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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
FC101Success SeminarUSTUELECSeminar Success
FI111Intro Emergency ServicesELECFIIntro Emergency Services
FI113Fire Protection SystemsELECFIFire Protection Systems
FI114Building Construction CodesELECFIBuilding Construction Codes
FI115Special TopicsELECFISpecial Topics
FI116Fire Fight Tactics Strategy IELECFIFire Fight Tactics Strategy I
FI124Fire Fight Tactics Strategy IIELECFIFire Fight tactics Strategy II
FI142Special TopicsELECFISpecial Topics
FI146Service StressELECFIService Stress
FI215Fire Behavior and CombustionELECFIFire Behavior and Combustion
FI217Fire HydraulicsELECFIFire Hydraulics
FI221Fire Administration IELECFIFire Administration I
FI222Fire Administration IIELECFIFire Administration I
FI235Fund Emergency Service SafetyELECFIFund Emergency Service Safety
FI260Fire Prevention and InspectionELECFIFire Prevention & Inspection
FI262Fire Causes and InvestigationELECFIFire Causes and Investigation
FI280Special TopicsELECFISpecial Topics
FI299Special TopicsELECFISpecial Topics
FM201Financial ManagementELECFMFinancial Management
FP101Fund Financial Plan ELECFPFund Financial Plan
FP105Personal FinanceFINELECPersonal Finance
FP219Computerized Fin PlanningELECFPComputerized Fin Planning
FR110Elem French IFREN1010Elementary French I
FREN1010Elementary French I FREN1010Elementary French I
FREN1020Elementary French IIFREN1020Elementary French II
FREN2010Intermediate French I FREN2110Interm French for Convers I
FREN2020Intermediate French II FREN2120Interm French for Convers II
FREN2990Special Topics in French FREN1999Special Projects
FSCJ1110Forensic Science I Crim EvidenELECFSCJForensic Science I Crim Eviden
FSCJ1120Forensic Science II Cri Sc InvELECFSCJForensic Science II Cri Sc Inv
FUND1020Mechanics of Charitable GivingELECFUNDMechanics of Charitable Giving
GE111Physical GeologyGEOL1110Physical Geology
GE111Physical GeologyGEOL1110LPhysical Geology Lab
GEOG1010Physical GeographyGEOG1010Physical Geography
GEOG1025World GeographyGEOG1030World Geography
GEOG1030Cultural GeographyGEOG1040Cultural Geography
GEOG2010World Regional GeographyGEOG1030World Geography
GEOL1040Physical Geology GEOL1110Physical Geology
GEOL1040Physical Geology GEOL1110LPhysical Geology Laboratory
GEOL1050Historical Geology GEOL1120Historical Geology
GEOL1050Historical Geology GEOL1120LHistorical Geology Laboratory
GERM1010Elementary German I GER1010Elementary German I
GERM1020Elementary German II GER1020Elementary German II
GERM2010Intermediate German I GER2110Interm Ger for Conv I
GERM2020Intermediate German II GER2120Interm Ger for Conv II
GO101Physical GeographyGEOG1010Physical Geography
GO103World GeographyGEOG1030World Geography
HE101Intro to Med TermsELECHEIntro to Med Terms
HE102Lab ProceduresELECHELab Procedures
HE103Medical TerminologyELECHEMedical Terminology
HE105keyboarding Transcript IELECHEKeyboarding Transcript I
HE111History/Physical ExamELECHEHistory/Physical Exam
HE112Pharmacology IELECHEPharmacology I
HE115Records Mgt & HealthcareELECHERecords Mgt & Healthcare
HE122Med Code and ReimbELECHEMed Code and Reimb
HE127Medlegal, Ethic, Prof ConceptsELECHEMedlegal, Ethic, Prof Concepts
HE177Intro Speech Recogn TechELECHEIntro Speech Recogn Tech
HE178Speech Rec Tech ApplELECHESpeech Rec Tech Appl
HE202Imaging and Dx TestsELECHEImaging and DX Tests
HE213Hum Dis and Surg PrELECHEHum Dis and Surg Pr
HE221Pharmacology IIELECHEPharmacology II
HE222Medical and prof ConELECHEMedical and Prof Con
