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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
ACC1010College Accounting IACCELECCollege Accounting I
ACC1020College Accounting IIACCELECCollege Accounting II
ACC1030Managerial Decision MakingACCELECManagerial Decision Making
ACC1104Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACC1105Principles of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACC1110Acct Appln/Simulations IACCELECAcct Appln/Simulations I
ACC1120Acct Appln/Simulations IIACCELECAcct Appln/Simulations II
ACC2010Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACC2020Principles of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACC2110Computer Acctg Prcds IACCELECComputer Acctg Prcds I
ACC2111Computerized Procedures IELECACCComputerized Procedures I
ACC2120Cmptr Acct ProceduresACCELECCmptr Acct Procedures
ACC2121Computerized Procedures IELECACCComputerized Procedures I
ACC2240Managerial FinanceACCELECManagerial Finance
ACC2310Income TaxesELECACCIncome Taxes
ACC2311Payroll TaxesELECACCPayroll Taxes
ACC2312Pers and Small Bus TaxesELECACCPers and Small Bus Taxes
ACC2510Microcomputers & AcctgELECACCMicrocomputers & Acctg
ACC2511Intro to Peachtree AccountingACCELECIntro Peachtree Accounting
ACC2512Acct Projects in PeachtreeACCELECAcct Projects in Peachtree
ACC2531Intro to QuickbooksACCELECIntro to Quickbooks
ACC2532Acct Projects in QuickbooksACCELECAcct Projects in Quickbooks
ACC2800Computerized Acct SystemsACCELECComputerized Acct Systems
ACCT1000College Accounting IACCELECCollege Accounting I
ACCT1005College Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACCT1010Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACCT1020Principles of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACCT2310Income TaxesACCELECIncome Taxes
ACCT2311Payroll TaxesACCELECPayroll Taxes
ACCT2312Small Business TaxesACCELECSmall Business Taxes
ACCT2531Introduction to QuickBooksELECACCTIntroduction to QuickBooks
AGR130Intro to Animal ScienceELECAGRIntro to Animal Science
AGR1110Animal ScienceELECAGRAnimal Science
AGR1310Plant ScienceELECARGPlant Science
AGRI1020Intro to Animal ScienceELECAGRIIntro to Animal Science
ARC1010Architectural Drawing IELECARCArchitectural Drawing I
ARC1020Architectural Drawing IIELECARCArchitectural Drawing II
ARC1030Residential 3DELECARCResidential 3D
ARC1050History of ArchitectureELECARCHistory of Architecture
ARC1060History of ArchitectureELECARCHistory of Architecture
ARC2010Commercial PlanningELECARCCommercial Planning
ARC2080Mech & Elec EquipmentELECARCMech & Elec Equipment
ARC2801Spec Topics in ArchitectureELECARCSpec Topcis in Architecture
ARC2801Spec Topics in ArchitectureELECARCSpec Topics in Architecture
ARC2899Spec Topcis in ArchitectureELECARCSpec Topcis in Architecture
ARC2900Indiv Studies in ArchitectureELECARCIndiv Studies in Architecture
ARC1020Architectural Drawing IIELECARCArchitectural Drawing II
ARC1010Architectural Drawing IELECARCArchitectural Drawing I
ARG1410Intro to AgricultureELECARGIntro to Agriculture
ARG2110Veterinary Asst PracticumELECARGVeterinary Asst Practicum
ARG2801Spec Topics in AgricultureELECARGSpec Topics in Agriculture
ARG2899Spec Topics in AgricultureELECARGSpec Topics in Agriculture
ARG2900Indiv Studies in AgricultureELECARGIndiv Studies in Agriculture
ART1030Art Appreciation ART1110Introduction to Art
ART1060Regional Art ARTELECRegional Art
ART1110Basic Design IART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
ART1120Basic Design IIART1020Visual Stud II:Form in 3D
ART1210Drawing I ART1050Drawing I
ART1220Drawing IIART1060Drawing II
ART1710Art AppreciationART1110Introduction to Art
ART1810Art Survey I ART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ART1820Art Survey II ART2150Hist of West Art Ren to Pres
ART2010Intro to Art EducationARTELECIntro to Art Education
ART2110Sculpture IART2330Sculpture I
ART2310Painting IART1040Vis Stud III: Clr Thry&Fund
ART2320Painting IIARTELECPainting II
ART2500Art Theory and CriticismARTELECArt Theory and Criticism
ART2510Portfolio PreparationARTELECPortfolio Preparation
ART2710Indiv Problems in Art IARTELECIndiv Problems in Art I
ART2720Indiv Problems in Art IIARTELECIndiv Problems in Art II
ART2801Spec Topics in ArtARTELECSpec Topics in Art
ART2803Sculpture IART2330Sculpture I
ART2813Beginning Sculpture StudioARTELECBeginning Sculpture Studio
ART2899Spec Topics in ArtARTELECSpec Topics in Art
ART2900Indiv Studies in ArtARTELECIndiv Studies in Art
ARTH2010Survey of Art History IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ARTH2020Survey of Art History IIART2150Hist of West Art Ren to Pres
ARTH2500Art Theory and CriticismARTELECArt Theory and Criticism
ARTP1010Drawing IART1050Drawing I
