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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
AAST2000Contemp African American LifeELECAASTContemp African American Life
AAST2100African Amer Writing WorkshopELECAASTAfrican Amer Writing Workshop
AAST2200Intro African Amer StudiesHISTELECIntro African Amer StudiesLDV, SSCI
AAST2500Africana Women Across CulturesELECAASTAfricana Women Across Cultures
AAST2250African Amer Express CulturELECAASTAfrican Amer Express Cultur
AAST4100African Amer Studies Field ExpELECAASTAfrican Amer Studies Field ExpUDV
AAST300ASpecial Topics in African AmerHISTELECSpecial Topics in African Amer
AAST3020Sem in African Amer StudiesELECAASTSem in African Amer StudiesUDV
AAST4000African American Std ResearchELECAASTAfrican American Std ResearchUDV
AAST3100Black Leaders of 20th CenturyELECAASTBlack Leaders of 20th CenturyUDV
AAST3000Africana Women Across CulturesELECAASTAfricana Women Across CulturesUDV
ACCT2010Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACCT3100Financial Statement AnalysisACC3XXXFinancial Statement Analysis
ACCT3900Accounting InternshipACC3900Academic Internship ProgramREP, UDV
ACCT3000Managerial AccountingELECACCTManagerial Accounting
ACCT3010Intermediate Accounting IACC3000Intermediate Accounting IUDV
ACCT3020Intermediate Accounting IIACC3010Intermediate Accounting IIUDV
ACCT3710Accounting Info SystemsACC4080Accounting Information SystemsUDV
ACCT2020Principles of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACCT3210Computer Apps in AccountingELECACCTComputer Apps in Accounting
AET1010Intro to Auto Engnr, Repr TechELECAETIntro to auto Engnr, Repr Tech
AET2630Intro to Hybrid VehiclesELECAETIntro to Hybrid Vehicles
AET2310Automotive Electronic SystemsELECAETAutomotive Electronic Systems
AET1410Brake, Chassis, Susp, SteeringELECAETBrake, Chassis, Susp, Steering
AET1310Automotive EngineELECAETAutomotive Engine
AGRI2211Soils LabGEOGELECSoils Lab
AGRI2210SoilsGEOG1010Physical Geography
AGRI3110Animal Health and DiseaseELECAGRIAnimal Health and DiseaseUDV
AGRI1310Animal ScienceELECAGRIAnimal Science
ANT101AnthropologyANTH1000Mysteries of the Hum JourneyLDV, SSCI
APSU1000Liberal Arts Univ LifeELECELECLiberal Arts Univ Life
ART1040Drawing IART1050Drawing I
ART2090Photography IART2810Photography I
ART3190Electronic ImagingARTELECElectronic ImagingUDV
ART3200Art History-USARTELECArt History-USUDV
ART410PDigital PhotographyARTELECDigital PhotographyUDV
ART4090Problems in ArtART4XXXProblems in ArtUDV
ART2030Printmaking IARTELECPrintmaking I
ART324XSpecial Topics: Art HistoryART4190Art History: Special Topics
ART1070Electronic ImagingARTELECElectronic Imaging
ART2320Graphic DesignARTELECGraphic Design
ART2000Art AppreciationART1110Introduction to ArtARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
ART1050Drawing IIART1060Drawing II
ART324JSpecial TopicsARTELECSpecial Topics
ART1030Art AppreciationART1110Introduction to ArtARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
ART2040Painting IART2070Painting I
ART2070Sculpture IART2330Sculpture I
ART1010Two dimensional DesignART1010Visual Studies I:Form in 2D
ART3340Drawing IIIARTELECDrawing III
ART1020Three Dimensional DesignART1020Visual Stud II: Form in 3D
ART2020Art History Survey IIART2150Hist of West Art Ren to PresARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ART410YSpecial Topics: MonoprintARTELECSpecial TopicsUDV
ART2010Art History Survey IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to MedARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ASTR1011Planetary Astronomy LabASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar SystemLAB, LDV
ASTR1210Planetary AstronomyASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar SystemLDV, LEC, NLAB
ASTR1211Planetary Astronomy LabASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar SystemLAB, LDV
ASTR1010Planetary AstronomyASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar SystemLDV, LEC, NLAB
ASTR1021Stellar Astronomy LabASTR1020LAstr Lab-Stars to GalaxiesLAB, LDV
ASTR1020Stellar AstronomyASTR1020Intro to Astr-Stars to GalaxLDV, LEC
BIOL1021Diversity of Life LabBIOLELECDiversity of Life LabLAB, LDV
BIOL1111Principles of Biology LabBIOL1110LPrinciples of Biology I LabLAB, LDV
