1410General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY323Abnormal PsychologyPSY3080Prin of Abnormal Psychology
PSY4040Intro to Cognitive Psychology PSY3130Cognitive Processes
PSY4360Organizational PsychologyPSY4060Industrial/Organizational Psyc
PSY4260Intro Psychological Testing PSY3450Psych Tests & Measurements
PSY4480Learning Theories PSY3110Learning & Motivation
PSY2210Psych of Social Behavior PSY3310Social Psychology
PSY2190Human Brain/Beh & ConsciousPSYELECHuman Brain/Beh & Conscious
PSY142Personality and AdjustmentPSYELECPersonality & Adjustment-142
PSY1420Psychology of AdjustmentPSYELECPsych of Adjustment-1420
PSY3030Psychology LabPSYELECPsychology LabUDV
PSY4440Social Psy Close RelationshipPSYELECSocial Psy Close RelationshipUDV
PSY323Abnormal PsyPSY3080Principles of Abnormal Psychol
PSY4400Behavioral ModificationPSYELECBehavioral ModificationUDV
PSY4470Theories of CounselingPSY4080Contemporary PsychotherapiesUDV
PSY2000Seminar Careers in PsychologyPSYELECSeminar Careers in Psychology
PSY3590Personality PSY4480Theories of Personality
PSY4240Behavioral Neuroscience PSY3140Physiological Psychology
PSY2300Developmental PsychologyPSYELECDevelopmental Psychology
PSY4220Correctional PsychologyPSYELECCorrectional PsychologyUDV
PSY4120Psy of Criminal BehaviorPSYELECPsy of Criminal BehaviorUDV
PSY142Psychology of AdjustmentPSY2510Psychology of Adjustment
PSY4820Psychology of LanguagePSYELECPsychology of LanguageUDV
PSY3020Basic Stats for Behav Science PSY2010Rsrch Meth:Intro Stats PsychLDV, STAT
PSY3990Research in PsychologyPSYELECResearch in PsychologyUDV
PSY141General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologySSCI
PSY4210Adolescent Psychology PSY2220Psych of Adolescence/Adult
PSY4610Adult Psych and Aging PSY2230Psychology of Aging
PSY325Black PsychologyPSY2420Psychology of Black Experience
PSY141General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologySSCI
PSY221Psych Soc BehaviorPSY3310Social Psychology
PSYC3210Abnormal PsychologyPSY3080Prin of Abnormal Psychology
PSYC3306Physiological PsychologyPSY3140Physiological Psychology
PUBH4707International Health:Problems/ELEC4XXXInternational Health:Problems/
PY151Psychology of Personal AdjustmPSY2510Psychology of Adjustment
QM2610Statistical Methods I MGT2110Stats Methods for Business ILDV, STAT
QM3620Statistical Methods IIMGT2120Statistical Methods for Bus II
RATV241Intro to Elect MediaELECRATVIntro to Elect Media
RATV421Mass Comm & SocietyELECRATVMass Comm & Society
RATV151Intro to Mass CommCOMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
RATV312Sight, Sound, MotionELECRATVSight, Sound, MotionUDV
RATV351Mass Media & Amer CultureELECRATVMass Media & Amer CultureUDV
RATV306Writing for Digital MediaELECRATVWriting for Digital MediaUDV
RATV420Mass Media LawELECRATVMass Media Law
READ4015Language & Literacy K-6EDUCELECLanguage & Literacy K-6-4015
READ300Reading ImprovementEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
READ4130Corrective Reading Elem SchEDUC4200Emergent Literacy
READ1000Reading Skills EnrichmentEDUC1004Reading Skills Enrichmt-1000DEVL
REC4490Campus RecreationELEC4XXXCampus RecreationUDV
REC3000Leisure in Your LifeHHPELECLeisure in Your LifeUDV
REC3390Tourism and Commercial RecELEC3XXXTourism and Commercial RecUDV
REC3010Introduction to RecreationHHPELECIntroduction to RecreationUDV
RIM3600Survey of Recording IndustryELECRIMSurvey of Recording Industry
RIM4650Multitrack Music Recording:StuELECRIMMultitrack Music Recording StuUDV
RIM4840(EXL) Music Publishing AdminisELECRIM(EXL) Music Publishing AdminisUDV
