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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
AA106Design PrinciplesART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
AA107Intro to IllustrationARTELECIntro to Illustration
AA108Design ConceptsARTELECDesign Concepts
AA109Production ArtARTELECProduction Art
AA116Basic TypographyARTELECBasic Typography
AA117Digital Studio FoundationsARTELECDigital Studio Foundations
AA120Computer Art IllustrationARTELECComputer Art Illustration
AA140Comp Applics Graphic Design IARTELECComp Applics Graphic Design I
AA150Digital Imaging FoundationsELECAADigital Imaging Foundations
AA190Photography For Design ARTELECPhotography For Design
AA209Graphic Design I ARTELECGraphic Design I
AA210Graphic Design II ARTELECGraphic Design II
AA215Advertising Design I ARTELECAdvertising Design I
AA217Advertising Design II ARTELECAdvertising Design II
AA218Airbrush Illustration ARTELECAirbrush Illustration
AA219Illustration II ARTELECIllustration II
AA221Design Internship ARTELECDesign Internship
AA222Portfolio ARTELECPortfolio
AA240Comp Applics Graphic Design IIARTELECComp Applics Graphic Design II
AA245Comp Applics Graphic DesignARTELECComp Applics Graphic Design
AA246Computer IllustrationARTELECComputer Illustration
AA249Special Topics Graphic DesignARTELECSpecial Topics Graphic Design
AA109Production ArtARTELECProduction Art
ACCT1010Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACCT1020Principles of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACCT103Survey of AccountingACCELECSurvey of Accounting
ACCT185Federal Taxes IACCELECFederal Taxes I
ACCT203Pre-Intermediate AccountingACCELECPre-Intermediate Accounting
ACCT204Intermediate Accounting IACCELECIntermediate Accounting I
ACCT205Intermediate Accounting IIACCELECIntermediate Accounting II
ACCT210Business Tax ReportingACCELECBusiness Tax Reporting
ACCT211Legal Environment BusinessBUSELECLegal Environment Business
ACCT212Business LawBUSELECBusiness Law
ACCT224Cost and BudgetingACCELECCost and Budgeting
ACCT250Account Info SystemACCELECAccount Info System
ACCT255Prof Review Account and TaxACCELECProf Review Account and Tax
ACCT284Bookkeeper Certification RevieACCELECBookkeeper Certification Revie
AGR130RODP Intro to Animal ScienceELECAGRRODP Intro to Animal Science
ALH211Mgmt.,Ldrship for Hlth SuprvsoELECELECMgmt,Ldrship for Hlth Suprvso
ANTH1100Physical AnthropologyANTHELECPhysical Anthropology
AR103Life Drawing IARTELECLife Drawing I
AR104Special Topics:Photo for BeginARTELECSpecial Topics:Photo for Begin
AR105Life Drawing IIART1060Drawing II
AR107Three Dimens DsgnART1020Visual Stud II: Form in 3D
AR112Intro Art History (H)ART1110Introduction to Art
AR220Intermed Studio:ARTELECIntermed Studio:
AR231Painting/Comp IARTELECPainting/Comp I
AR235SP/Studio Art: Bronze CastingARTELECSP/Studio Art: Bronze Casting
AR238SP/Art History: Travel StudyARTELECSP/Art History: Travel Study
AR240Photography and Darkroom IART2810Photography I
AR241Photo Darkroom IIARTELECPhoto Darkroom II
AR260Ceramics IART2440Ceramics I
AR261Ceramics II: Wheel ThrowingARTELECCeramics II: Wheel Throwing
ART1001Artist in ResidenceARTELECArtist in Residence
ART1010Survey Art History I ART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ART1020Survey Art History II ART2150Hist of West Art Ren to Pres
ART1030Art Appreciation ART1110Introduction to Art
ART1060Making Art SafelyARTELECMaking Art Safely
ART1110Life Drawing I ART1050Drawing I
ART1120Life Drawing II ART1060Drawing II
ART1210Three Dimensional Design ART1020Visual Stud II:Form in 3D
ART1250Stone CarvingARTELECStone Carving
ART1260Outdoor Sculpture FabricationARTELECOutdoor Sculpture Fabrication
ART1310Color: Fine Arts StudiesART1040Vis Stud III: Clr Thry&Fund
ART1400Beginning Photography ARTELECBeginning Photography
ART2030Art StructureARTELECArt Structure
ART2100Metal CastingARTELECMetal Casting
ART2160Art Education ART1200Introduction to Art Education
ART2200Clay Portraiture and TorsoARTELECClay Portraiture and Torso
ART2310Painting And Comp I ART2070Painting I
ART2320Painting And Comp II ARTELECPainting And Comp II
ART2410Photo And Darkroom I ART2810Photography I
ART2420Photo And Darkroom II ARTELECPhoto And Darkroom II
ART2430Color Photography ARTELECColor Photography
ART2450Digital PhotographyARTELECDigital Photography
ART2610Ceramics IARTELECCeramics I
ART2620Ceramics IIARTELECCeramics II
ART2770Field Studies American ArtARTELECField Studies American Art
ART2780Art Internship StudiesARTELECArt Internship Studies
ART2790Intermediate StudioARTELECIntermediate Studio
ART2990Special Topics Art Hist-TheoryARTELECSpecial Topics Art Hist-Theory
ART2991Sepcial Topics Studio ArtARTELECSepcial Topics Studio Art