BIOL2021Human Anat & Physiology LabBIOL2080LHuman Physiology LabLAB, LDV
BIOL4441Cell & Molecular Biology LabBIOL4280LCellular Biology Lab
BIOL1120Principles of Biology IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology IILDV, LEC
BIOL1020Diversity of LifeBIOLELECDiversity of LifeLDV, LEC
BIOL1011Principles of Life LabBIOLELECPrinciples of Life LabLAB, LDV
BIOL3131Genetics LabBIOL3260Genetics Laboratory
BIOL1040Human BiologyBIOLELECHuman BiologyLDV, LEC
BIOL4121Plant Physiology LabBIOL4360LPlant Physiology LabUDV
BIOL3060Zoological DiversityBIOLELECZoological DiversityUDV
BIOL3761Immunology & Serology LabBIOLELECImmunology & Serology Lab-3761UDV
BIOL1010Principles of LifeBIOLELECPrinciples of LifeLDV, LEC
BIOL3051Microbial Diversity LabBIOL4220LPrinciples of Microbiology Lab
BIOL4120Plant PhysiologyBIOL4360Plant PhysiologyUDV
BIOL201LHuman Anat & Physio LabBIOL2060LFunctional Human Anatomy LabLAB, LDV
BIOL1110Principles of BiologyBIOL1110Principles of Biology ILDV, LEC
BIOL2011Human Anat & PhysioBIOL2060LFunctional Human Anat LabLAB, LDV
BIOL3331Principles of Evolution LabBIOLELECPrinciples of Evolution LabUDV
BIOL3061Zoological Diversity LabBIOLELECZoological Diversity LabUDV
BIOL2300Principles of MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and HealthLDV, LEC
BIOL2301Princ of Microbiology LabBIOL2100LMicrobiology & Health LabLAB, LDV
BIOL3070Botanical DiversityBIOL4180Plant Morphology
BIOL3071Botanical Diversity LabBIOL4180LPlant Morphology Lab-3071UDV
BIOL4020Biol Sciences and Geo Info SysBIOLELECBiol Sciences and Geo Info SysUDV
BIOL2020Human Anat & PhysiologyBIOL2080Human PhysiologyLDV, LEC
BIOL3050Microbial DiversityBIOL4220Principles of Microbiology
BIOL1041Human Biology LabBIOLELECHuman Biology LabLAB, LDV
BIOL4080General EcologyBIOL3060EcologyUDV
BIOL202LHuman Anat & Physio LabBIOL2080LHuman Physiology LabLAB, LDV
BIOL4440Cell & Molecular BiologyBIOL4280Cellular Biology
BIOL1121Principles of Biology II LabBIOL1120LPrinciples of Biology II LabLAB, LDV
BIOL3000Biological MethodsBIOLELECBiological MethodsUDV
BIOL4081General Ecology LabBIOL3070Ecology LaboratoryUDV
BIOL4050Field BotanyBIOLELECField BotanyUDV
BIOL4051Field Botany LabBIOLELECField Botany LabUDV
BIOL3760Immunology & SerologyBIOLELECImmunology & Serology-3760UDV
BIOL2010Human Anat & PhysioBIOL2060Functional Human AnatomyLDV, LEC
BIOL3330Principles of EvolutionBIOL3350Evolution
BIOL4021Biol Sci and Geo Inf Sys LabBIOLELECBiol Sci and Geo Inf Sys LabUDV
BLAW3220Business Law IIBUS3360Business Law
BLAW3300Soc Legal and Pol EnvironBUS3350Legal Environment of Business
CA2530Purchasing and ReceivingELECCAPurchasing and Receiving
CA2520Garde MangerELECCAGarde Manger
CA2100Sanitation and SafetyELECCASanitation and Safety
CA2800International Food PreparationELECCAInternational Food Preparation
CA2200Nutrition and Menu PlanningELECCANutrition and Menu Planning
CA2420Catering and Banquet MgtELECCACatering and Banquet Mgt
CA2700Bar ManagementELECCABar Management
CHEM3501Brief Organic Chemistry LabCHEMELECBrief Organic Chem Lab-3501
CHEM1011Chem, Society, Environmt LabCHEMELECChem, Society, Envirn Lab-1011LAB, LDV
CHEM1120General ChemistryCHEM1120General Chemistry IILDV, LEC
CHEM3511Organic Chemistry LabCHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM3520Organic ChemistryCHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CHEM1710Intro Chem & PhysicsCHEMELECIntro Chem & PhysicsLBSC
CHEM4311Biochemistry LabCHEMELECBiochemistry LabUDV
CHEM1010Chemistry, Society, EnvironmntCHEMELECChem, Society, Environmt-1010LDV, LEC
CHEM3521Organic Chemistry LabCHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM4321Biochemistry LabCHEMELECBiochemistry LabUDV
CHEM1320Intro to Process OperationsCHEMELECIntro to Process Operations
CHEM1021Chemistry Society and EnvironCHEM1XXXChem:Society & Envir Lab-1021LAB, LDV
CHEM1111General Chemistry Lab ICHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I LaboratoryLAB, LDV
CHEM1121General Chemistry Lab IICHEM1120LGen Chemistry II LabLAB, LDV
CHEM3510Organic ChemistryCHEM3010Organic Chemistry I
CHEM3500Brief Organic ChemistryCHEMELECBrief Organic Chemistry-3500
CHEM3440Inorganic ChemistryCHEM3310Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM1020Chemistry Society and EnvironmCHEM1XXXChem: Society Envrion-1020LDV, LEC