HE225Hlth Data-Comp Based RecordsELECHEHlth Data-Comp Based Records
HE226HIM Internship IELECHEHIM Internship I
HE242Medicolegal ConcptELECHEMedicolegal Concpt
HE244Health StatisticsELECHEHealth Statistics
HE245Clinic Coding-Classification IELECHEClinic Coding-Classification I
HE247Hlthcare Quality, Risk MgmtELECHEHlthcare Quality, Risk Mgmt
HE248Reimbursement MethodologiesELECHEReimbursement Methodologies
HE249Practice MgntELECHEPractice Mgnt
HE251EPI and SecurityELECHEEPI and Security
HE252His/Knowledge ApplELECHEHis/Knowledge Appl
HE255Coding & Classification IIELECHECoding & Classification II
HE265Clinical Coding SeminarELECHEClinical Coding Seminar
HE297Health Informatics ManagementELECHEHealth Informatics Management
HE115HIM in HealthcareELECHEHIM in Healthcare
HE256Hlth Info Mgmt Internship IIELECHEHlth Info Mgmt Internship II
HE255Medical Coding & Classif IIELECHEMedical Coding & Classif II
HE115Health Info and Records MgtELECHEHealth Info and Records Mgt
HE255Clinical Coding & Classif IIELECHEClinical Coding & Classif II
HE226Hlth Info Mgt Clinical Prac IELECHEHlth Info Mgt Clinical Prac I
HE244Health StatisticsELECHEHealth Statistics
HE247Hlthcare Quality, Risk MgmtELECHEHlthcare Quality, Risk Mgmt
HE248Reimbursement MethodologiesELECHEReimbursement Methodologies
HE255Clinical Coding & Classif IIELECHEClinical Coding & Classif II
HE256Hlth Info Mgmt Clinical IIELECHEHlth Info Mgmt Clinical II
HE297Org/Super for Healthcare ProfELECHEOrg/Super for Healthcare Prof
HE115Health Data Content & StructurELECHEHealth Data Content & Struc
HE115Health Info Mgt FoundationELECHEHealth Info Mgt Foundation
HI101West Civ to 1648HISTELECWest Civ to 1648
HI102West Civ Frm 1648HISTELECWest Civ Frm 1648
HI118Heroes and VillainsHISTELECHeroes and Villains
HI203US History to 1865HIST2010U S History to 1865
HI204US History since 1865HIST2020U.S. History since 1865
HI205Western Civilization to 1648HISTELECWest Civilization to 1685-205
HI206Western Civilization from 1648HISTELECWest Civilization frm 1648-206
HI207World History IHIST1010World Civilizations I
HI208World History IIHIST1030World Civilization III
HI271Tennessee HistoryHISTELECTennessee History
HIST1010Western Civ I HISTELECWestern Civ I
HIST1020Western Civ II HISTELECWestern Civ II
HIST1110World Civilizations I HIST1010World Civilizations I
HIST1120World Civilizations II HIST1030World Civilizations III
HIST2010United States History I HIST2010U S History to 1865
HIST2020United States History II HIST2020U S History Since 1865
HIST2030Tennessee History HISTELECTennessee History
HIST2040The Scopes Trial HISTELECThe Scopes Trial
HIST2050Appalachian HistoryHISTELECAppalachian History
HIST2130Afro American History HISTELECAfro American History
HIST220African American HistoryHISTELECAfrican American History
HIST2530Holocaust and Jewish CivHISTELECHolocaust and Jewish Civ
HIST2990Special Topics History HISTELECSpecial Topics History
HIT1010Medical Terminology (RODP)ELECHITMedical Terminology (RODP)
HMSC230Terrorism and the LawELECHMSCTerrorism and the Law
HMSC240Terrorism PreventionELECHMSCTerrorism Prevention
HP120Amer Sing Lang I ELECHPAmer Sing Lang I
HP121Amer Sign Lang II ELECHPAmer Sign Lang II
HP130Orien to DeafnessELECHPOrien to Deafness
HP132Psyc Deaf Peop Culture ELECHPPsyc Deaf Peop Culture
HP135Sp Topics Amer Sign LangELECHPSp Topics Amer Sign Lang
HP220American Sign Language IIIELECHPAmerican Sign Language
HP221Amer Sign Lang IVELECHPAmer Sign Lang IV
HPRO2100Wellness Concept and PracticesHHPELECWellness Concepts/Pract-2100