ARTH2010Survey Art History IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to Med
ARTH2020Survey Art History IIART2150Hist of West Art Ren to Pres
ARTP1010Drawing IART1050Drawing I
ARTP1020Drawing IIART1060Drawing II
ARTP1110Two Dimensional DesignART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
ARTP1120Three Dimensional DesignART1020Visual Stud II:Form in 3D
ARTP1310Color Fine Arts StudiesART1040Vis Stud III: Clr Thry&Fund
ARTP1400Beginning PhotographyARTELECBeginning Photography
ARTP2320Painting and Composition IIARTELECPainting and Composition II
ARTP2410Photo and Darkroom IARTELECPhoto and Darkroom I
ARTP2420Photo and Darkroom IIARTELECPhoto and Darkroom II
ARTP2430Color PhotographyARTELECColor Photography
ARTP2450Digital Photo IARTELECDigital Photo I
ARTP2460Digital Photography IIARTELECDigital Photography II
ARTP2610Ceramics IARTELECCeramics
ARTP2620Ceramics IIARTELECCeramics II
ARTP2790Intermediate StudioARTELECIntermediate Studio
ASTR1030AstronomyASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar System
ASTR1030AstronomyASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar System
AV111Flight TheoryELECAVFlight Theory
AV113FAA RegulationsELECAVFAA Regulations
AV141Flight Instr IELECAVFlight Instr I
BI115Introduction to Human BiologyBIOLELECIntro Human Biol
BI116Intro Human Biology LabBIOLELECIntro Human Biology Lab
BI134General Biology IBIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BI135General Biology IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology II
BI174Anatomy/Physiology IBIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BI175Anatomy/Physiology IIBIOL2080Human Physiology
BI234MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and Health
BI299Special TopicsBIOLELECSpecial Topics
BIOL1010Biology I and LabBIOLELECBiology I and Lab
BIOL1020Biology II and LabBIOLELECBiology II and Lab
BIOL1050Intro to Human BiologyBIOLELECIntro to Human Biology
BIOL1051Intro Human Biology LabBIOLELECIntro Human Biology Lab
BIOL1060Intro to Human BiologyBIOLELECIntro to Human Biology
BIOL1110General Biology IBIOL1110Principles of Biology I
BIOL1120General Biology IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology II
BIOL1310Integrated BiologyBIOLELECIntegrated Biology
BIOL2010Anatomy & Physiology IBIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIOL2020Anatomy & Physiology IIBIOL2080Human Physiology
BIOL2050Plant MorphologyBIOLELECPlant Morphology
BIOL2110Forestry, Wildlife, FisheriesBIOLELECForestry, Wildlife, Fisheries
BIOL2230MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and Health
BIOL2990Special Topics BiologyBIOL1999Special Projects
BIT1150Introduction Micro-ComputersCPSCELECIntroduction Micro-Computers
BK122Economic for BankELECBKEconomic for Bank
BK219Law/ Banking PrinELECBKLaw/ Banking Prin
BU108Small Bus Acct IACCELECSmall Bus Acct I
BU110Business Tax RprtACCELECBusiness Tax Rprt
BU114Prin Of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
BU115Prin Of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
BU173Business Law IBUSELECBusiness Law I
BU175Business Law IIBUSELECBusiness Law II
BU185Federal Taxes I ELECBUFederal Taxes I
BU186Federal Taxes IIACCELECFederal Taxes II
BU201Accounting Internship ELECBUAccounting Internship
BU204Intermediate Accounting I ACCELECIntermediate Accounting I
BU205Intermediate Accounting IIACCELECIntermediate Accounting II
BU210Business Tax ReportingELECBUBusiness Tax Reporting
BU211Legal Environ of BusinessBUSELECLegal Environ of Business
BU212Business LawELECBUBusiness Law
BU224Cost and BudgetingELECBUCost and budgeting
BU235Fraud ExaminationELECBUFraud Examination
BU240Pract Acct ApplicACCELECPract Acct Applic
BU250Acct Information Systems IELECBUAcct Information Systems I
BU251Acct Information Systems IIELECBUAcct Information Systems II
BU255Professional Review Acct-TaxELECBUProfessional Review Acct-Tax
BU299Special Topics AccountingELECBUSpecial Topics Accounting
BU250AIS Computer AcctELECBUAIS Computer Acct
BU251AIS and Comp ApplELECBUAIS and Comp Appl
BU114Prin of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
BU115Prin of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
BUS1050Legal Issues for the WebCPSCELECLegal Issues for the Web
BUS1300Personal Money ManagementBUSELECPersonal Money Management
BUSN1300Personal FinanceBUSELECPersonal Finance
BUSN1305Introduction to BusinessMGT1030Intro to Business&Entr
BUSN1370Spreadsheet ApplicationsBUSELECSpreadsheet Applications
BUSN2380Principles of MarketingMKTELECPrinciples of Marketing
CH81Develop Chemistry: Not ApplicaCHEM1004Develop Chemistry: Not Applica
CH100Basic ChemistryCHEMELECBasic Chemistry
CH104Principles of ChemistryCHEM1010Chemistry and the Environment
CH105Svy Org/Anl ChemCHEMELECSvy Org/Anl Chem
CH134General Chemistry ICHEM1110General Chemistry I