CHEM3441Inorganic Chemistry LabCHEMELECInorganic Chemistry LabUDV
CHEM1310Intro to Process IndustriesCHEMELECIntro to Process Industries
CHEM1110General ChemistryCHEM1110General Chemistry ILDV, LEC
CHET2010Process InstrumentationENCHELECProcess Instrumentation
CHET2131Mechanical Systems LabENCHELECMechanical Systems Lab
CHET2100Fundamentals of Chemical EngrENCHELECFundamentals of Chemical Engr
CHET2020Process TroubleshootingENCHELECProcess Troubleshooting
CHET2030Process Operations ManagementENCHELECProcess Operations Management
CHET2140Quality ControlENCHELECQuality Control
CHET2161Adv Instrumentation LabENCHELECAdv Instrumentation Lab
CHET2011Process Instrumentation LabENCHELECProcess Instrumentation Lab
COMM1010Fund of Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public SpeakingORAL
COMM2020Media, Society, and IndividualCOMMELECMedia, Society, and IndividualLDV, SSCI
COMM309CIntl Comm Print and Web JourCOMMELECIntl Comm Print and Web JourUDV
COMM2400Writing for Electronic MediaCOMM2300Media Writing I
COMM2100Broadcast Equip Op and TechELECCOMMBroadcast Equip Op and Tech
COMM2200Intro to Sports InterviewingCOMMELECIntro to Sports Interviewing
COMM2000News ReportingCOMMELECNews Reporting
COMM1200Intro to Mass CommunicationCOMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
COMM3010Integrated Corp CommCOMMELECIntegrated Corp CommUDV
COMM2720Intro to InternetCPSCELECIntro to Internet
COMM2010Intro Corporate CommunicationCOMM2XXXIntro Corporate Communication
COMM1500Intro to Sports BroadcastingCOMMELECIntro to Sports Broadcasting
COMM1400Intro to Public RelationsCOMM2710Intro to Public Relations
COMM3320Business and Prof CommMGT3100Business CommunicationsLDV
CRJ3420lnternational TerrorismCRMJ4140Terrorism
CRJ3100Network SecurityCRMJ3XXXNetwork Security
CRJ1030Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJELECIntro to Law Enforcement
CRJ1010Intro to Criminal JusticeCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice SysLDV, SSCI
CRJ4000Law Enforcement AdminCRMJ4040Police Admin&Mgmt IssuesUDV
CRJ3430Management of IncidentsCRMJ3XXXManagement of Incidents
CRJ3440Terrorism PreventionCRMJELECTerrorism Prevention
CRJ3010Criminal LawPOLSELECCriminal LawUDV
CRJ3000Constitutional LawPOLSELECConstitutional LawUDV
CRJ3020Criminal Evidence ProcedureCRMJ3XXXCriminal Evidence Procedure
CRMJ2010Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJ2XXXIntro to Law EnforcementLDVFor CRMJ majors: CRMJ 2010 will satisfy CRMJ 3100 requirement, but will not count for upper level credit.
CRMJ2020Intro to CorrectionsCRMJ2XXXIntro to CorrectionsLDVFor CRMJ majors: CRMJ 2020 will satisfy CRMJ 3120 requirement, but will not count for upper level credit.
CSCI1005Comp Hardwre, Softwre, Prog CoCPSCELECComp Hardwre, Softwre, Prog Co
CSCI2010Intro to Programming IICPSC1110Data Structures & Prog Design
CSCI1000Intro to Computer ScienceCPSC1000Intro To ComputingCSLI
CSCI1015Intro computer ProgrammingCPSCELECIntro Computer Programming
CSCI2070Programming in Selected Lang ICPSCELECProgramming in Selected Lang I
CSCI1010Intro to Programming ICPSC1100Fund of Cmptr Science
DANC1035Introduction to DanceTHSP1130Instroduction to DanceARTS, LDV, VPAR
DANC1500Jazz DanceHHPELECJazz Dance
DSCI4500Bus and Econ ForecastingBUSELECBus and Econ ForecastingUDV
DSCI3410Production Operations MgmtMGT3110Operations Management
DSPM880Elem Algebra/Interm AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
DSPM700Basic Mathematics: ArithmeticMATH1004Basic Mathematics:ArithmeticDEVL
DSPM800Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
DSPM850Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
DSPR800Developmental ReadingENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL
DSPW700Basic WritingENGL1005Developmental Writing IDEVL
DSPW800Developmental EnglishENGL1004Developmental EnglishDEVL
EC3010Early Literacy DevelopmentECHD3470Oral Lang & Early Literacy Dev
EC2200Intro to Early Child EducationEDUC2090Intro ECHD/Early Chld Spec Ed
EC4170Eval & Assessment in ECHDECHD4460Strateg for Assess Young Child
ECED2020Infant/Toddler Child DevECHD2430Child Dev & Observation I