HR101Intro Fld Of Soc Welfare SOCW1100Intro to Soc Wrk Experience
HR113Intro Indiv/Dev DisabilELECHRIntro Indiv/Dev Disabil
HR119Caregiver SkillsELECHRCaregiver Skills
HR123Requisite Skl/CaregiverELECHRRequisite Skl/Caregiver
HR125Community Social ServicesSOCWELECCommunity Social Services
HR130Substance Abuse TheoriesSOCWELECSubstance Abuse Theories
HR135Sp Topics in Human ServicesSOCWELECSp Topics in Human Services
HR205Interviewing-Interpers SkillsSOCW2070Interviewing Skills
HR210Mthds Human Service PracticeSOCWELECMthds Human Service Practice
HR219Family SystemsSOCWELECFamily Systems
HR220Human Services PracticumSOCWELECHuman Services Practicum
HR230Subst Abuse TheorELECHRSubst Abuse Theor
HR235Mthds Substance Abuse TreatmtSOCWELECMthds Substance Abuse Treatmt
HR240Group DynamicsSOCWELECGroup Dynamics
HR245Intro to CounselingSOCWELECIntro to Counseling
HS104Gen Med Term IELECHSGen Med Term I
HS111Intro Healthcare ProfessionsELECHSIntro Healthcare Professions
HS114Gen Med Term IIELECHSGen Med Term II
HS123Intro Radiation OncologyELECHSIntro Radiation Oncology
HS145X-Ray Physics IELECHSX-Ray Physics I
HS172Anatomy and ImagingELECHSAnatomy and Imaging
HS184Radiation BiologyELECHSRadiation Biology
HS200Clinical Educ MethodologyELECHSClinical Educ Methodology
HS214Radiation Physics IELECHSRadiation Physics I
HS220Clinic IELECHSClinic I
HS223Radiation Oncology IELECHSRadiation Oncology I
HS224Radiation Physics IIELECHSRadiation Physics II
HS230Clinic IIELECHSClinic II
HS233Radiation Oncology IIELECHSRadiation Oncology II
HS243Radiation Biol & HyperthermiaELECHSRadiation Biol & Hyperthermia
HS299Sp Topics Allied HealthELECHSSp Topics Allied Health
HSC190Intro Human PathophysiologyELECHSCIntro Human Pathophysiol-190
HU110Introduction to HumanitiesENGL1130Western Humanities I
HU120Phil / Sci Tech IHUMELECPhil / Sci Tech I - 120
HU210Religion of the WorldREL2110Religions of the East
HU220Religion AmericaREL2360Religion in American Life
HU230Contmpry Women Art/WritersHUMELECContmpry Women Art/Writers
HU235Special TopicsHUMELECSpecial Topics
HU238Folklore Natv CulHISTELECFolklore Natv Cul
HU240Ldrship Develp (HHUMELECLdrship Develp (h
HUM1010Intro To Humanities I ENGL1130Western Humanities I
HUM1020Intro To Humanities II ENGL1150Western Humanities II
HUM1040Hum Experience Through SongHUMELECHum Experience Through Song
HUM1230Phil Science Technology HUMELECPhil Science Technology
HUM1280Comparative CulturesANTH2080Cultural Anthropology
HUM2030Religions of the WorldREL2110Religions of the East
HUM2040Religion in AmericaREL2360Religion in American Life
HUM2130Mythology HUMELECMythology
HUM2140Folklore and Native CultureHUMELECFolklore and Native Culture
HUM2550Leadership DevelopmentHUMELECLeadership Development
HUM2990Sp Topics in HumanitiesHUMELECSp Topics in Humanities
HZ101Intro Environmental TechELECHZIntro Environmental Tech
HZ115Environ Mgmt Maint ActivitiesELECHZEnviron Mgmt Maint Activities
HZ120Hazardous Material RegELECHZHazardous Material Reg
HZ125Pollutant MigrationELECHZPollutant Migration
HZ165Maps and MappingELECHZMaps and Mapping
HZ170Equipment Ops and MgmtELECHZEquipment Ops and Mgmt
HZ200Hazardous Mtls Tech CertificatELECHZHazardous Mtls Tech Certificat
HZ201Sp Topics Haz Mtls/Waste MgtELECHZSp Topics Haz Mtls/Waste Mgt
HZ220Environmental Systems MgmtELECHZEnvironmental Systems Mgmt
HZ225Environmental SamplingELECHZEnvironmental Sampling
HZ226Air Monitoring & InstrumentatnELECHZAir Monitoring & Instrumentatn