CH134General Chemistry ICHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CH135General Chemistry IICHEM1120General Chemistry II
CH135General Chemistry IICHEM1120LGen Chemistry II Lab
CH210Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010Organic Chem I
CH210Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010LOrganic Chem I Lab
CH211Organic Chem IICHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CH211Organic Chem IICHEM3020LOrganic Chem II Lab
CH217Quantitative AnalysisCHEMELECQuantitative Analysis
CHEM1010Introduction to ChemistryCHEMELECIntroduction to Chemistry
CHEM1020Introduction to Chemistry IICHEMELECIntroduction to Chemistry II
CHEM1060Surv Org Anal Chem CHEMELECSurvey Org Anal Chem
CHEM1110General Chemistry I CHEM1110General Chemistry I
CHEM1110General Chemistry I CHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM1120General Chemistry IICHEM1120General Chemistry II
CHEM1120General Chemistry IICHEM1120LGen Chemistry II Lab
CHEM1310Integrated ChemistryCHEMELECIntegrated Chemistry
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry CHEM3010Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry CHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I Lab
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry II CHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry II CHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2990Special Topics ChemistryCHEMELECSpecial Topics Chemistry
CI101Construction LicensingENCEELECConstruction Licensing
CI102Construction CalculationsENCEELECConstruction Calculations
CI103Construction Project AdminENCEELECConstruction Project Admin
CI110Construction SafetyETCM2010Constr Safety & Risk Mgmt
CI111Construction Blueprint ReadingENCEELECConstruction Blueprint Reading
CI116Construction Plan and ScheduleENCEELECConstruction Plan and Schedule
CI132Construct Materials and MethodETEM1320Intro Materials for Const&Tech
CI164Construction EstimatingETCM2020Estimating & Construct Docs
CI174Surveying IETCM1740Surveying
CI202Construction Fin AnalysisENCEELECConstruction Fin Analysis
CI224Hydraulics and HydrologyENCEELECHydraulics and Hydrology
CI231Construction Materials TestingENCEELECConstruction Materials Testing
CI233Contracts and SpecificationsETCM2640Construction Documents Tech
CI242Structural SteelENCEELECStructural Steel
CI243Reinforced ConcreteENCEELECReinforced Concrete
CI274Surveying IIENCEELECSurveying II
CI289Civil & Construct ET CapstoneENCEELECCivil & Construct ET Capstone
CI298Special Topics Civil EngrENCEELECSpecial Topics Civil Engr
CI299Sp Topics Civil Engr with LabENCEELECSp Topics Civil Engr with Lab
CIS113Visual BasicCPSCELECVisual Basic
CIS1610Programming in C++CPSCELECProgramming in C++
CIS193Introduction to LinuxCPSCELECIntroduction to Linux
CIS263Web DesignCPSCELECWeb Design
CIS264Web page ApplicationsCPSCELECWeb Page Applications
CISP1010Computer Science I (Java II)CPSC1100Fundamentals of Computer Sci
CISP1020Computer Science IICPSC1110Data Structures and Prog Dsgn
CISP104Fund of Information SystemsCPSC1000Introduction to Computing
CISP126SAS Programming ICPSCELECSAS Programming I
CISP130Intro to Cloud ComputingCPSCELECIntro to Cloud Computing
CISP140Internet FoundationsCPSCELECInternet Foundations
CISP145Introduction to Web DesignCPSCELECIntroduction to Web Design
CISP150Principles of Web Site DesignCPSCELECPrinciples of Web Site Design
CISP151Introduction to Adobe FlashCPSCELECIntroduction to Adobe Flas
CISP155Web GraphicsCPSCELECWeb Graphics
CISP157Game Development TodayCPSCELECGame Development Today
CISP1610Programming in C++ RODPCPSCELECProgramming in C++RODP
CISP165PHP ScriptingCPSCELECPHP Scripting
CISP179Linux Operating System ConceptCPSCELECLinux Operating System Concept
CISP185C++ Language ICPSCELECC ++ Language
CISP196Database ConceptsCPSCELECDatabase Concepts
CISP197Spreadsheet Software ApplicCPSCELECSpreadsheet Software Applic
CISP198Database Software ApplicCPSCELECDatabase Software Applic
CISP204Microcomper ArchitectureCPSCELECMicrocomper Architecture
CISP205Computer NetworksCPSCELECComputer Networks
CISP225Visual BasicCPSCELECVisual Basic
CISP230Content Management SystemsCPSCELECContent Management Systems
CISP242Javascript for DesignersCPSCELECJavascript for Designers
CISP244Systems Analysis and DesignCPSC2100Software Design and Devl
CISP250Intro to Active Server PagesCPSCELECIntro to Active Server Pages
CISP260Mobile App DevelopmentCPSCELECMobile App Development
CISP262Java for the WebCPSCELECJava for the Web
CISP285C++Language IICPSCELECC++Language II
CISP296Prin of Database Mgnt SystemsCPSCELECPrin of Database Mgnt Systems
CISP299Special ProjectsCPSCELECSpecial Projects
CISP152Intro to Adobe DreamweaverCPSCELECIntro to Adobe Dreamweaver