ECO2020Economics IIECON1020Principles of Econ: MicroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2010Principles of MacroeconomicsECON1010Princ of Econ: MacroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2020Principles of MicroeconomicsECON1020Principles of Econ: MicroeconLDV, SSCI
EDUC2100Foundations of EducationEDUC2010Education in the United States
EET2030Digital Electronics Circuits IENEEELECDigital Electronics Circuits I
EET1040A.C. Fundamentals and CircuitsENEEELECA.C. Fundamentals and Circuits
ENG1020English Comp IIENGL1020Rhetoric and CompositionCMP2, LDV
ENG1010English CompENGL1010Rhetoric and CompositionCMP1, LDV
ENG2010World LiteratureENGL2410Western World Literature ILDV, LITR, TBR, WHUM
ENG2030World LiteratureENGL2410Western World Literature ILDV, LITR, TBR, WHUM
ENGL2030Traditions in Wrld LiteratureENGL1130Western Humanities ILDV, LITR, TBR, THVB, WHUM
ENGL3150ShakespeareENGL3340ShakespeareHUM, LITR, TBR, UDV
ENGL2200Intro to Creat Writ: PoetryENGL2700Creative WritingLDV, LITR, VPAR
ENGL2110American Literature IENGL2110American Literature to 1855HUM, LDV, TBR
ENGL3010American Literature IENGL2110American Literature to 1855HUM, TBR
ENGL1100Technical & Report WritingENGL2880Professional WritingINTW, LDV
ENGL2110American Literature IENGL2110American Literature to 1855LDVnot gen ed at Austin Peay or UTC. removed Gen Ed attributes
ENGL3010American Literature IENGL2110American Literature to 1855LDVnot gen ed at Austin Peay or UTC, removed gen ed attributes
ENGL1010English CompositionENGL1010Rhetoric & CompositionCMP1, LDV
ENGL1020English CompositionENGL1020Rhetoric & CompositionCMP2, LDV
ENGR2120Particles and Rigid BodiesENGRELECParticles and Rigid Bodies
ENGR1000Introduction to EngineeringENGR1010Introduction to Engineering
ENGR2110StaticsENCE1040Vector Statics
ENGT2000Manufacturing ProcessesELECENGTManufacturing Processes
ENGT2020Robotics FundamentalsELECENGTRobotics Fundamentals
ENGT1000Intro to ENGTENGRELECIntro to ENGT-1000
ENGT1020Computer-Aided DesignENGRELECComputer-Aided Design-1020
ET1030DC Fund and CircuitsELECETDC Fund and Circuits
FIN1000Personal FinanceFINELECPersonal Finance
FIN3010Principles of FinanceFIN3020Essentials of Managerial Finan
FLM202Modern Int'l CinemaELECFLMModern Int'l Cinema
FRE1010Beginning French IFREN1010Elementary French I
FREN1010Elementary FrenchFREN1010Elementary French I
FREN1020Elementary FrenchFREN1020Elementary French II
FS2040Cake DecoratingELECFSCake Decorating
GB3002Ethics & Diversity in BusinessBUS3XXXEthics & Diversity in Business
GEOG1020Geog of Eur, Americas, AustGEOGELECGeog of Eur, American, AustLDV, SSCI
GEOG3110Geography of US & CanadaGEOG3030Geography of North America
GEOG1010Physical GeographyGEOG1010Physical GeographySSCI
GEOG1030Geography of Developing WorldGEOGELECGeography of Developing WorldSSCI
GEOL1040Physical GeologyGEOL1110Physical GeologyLDV, LEC
GEOL1051Historical Geology LabGEOL1120LHistorical Geology LaboratoryLAB, LDV
GEOL1041Physical Geology LabGEOL1110LPhysical Geology LaboratoryLAB, LDV
GEOL1050Historical GeologyGEOL1120Historical GeologyLDV, LEC
GERM1010Elementary GermanGER1010Elementary German I
GERM1020Elementary GermanGER1020Elementary German II
HHP4050Concepts Wellness PromoHHP4350Prom of Wksite HHPUDV
HHP1250Wellness Concepts & PracticeHHP21Concepts & Applics Wellness/PESSCI
HHP3030Nutrition Science and ApplicNUTR1350NutritionUDV
HHP1260Personal HealthHHP1000Personal Health
HHP3100School HealthHHP3020School Health Program
HHP4220Analysis of MovementHHPELECAnalysis of MovementUDV
HHP4989PreInternship & Career SeminarHHP4XXXPreInternship & Career Seminar
HHP2000First Aid CPR and SafetyHHP1540Safety and First Aid
HHP4070Intro to DiseaseHHPELECIntro to DiseaseUDV
HHP4060Consumer HealthHHP4XXXConsumer Health
HHP4150Fit Asmt and Exer PrescHHP4280Exc Prescription in Hlth & DisUDV
HHP4700Res Applicants in Exercise SciHHP4560Rsrch Meth Exc Sci&Hlth PromUDV
HHP3300Anatomical KinesiologyHHP3180Kinesiology
HHP4040Sport PsychologyHHP4070Soc/Psych of Exc Sci & LsSSCI, UDV
HHP2010Technical Applics for HealthHHPELECTechnical Applics for Health
HHP3050Coaching Concepts and IssuesHHPELECCoaching Concepts and IssuesUDV
HHP3410Health DisparitiesHHPELECHealth DisparitiesUDV
HHP4990Internship in HHPHHP4XXXInternship in HHP