HZ227Water Monitoring/instrumentatnELECHZWater Monitoring/Instrumentatn
HZ230Chemistry Hazardous MaterialsELECHZChemistry Hazardous Materials
HZ234Haz Waste Wrkr/Emerg Resp CertELECHZHaz Waste Wrkr/Emerg Resp Cert
HZ235Haz Waste Ops/Emerg ResponseELECHZHaz Waste Ops/Emerg Response
HZ240Hazardous Waste MgmtELECHZHazardous Waste Mgmt
HZ245Hazardous Materials PracticumELECHZHazardous Materials Practicum
IH104Essen Indust HygELECIHEssen Indust Hyg
INFS1010Computer ApplicationCPSC1000Introduction to Computing
INFS113Visual Basic RODPCPSCELECVisual Basic RODP
INFS186Database ProgrammingCPSCELECDatabase Programming
INFS191A+Hardware Cert TrainingCPSCELECA+Hardware Cert Training
INFS205Network Client Oper SystemCPSCELECNetwork Client Oper System
INFS207Advanced Network ManagementCPSCELECAdvanced Network Management
INFS208Mgnt Network InfrastCPSCELECMgnt Network Infrast
INFS211Network Security FundamentalsCPSCELECNetwork Security Fundamentals
INFS215Firewalls and Network SecurityCPSCELECFirewalls and Network Security
INFS219Operating Systems SecurityCPSCELECOperating Systems Security
INFS227Computer ForensicsCPSCELECComputer Forensics
INTC1050Computer Graphics/Animatn (RodCPSCELECComputer Graphics/Animatn (Rod
IST2630Web Design RODPELECISTWeb Design RODP
IY100Student Government LeadershipELECIYStudent Government Leadership
JS100Job Search SkillsELECJSJob Search Skills
JS101Career and Life PlanningEDUC1010Career & Life Planning
LA110Fundamentals Of Law LAS1010Law and the Legal Assistant
LA120Trial PracticeLASELECTrial Practice
LA130Legal Research LAS2100Legal Research and Writing
LA135Legal Wrtg Case Analy LASELECLegal Wrtg Case Analy
LA140Adv Legl Wrt RschLASELECAdv Legl Wrt Rsch
LA210Contracts LAS2250Commercial Law
LA220Torts LAS2500Personal Injury Practice
LA225Constitutional Law I LASELECConstitutional Law I
LA230Criminal Law Procedure LASELECCriminal Law Procedure
LA235Administrative LawLASELECAdministrative Law
LA240Trial Pract Civ Proced LAS2350Litigation I
LA245Legal Ethics for ParalegalsLASELECLegal Ethics for Paralegals
LA250Wills Trusts Est Plan LAS2300Estate & Trust Law
LA260Domestic Relations LAS2450Family Law
LA265Case ManagementLASELECCase Management
LA270Insurance Law LASELECInsurance Law
LA275Bankruptcy LASELECBankruptcy
LA280Property Law LAS2200Real Property Law
LA290Law Practice Mgmt LASELECLaw Practice Mgmt
LA295Immigration Law for ParalegalsLASELECImmigration Law for Paralegals
LA298Sp Topics in Legal Asst TechLASELECSp Topics in Legal Asst Tech
MA70Basic MathematicsMATH1004Basic Mathematics
MA80Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary Algebra
MA81Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
MA90GeometryMATHELECGeometry - 090
MA113Applied MathMATHELECApplied Math
MA115Algebra and Trigonometry IMATH1130College Algebra
MA117College AlgebraMATH1130College Algebra
MA118Pre-CalculusMATH1720Precalculus II
MA121Alg and Trig Tech IMATHELECAlg and Trig Tech I
MA125Alg and Trig Tech IIMATHELECAlg and Trig Tech II
MA135Calculus w/Analytical GeometryMATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry I
MA136Calculus II w/Analytical GeomMATH1960Calc with Analytic Geometry II
MA143Contemporary MathMATH1010Math in Our Modern World
MA153Introduction to StatisticsMATH2100Introductory Statistics
MA163Structure/Number Systems IMATH2150Math Elem/Mid Sch Tchrs I
MA164Struct/Number Systems IIMATH2160Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch II
MA170Statistics IMGT2110Stats Methods for Business I
MA171Statistics IIMGT2120Stat Mthds for Business II