ARTP1110Two Dimensional DesignART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
ARTP1120Three Dimensional DesignART1020Visual Stud II:Form in 3D
ARTP2110Sculpture IARTELECSculpture I
AST1710General AstronomyASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar System
AST1710General AstronomyASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar System
AST1720General Astronomy II LecASTRELECGeneral Astronomy II Lec
ASTR1010General Astronomy IASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar System
ASTR1011General Astronomy I LabASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar System
ASTR1020General Astronomy IIASTR1020Intro to Astr-Stars to Galax
ASTR1021General Astronomy II LabASTR1020LAstr Lab-Stars to Galaxies
ASTR1030AstronomyASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar System
ASTR1030AstronomyASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar System
ASTR2801Spec Topics in AstronomyASTRELECSpec Topics in Astronomy
ASTR2899Spec Topics in AstronomyASTRELECSpec Topics in Astronomy
ASTR2900Indiv Studies in AstronomyASTRELECIndiv Studies in Astronomy
ASTR1010General Astronomy IASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar System
ASTR1010General Astronomy IASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar System
ASTR1020General Astronomy IIASTR1020Intro to Astr-Stars to Galax
ASTR1020General Astronomy IIASTR1020LAstr Lab-Stars to Galaxies
BIO1110General Biology IBIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BIO2210MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and Health
BIO1010Biological Sciences IBIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BIO1020Biological Sciences IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology II
BIO1110General Biology I LecBIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BIO1120General Biology IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology II
BIO1210Hum Ana/Phys IBIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIO1220Hum Ana/Physiology IIBIOL2080Human Physiology
BIO1500Environmental Science LecESCELECEnvironmental Science Lec
BIO1210Hum Ana/Phys IBIOL2060Funct Human Anatomy
BIO1220Hum Ana/Phys IIBIOL2080Human Physiology
BIOL1510Environmental Science IESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
BIOL1511Environmental Science I LabESC1500LIntro Environmental Sci I Lab
BIOL1000Intro to BiologyBIOLELECIntro to Biology
BIOL1001Intro to Biology LabBIOLELECIntro to Biology Lab
BIOL1010Survey of Biology IBIOLELECSurvey of Biology I
BIOL1011Survey of Biology I LabBIOLELECSurvey of Biology I Lab
BIOL1020Survey of Biology IIBIOLELECSurvey of Biology II
BIOL1021Survey of Biology II Lab BIOLELECSurvey of Biology II lab
BIOL1110General Biology I BIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BIOL1111General Biology I Lab BIOL1110LPrinciples of Biology I Lab
BIOL1120General Biology II BIOL1120Principles of Biology II
BIOL1121General Biology II Lab BIOL1120LPrinciples of Biology II Lab
BIOL1130General Biology IIIBIOLELECGeneral Biology III
BIOL1131General Biology III LabBIOLELECGeneral Biology III Lab
BIOL1500Environmental Science ESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
BIOL1501Envir Science LabESC1500LIntro to Environ Science I Lab
BIOL1520Environmental Science IIESC1510Intro to Environ Science II
BIOL1521Environmental Science II LabESC1510LIntro Environmental Sc II Lab
BIOL1600Industry and EnvironmentESC1510Intro to Environ Science II
BIOL1601Industry and Environ LabESC1510LIntro to Environ Scnc II Lab
BIOL2010Anatomy and Physiology IBIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIOL2011Anatomy and Physiology I LabBIOL2060LFunctional Human Anat Lab
BIOL2020Anatomy and Physiology II LecBIOL2080Human Physiology
BIOL2021Anatomy and Physiology II LabBIOL2080LFunctional Human Anatomy Lab
BIOL2110Forestry, Wildlife, FisheriesBIOLELECForestry, Wildlife, Fisheries
BIOL2230MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and Health
BIOL2231Microbiology LabBIOL2100LMicrobiology&Health Lab
BIOL2800Special Topics in BiologyBIOLELECSpecial Topics in Biology
BIOL2901Individualized Studies in BiolBIOLELECIndividualized Studies in Biol
BIOL1110General Biology IBIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BIOL1120General Biology IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology II
BIOL1510Environmental Science IESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
BIOL1520Environmental Science IIESC1510Intro to Environ Science II
BIOL2010Anatomy and Physiology IBIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIOL2020Anatomy and Physiology IIBIOL2080Human Physiology
BIOL2230MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and Health