RIM300Hist of Record IndELECRIMHist of Record IndUDV
RIM3000History of Recording IndustryELECRIMHistory of Recording Industry
RIM3700Copyright LawELECRIMCopyright LawUDV
RIM4700Legal Prob Recording IndustryELECRIMLegal Prob Recording IndustryUDV
RIM4400Techniques of RecordingELECRIMTechniques of RecordingUDV
RIM4810Topics in Recording Industry:MELECRIMTopics in Recording Industry:MUDV
RIM3900Music PublishingELECRIMMusic PublishingUDV
RIM303Intro to Rec StudioELECRIMIntro to Rec StudioUDV
RIM4300Advanced Pro Tools TechniquesELECRIMAdvanced Pro Tools TechniquesUDV
RIM4620Marketing of RecordingsELECRIMMarketing of RecordingsUDV
RIM3010Audio FundamentalsELECRIMAudio Fundamentals
RIM4190Prin Pract of Electronic MusicELECRIMPrin Pract of Electronic MusicUDV
RIM3720Artist ManagementELECRIMArtist ManagementUDV
RIM4730The A&R FunctionELECRIMThe A&R FunctionUDV
RIM1230Musicianship for Rec EngineersELECRIMMusicianship for Rec Engineers
RIM4200Applied Digital AudioELECRIMApplied Digital AudioUDV
RIM4210Personal Desktop Music ProdELECRIMPersonal Desktop Music ProdUDV
RIM4320Concert Promotion and TouringELECRIMConcert Promotion and TouringUDV
RIM3890Intl Recording IndustryELECRIMIntl Recording IndustryUDV
RIM301Audio for MediaCOMM3400Audio Production&PresentationUDV
RIM4100Audio Signals and SystemsELECRIMAudio Signals and SystemsUDV
RIM3600Survey of Recording IndustryELECRIMSurvey of Recording IndustryUDV
RIM1020American Media and Social InstELECRIMAmerican Media and Social InstLDV, SSCI
RIM360Survey of RecordingELECRIMSurvey of RecordingUDV
RS4020Jesus of NazarethRELELECJesus of NazarethUDV
RS4800Readings in Religious Studies:RELELECReadings in Religious Studies:UDV
RS3010Bible: Origin and ContentREL2210Biblical Literature IHUM, LDV, LITR, TBR, THVB
RS3020Comparative Religion REL2110Religions of the EastLDV, NWCC, NWCL, TBR, THVB
RS2030(EXL) Religion and SocietyREL1030Intro to the Study of ReligionHUM, LDV, SSCI, THVB
RS4050Judaism, Christian, IslamREL1100Intro to Western ReligionsHIST, HUM, TBR, THVB, UDV
RS3040History of ChristianityRELELECHistory of Christianity-3040
RSE70Basic WritingENGL1005Developmental Writing IDEVL
RSM70Basic MathematicsMATHELECBasic MathematicsDEVL
RSR70Basic ReadingEDUC1004Basic ReadingDEVL
RUSS1010Elementary Russian I FLNG1010Elementary Foreign LanguageREP
RUSS1020Elementary Russian IIFLNG1020Elementary Foreign Lang II
SCI100Topics in Phys SciELECSCITopics in Phys Sci
SOC4050Sociology of FamiliesSOC4250Adv Sociology of the Family
SOC4550Sociology of Religion SOC3100Sociology of Religion
SOC3650Juvenile DelinquencySOC3220Juvenile Delinquency
SOC4100Sociology of WorkSOC3190Work and SocietyUDV
SOC4560Org Structures and ProcessesSOC3170Organizational Behavior
SOC201Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOC3060Sociological TheorySOCELECSociological TheoryUDV
SOC3200Sociology of Sex and GenderSOC3070Gender and Society
SOC2500Marriage and Family SOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SOC4300Criminology SOC3210Criminology
SOC2600Introduction to GerontologySOC2XXXIntroduction to Gerontology
SOC4500Social Psychology SOC3310Social Psychology
SOC4800Special Projects SOC4700Special Studies and ProblemsREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SOC251Introduction to SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOC4510Social DevianceSOC2190Deviance and ConformityUDV
SOC4330Population and Social ProcessSOCELECPopulation and Social ProcessUDV
SOC235Intro to AnthropologyANTH1000Mysteries of the Hum JourneyLDV, SSCI