CJ1000Careers in Criminal JusticeCRMJELECCareers in Criminal Justice
CJ1010Intro to Criminal JusticeCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CJ1070Intro to Criminal LawLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CJ2110Info Sys in Criminal JusticeCRMJ2110Info Sys in Crim & Juv Justice
CJ2500Crime and MediaCRMJ2500Media & Crim Justice System
CJ2700Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJELECIntro to Law Enforcement
CJA1100Intro Criminal Justice AdminCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CJA2600Corrections (RODP)CRMJELECCorrections (RODP)
CL81College Life LearnUSTU1000Principles of Effective Study
CMEC1710Automotive SystemsELECCMECAutomotive Systems
CMT1010Network PC CommCPSCELECNetwork PC Comm
CNAP1010Network Academy Program ICPSCELECNetwork Academy Program I
CNAP1020Network Academy Program IICPSCELECNetwork Academy Program II
CNAP1030Network Academy Program IIICPSCELECNetwork Academy Program III
CNAP1040Network Academy Program IVCPSCELECNetwork Academy Program IV
CO110Intro Mass Communication COMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
CO202Broadcast Announcing COMMELECBroadcast Announcing
CO204TV Production COMMELECTV Production
CO205Radio TV News Writing-EditingCOMMELECRadio TV News Writing-Editing
CO210Communications PracticumCOMM1999Special Projects
CO212Television PractELECCOTelevision Pract
CO219Internship TV Communications COMMELECInternship TV Communications
CO221Media Writing ICOMM2300Media Writing I
CO230Media Writing IICOMM2310Media Writing II
CO231Remote TV ProductionCOMMELECRemote TV Production
CO232Public RelationsCOMM2710Intro to Pubic Relations
CO240News and Sports BroadcastingCOMMELECNews and Sports Broadcasting
CO241Non-linear Video EditingCOMMELECNon-linear Video Editing
CO249Sp Topics Mass CommunicationCOMMELECSp Topics Mass Communication
CO250Intro Film TV TechnologyCOMMELECIntro Film TV Technology
CO251Production Assistant InternCOMMELECProduction Assistant Intern
CO253Professional Film LightningCOMMELECProfessional Film Lightning
CO260Social MediaELECCOSocial Media
CO276News Writing and EditingCOMMELECNews Writing and Editing
CO277Newspaper and Magazine ProdCOMMELECNewspaper and Magazine Prod
CO281Media ManagementCOMMELECMedia Management
COL101OrientationUSTU1250First Year Studies
COM1010Basic Web DesignCPSCELECBasic Web Design-RODP
COMM1010Survey of Mass CommCOMM1010Introduction to Mass Communica
COMM1030Intro to Electronic MediaCOMMELECIntro to Electronic Media
COMM1040Convergent JournalismCOMMELECConvergent Journalism
COMM2010Radio ProductionELECCOMMRadio Production
COMM2020Television ProductionCOMMELECTelevision Production
COMM2050Motion GraphicsCOMMELECMotion Graphics
COMM210Communication PracticumCOMMELECCommunication Practicum
COMM221Media Writing ICOMM2300Media Writing I
COMM230Video Production IICOMMELECVideo Production II
COMM231Media Writing IICOMM2310Media Writing II
COMM241Non Linear Video EditingCOMMELECNon Linear Video Editing
COMM249Special TopicsCOMMELECSpecial Topics
COMM260Social MediaCOMMELECSocial Media
COMM282Media LawCOMMELECMedia Law
CP101Cooperative Ed Wk Exp IELECCPCooperative Ed Wk Exp I
CP102Co-Op Ed Wk Ex IIELECCPCo-Op Ed Wk Ex II
CP103Cooperative Ed Wk Exp IIIELECCPCooperative Ed Wk Exp III
CRMJ1000Careers in Criminal JusticeCRMJELECCareers in Criminal Justice
CRMJ1010Intro to Criminal JusticeCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice Sys
CRMJ1020Introduction to Legal ProcessLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CRMJ1040Criminal Investigation (RODP)CRMJELECCriminal Investigation (RODP)
CRMJ2000CriminologyCRMJ1000Introduction to Criminology
CRMJ2010Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJ3100Law Enforc in Crim&Juv Just
CRMJ2020Introduction to CorrectionsCRMJ3120Corr Persp in Crim&Juv Just
CRMJ2110Info Systems Criminal JusticeCRMJ2110Info Systems in Crim & Juv Jus
CRMJ2500Crime and MediaCRMJ2500Crime and Media
CS101Computer Literacy CPSC1000Intro To Computing
CS102Intro Computer SoftwareCPSCELECIntro Computer Software
CS104Fund of Information SystemsCPSCELECFund of Information Systems
CS105Intro to Microsoft Office 2007CPSCELECIntro to Microsoft Office 2007
CS108Internet Applics for EducatorsCPSCELECInternet Applics for Educators
CS109Maintaining Classroom TechnCPSCELECMaintaining Classroom Techn
CS114Concepts of ProgrammingCPSCELECConcepts of Programming
CS115Prgrm DesignCPSCELECPrgrm Design
CS124Visual Basic ICPSCELECBasic Prog Lang I
CS124Visual Basic ICPSCELECVisual Basic I
CS140Internet FoundationsCPSCELECInternet Foundations
CS144Fortran ProgramCPSCELECFortran Program
CS150Prin of Web Site DesignCPSCELECPrin of Web Site Design
CS151Intro to Adobe FlashCPSCELECIntro to Adobe Flash
CS152Intro to Adobe DreamweaverCPSCELECIntro to Adobe Dreamweaver