BUS120Principles of BankingBUSELECPrinciples of Banking
BUS1280Comparative Cultures/Intl StdsELECBUSCompar Cultures/Int St-1280
BUS207Money and BankingBUSELECMoney and Banking
BUS280Financial PlanningBUSELECFinancial Planning
BUS1010Introduction to Business MGT1030Intro to Business&Entr
BUS1100Workplace Communication SkillsMGTELECWorkplace Comm Skills
BUS1290International BusinessBUSELECInternational Business
BUS1300Personal Money ManagementBUSELECPersonal Money Management
BUS1310Business CalculationsBUSELECBusiness Calculations
BUS1400Prin of Customer ServicesBUSELECPrin of Customer Services
BUS1410Customer Service FundELECBUSCustomer Service Fund
BUS1620Law and BankingBUSELECLaw and Banking
BUS1650Marketing for BankersMKTELECMarketing for Bankers
BUS2020Bus Comms-Rept WritingENGL2880Professional Writing
BUS2100Marketing and SalesELECBUSMarketing and Sales
BUS2230Personal FinanceFINELECPersonal Finance
BUS2320Small Bus-Mkt DesignELECBUSSmall Bus-Mkt Design
BUS2330Sm Bus-Hum Resource MgtELECBUSSm Bus-Hum Resource Mgt
BUS2360Fashion MerchandisingELECBUSFashion Merchandising
BUS2610Business Games SeminarELECBUSBusiness Games Seminar
BUS2710Bus Statistical MthdsMGT2110Stats Methods for Business I
BUS2800Special Topics in BusinessBUSELECSpecial Topics in Business
BUS2801Spec Topics in BusinessELECBUSSpec Topics in Business
BUS2899Spec Topics in BusinessELECBUSSpec Topics in Business
BUS2900Indiv Studies in BusinessELECBUSIndiv Studies in Business
BUSN1300Personal FinanceBUSELECPersonal Finance
BUSN1305Introduction to BusinessMGT1030Intro to Business&Entr
CHE1000Intro to General chemistryCHEM1010Chemistry and the Environment
CHE1010General Chemistry ICHEM1110General Chemistry I
CHE1010General Chemistry ICHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHE1020General Chemistry IICHEM1120General Chemistry II
CHE1020General Chemistry IICHEM1120LGen Chemistry II Lab
CHE2210Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010Organic Chemistry I
CHE2210Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I lab
CHE2220Organic Chemistry IICHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CHE2220Organic Chemistry IICHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CHE2310Quantitative AnalysisCHEMELECQuantitative Analysis
CHEM1000Intro to General ChemistryCHEMELECIntro to General Chemistry
CHEM1001Intro to General Chem LabCHEMELECIntro to General Chem Lab
CHEM1010Intro to Chemistry ICHEMELECIntro to Chemistry I
CHEM1020Intro Chemistry II and LabCHEMELECIntro Chemistry II and Lab
CHEM1110General Chemistry ICHEM1110General Chemistry I
CHEM1111General Chemistry I Lab CHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM1120General Chemistry II CHEM1120General Chemistry II
CHEM1121General Chemistry II Lab CHEM1120LGen Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2011Organic Chem I LabCHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry IICHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2021Organic Chem II LabCHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2310Quantitative AnalysisCHEMELECQuantitative Analysis
CHEM2311Quant Analysis LabCHEMELECQuant Analysis Lab
CHEM1110General Chemistry ICHEM1110General Chemistry I
CHEM1110General Chemistry ICHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM1120General Chemistry IICHEM1120General Chemistry II
CHEM1120General Chemistry IICHEM1120LGen Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry IICHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry IICHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM1010Intro to Chemistry ICHEMELECIntro to Chemistry I
CIS1150Windows ApplicationsCPSCELECWindows Applications
CIS1561Web Page DesignELECCISWeb Page Design
CIS1570Internet ProgrammingELECCISInternet Programming
CIS2000Network AdministrationELECCISNetwork Administration
CIS1000Intro to WordPerfectCPSCELECIntro to WordPerfect
CIS1010Intro to Comp/Info SysCPSCELECIntro to Comp/Info Sys
CIS1030Visual Prog in Basic IICPSCELECVisual Prog in Basic II
CIS1051Spreadsheet Sem-ExcelCPSCELECSpreadsheet Sem-Excel
CIS1065PowerPoint SeminarCPSCELECPowerPoint Seminar
CIS1075Intro to WindowsCPSCELECIntro to Windows
CIS1100Technology for TeachersCPSC1000Intro To Computing
CIS1110Bus Applics on PCsCPSC1000Intro To Computing
CIS1120Spread SheetsCPSCELECSpread Sheets
CIS1121Spreadsheets/DatabasesMGT1000Computers in Business
CIS1270Desktop Operating SysCPSCELECDesktop Operating Sys
CIS1291Windows Server NetworksCPSCELECWindows Server Networks
CIS1294Active DirectoryCPSCELECActive Directory
CIS1310Fortran ProgrammingCPSCELECFortran Programming
CIS1510PC TroubleshootingCPSCELECPC Troubleshooting
CIS1550Using the InternetCPSCELECUsing the Internet
CIS1562Web Site DesingCPSCELECWeb Site Desing