SOC4160Sociology of GangsSOCELECSociology of Gangs
SOC3400Gender and Society SOC3070Gender and Society
SOC3400Gender and Society WSTU3070Gender and Society
SOC4800Special Projects SOC4700Special Studies and ProblemsREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SOC4800Special Projects SOC4700Special Studies and ProblemsREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SOC101Introduction to SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOC4720Sociological TheorySOCELECSociological TheoryUDV
SOC3150Social PsychologySOC3310Social Psychology
SOC3700Sociology of ChildhoodSOCELECSociology of ChildhoodUDV
SOC4360Medical Sociology PSY3220Med & Disease:Cross-Cult PerspUDV
SOC4010Social InequalitySOC3450Social InequalityUDV
SOC1010Introductory Sociology SOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOC4540Juvenile Delinquency SOC3220Juvenile Delinquency
SOC4800Special Projects SOC4700Special Studies and ProblemsREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SOC454Juvenile DelinquencySOC3220Juvenile Delinquency
SOC4011Social InequalitySOC3150Social InequalityUDV
SOC3040Research Methods SOC3140Research Methods
SOC4240Race and Ethnic Relations SOC3050Minorities in American Life
SOC4800Special Projects SOC4700Special Studies and ProblemsREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SOC4360Medical Sociology ANTH3220Med & Disease:Cross-Cult PerspUDV
SOC2010Social Problems SOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOC4800Special Projects SOC4700Special Studies and ProblemsREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SOC4020Sociology of AgingSOC3570Social and Cultural Studies of
SOC101Intro SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOC201Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsSSCI
SOCI1120Intro to Cultural AnthropologyANTH1200Cultural AnthropologyLDV, NWCC, NWCL
SOCI4510Introduction to SocialSOC4240Applied Social Research
SPAN1010Elementary Spanish ISPAN1010Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1020Elementary Spanish IISPAN1020Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2105Intro Latin American Studies MLNG1200A Profile of Hispanic Culture
SPAN4090Special Topics Latin Amer Lit SPAN4020Topics in Span-Amer LiteratureREP
SPAN4070Special TopicsSPANELECSpecial TopicsUDV
SPAN4015Advanced Spanish GrammarSPAN3210Advanced Spanish Grammar I
SPAN4030Spanish Literature IISPANELECSpanish Literature IIUDV
SPAN111Elementary SpanishSPAN1010Elementary Spanish I
SPAN2020Intermediate Spanish IISPAN2120Interm Spanish for Convers II
SPAN3060Intro to Hispanic CultureSPAN3230Intro To Spanish Culture
SPAN4900Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterSPAN4010Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SPAN4900Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterSPAN4010Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SPAN3020Advanced Spanish IISPAN3120Composition and Conversation
SPAN3120Span Phonetics and PronuncSPAN4060Spanish Phonetics & Phonology
SPAN4040Latin American Lit ISPAN3320Masterpcs of Latin Amer Liter
SPAN4900Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterSPAN4010Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SPAN3040Intensive Conversation SpanishSPANELECIntensive Convers Span-3040UDV
SPAN112Elementary SpanishSPAN1020Elementary Spanish II
SPAN3010Advanced Spanish ISPAN3110Composition and Conversation
SPAN4900Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterSPAN4010Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SPAN3130Grammar & CompositionSPAN3130Intro to Text Anal and Comp