MA1710Precalculus IMATH1710Precalculus I
MA193Ca/Mgt Lfe So ScMATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc Sci
MA210Linear AlgebraMATH2200Elementary Linear Algebra
MA245Cal III w/Ana GeoMATH2560Calc with Analytic Geom III
MA118PrecalculusMATH1720Precalculus II
MA117College AlgebraMATH1130College Algebra
MATH810Foundations of Math 1MATH1006Intermediate Algebra
MATH820Foundations of Math IIMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
MATH1010Contemporary Math MATH1010Math in Our Modern World
MATH1130College AlgebraMATH1130College Algebra
MATH1410Structure Number Syst I MATH2150Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch I
MATH1420Structure Number Syst II MATH2160Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch II
MATH1510Statistics I MGT2110Stats Methods for Business I
MATH1520Statistics II MGT2120Stats Methods for Business II
MATH1530Introduction to StatisticsMATH2100Introductory Statistics
MATH1630Finite MathematicsMATHELECFinite Mathematics
MATH1710Pre-Calculus IMATH1130College Algebra
MATH1710Pre-Calculus IMATH1710Precalculus I
MATH1720Pre-Calculus IIMATH1720Precalculus II
MATH1740Alg and Trig for Technology IMATHELECAlg & Trig -Technology I-1740
MATH1750Alg and Trig Tech IIMATHELECAlg and Trig Tech II
MATH1830Calculus Mgt Life Soc MATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc Sci
MATH1910Calc I With Anal Geom MATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry I
MATH1920Calc II With Anal Geom MATH1960Calc II With Analytic Geom
MATH2000Math Problem SolvingMATHELECMath Problem Solving
MATH2010Linear Algebra MATH2200Elementary Linear Algebra
MATH2110Calc III With Anal Geom MATH2560Calc with Analytic Geom III
MATH2120Differential Equations MATH2450Intro to Different&Diff Equat
MATH2810Discrete Structure/Math ReasMATHELECDiscrete Structure/Math Reas
MATH2990Sp Topics in MathematicsMATHELECSp Topics in Mathematics
MATH700Basic MathMATH1004Basic Math
MCHS1010College ExperienceELECMCHSCollege Experience
MCRI1010College SuccessUSTU1250First Year Experience
MD104Blue Print Read And Anal ELECMDBlue Print Read And Anal
MD114Engineer Drawing IELECMDEngineer Drawing I
MD124Engineer Draw IIELECMDEngineer Draw II
MD134Statics Strengths Mat IELECMDStatics And Strn Mat I
MD184Manufact Processes ELECMDManufact Processes
MD207Numerical Control I ELECMDNumerical Control I
MD208Numerical Control II ELECMDNumerical Control II
MD226Fluid Power ELECMDFluid Power
MD242Statics Strengths Mat IIELECMDStatics Ans Str Mat II
MD246Reactor TheoryELECMDReactor Theory
MD254Metallurgy ELECMDMetallurgy
MD264Thermodynamics I ELECMDThermodynamics I
MD265Thermodynamics II ELECMDThermodynamics II
MD274Machine DesignELECMDMachine Design
MD295Manufacturing ManagementELECMDManufacturing Management
MD298Sp Topics Mech Engr TechELECMDSp Topics Mech Engr Tech
MD299Sp Topics Mech Engr with LabELECMDSp Topics Mech Engr with Lab
MDT2100Photoshop EssentialsELECMDTPhotoshop Essentials
MG101Prof Ethics WrkplELECMGProf Ethics Wrkpl
MG103Introduction To BusinessMGT1030Intro to Business&Entr
MG105Intro to Quality ManagementMGTELECIntro to Quality Management
MG109Practical Business PlanningMGTELECPractical Business Planning
MG110Leadership Skills MGTELECLeadership Skills
MG114Prin Of Management MGTELECPrin Of Management
MG115E-Commerce OperationsMGTELECE-Commerce Operations
MG116E-Commerce MarketingMGTELECE-Commerce Marketing
MG134Supervision/Human RelationsMGTELECSupervision/Human Relations
MG154Marketing MGTELECMarketing
MG160Project Management MGTELECProject Management