CIS1580Web Design ProjectCPSCELECWeb Design Project
CIS1610Programming n C++CPSCELECProgramming n C++
CIS1710Intro to Computer Sci ICPSC1100Fund of Cmptr Science
CIS1720Intro to Computer Sci IICPSC1110Fund of Cmptr Science
CIS193Intro to LinuxCPSCELECIntro to Linux
CIS2050Desktop PublishingCPSCELECDesktop Publishing
CIS2060Multimedia Dev on PcCPSCELECMultimedia Dev on Pc
CIS2070Graphics Dev on the PCCPSCELECGraphics Dev on the PC
CIS2080Intro to Microsoft OfcCPSCELECIntro to Microsoft Ofc
CIS2101Network SecurityCPSCELECNetwork Security
CIS2210Sys Development & DsgnCPSCELECSys Development & Dsgn
CIS2293Planning NetworksCPSCELECPlanning Networks
CIS2297Designing NetworksCPSCELECDesigning Networks
CIS2800Internet ProgrammingCPSCELECInternet Programming
CIS2801Spec Topics in ComputersCPSCELECSpec Topics in Computers
CIS2809Fiber Optics & Network MediaCPSCELECFiber Optics & Network Media
CIS2899Spec Topics in ComputersCPSCELECSpec Topics in Computers
CIS2900Indiv Stds in ComputersCPSCELECIndiv Stds in Computers
CIS1010Visual Prog in BASIC ICPSCELECVisual Prog in BASIC I
CISP1610Programming in C++CPSCELESProgramming in C++
CIT1010Hardware Sys MaintenanceCPSCELECHardware Sys Maintenance
CIT1020Operating Sys MaintenanceCPSCELECOperating Sys Maintenance
CIT1100Computer Networking ICPSCELECComputer Networking I
CIT1110Computer Networking IICPSCELECComputer Networking II
CIT1601Hardware/Operating SystemsCPSCELECHardware/Operating Systems
CIT1602IT Support FunctionsELECCITIT Support Functions
CIT2020Certification Test PrepCPSCELECCertification Test Prep
CIT2030Servers/Network Op SysCPSCELECServers/Network Op Sys
CIT2100Co-op/Internship ExperienceELECCITCo-op/Internship Experience
CIT2800Spec Topics Comp Svc TechCPSCELECSpec Topics Comp Svc Tech
CIT2899Spec Topics Comp Svc TechCPSCELECSpec Topics Comp Svc Tech
CIT2900Indiv Stds Comp Svc TechCPSCELECIndiv Stds Comp Svc Tech
CJP1010Criminal Justice Overview CRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CJP1050Admin in Criminal JusticeCRMJELECAdmin in Criminal Justice
CJP1070Criminal LawLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CJP1110Procedures and EvidenceCRMJELECProcedures and Evidence
CJP1210Correctional IssueCRMJELECCorrectional Issue
CJP2110Legal Issues In InvestigationsCRMJELECLegal Issues In Investigations
CJP2210Issues in Juvenile JusticeCRMJELECIssues in Juvenile Justice
CJP2310Comm/Public RelationsCRMJELECComm/Public Relations
CJP2800Spec Topics in Crim JusticeCRMJELECSpecial Topics in Crim Justice
CJP2801Spec Topics in Crim JusticeCRMJELECSpec Topics in Crim Justice
CJP2802Sp Topics in Criminal JusticeCRMJELECSp Topics in Criminal Justice
CJP2899Spec Topics in Crim JusticeCRMJELECSpec Topics in Crim Justice
CJP2900Indiv Stds in Crim JusticeCRMJELECindiv Stds in Crim Justice
CMT1010Network/PC CommunicationCPSCELECNetwork/PC Communication
CNA1010Nursing AssistantELECCNANursing Assistant
COL101The College ExperienceELECCOLThe College Experience
COM1510Journalism Practicum ICOMM1999Special Projects
COM1520Journalism Pract IICOMM1999Special Projects
COM2010Intro to Mass Communication COMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
COM2050Wrtg for Mass MediaCOMMELECWrtg for Mass Media
COM2070Intro to BroadcastingCOMMELECIntro to Broadcasting
COM2090Intro to TV ProductionCOMMELECIntro to TV Production
COM2130Intro to Public RelationsCOMM2710Intro to Public Relations
COM2510Journalism Pract IIICOMM1999Special Projects
COM2520Journalism Pract IVCOMM1999Special Projects
COM2610Communication PracticumCOMMELECCommunication Practicum
COM2801Sp Topics in CommunicationCOMMELECSp Topics in Communication
COM2899Sp Topics in CommunicationCOMMELECSp Topics in Communication
COM2900Indiv Studies in CommCOMMELECIndiv Studies in Comm
COMM1010Intro to Mass CommunicationCOMM1010Introduction to Mass Comm
COMM1020Writing for the Mass MediaCOMM2300Media Writing I
COMM1520Journalism Practicum IICOMMELECJournalism Practicum II
CPE2100Co-Op/Internship ExperienceELECCPECo-Op/Internship Exper-2100
CPE1010Cooperative Education IELECCPECooperative Education
CPE1011Job Search SkillsELECCPEJob Search Skills
CPE1012Succeeding on the JobELECCPESucceeding on the Job
CPE1015Workforce DevelopmentELECCPEWorkforce Development
CPE1020Cooperative Education IIELECCPECooperative Education II
CPE2000Workforce Development Co-OpELECCPEWorkforce Development Co-Op
CPE2010Cooperative Education IIIELECCPECooperative Education
CPE2020Cooperative Education IVELECCPECooperative Education IV
CPT1000Computer ElectronicsELECCPTComputer Electronics
CPT1010Computer Systems MaintenanceCPSCELECComputer Systems Maintenance
CPT1020Operating Systems MaintenanceCPSCELECOperating Systems Maintenance