HHP2050Community and Env HealthHHP3030Community & Environment Hlth
HHP3040Positive Mental Hlth and HappyHHPELECPositive Mental Hlth and Happy
HHP3110Substance Use and AbuseHHP4530Substance Use, Misuse, & Abuse
HHP3000Health Care ManagementHHP3XXXHealth Care Management
HHP2070Principle-Strength, ConditionHHP2090Physical FitnessLDV
HHP4250Physiology of ExerciseHHP3170Exercise PhysiologyUDV
HHP2030Youth Adn Adolescent HlthHHPELECYouth Adn Adolescent Hlth
HIST2020American History IIHIST2020U S History Since 1865HIST, HUM, LDV, TBR
HIST1220World History IIHIST1030World Civilizations IIIHIST, LDV, NWCL, TBR, WCIV
HIST2010American History IHIST2010U S History to 1865HIST, HUM, TBR
HIST1210World History IHIST1010World Civilizations IHIST, LDV, NWCL, TBR, THVB, WCIV
HIST3460Colonial Latin AmericaHIST3720Lat Amer from Indep to Present
HIST2030History of TennesseeHIST3440History of TennesseeHUM, TBR
HIST3320Middle Ages After 700HISTELECMiddle Ages After 700
HIT1010Medical TerminologyPHYT3020Med Term for Hlth ProfUDV
HIT1010Medical TerminologyPHYT3020Med Term for Hlth Prof
HIT1010Medical TerminologyPHYT3020Med Term for Hlth ProfUDV
HLTH2050Comm and Environ HealthHHP2XXXComm and Environ Health
HLTH1260Personal HealthHHP1000Personal Health
HON1010Lang and Prob Mod CultureELECHONLang and Prob Mod Culture
HON2010Roots of Western CultureUHONELECRoots of Western CultureLDV
HSC190Intro to Human PathophysiologyELECHSCIntro to Human Pathophysiology
JOUR4712Mass Media and CulturesCOMMELECMass Media and CulturesUDV
JPN1020Elementary JapaneseFLNG1020Elementary Foreign Language IIREP
JPN1010Elementary JapaneseFLNG1010Elementary Foreign Lang IREP
LART1000Liberal Arts in Univ LifeELECLARTLiberal Arts in Univ Life
LDSP1000Intro to Study of LDRSPELECLDSPIntro to Study of LDRSP
LDSP3000Leadership DevelopmentELECLDSPLeadership Development
LDSP2100Foundations of LeadershipELECLDSPFoundations of Leadership
LDSP1005Community OrganizationsELECLDSPCommunity Organizations
LEN1010Intro to Criminal JustCRMJ1100Intro to the Criminal Just SysSSCI
LEN1070Computers in Law EnforcementCRMJ2110Information Systems
LEN1070Computers in Law EnforcementCRMJ2110Information SystemsLDV
LEN1010Intro to Criminal JustCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice SysLDV, SSCI
MATH1210College AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1130College AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1010Mathematical Thought & PractMATH1010Math in Our Modren WorldLDV, MATH
MATH1530Elements of StatisticsMATH2100Introductory StatisticsLDV, STAT
MATH3000Discrete MathematicsMATH3030Discrete Structures
MATH2110CalculusMATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry ILDV, MATH
MATH1730PrecalculusMATH1710Precalculus IMATH
MATH830Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
MATH1910Calculus and Analytic GeometryMATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry ILDV, MATH
MATH2050Calculus Prob & StatisticsMATH2XXXCalculus Prob & StatisticsCourse material covered is between MATH 2100 and 3100
MATH1220College AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1110Algebraic Problem SolvingMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1710College AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH3120Differential EquationsMATH2450Intro to Differential & DiffEq
MATH3010Intro to Math ReasoningMATH3000Intro to Logic and Proof
MATH1140Fund Concepts of MathMATHELECFund Concepts of Math
MATH1150Fund Concepts of MathMATHELECFund Concepts of Math
MATH1410Structure of Math SystemsMATHELECStrucutre of Math Systems
MATH1920Calculus and Analytical GeomMATH1960Calculus with Analytic Geometr
MATH1420Structure of Math Systems IIMATH2160Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch IILDV, MATH
MATH1810Elements of CalculusMATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc SciLDV, MATH
MATH1240Elements of StatisticsMATH2100Introductory StatisticsLDV, STAT
MATH820Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MGMT3610Prin Mgt and Org BehaviorMGT3300Concepts in Organizational Beh
MGT3010Prin Mgt and Org BehaviorMGT3300Concepts in Organizational Beh
MGT3001Technology for BusinessMGT3XXXTechnology for Business
MGT3410Production Operations MgmtMGT3110Operations ManagementUDV