CS154Cobol Prog Lang ICPSCELECCobol Prog Lang I
CS155Web GraphicsCPSCELECWeb Graphics
CS160Java Programming ICPSC1100Fund of Cmptr Science
CS161Java Programming IICPSC1110Data Structures & Prog Design
CS176Microcmp Oper SystemsCPSCELECMicrocmp Oper Systems
CS178Fundamentals UNIXCPSCELECFundamentals UNIX
CS185C++ Programming LanguageENEE2250Engr Prog
CS190Intro to MacintoshCPSCELECIntro to Macintosh
CS193Micro Sftwre ApplCPSCELECMicro Sftwre Appl
CS197Spreadsheet Software ApplicsCPSCELECSpreadsheet Software Applics
CS198Database Software ApplicsCPSCELECDatabase Software Applics
CS204Microcomputer ArchitectureCPSCELECMicrocomputer Architecture
CS205Computer NetworksCPSCELECComputer Networks
CS215LAN ManagementCPSCELECLAN Management
CS225Visual Basic IICPSCELECVisual Basic II
CS231Numerical MethodsCPSCELECNumerical Methods
CS233Interact RPG progCPSCELECInteract RPG Prog-233
CS240Computer User SupportCPSCELECComputer User Support
CS241Intermed Web Site DesignCPSCELECIntermed Web Site Design
CS242Javascript for DesignersCPSCELECJavascript for Designers
CS244Systems Analysis and DesignCPSC2100Software Design & Dev
CS248Survey of Computer TopicsCPSCELECSurvey of Computer Topics
CS249Topics in Computer ApplicsCPSCELECTopics in Computer Applics
CS250Intro to Active Server PagesCPSCELECIntro to Active Server Pages
CS251Scripting LanguagesCPSCELECScripting Languages
CS255Data Strct/Adv AlCPSCELECData Strct/Adv Al
CS276Operating SystemsCPSCELECOperating Systems
CS285C++ Programming IICPSC2100Software Design & Dev
CS293Computer Applics in ManagementCPSCELECComputer Applics in Management
CS296Prin of Database Mgmt SystemsCPSCELECPrin of Database Mgmt Systems
CS299Special ProjectsCPSCELECSpecial Projects
CS104Principles of DPCPSCELECPrinciples of DP
CS114Concepts of ProgrammingCPSCELECConcepts of Programming
CST218Java Programming II RODPCPSCELECJava Programming
CT111Intro to Process TechnologyELECCTIntro to Process Technology
CT112Industrial MathematicsELECCTIndustrial Mathematics
CT115Process ChemistryELECCTProcess Chemistry
CT121Industrial Process Equipment IELECCTIndustrial Process Equipment I
CT122Intro to Quality ControlELECCTIntro to Quality Control
CT123Process Operations IELECCTProcess Operations I
CT124Process Control Instrument IELECCTProcess Control Instrument I
CT125Industrial process Equip IIELECCTIndustrial Process Equip II
CT210Basic Lab TechniquesELECCTBasic Lab Techniques
CT211Instrumental AnalysisCHEMELECInstrumental Analysis
CT223Process Operations IIELECCTProcess Operations II
DA120Basic Sciences IELECDABasic Sciences I
DA121Basic Sciences IIELECDABasic Sciences II
DA124Dental MaterialsELECDADental Materials
DA125Dental RadiologyELECDADental Radiology
DA128Dental Office ManagementELECDADental Office Management
DA130Clinical Skills IELECDAClinical Skills I
DA131Clinical Skills IIELECDAClinical Skills II
DA134Comm for Dental AsstsELECDAComm for Dental Assts
DANC1085ZumbaHHP45Beginning Aerobic Dance/Step
DANC1101Dance PerformanceTHSP1250Dance Technique I
DANC1151Intro to DanceTHSP1130Introduction to Dance
DANC1201Dance CompositionTHSPELECDance Composition
DANC1821Modern DanceTHSPELECModern Dance
DANC1830Hip Hop DanceHHPELECHip Hop Dance
DANC2990Special TopicsELECDANCSpecial Topics
DAST1120Basic Sciences IELECDASTBasic Sciences I
DAST1121Basic Sciences IIELECDASTBasic Sciences II
DAST1130Clinical Skills IELECDASTClinical Skills I
DAST1131Clinical Skills IIELECDASTClinical Skills II
DAST1140Dental RadiologyELECDASTDental Radiology
DAST1150Dental MaterialsELECDASTDental Materials
DAST1160Dental Office ManagementELECDASTDental Office Management
DAST1170Clinical PracticeELECDASTClinical Practice
DAST1171Clinical PracticeELECDASTClinical Practice
DD101Microcomp Draft IELECDDMicrocomp Draft I
DD114CAD Engineering Drawing IELECDDEngineering Drawing I
DD116CAD for ElectronicsELECDDCAD for Electronics
DD124CAD Engineering Drawing IIELECDDCAD Engineering Drawing II
DD216Building Info Modeling IETCM3150Bldg Info Modeling (BIM)
DD218Civil 3DELECDDCivil 3D
DD222Introduction Pro EngineeringELECDDIntro Pro Engineering-222
DD227Inventor IELECDDInventor I
DD228Inventor IIELECDDInventor II-228
DD253Solidworks IIELECDDSolidworks II-253
DD284Design Capstone ProjectELECDDDesign Capstone Project-284
DD299Architectural RevitalizationELECDDArchitectural Revitalization
DH132Dental Hygiene IELECDHDental Hygiene I
DH135Dental Hygiene IIELECDHDental Hygiene II
DH142Dental Hygiene Applics IELECDHDental Hygiene Applics I
DH145Dental Hygiene Applics IIELECDHDental Hygiene Applics II
DH238Dental Hygiene IIIELECDHDental Hygiene III
DH239Dental Hygiene IVELECDHDental Hygiene IV
DH248Dental Hygiene Applics IIIELECDHDental Hygiene Applics III