CPT1100Computer Networking ICPSCELECComputer Networking I-1100
CPT2020Certification Test PreparationELECCPTCertification Test Prep-2020
CPT2030Servers/Network Operating SystCPSCELECServers/Network Operating Syst
CRMJ1010Intro to Criminal JusticeCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CRMJ1020Intro to the Legal ProcessLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CRMJ1110Criminal LawCRMJELECCriminal Law
CRMJ1130Criminal Evidence & ProcedureCRMJELECCriminal Evidence & Procedure
CRMJ1500Correctional CounselingCRMJELECCorrectional Counseling
CRMJ2010Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJ3100Law Enforc in Crim&Juv Just
CRMJ2020Intro to CorrectionsCRMJ3120Corr Persp in Crim&Juv Just
CRMJ2030Drug Identification & EffectsCRMJELECDrug Identification & Effects
CRMJ2090Probation and ParoleCRMJELECProbation and Parole
CRMJ2110Legal Issues in InvestigationsCRMJELECLegal Issues in Investigations
CRMJ2210Issues in Juvenile JusticeCRMJELECIssues in Juvenile Justice
CRMJ2801Informational TechnologyCRMJ2110Info Systems in Crim Just
CRMJ2802Intro to CriminologyCRMJ1000Introduction to Criminology
CRMJ2803Violence in AmericaCRMJ2010Violence in America
CST1010Construction Techniques/MethodELECCSTConstruction Techniques Method
CST2010Cost Estimating/Job AnalysisETCMELECCost Estimating/Job Analysis
CST2020Tech/Legal ASPTS ContractingELECCSTTech/Lega ASPTS Contracting
CST2030Standard Building CodesELECCSTStandard Building Codes
CST2040Renewable EnergyELECCSTRenewable Energy
CST2050PV Panel InstallationELECCSTPV Panel installation
CST2400Service Learning-HabitatELECCSTService Learning-Habitat
CST2500Energy Star Residential RatingELECCSTEnergy Star Residential Rating
CST2610Energy Efficient ConstructionELECCSTEnergy Efficient Construction
CST2620Ground Sourced HVACELECCSTGround Sourced HVAC
CST2020Tech/Legal Aspects ContractingELECCSTTech/Legal Aspects Contracting
CST2050PV Panel InstallationELECCSTPV Panel Installation
DSM810Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSM820Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DSPM700Basic MathematicsMATH1004Basic Mathematics
DSPM800Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSPM850Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DSPR700Basic ReadingEDUC1004Basic Reading
DSPR800Development Reading EDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
DSPS800Learning Strategies USTU1000Principles of Effective Study
DSPW700Basic WritingENGL1005Developmental Writing I
DSPW800Developmental WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing II
DSR810Developmental ReadingEDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
DSS810Developmental Study SkillsUSTU1004Developmental Study Skills
DSW810Developmental Writing SkillsENGL1006Developmental Writing II
DWS86Basic Rhetorical SkillsENGL1005Developmental Writing I
ECED1010Intro to Early Childhood EDUC2090Intro ECHD/Special Education
ECED2010Safe/Healthy Environments HHP3020School Health Program
ECED2015Early Childhood CurriculumECHDELECEarly Childhood Curriculum
ECED2020Infant Toddler Child Dev ECHD2430Child Dev & Observation I
ECED2030Infant and Toddler CareECHDELECInfant and Toddler Care
ECED2040Family DynamicsECHD4450Families:Home,Sch,Comm Part
ECED2050Psychomotor DevelopmentECHDELECPsychomotor Development
ECED2060Exceptional Child DevelopmentEDUC3090Young Exceptional Learners
ECED2070Developmental AssessmentECHD4460Strat for Assessing Young Chld
ECED2080Language and LiteracyECHD3470Oral Lang & Early Literacy Dev
ECED2085Early Childhood Math/ScienceEDUC3120Tchg Science in Elem Sch
ECED2085Early Childhood Math/ScienceUSTU3110Sci Concepts and Perspectives
ECED2090Creative Development USTU3300Arts Integration
ECED2100Th Mentoring TeacherECHDELECTh Mentoring Teacher
ECED2120Child Ctrs AdminECHDELECChild Ctrs Admin
ECED2130Clinical Practicum IECHDELECClinical Practicum 1
ECED2130Clinical Practicum IECHDELECClinical Practicum I
ECED2140Clinical Practicum IIECHDELECClinical Practicum II
ECED2150Clinical Practicum IIIECHDELECClinical Practicum III
ECED2160Final PracticumECHDELECFinal Practicum
ECED2801Early Childhood Behavior MgmtECHDELECEarly Childhood Behavior Mgmt
ECED2130Clinical Practicum IELECECEDClinical Practicum I
ECO2010Prin of Economics/MacroECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECO2020Prin of Economics (Micro)ECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
ECO2110Prin of MicroEconomics ECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
ECO2120Principles of MacroEconomics ECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECO2801Spec Topics in EconomicsECONELECSpec Topics in Economics
ECO2899Spec Topics in EconomicsECONELECSpec Topics in Economics
ECO2900Indiv Stds in EconomicsECONELECIndiv Stds in Economics