SPAN3000Group Conversational SpanishSPANELECGroup Conversational SpanishUDV
SPAN1015Spanish for CIM & CMTSPANELECSpanish for CIM & CMT
SPAN2010Intermediate Spanish ISPAN2110Interm Span for Convers I
SPAN4900Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterSPAN4010Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SPAN1035Intro to Medical SpanishSPANELECIntro to Medical Spanish
SPAN4900Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterSPAN4010Spec Top in Hisp Lang or LiterREP, REP, REP, REP, REP, REP
SPAN211Intermediate SpanishSPAN2130Intermediate Spanish for Readi
SPAN4045Topics in Hispanic CinemaSPANELECTopics in Hispanic CinemaUDV
SPAN3080Intro to Hispanic LiteratureSPAN3310Masterpieces of Spanish Litera
SPED4240Mthds Techq of Behavior MgmtEDUCELECMthds Techq of Behavior Mgmt
SPED4250Education in Affective DomainEDUCELECEducation in Affective Domain
SPED4380Collaboration ConsultationEDUCELECCollaboration Consultation
SPED301Survey of Exceptional ChildEDUC4000Survey of Exceptional Learners
SPED3430Charc High Incidence PopulatnEDUCELECCharc High Incidence Populatn
SPED4150Tech in Special Ed ModifiedEDUC3180Meth in Spec Educ
SPED3010Teaching Diverse LearnersEDUC4000Survey of Exceptional Learners
SPED3010Teaching Diverse LearnersEDUC4000Survey of Exceptional Learners
SPED3440Charc Low Incidence PopulationEDUCELECCharc Low Incidence Population
SPED4160Edu Assess Exceptional LearnEDUC4350Assess & IEP Dev in Spec Educ
SPEE305Theatre AppreciationTHSP1110Introduction to TheatreARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
SPEE220Fund of SpeechTHSP1090Public SpeakingORAL
SPEE305Theatre AppreciationTHSP1110Introduction to the TheatreARTS, TBR, VPAR
SPEE220Fundamentals of SpeechTHSP1090Public SpeakingORAL
SPEE205Theatre AppreciationTHSP1110Introduction to TheatreARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
SPEE323Adv Public SpeakingTHSP3090Contemporary Public Speech Com
SPEE215Voice & DictionTHSP1070Voice & Diction
SPSE3220Technology In Teaching EDUC4170Technology & Learning
STAT313Appl Stat IMATH3100Applied StatisticsSTAT, UDV
STAT4190Math Statistics II MATH4140Mathematical StatisticsSTAT, UDV
STAT3150Math Statistics I MATH4130Intro to Probability and StatsUDV
STAT4200Statistical Mthds for ForecastMATHELECStatistical Mthds for ForecastUDV
STAT4320Prob and Stoch ProcessMATHELECProb and Stoch ProcessUDV
SW3170Family CaregivingSOCWELECFamily CaregivingUDV
SW4620Child Welfare ServicesSOCW3230Child Welfare IUDV
SW3110Research Methods SW PracticeSOCW3XXXResearch Methods SW Practice
SW4590Field Instruction ISOCW4120Field Educ IUDV
SW4650Social Work Practice IISOCW4XXXSocial Work Practice II
SW2570Introduction to Social WorkSOCW1100Introduction to the Social Wor
SW4150Topics in Social Work: Crazy HSOCW4XXXTopics in Social Work:Crazy Ho
SW4580Social Work Practice ISOCW4XXXSocial Work Practice I
SW4480Social Work with GroupsSOCW4XXXSocial Work with Groups
SW4680Field Instruction IISOCW4420Field Educ IIUDV
SW3120Data Analysis SW PracticeSOCWELECData Analysis SW PracticeUDV
SW4690Integrative Seminar in SWSOCW4XXXIntegrative Seminar in SW
SW3160Human Behavior & Social EnvirSOCWELECHuman Behavior & Social EnvirUDV
SW2630Interview Skills sw PracticeSOCW2070Interviewing SkillsLDV
SW3000Social PolicySOCWELECSocial PolicyUDV
SW3200Cultural DiversitySOCWELECCultural DiversityUDV
SW3161Human Behavior Social Envr IISOCWELECHuman Behavior Social Envr IIUDV
TELC4005Teaching and Learning w/TechnoEDUC4170Technology & LearningUDV