MG165Business MathELECMGBusiness Math
MG170Labor Relations MGTELECLabor Relations
MG176Customer Service SkillsMGTELECCustomer Service Skills
MG201Management InternshipMGTELECManagement Internship
MG202International BusinessMGTELECInternational Business
MG210Principles of ManagementMGTELECPrinciples of Management
MG214Supply Chain MgmtMGTELECSupply Chain Mgmt
MG215Retail Operations MKTELECRetail Operations
MG217Operations ManagementMGTELECOperations Management
MG224Entrepreneurship IETRELECEntrepreneurship I
MG225Entrepreneurship IIETRELECEntrepreneurship II
MG235Merch and Inv CntrlELECMGMerch and Inv Cntrl
MG244Advertising MKTELECAdvertising
MG245Internship Broadcast MediaELECMGInternship Broadcast Media
MG246Broadcast Media PracticesELECMGBroadcast Media Practices
MG254Principles of SellingMKTELECPrinciples of Selling
MG264Human Resources MgmtMGTELECHuman Resources Mgmt
MG281Strategic Mgmt PracticesMGTELECStrategic Mgmt Practices
MG285Organizational BehaviorMGTELECOrganizational Behavior
MG286Hlth Svc PracticmELECMGHlth Svc Practicm
MG288Applied Management IMGTELECApplied Management I
MG289Applied Management IIMGTELECApplied Management II
MG299Sp Topics in ManagementMGTELECSp Topics in Management
MN102Electrical Fundamentals IELECMNElectrical Fundamentals I
MN103Mechanical Fundamentals IELECMNMechanical Fundamentals I
MN110Industrial Tool ApplicationsELECMNIndustrial Tool Applications
MN111Industrial EquipmentELECMNIndustrial Equipment
MN112Electrical Fundamentals IIELECMNElectrical Fundamentals II
MN113Mechanical Fundamentals IIELECMNMechanical Fundamentals II
MN114Electrical FundamentalsELECMNElectrical Fundamentals
MN116Industrial Safety MaintenanceELECMNIndustrial Safety Maintenance
MN201Intro to Auto Electrical SystmELECMNIntro to Auto Electrical Systm
MN210Bldg and Structure MaintenanceELECMNBldg and Structure Maintenance
MN215Maint Mgmt and OrganizationELECMNMaint Mgmt and Organization
MN218Hydr, Pneum, Fluid SystemsELECMNHydr, Pneum, Fluid Systems
MN220Mech Maintenance PrinciplesELECMNMech Maintenance Principles
MN224Principles of ThermodynamicsELECMNPrinciples of Thermodynamics
MN226App Electricity Motor ControlELECMNApp Electricity Motor Control
MN260Programmable Logic ControllersELECMNProgrammable Logic Controllers
MOTR101Motor Sports TechnologyELECMOTRMotor Sports Technology
MR103Lgl Aspct/Hlt RecELECELECLgl Aspct/Hlt Rec
MR105Maint/Health RecELECELECMaint/Health Rec
MR106Hlth Data SystemsELECELECHlth Data Systems
MR110Med Rec Dir Prc IELECELECMed Rec Dir Prc I
MR245Hlth Care Del SysELECELECHlth Care Del Sys
MR250Coding for ReimbuELECELECCoding for Reimbu
MR270Med Rec Dir Pr IIELECELECMed Rec Dir Pr II
MR275Med Recrd SeminarELECELECMed Recrd Seminar
MR285Medical TranscripELECELECMedical Transcrip
MRI200Magnetic Resonance ImagingELECMRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI230Mag Resonance Imag ClinicalELECMRIMag Resonance Imag Clinical
MS106Basic LeadershipMILS1060Basic Leadership
MS108Army ROTC Fitness ProgramMILS1080Army ROTC Fitness Program
MS114Foundations of OfficershipMILS1040Foundations of Officership
MS206Fdns of Tactical LeadershipMILS2060Fdns of Tactical Leadership
MS214Innovative Team LeadershipMILS2040Innovative Team Leadership
MU110Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to Music
MU111Fundamentals of MusicMUS1050Elements Notat Dict&Sight Sing
MU112Begin Harmony IMUS1070Theory I
MU113Begin Harmony IIMUS1080Theory II
MU122Jazz/Pep BandMUS36Jazz/Pep Band
MU126Class VoiceMUS1330Voice Class
MU139History Rock and RollMUS2130A History of Rock