DH249Dental Hygiene applics IVELECDHDental Hygiene applics IV
DH255Dental Hygiene Clinical EnhancELECDHDental Hygiene Clinical Enhanc
DR111Intro to TheaterTHSP1110Introduction to Theatre
DR212Princ of Act ITHSP2210Acting I
DR235Specl Top Drama: 10 Mins toTHSPELECSpec Topics in Drama
DSM810Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSPM700Basic MathMATH1004Basic Math
DSPM800Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSPM850Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DSPM892Elementary Algebra RedesignMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSPM800Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSPM850Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate Algebra
DSPR700Basic/Developmental ReadEDUC1004Basic/Developmental Read
DSPR709Basic Reading College SuccessEDUC1004Basic Reading College Success
DSPR800Dev Read Analysis Reason EDUC1050Strategies for College Reading
DSPS800Learning StrategiesUSTU1000Principles of Effective Study
DSPW700Basic Dev Writing ENGL1005Developmental Writing I
DSPW800Developmental Writing ENGL1006Developmental Writing II
EA100Emergency Medical TechnicianELECEAEmergency Medical Technician
EA106Emergency Medical Techn IELECEAEmergency Medical Techn I
EA110Advanced EMTELECEAAdvanced EMT
EA116Emergency Medical Techn IIELECEAEmergency Medical Techn II
EA120CPR TrainingHHPELECCPR Training - 120
EA130CPR Instr TrainELECEACPR Instr Train
EA210Paramed Ther IELECEAParamed Ther I
EA225Emengency PharmacELECEAAdvan Trauma Care
EA226Paramedic Theories IELECEAParamedic Theories I
EA227Paramedic Theories IIELECEAParamedic Theories II
EA228Paramedic Theories IIIELECEAParamedic Theories III
EA230Paramedic Trn IIELECEAParamedic Trn II
EA231Psychologic EmergELECEAPsychologic Emerg
EA240Paramedic Clinical Practice IELECEAParamedic Clinical Practice I
EA241Paramedic Clinical Practice IIELECEAParamedic Clinical Practice II
EA242Paramedic Clinical Pract IIIELECEAParamedic Clinical Pract III
EA250Paramedic ReviewELECEAParamedic Review
EA255Advan Trauma CareELECEAAdvan Trauma Care
EA260Adv Cardiac CareELECEAAdv Cardiac Care
EA261Clinical Pract IELECEAClinical Pract I
EA262Clinical Pract IIELECEAClinical Pract II
EA265Pediatric EmergenELECEAPediatric Emergen
EA270Neonatal ResuscitationELECEANeonatal Resuscitation
EA281Field InternshipELECEAField Internship
EC110Intro to EconomicECONELECIntro to Economic
EC113Consumer Economics ECONELECConsumer Economics
EC211Prin Economics I Macro ECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
EC212Prin Economics II MicroECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
EC235Spec Topics In EconomicsECONELECSpec Topics In Economics
ECED1010Intro To Early Chld EducationEDUC2090Intro ECHD/Early Chld Spec Edu
ECED1020Fdns of Early Childhood EducECHDELECFdns of Early Childhood Educ
ECED2010Safe Healthy Environment HHP3020School Health Program
ECED2015Early Child CurriculumECHDELECEarly Child Curriculum
ECED2020Infant Toddler Child DevECHD2430Child Dev & Observation I
ECED2030Infant And Toddler Care ECHDELECInfant And Toddler Care
ECED2040Fam Dynamics-Comm InvolveECHD4450Families:Home,Sch,Comm,Part
ECED2050Psychomotor DevelopmentECHDELECPsychomotor Development
ECED2060Develop Exceptional ChildrenEDUC3090Young Exceptional Learners
ECED2070Developmental AssessmentECHD4460Strateg for Assess Young Child
ECED2080Lang-Lit Devl in Early ChildECHD3470Oral Lang & Early Literacy Dev
ECED2085Math and Sci in Early ChildhdUSTU3110Sci Concepts & Perspectives
ECED2090Creative DevelopmentUSTU3300Arts Integration
ECED2100The Mentoring TeacherECHDELECThe Mentoring Teacher
ECED2120Admin of Child Care CentersECHDELECAdmin of Child Care Centers
ECED2130Clinical Practicum IECHDELECClinical Practicum I
ECED2140Clinical Practicum IIECHDELECClinical Practicum II
ECED2150Clinical Practicum IIIECHDELECClinical Practicum III
ECED2320Infant/Todler DevelomentECHD2430Child Dev & Observation I
ECED2510Educ the Culturally DifferentECHDELECEduc the Culturally Different
ECED1010Intro to Early Childhood EduEDUC2090Intro to Echd/Echd Spec Educ
ECED1310Intro to Early Chld Education`EDUC2090Intro to Echd/Echd Spec Educ
ECED2070Developmental AssessmentECHD4460Strateg for Assess Young Child
ECED2085Math and Sci in Early ChilhdEDUC3120Tch Science in Elem Sch
ECED2085Math and Sci in Early ChilhdUSTU3110Science Concepts&Perspectives
ECED2300The Mentoring TeacherECHDELECThe Mentoring Teacher
ECED2310Safe Healthy EnvironmentHHP3020Sch Health Program
ECED2315Early Child CurriculumECHDELECEarly Child Curriculum
ECED2330Infant And Toddler CareECHDELECInfant And Toddler Care
ECED2340Fam-Dynamics-Comm InvolveECHD4450Fam:Home Sch Comm Partnrshps
ECED2360Develop Exceptional ChildrenEDUC3090Young Except Lrnrs:Char&Needs
ECED2380Lang-Lit Devl in Early ChildECHD3470Oral Lang & Early Literacy Dev