MGT4810Strategic ManagementMGT4400Strategic Management
MGT3300Social, Legal, Pol Environ BusMGT3XXXSocial, Legal, Poi Environ Bus
MGT3310Data Analytics and StatisticsMGT3XXXData Analytics and Statistics
MIS4100Management Info SystemsMGT3600Management Info Systems
MIS1200Bus Info TechnologyMGT1000Computers in BusinessCSLI
MKT3710Business MappingMKTELECBusiness MappingUDV
MKT3410International MarketingMKT3180International Marketing
MKT3210Retailing ManagementMKT3640Retailing
MKT4310Adv and Promo StrategyMKTELECAdv and Promo StrategyUDV
MKT3510Cons and Market BehaviorMKTELECCons and Market BehaviorUDV
MKT4150Industrial MarketingMKT4150Business to Business Mkt
MKT3010Principles of MarketingMKT3130Principles of Marketing
MKT4450Marketing ResearchMKT4500Marketing Research
MKT4800Marketing ManagementMKTELECMarketing ManagementUDV
MSL201LLeadership and Mgt Skills LabMILSELECLeadership and Mgt Skills Lab
MSL101LBasic Military Skill LabMILSELECBasic Military Skill Lab-101L
MSL102LMilitary Science LabMILSELECMilitary Science Lab
MSL1020Leadership & Mgt Skills IIMILSELECLeadership/Mgt Skills II-1020
MSL201LLeadership & Mgt Skills LabMILSELECLdrshp & Mgt Skills Lab-201L
MSL1000Army Physical FitnessMILS1080Army ROTC Fitness ProgramREP
MSL1020Leadership and Mgt Skills IIMILSELECLeadership and Mgt Skills II
MSL2010Intro Tactical Skills IMILS2060Fdns Tactical Leadership
MSL101LBasic Military Skill LabMILSELECBasic Military Skill Lab
MSL1010Leadership and Mgt Skills IMILS1060Basic Leadership
MSL202LIntro to Tack Skills II LabMILSELECIntro to Tack Skills II Lab
MSL102LMilitary Science LabMILSELECMilitary Science Lab-102L
MSL2010Intro to Tactical Skills IMILS2060Foundations of Tactical Leader
MSL1010Leadership and Mgt SkillsMILS1060Basic Leadership
MSL2020Intro to Tactical SkillsMILSELECIntro to Tactical Skills
MTEC3911Fundamentals of Hematology LabELECMTECFundamentals of Hematology LabUDV
MTEC3910Fundamentals of HematologyELECMTECFundamentals of HematologyUDV
MUS1160Class Piano IMUS1310Piano Class
MUS1210Beginning GuitarMUS1350Guitar Class
MUS1190Music Theory IIMUS1080Music Theory II
MUS1195Aural Skills IIMUS1040Ear Training II
MUS2195Aural Skills IVMUS2040Ear Training IV
MUS1109Piano-Individual InstructionMUS1511Piano InstructionREP
MUS1169Piano for Adult BeginnersMUS1210Piano Class for Non-Music Majo
MUS1200Voice-Individual InstructionMUS2550Voice InstructionREP
MUS2190Music Theory IVMUS2080Music Theory IV
MUS2030World MusicMUS3110Musics of the WorldNWCC, NWCL, TBR, UDV, VPAR
MUS1500ChoirMUS20Chattanooga SingersREP
MUS1940Opera WorkshopMUS40Opera WorkshopREP
MUS3500ChoirMUS20Chattanooga SingersREP
MUS1050Intro to Music TheoryMUS1050Elements of Notation, Dictatio
MUS2180Music Theory IIIMUS2070Music Theory III
MUS2240Fdns of Music EducationMUSELECFdns of Music Education-2240
MUS1630Marching BandMUS30Marching BandREP
MUS1040Intro to Music TheoryMUS1020Fundamentals of Music
MUS1030Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUS1180Music Theory IMUS1070Theory I
MUS1170Class Piano IIMUS1320Piano Class
MUS2185Aural Skills IIIMUS2030Ear Training III
MUS1600Symphonic BandMUS31Symphonic BandREP
MUS1060Recital AttendanceMUS1000SeminarREP
MUS2000Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUS4523German Diction for SingersMUSELECGerman Diction for SingersUDV
MUS1185Aural Skills IMUS1030Ear Training I
MUS1970Intro to Music LiteratureMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUS2050Beg Music Reading & PerfMUSELECBeg Mus Reading & Perf-2050
MUS4380Choral TechniquesMUS3360Choral Methods
PASS900Promote Academic Stud SuccessELECPASSPromote Academic Stud Success
PHED2040Flag FootballHHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV
PHED1060Beginning GolfHHP30Beginning Golf
PHED2060RacquetballHHP31Beginning RacquetballACTV
PHED2020BasketballHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, REP
PHED1210Weight TrainingHHP40Beg Conditioning & Wt Training
PHED1310Physical FitnessHHP22Recreational ActivitiesREP
PHED1050Beginning TennisHHP37Beginning Tennis
PHIL1040Introduction to EthicsPHIL2210Introduction to EthicsHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL2000Intro to PhilosophyPHIL2010Introduction to PhilosophyHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL3040History of EthicsPHILELECHistory of Ethics