ECON2010Economics IECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECON2020MicroeconomicsECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
ECON2030Survey of EconomicsECONELECSurvey of Economics
ECON2110Principles of Economics-MicroECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
ECON2120Principles of Economics-MacroECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
EDU1100Technology for TeachersEDUCELECTechnology for Teachers
EDU1120Intro to TeachingEDUC2010Education in the United States
EDU1130Educational PsychologyEDUCELECEducational Psychology
EDU1140Subs Abuse AdolescenceELECEDUSubs Abuse Adolescence
EDU1240Intro to Peer TutoringEDUCELECIntro to Peer Tutoring
EDU2000Introduction to TeachingEDUC2010Education in the United States
EDU2010Introduction to EducationEDUC2010Education in the United States
EDU2020Intro to Education IIEDUCELECIntro to Education II
EDU2040Child Growth and DevEDUCELECChild Growth and Development
EDU2050Classroom ManagementEDUCELECClassroom Management
EDU2110Hum Growth and DevelopmentEDUCELECHum Growth and Development
EDU2130Life Span PsychologyPSY2200Psychology of Lifepsan Develop
EDU250Instructional Tech in EduEDUCELECInstructional Tech in Edu
EDU2801Spec Topics in EducationEDUCELECSpec Topics in Education
EDU2890Spec Topics in EducationEDUCELECSpec Topics in Education
EDU2900Indiv Studies in EducationEDUCELECIndiv Studies in Education
EET1000Measurements & CalculationsELECEETMeasurements & Calculations
EET1005Industrial ElectricityELECEETIndustrial Electricity
EET1010Electric Circuits IELECEETElectric Circuits I
EET1020Electric Circuits IIELECEETElectric Circuits II
EET1100Elec Wiring TechniquesELECEETElec Wiring Techniques
EET1110Elec Sys in HVACELECEETElec Sys in HVAC
EET1210Digital Electronics IELECEETDigital Electronics I
EET1220Dig Electronics IIELECEETDig Electronics II
EET1310Analog ElectronicsELECEETAnalog Electronics
EET2010Electric MachinesELECEETElectric Machines
EET2020Electrical ControlsELECEETElectrical Controls
EET2220Comp Sys/RoboticsELECEETComp Sys/Robotics
EET2801Spec Topics ElectronicsELECEETSpec Topics Electronics
EET2899Spec Topics ElectronicsELECEETSpec Topics Electronics
EET2900Indiv Studies ElectronicsELECEETIndiv Studies Electronics
EMT1010Emergency Med Services IELECEMTEmergency Med Services I
EMT1020Emer Medical Services IIELECEMTEmer Medical Services II
EMT1030EMT-IV AcceleratedELECEMTEMT-IV Accelerated
EMT1040First ResponderELECEMTFirst Responder
EMT2800Emergency Medical TechnicianELECEMTemergency Medical Tech
EMT2801Sp Topics Emerg Med TechELECEMTSp Topics Emerg Med Tech
EMT2899Sp Topics Emerg Med TechELECEMTSp Topics Emerg Med Tech
EMT2900Indiv Stds Emerg Med TechELECEMTIndiv Stds Emerg Med Tech
ENG2010World LiteratureENGL2410Western World Literature I
ENG2020World LiteratureENGL2420Western World Literature II
ENG1110Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric & Composition
ENG1120Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric & Composition
ENG2010World LiteratureENGL2410Western World Literature I
ENG2110English LiteratureENGL2230Survey of British Literature
ENG2210American LiteratureENGL2110American Literature to 1855
ENG2220American LiteratureENGL2120American Literature from 1855
ENG2740Literature as FilmTHSP2800Introduction to Film
ENG2760Southern Mountain HeritageENGLELECSouthern Mountain Heritage
ENG2800Composition I / STENGLELECComposition I / ST
ENGL1010Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL1020Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL800Learning Support: WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing II
ENGL2420Western World Literature IIENGL2420Western World Literature II
ENGL1006Learning Support; WritingENGL1006Learning Support: Writing
ENGL1010Composition I ENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL1020Composition II ENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL2010Intro to Literature I FictionENGL1330Intro to Literature
ENGL2030Experience of LiteratureENGLELECExperience of Literature
ENGL2110American Literature ENGL2110American Literature to 1855
ENGL2120American Literature ENGL2120American Literature from 1855
ENGL2210English Literature ENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800
ENGL2220English Literature ENGL2220Survey of Engl Lit Since 1800
ENGL2300Creative WritingENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2310World Literature ENGL2410Western World Literature I
ENGL2320World Literature ENGL2420Western World Literature II
ENGL2410West World Literature IENGL2410Western World Literature I
ENGL2510Childrens LiteratureENGL2280Children's Literature