ECED2385Math Science Early ChildhoodEDUCELECMath Science Early Childhood
ECED2390Creative DevelopmentUSTU3300Arts Integration
ECON1010Economics IECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECON2010Economics IECON1010Princ of Econ: Macroecon
ECON2020Economic II RODPECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
ECON2030Survey of EconomicsECONELECSurvey of Economics
ECON2020MicroeconomicsECON1020Principles of Econ: Microecon
ED116Emer Med Tech IIELECEAEmer Med Tech II
ED117Principles Childhood EducationEDUCELECPrin Childhood Education-117
ED125Creative Classroom MediaEDUCELECCreative Classroom Media
ED126Creative ExpressionEDUCELECCreative Expression
ED199Practicum IEDUCELECPracticum I
ED201Foundations of EducationEDUC2010Educ in the United States
ED202Tchg Reading-Critical ThinkingEDUCEDTchg Reading-Critical Thinking
ED219Family Dynamics/Parent EdEDUCELECFamily Dynamics/Parent Ed-219
ED223Lng Art/Yng ChildEDUCELECLng Art/Yng Child
ED235Special Topics in Education ELECEDSpecial Topics in Education
ED240Infant/Toddler CareEDUCELECInfant/Toddler Care-240
ED270Neonatal ResuscitationELECEANeonatal Resuscitation
EDPY207Educational PsychologyECHD2410Child Dev & Observation II
EDU1120Introduction to TeachingEDUC2010Education in the U.S.
EDU201Foundations of EducationEDUCELECFoundations of Education
EDU2050Classroom ManagementEDUCELECClassroom Management
EDUC2120Intro to Special EducationEDUCELECIntro to Special Education
EE107Intro Engr TechENEEELECIntro Engr Tech
EE110Electrical Circuits IENEEELECElectrical Circuits I
EE113Intro Pow Plant Instrumn ENEEELECIntro Pow Plant Instrumn
EE115Comp in Engr TechENEEELECComp in Engr Tech
EE121Electronics I ENEEELECElectronics I
EE140Digital Circuits ENEE2740Digital Electronics
EE140Digital Circuits ENEE2740LDigital Electronics Lab
EE141Microcomp CircuitENEEELECMicrocomp Circuit
EE200Networking Technology IENEEELECNetworking Technology I
EE201Networking Technology IIENEEELECNetworking Technology II
EE212Elec Circuits II ENEEELECElec Circuits II
EE221Electronics II ENEEELECElectronics II
EE250Microcomputer Systems ENEEELECMicrocomputer Systems
EE251Microcontrollers Appls ENEEELECMicrocontrollers Appls
EE260Prog Logic Controllers ENEEELECProg Logic Controllers
EE261Automation Cntrl Sys ENEEELECAutomation Cntrl Sys
EE271Robotic Systems ENEEELECRobotic Systems
EE284Elec Tech Mech Engr Tech ENEEELECElec Tech Mech Engr Tech
EE298Spec Top In Electronics ENEEELECSpec Top In Electronics
EE299Spec Top Elec With Lab ENEEELECSpec Top Elec With Lab
EG104Vector StaticsENGR1040Vector Statics
EG124Engineering ProgrammingENEE2250Engineering Programming
EG185Intro Engineer DesignENGR1850Introduction to Engineering De
EG211Descript GeometryELECEGDescript Geometry
EG222Probability and Stats for EngrENGR2220Prob & Stats For Engr
EG224Intro To Engr Computation ENGR2240Intro to Engr Computations
EG225Engineering ProgrammingENEE2250Engineering Programming
EG246Mechanics of MaterialsENGR2460Mechanics of Materials
EG247Mechanics of Materials LabENGR2460LMechanics of Materials
EG270Electrical CircuitsENEE2700Electrical Circuits I
EG271Electrical Circuits LabENEE2700LElectrical Circuits I
EG272Electrical Circuits IIENGRELECElectrical Circuits II
EG273Electrical Circuits II LabENGRELECElectrical Circuits II Lab
EG274Engr Mechanics ENGR1040Vector Statics
EG284Mechanics Of Solids ENGR2460Mechanics of Materials
EG285Mechanics of Materials LabENGR2460LMechanics of Materials
EG298Sp Topics in EngineeringENGRELECSp Topics in Engineering
EG299Sp Topics in Engr with LabENGRELECSp Topics in Engr with Lab
EN70Basic Developmental WritingENGL1004Basic/Dev Writing
EN80Develop Writing IENGL1005Developmental Writing I
EN81Developmental Writing IIENGL1006Developing Writing II
EN110Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition
EN111Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition
EN115Writing/Res PaperENGLELECWriting/Res Paper
EN123Tech CommunicationENGL2810Technical Writing
EN209Literature for ChildrenENGL2280Children's Literature
EN210Literature West World IENGL2410Western World Literature I
EN211Literature West World IIENGL2420Western World Literature II
EN214American Masterpieces IIENGL2120American Literature from 1855
EN218English Masterpieces IENGL2210Survey of English Lit to 1800
EN219English Masterpieces IIENGL2220Survey English Lit Since 1880
EN227Technical Reports: ComputersENGL2880Professional Writing
EN229Liter for AdolsceENGL2290Literature for the Adolescent
EN235Special Studies EnglishENGLELECSpecial Studies English
EN237Lit Women (H)ENGLELECLit Women (H)
EN238Creative Writing: FictionENGL2700Creative Writing
EN261African-American LiteratureENGL2520African-American Literature