THEA2110Stagecraft THSP1430Basic Design in Theatre
THEA3100Make-up Techniques for PerformTHSPELECMake-up Techniques for PerformUDV
THEA4900Production Practicum IVTHSPELECProduction Practicum IVUDV
THEA4690(Study Abroad) International STHSPELEC(Study Abroad) International SUDV
THEA3050Theatrical Design ConceptsTHSP3XXXTheatrical Design Concepts
THEA4700Advanced Play Directing THSP4310Directing II
THEA3800Intro to Arts ManagementTHSPELECIntro to Arts ManagementUDV
THEA3200Intro to Costume for A&ETHSP3430History of Costume
THEA3820Script AnalysisTHSPELECScript AnalysisUDV
THEA3600Child DramaTHSP4120Theatre for Youth
THEA3870Women In Theatre WSTU4020Theatre and Feminism
THEA4200Costume Tech and ProductionTHSP3430History of Costume
THEA1030Theatre AppreciationTHSP1110Introduction to TheatreARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
THEA4800Thtr Hist I: Greek to RestorTHSP2550The Theatre to the RenaissanceTBR, UDV
THEA4290Problems in Theatre: Musical TTHSPELECProblems in Theatre: Musical TUDV
THEA2500Fundamentals of Acting THSP1210Beginning Acting
THEA4620Drama Across Curriculum PractTHSPELECDrama Across Curriculum PractUDV
THEA4950Directed StudiesTHSPELECDirected StudiesUDV
THEA3700Fund of Play Directing THSP3310Directing I
THEA4810Thtr Hist II: Restor to PresTHSP2570Thtre Renaissance To 20Th CentTBR, UDV
THEA3520Voice for the ActorTHSPELECVoice for the ActorUDV
THEA4830Advanced PlaywritingTHSPELECAdvanced PlaywritingUDV
THEA4990Senior SeminarTHSPELECSenior SeminarUDV
THEA3400Intro to Lighting for A&ETHSPELECIntro to Lighting for A&EUDV
TRNS1610Intro to TransportationELECTRNSIntro to Transportation
TRNS3630Transportation SystemsELECTRNSTransportation SystemsUDV
TRNS2620Transportation Freight SystemsELECTRNSTransportation Freight Systems
TXMD1170Intro to Fashion IndustryELECTXMDIntro to Fashion Industry
TXMD4170Social Aspects of ClothingELECTXMDSocial Aspects-Clothing-4170
TXMD3130Intro to Fashion IndustryELECTXMDIntro to Fashion Industry-3130
TXMD1110Basic DesignELECTXMDBasic Design
UH4900Honors Thesis TutorialELECUHHonors Thesis TutorialUDV
UH4600Sr Interdisciplinary SeminarELECUHSr Interdisciplinary SeminarUDV
UH4950Honors Independent ResearchELECUHHonors Independent ResearchUDV
UH3200Visiting Artist's SeminarELECUHVisiting Artist's SeminarUDV
UNIV3581Faith Reason and ImaginationELECUNIVFaith Reason and ImaginationUDV
UNIV2020Successful TransitionsUSTUELECSuccessful Transitions
UNIV101Univ 101ELECUNIVUniv 101
UNIV1010University Seminar USTU1010The Freshman Seminar
UNIV4995Culminating ProjectELECUNIVCulminating ProjectUDV
UNIV3535Family CommunicationELECUNIVFamily CommunicationUDV
VCOM2010Intro to Visual CommunicationCOMMELECIntro to Visual Communication
VCOM2950Visual Communication AppsCOMMELECVisual Communication Apps
WGST2100Intro to Women's StudiesWSTU2000Intro to Women's StudiesLDV, SSCI
WMST3900Women and GlobalismWSTUELECWomen and GlobalismUDV
WMST4500Feminist TheoryWSTU4830Feminist Theory
WMST2100Intro Womens Studies WSTU2000Intro to Women's StudiesLDV, SSCI
WMST2500Women and Leadership WSTU3040Gender in the Workplace
WMST4212Smp Multicultural Women VoiceWSTUELECSmp Multicultural Women VoiceUDV
YOED305Analysis of Effect TeachEDUCELECAnalysis of Effect Teach
YOED4110Directed Teaching Gr 7-12EDUC4390Stu Tch Multdisc Sch Lrn
YOED4000Managing Clsrm for InstructionEDUCELECManaging Clsrm for InstructionUDV
YOED3520Knowing and LearningSTEM2010Step One:Inq App to Teach
YOED4110Directed Teaching Gr 7-12EDUC4390Stu Tch Multdisc Sch Lrn
YOED3500instruct design crit thinkEDUCELECinstruct design crit thinkUDV