ENGL2610Creative WritingENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2630Literature for ChildrenENGL2280Children's Literature
ENGL2740Literature in FilmTHSP2800Introduction to Film
ENGL2760Southern Mtn HeritageENGLELECSouthern Mtn Heritage
ENGL2801Spec Topics in EnglishENGL1999Special Projects
ENGL2899Spec Topics in EnglishENGL1999Special Projects
ENGL2900Indiv Studies in EnglishENGLELECIndiv Studies in English
ENGL850Learning Support: WritingENGL1006Learning Support: Writing
ERG1010Engr GraphicsENGRELECEngr Graphics
ERG1020Adv Engineering Graphics IIENGRELECAdv Engineering Graphics II
ERG2040CAD CustomizationsENGRELECCAD Customizations
ERG2050CAD ProjectsENGRELECCAD Projects
ERG2801Spec Topics Engr GraphicsENGRELECSpec Topics Engr Graphics
ERG2899Spec Topics Engr GraphicsENGRELECSpec Topics Engr Graphics
ERG2900Indiv Stds Engr GraphicsENGRELECIndiv Stds Engr Graphics
ESC1110Intro to Env Studies IESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
ESC1110Intro to Env Studies IESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
FRE1010Beginning French IFREN1010Elementary French I
FRE1020Beginning French IIFREN1020Elementary French II
FREN1010Beginning French I FREN1010Elementary French I
FREN1020Beginning French IIFREN1020Elementary French II
FREN2010Intermediate French IFREN2110Interm French for Convers I
FREN2020Intermediate French IIFREN2120Interm French for Convers II
GEN1010First Year SeminarUSTU1010The Freshman Seminar
GEN1100Student SuccessUSTUELECStudent Success
GEN1110Intro to College LifeUSTUELECIntro to College Life
GEN1130Career ExplorationELECGENCareer Exploration
GEN1210Success and LeadershipELECGENSuccess and Leadership
GEN1240Intro to Peer TutoringELECGENIntro to Peer Tutoring
GEN2801Success and LeadershipELECGENSuccess and Leadership
GEN2805Success/Leadership IIELECGENSuccess/Leadership II
GEOG1025World Geography GEOG1030World Geography
GEOG1030Cultural GeographyGEOG1040Cultural Geography
GEOG105World Regional GeographyGEOG1030World Geography
GEOG2010Intro to Human GeographyGEOG1040Cultural Geography
GEOG2010World Regional GeographyGEOG1030World Geography
GIS1010Intro to GISELECGISIntro to GIS
GIS2801Spec Topics in GISELECGISSpec Topics in GIS
GIS2899Spec Topics in GISELECGISSpec Topics in GIS
GIS2900Indiv Studies in GISELECGISIndiv Studies in GIS
GPS1010Global Positioning SysELECGPSGlobal Positioning Sys
GPS2801Spec Topics in GPSELECGPSSpec Topics in GPS
GPS2899Spec Topics in GPSELECGPSSpec Topics in GPS
GPS2900Indiv Studies in GPSELECGPSIndiv Studies in GPS
HED2010Health and Wellness HHP1000Personal Health
HED2060Safety Ed/First Aid/CPRHHP1540Safety & First Aid
HED2210Prin of NutritionNUTR1350Nutrition
HED2801Spec Topics in HealthHHPELECSpec Topics in Health
HED2899Spec Topics in HealthHHPELECSpec Topics in Health
HED2900Indiv Studies in HealthHHPELECIndiv Studies in Health
HIS1020CivilizationHIST1030World Civilizations III
HIS2010American HistoryHIST2010U S History to 1865
HIS2020American HistoryHIST2020U S History Since 1865
HIS1010Civilization/VideoHIST1010World Civilizations I
HIS2010American History IHIST2010U S History to 1865
HIS2020American History IIHIST2020U S History Since 1865
HIS2210Tennessee HistoryHISTELECTennessee History
HIS2800Amer His St 2020HISTELECAmer His St 2020
HIST1110World Civilization I HIST1010World Civilizations I
HIST1120World Civilization II HIST1030World Civilizations III
HIST2010American History I HIST2010U.S. History to 1865
HIST2020American History II HIST2020U.S. History since 1865
HIST2030Tennessee History HISTELECTennessee History
HIST2801Spec Topics in HistoryHISTELECSpec Topics in History
HIST2899Spec Topics in HistoryHISTELECSpec Topics in History
HIST2900Indiv Studies in HistoryHISTELECIndiv Studies in History
HIT1010Medical TerminologyELECHITMedical Terminology
HIT1011Fundamentals of HITELECHITFundamentals of HIT
HMSE1100Concepts of FitnessHHP21Cncpts & Appl in Wellness/PE
HON2911Individualized Honors StudiesELECHONIndividualized Honors Studies
HON1010Interdisc Perspectives IELECHONInterdisc Perspectives I
HON1020Interdisc Perspectives IELECHONInterdisc Perspectives I
HON1110Honors ColloquiumELECHONHonors Colloquium
HON1111Honors ColloquiumELECHONHonors Colloquium
HON1112Honors ColloquiumUHONELECHonors Colloquium
HON1113Honors ColloquiumELECHONHonors Colloquium
HON2902Leadership Development StudiesELECHONLeadership Development Studies
HON 1113Honors ColloquiumELECHONHonors Colloquium
HON 2900Indiv Honors StudiesELECHONIndiv Honors Studies
HPRO2100Wellness Concepts/PracticesHHP1000Personal Health
HSS1360Cultural DiversityELECHSSCultural Diversity-1360
HSS1010Intro Counseling/Persnlty ThryELECHSSIntro Counseling/Persnlty Thry
HSS1020Introduction to Human ServicesELECHSSIntroduction to Human Services