PHIL4015War and EthicsPHILELECWar and Ethics
PHIL1030Intro to PhilosophyPHIL2010Introduction to PhilosophyHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL2200Religion and the WorldREL1030Intro to the Study of ReligionHUM, TBR, THVB
PHIL2300Medical EthicsPHIL3250Biomedical EthicsHUM, TBR, THVB, UDV
PHYS2501Compute Mthds SCI, ENGR II LabPHYSELECCompute Mthds SCI, ENGR II Lab
PHYS4001Computational Methods LabPHYSELECComputational Methods Lab
PHYS3030Electricity and MagnetismPHYS3420Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS1005Prep for Coll & Univ PhysicPHYSELECPrep for Coll & Univ Physics
PHYS3005Theoretical MethodsPHYSELECTheoretical Methods
PHYS3800Quantum MechanicsPHYS4110Intro to Quantum Mechanics
PHYS2021College Physics LabPHYS1040LGen Phys: Electrmgntsm&Opt LabLAB, LDV
PHYS1500Compute Mthds Sci/Engineers IPHYSELECCompute Mthds Sci/Engineers I
PHYS2500Compute Mthds SCI, Engineer IIPHYSELECCompute Mthds SCI, Engineer II
PHYS1710Intro to Chemistry & PhysicsPHYSELECIntro to Chemistry & PhysicsLBSC, LDV
PHYS1011Understand Physical World LabPHYSELECUnderstand Physical World LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2111University Physics LabPHYS2300LPrinc of Phys:Mech&Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS3050Intro to CircuitsPHYS3040Electronic Circuits
PHYS3051Intro to Circuits LabPHYS3040LElectronic Circuits Lab
PHYS3010Intermediate MechanicsPHYSELECIntermediate Mechanics
PHYS2010College PhysicsPHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS2121University Physics LabPHYS2310LPrinc of Phys:Elect&Mgntsm LabLAB, LDV
PHYS3700Intro to Modern PhysicsPHYS2320Prin Phys-Optics & Mod Phys
PHYS2011College Physics LabPHYS1030LGen Phys:Mechanics & Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2120University PhysicsPHYS2310Princ of Phys:Electr & MagntsmLDV, LEC
PHYS3551Experimental Physics LabPHYS3980LMethods of Exper Phys I Lab
PHYS1020Understanding Physical WorldPHYS1XXXUnderstand Physical World-1020LDV, LEC
PHYS2110University PhysicsPHYS2300Princ of Phys:Mechanics & HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS3701Modern Physics LabPHYS2320LPrin Phys Lab-Opt & Mod Phys
PHYS4000Computational MethodsPHYSELECComputational Methods
PHYS1010Understanding Physical WorldPHYSELECUnderstanding Physical WorldLDV, LEC
PHYS3550Experimental MethodsPHYS3980Methods of Experm Phys I
PHYS4300Image ProcessingPHYSELECImage Processing
PHYS2020College PhysicsPHYS1040Gen Phys: Electrmgntsm&OpticsLDV, LEC
PHYS1021Understand Physical Wrld LabPHYS1XXXUnderstnd Phys Wrld Lab-1021LAB, LDV
PM3240Public Budget & Finance MgmtMGTELECPublic Budget & Finance Mgmt
PM3200Public Sector ManagementMGTELECPublic Sector Management
POLS3020American Foreign PolicyPOLS3450American Foreign Policy
POLS4330Women and the LawPOLSELECWomen and the LawUDV
POLS2070International PoliticsPOLS2420International RelationsSSCI
POLS3760Methods of ResearchPOLSELECMethods of ResearchUDV
POLS2010American National GovernmentPOLS1010American GovernmentLDV, SSCI
POLS4444Cultural Context of Pol. SocPOLSELECCultural Context of Pol. SocUDV
POLS4130Pol Parties & Interest GroupsPOLSELECPol Parties & Interest Groups
POLS3090The United NationsPOLSELECThe United NationsUDV
POLS1005Legal ResearchPOLSELECLegal ResearchLDV
POLS4320Amer. Constitutioinal Law IIPOLS3220Civil LibertiesUDV
POLS1000Intro to Legal Asst and EthicsLAS1010Law and The Legal Assistant
POLS4510Comm and Public OpinionPOLSELECComm and Public Opinion
POLS3120European PoliticsPOLSELECEuropean Politics
POLS2040Intro to Public PolicyPOLSELECIntro to Public PolicySSCI
POLS3060Terrorism & Counter TerrorPOLSELECTerrorism & Counter Terror
POLS3010Comparative PoliticsPOLS3430Comparative Government and PolREP
PSY3180Research MethodsPSY2020Research Methodology
PSY4150Behavior ModificationPSYELECBehavior ModificationUDV
PSY3130Educational PsychologyPSYELECEducational PsychologyUDV
PSY3020Physiological PsychologyPSY3140Physiological PsychologyUDV
PSY1010General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY3010Learning and MotivationPSY3110Learning and Motivation
PSY4500Psychology Applied to WorkPSY4060Industrial/Org PsychologyUDV