ENGL1010Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL1020Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL2110American Literature to 1855ENGL2110American Literature to 1855
ENGL2120American Literature since 1855ENGL2120American Literature since 1855
ENGL2210English Literature to 1800ENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800
ENGL2220English Literature since 1800ENGL2220Survey of Engl Lit Since 1800
ENGL810Learning Support WritingENGL1005Developmental Writing I
ENGL900Integ LS Writing and ReadingENGL1004Integ LS Writing and Reading
ENGL1000Tutoring Writing ENGLELECTutoring Writing
ENGL1010Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL1020Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL1030Literary Studies AbroadENGLELECLiterary Studies Abroad
ENGL1035Literary Studies in AmericaENGLELECLiterary Studies in America
ENGL2010Intro to Literature IENGL1330Introduction to Literature
ENGL2050Teaching Engl Read ENGLELECTeaching Engl Read
ENGL2110American Masterpieces I ENGL2110American Literature to 1855
ENGL2120American Masterpieces II ENGL2120American Literature from 1855
ENGL2140African American Lit ENGL2520African-American Literature
ENGL2210English Masterpieces I ENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800
ENGL2220English Masterpieces II ENGL2220Survey of Engl Lit Since 1800
ENGL2240Shakespeare ENGLELECShakespeare
ENGL230Creative WritingENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2300Creative WritingENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2410Literature Of Western World IENGL2410Western World Literature I
ENGL2420Lit Of Western Wrld IIENGL2420Western World Literature II
ENGL2540Literature By Women ENGLELECLiterature By Women
ENGL2550Contemporary Lit ENGLELECContemporary Lit
ENGL2630Literature For Children ENGL2280Children's Literature
ENGL2640Children Literature ENGL2280Children's Literature
ENGL2650Literature Adolescent ENGL2290Literature for the Adolescent
ENGL2710Technical Reports ENGL2810Technical Writing
ENGL2790Researching Family HistoryENGLELECResearching Family History
ENGL2830Creative Writing: IntroENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2840Creative Writing: PoetryENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2850Creative Writing: FictionENGL2700Creative Writing
ENGL2990Special Studies in EnglishENGLELECSpecial Studies in English
ENGR1030Basic Engineering ScienceENGR1030Basic Engr Science
ENGR1130Basic Engineering Science LabENGR1030LFreshman Engr Lab
ENGR185Intro Engineer DesignENGR1850Introduction to Engineering De
ENGR2110StaticsENGR1040Vector Statics
ENGR2130Electrical Circuits IENGR2700Electrical Circuits I
ENGR222Statistics for EngineersENGR2220Prob & Stats For Engr
ENGR224Engineering ComputationsENGR2240Intro Engineering Computations
ENGR225Engineering ProgrammingENEE2250Engineering Programming
ENGR246Mechanics of MaterialsENGR2460Mechanics of Materials
ENGR247Mechanics of Materials LabENGR2460LMechanics of Materials Lab
ENGR271Electrical Circuits LaboratoryENEE2700LElectrical Circuits I Lab
ENGR272Electrical Circuits IIENEE2720Electrical Circuits II
ENGR273Electrical Circuits II LabENEE2720LElectrical Circuits II Lab
ENGR1850Intro to Engineering DesignENGR1850Intro to Engineering Design
ENGR1011Intro to 3-D ModelingENGR1011Intro to 2-D and 3-D Modeling
ENGR1850Intro to Engineering DesignENGR1850Intro to Engr Design
ENGR2130Electrical Circuits IENEE2700Electrical Circuits I
EP102Elect Circuits LinemanELECEPElect Circuits Lineman
EP116Elect Distribution PrinsELECEPElect Distribution Prins
EP125Comm Drivers LicensureELECEPComm Drivers Licensure
EP130Problem Solve Elect LineELEC30Problem Solve Elect Line
EP144Appl Elect Distribution IELECEPAppl Elect Distribution I
EP145App Elect Distribution IIELECEPApp Elect Distribution II
EP151Electrical SafetyELECEPElectrical Safety
ES150Environmental Science IESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
ES151Environmental Science IIESC1510Intro to Environ Science II
ES255Garden W/NativesESCELECGarden W/Natives
ESC1110Environmental Sci IESC1500Intro to Environ Science I
ESC1120Environmental Sci II ESC1510Intro to Environ Science II
ESC2430Intro to Soil ResourcesESC2400Introduction to Soil Resources
ESC2650Gardening with Native PlantsESCELECGardening with Native Plants
ESC2990Sp Topics in Environmental SciESCELECSp Topics in Environmental Sci
ESC2430Intro to Soil ResourcesESC4680Intro to Soil Resources
ET107Intro Engr TechENGRELECIntro Engr Tech
ET115Computers in Engineering TechENGRELECComputers in Engineering Tech
ET298Intro to Sust. AgricultureELECETIntro to Sust. Agriculture
ET115Computers in Engineering TechCPSC1000Intro To Computing
ET115Computers in Engineering TechMGT1000Computers in Business
EZ110DC CircuitsELECEZDC Circuits