HSS1050Intro to Field of Social WelfaSOCW1100Intro to Soc Wrk Experience
HSS1060Social Work PracticumSOCWELECSocial Work Practicum
HSS1100Substance Abuse Thry/DiseaseELECHSSSusbstance Abuse Thry/Disease
HSS1130Substance AbuseELECHSSSubstance Abuse
HSS1150Dynamics of Troubled FamiliesELECHSSDynamics of Troubled Families
HSS1320Aging in AmericaELECHSSAging in America
HSS1330Social Wk Interview SklsSOCW2070Interviewing Skills
HSS2010Family ExperienceELECHSSFamily Experience
HSS2030Human Services OrganizationsELECHSSHuman Services Organizations
HSS2050Crisis and Mental HlthELECHSSCrisis and Mental Hlth
HSS2060Soc Welfare Policy/ProgsELECHSSSoc Welfare Policy/Progs
HSS2700Practicum (Hum Ser Spec)ELECHSSPracticum (Hum Ser Spec)
HSS2801Spec Topics Hsrv/Soc WkELECHSSSpec Topics Hsrv/Soc Wk
HSS2899Spec Topics Hsrv/Soc WkELECHSSSpec Topics Hsrv/Soc Wk
HSS2900Indiv Stds in Hsrv/Soc WkELECHSSIndiv Stds in Hsrv/Soc Wk
HSS2900Indiv Stds in Hsrv/Soc WkELECHSSSpec Topics Hsrv/Soc Wk
HSS1050Intro to Social WorkSOCW1100Intro to Soc Wrk Experience
HUM1030Storytelling as CommunicationHUMELECStorytelling as Communication
HUM1010EthicsPHIL2110Logic Language and Evidence
HUM1020Introduction to Humanities IIENGL1150Western Humanities II
HUM1070Old Testament SurveyREL2210Biblical Literature I
HUM1080New Testament SurveyREL2220Biblical Literature II
HUM1280Comparative CulturesANTH2080Cultural Anthropology
HUM1911International Studies-TravelHUMELECInternational Studies-Travel
HUM2510Children's LiteratureENGL2280Children's Literature
HUM2610Creative WritingENGL2700Creative Writing
HUM2740Literature as FilmTHSP2800Introduction to Film
HUM2760Southern Mtn HeritageHUMELECSouthern Mtn Heritage
HUM2780World ReligionsREL2110Religions of the East
HUM2800Creative WritingENGL2700Creative Writing
HUM2801Spec Topics in HumanitiesHUMELECSpec Topics in Humanities
HUM2899Spec Topics in HumanitiesHUMELECSpec Topics in Humanities
HUM2900Indiv Studies in HumanitiesHUMELECIndiv Studies in Humanities
HUM2900Indiv Studies in HumanitiesHUMELECSpec Topics in Humanities
HUM2780World ReligionREL2110Religions of the East
INFS1010Computer ApplicationsCPSC1000Introduction to Computing
INFS1100Technology for TeachersEDUCELECTechnology for Teachers
INFS1150Web Site DesignCPSCELECWeb Site Design
INFS2040PowerPoint/PublisherCPSCELECPower Point/Publisher
INT1000Technical CalculationsELECINTTechnical Calculations
INT1010Technical Measurements LabELECINTTechnical Measurements Lab
INT1030Blueprint ReadingELECINTBlueprint Reading
INT1100Intro to TechnologyELECINTIntro to Technology
INT1110Machine Shop Technology IELECINTMachine Shop Technology I
INT1310Welding TechnologyELECINTWelding Technology
INT1320Welding Technology IIELECINTWelding Technology II
INT1410Industrial Principles/ProcessELECINTIndustrial Principles/Process
INT2110Fluid Power SystemsELECINTFluid Power Systems
INT2340Systems DesingELECINTSystems Design
INT2410Occ Safety EngineeringELECINTOcc Safety Engineering
INT2410Occ Safety EngineeringELECINTOcc Safety Engineering
INTL1911International Studies-TravelELECINTLInternational Studies-Travel
INTL1921International Studies-SeminarELECINTLInternational Studies-Seminar
LAW1020Basic LawLAS1700Intro to Criminal Law
LAW1010Basic LawLAS1010Law and the Legal Assistant
LAW1030Legal Research/WritingLAS2100Legal Research and Writing
LAW1040Legal ResearchLAS2100Legal Research and Writing
LAW1050Legal WritingLASELECLegal Writing
LAW1060TortsLAS2500Personal Injury Practice
LAW1070Criminal LawLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
LAW1080ContractsLAS2250Commercial Law
LAW2010Domestic RelationsLAS2450Family Law
LAW2080Intro to MS Office-LegalELECLAWIntro to MS Office-Legal
LAW2110Business OrganizationsLAS2400Business Organizations
LAW2210Civil Trial/Appellate PrLAS2350Litigation I
LAW2310Estates and TrustsLAS2300Estate & Trust Law
LAW2400Legal PracticumLASELECLegal Practicum
LAW2410Real PropertyLAS2200Real Property Law
LAW2610Creditor Rights/BankruptcyLASELECCreditor Rights/Bankruptcy
LAW2801Spec Topics in LawLASELECSpec Topics in Law
LAW2899Spec Topics in LawLASELECSpec Topics in Law
LAW2900Indiv Studies in LawLASELECIndiv Studies in Law
LET1030Law Enforcement FirearmsELECLETLaw Enforcement Firearms
LET1130Law Enforcement DrivingELECLETLaw Enforcement Driving
LET1350Law Enforcement Cmnty PoliceELECLETLaw Enforcement Cmnty Police
LET1510Basic Crim Law/ProceduresELECLETBasic Crim Law/Procedures
LET1720Physical Defense TacticsELECLETPhysical Defense Tactics
LET2110Patrol and Traffic ProceduresELECLETPatrol and Traffic Procedures
LET2120Intro Criminal InvestigationsELECLETIntro Criminal Investigations
LET2200Basic Emerg ProceduresELECLETBasic Emerg Procedures
LET2400Physical ConditioningELECLETPhysical Conditioning