PSY2010Statistics for Behavior SciPSY2010Rsrch Meth: Intro Stats PsychLDV, STAT
PSY1030General PsychologyPSYELECGeneral PsychologySSCI
PSY1210Psychology of AdjustmentPSY2510Psychology of Adjustment
PSY3100Developmental PsychologyPSYELECDevelopmental PsychologyUDV
PSY4000History & Systems of PsyPSY4600Systems of Psychology
PSY3340Health PsychologyPSYELEChealth PsychologyUDV
PSY4610Special Topics-Career DevPSY4XXXSpecial Topics-Career DevUDV
PSY2000Career Planning in PsychologyPSYELECCareer Planning in PSY-2000
PSY3110Human Dev Child & AdolesPSYELECHuman Dev Child & AdolesUDV
PSY4380Military PsychologyPSYELECMilitary PsychologyUDV
PSY4360Abnormal PsychologyPSY3080Principles of Abnormal Psychol
PSY301LLearn & Motivation LabPSYELECLearn & Motivation Lab
PSY4140Learn & Behavioral DisPSYELECLearn & Behavioral DisUDV
PSY1020General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY2210Human InteractionPSYELECHuman Interaction
PSY3330Social PsychologyPSY3310Social Psychology
PSY3120Human Dev Adult & AgingPSY2230Psychology of AgingUDV
PSY4350Psy of PersonalityPSY4480Theories of Personality
PSY3030Sensory ProcessPSY3120Sensation and Perception
PSY303LSensory Processes LabPSYELECSensory Processes Lab
PSY4010Death, dying and BereavementPSYELECDeath, Dying and BereavementUDV
PSY3230African American PsychologyPSYELECAfrican American PsychologyUDV
PSYC3305Learning and MemoryPSYELECLearning and Memory
QM2110Bus and Econ Stat IMGT2110Stats Methods for Business ILDV, STAT
QM3110Stats for Business and EconMGTELECStats for Business and Econ
RLTN2050Medical TerminologyELECRLTNMedical TerminologyLDV
SOC3700Medical SociologySOCELECMedical SociologyUDV
SOC3650Juvenile DelinquencySOC3220Juvenile DelinquencyUDV
SOC3200Crime and DelinquencySOCELECCrime and Delinquency-3200UDV
SOC3010Marriage and the FamilySOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SOC1020Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOC3060Contemp Issues in the FamilySOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SOC3080Gender and SexualitiesSOC3070Gender and SocietyUDV
SOC4720Sociological TheorySOC4XXXSociological TheoryUDV
SOC2500Cultural AnthropologyANTH1200Cultural AnthropologyLDV, NWCC, NWCL, SSCI, TBRApproved for SSCI at APSU.
SOC2900Marriage and the FamilySOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SOC4010Organized CrimeSOC4XXXOrganized CrimeUDV
SOC3000Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsSSCI, UDV
SOC1010Introduction to SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCIpreviously SOC 2010. changed 201340.
SOC2010Introduction to SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOC4080Classical Soc TheorySOC3120Classical Social Theory
SOC3050Race Relation & MinoritySOCELECRace Relation & MinorityUDV
SOC2050Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SPAN1010Elementary SpanishSPAN1010Elementary Spanish I
SPAN2020Intermediate SpanishSPAN2140Intermed Span for Reading II
SPAN304BStudy Abroad SpainSPANELECStudy Abroad Spain
SPAN2010Intermediate SpanishSPAN2130Intermed Spanish for Reading I
SPAN1020Elementary SpanishSPAN1020Elementary Spanish II
SPCH1010Fund of Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public SpeakingORAL
SPCH3200Bus and Prof CommunicationTHSP2090Business and Professional Spee
SPCH4020Comm in OrganizationTHSPELECComm in OrganizationUDV
SW2110Intro to Social WorkSOCWELECIntro to Social Work
SW3490Social Work with AgingSOCWELECSocial Work with AgingUDV
SW3470Tech SW for GroupsSOCWELECTech SW for GroupsUDV
SW3420Human BehaviorSOCWELECHuman BehaviorUDV
SW4020Human SexualitySOCWELECHuman SexualityUDV
SW3410Values, Ethics and DiversitySOCWELECValues, Ethics and DiversityUDV
SWED1110Swedish Lang and Culture IFLNG1010Elementary Foreign Language IREP
THEA1030Introduction to TheatreTHSP1110Introduction to TheatreARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
THEA1301Acting for Non MajorsTHSP1210Beginning Acting
THEA1000Intro to the TheatreTHSP1110Introduction to TheatreARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
WS3060Vagina MonologuesWSTUELECVagina MonologuesUDV
WS2050Women and CultureWSTU2000Intro to Women's StudiesLDV, SSCI
WS3070Women and FilmWSTUELECWomen and FilmUDV
WS4010Capstone Sem Women's StudiesWSTUELECCapstone Sem Women's StudiesUDV