MU140Jazz PianoMUS1513Jazz Piano Instruction
MU141Piano InstructionMUS1510Keyboard Instruction
MU147Fnd Strd/Er Tr IMUS1030Ear Training I
MU148Fnd Strd/Er Tr IIMUS1040Ear Training II
MU151Voice InstructionMUS1550Voice Instruction
MU171Guitar InstructionMUS2535Guitar Instruction
MU235SPL Topics MusicMUSELECSPL Topics Music
MU239Electronic MusicMUSELECElectronic Music
MU257Vocal EnsemblesMUS29Vocal Ensembles
MU260ChoraleMUS28Choral Union
MU261Gospel ChoirMUSELECGospel Choir
MUS1000Music SeminarMUS1000Seminar
MUS1001Artist in ResidenceMUSELECArtist in Residence
MUS1030Music Appreciation MUS1110Introduction to Music
MUS1040History Of Rock And Roll MUS2130A History of Rock
MUS1130Fundamentals Of Music MUS1020Fundamentals of Music
MUS1210Music Theory I MUS1070Theory I
MUS1220Music Theory II MUS1080Theory II
MUS1310Fund Sight Ear Train I MUS1030Ear Training I
MUS1320Fund Sight Ear Train II MUS1040Ear Training II
MUS1400Piano Instr for Non-majorsMUS1510Keyboard Instruction
MUS1401Piano Class IMUS1310Piano Class
MUS1402Piano Class IIMUS1320Piano Class
MUS1403Piano Class IIIMUS1410Piano Class
MUS1404Piano Class IVMUS1420Piano Class
MUS1410Piano InstructionMUS2511Piano Instruction
MUS1440Jazz Piano MUS1513Jazz Piano
MUS1500Vocal Music Personal Dev MUSELECVocal Music Personal Dev
MUS1501Voice ClassMUS1330Voice Class
MUS1510Voice InstructionMUS2550Voice Instruction
MUS1610Guitar InstructionMUS2535Guitar Instruction
MUS1615Jazz Guitar InstructionMUS1535Guitar Instruction
MUS1620Guitar Class MUS1350Guitar Class
MUS1630Woodwind InstructionMUSELECWoodwind Instruction
MUS1640Brass InstructionMUSELECBrass Instruction
MUS1650Percussion InstructionMUS2610Percussion Instruction
MUS1660String InstructionMUSELECString Instruction
MUS1670Bass Guitar InstructionMUS2535Guitar Instruction
MUS1680Guitar EnsembleMUS2010Ensemble
MUS1700Woodwind EnsembleMUSELECWoodwind Ensemble
MUS1710Opera TheaterMUS40Opera Theater
MUS1720Jazz BandMUS36Jazz Band
MUS1730Marching BandMUS30Marching Band
MUS1740Wind EnsembleMUS31Concert Band
MUS1810Concert ChoirMUS20Chattanooga Singers
MUS1820Gospel ChoirMUSELECGospel Choir
MUS1840ChoraleMUS22Chamber Singers
MUS1850Jazz Vocal EnsembleMUS2010Ensemble
MUS1910Musical Theatre Performance IMUSELECMusical Theatre Performance
MUS2210Music Theory IIIMUS2070Theory III
MUS2220Music Theory IVMUS2080Theory IV
MUS2310Sight Ear Training III MUS2030Ear Training III
MUS2320Sight Ear Training IV MUS2040Ear Training IV
MUS2430Conducting MUSELECConducting
MUS2530Electronic MusicMUSELECElectronic Music
MUS2850Opera TheatreMUS40Opera Workshop
MUS2990Special Topics in MusicMUSELECSpecial Topics in Music
MY210Mammog Patient MgmtELECMYMammog Patient Mgmt
MY220Mammog Instrument/PhysicsELECMYMammog Instrument/Physics
MY230Mammography ClinicELECMYMammography Clinic
MZ110Mechanical PrinciplesELECMZMechanical Principles
MZ111Mechanical Tool ApplicsELECMZMechanical Tool Applics
MZ112Mechanical Piping systemsELECMZMechanical Piping systems
MZ120Mech Maintenance PrinciplesELECMZMech Maintenance Principles
MZ122Fluid MechanicsELECMZFluid Mechanics
MZ124Prin of ThermodynamicsELECMZPrin of Thermodynamics
MZ130Prin of Machine Ops and MaintELECMZPrin of Machine Ops and Maint
MZ131Intro to Welding Prin and TechELECMZIntro to Welding Prin and Tech
MZ200Machine Shop Principles IELECMZMachine Shop Principles I
MZ201Machine Shop Principles IIELECMZMachine Shop Principles II
MZ210Planned MaintenanceELECMZPlanned Maintenance
MZ260Mech Drawings and StandardsELECMZMech Drawings and Standards