The Policy

  1. A student must be admitted to UTC and registered for classes at UTC.
  2. Academic forgiveness applies to all undergraduate courses taken anywhere by the student eight years prior to the date of application for academic forgiveness.
    • The eight years extends from the semester preceding the date that the Records Office receives the application for academic forgiveness.
    • For the purposes of this policy, the summer represents one semester.
    • All work attempted more than eight calendar years before the date of application will be removed from consideration for credit for fulfillment of general education or major requirements or for grade point average or for any other purpose or requirement.
  3. Students can receive academic forgiveness only once.
  4. When granted, the academic forgiveness is irrevocable.

The Process

1. Submit the application for academic forgiveness to the Records Office (109 Race Hall). The application form is available at the Records Office and at Submission of the form indicates that the student wishes to forfeit all previously-completed coursework and understands the consequences of this action.

2. The staff will verify the application and the eligibility of the student's coursework for this policy. The staff will list for the student the course credits forfeited in compliance with the policy.

3. Sign the final agreement to forfeit eligible courses and return the form to the Records Office for processing.


Former students in good standing who have not enrolled in UTC courses for one or more semesters (excluding the summer) must apply for readmission. If they have attended another college or university during their absence, they must also meet the requirements for admission to the University as transfer students, with the exception that no application fee is required for readmission.

Students who have been suspended or dismissed from the University should review the section on Retention and Continuation Standards Appeals section for information on readmission.

Students applying for readmission who have not attended any other institution in their absence must submit the completed application by August 15 for enrollment fall semester; December 31 for enrollment spring semester; and April 15, June 1 or July 1 for each respective summer term. Students who have attended another institution must meet the transfer student deadline and submit a completed application by August 1 for fall semester, December 1 for spring semester, and April 15 for all summer terms.

Post-baccalaureate Students

Second Undergraduate Degree Students

Students seeking a second Bachelor's degree must apply for readmission through the Adult Services Center. A student may receive a second Bachelor's degree if the student fulfills requirements for each degree.

Students may earn a second Bachelor's degree whenever they simultaneously complete the requirements for more than one degree (e.g., B.A. and B.S.) or, after receiving one degree, return to the university to complete another degree.

A student may receive a second Bachelor's degree if:

  1. The student fulfills all requirements for both degrees.
  2. The curriculum for the second degree includes at least 25 percent of the minimum hours required for the degree not applied to the first degree. These hours must consist of courses taken at UTC. A grade point average of at least 2.0 is required in these courses.
  3. The additional hours beyond the first degree shall include a minimum of 12 hours taken at UTC in the major department of the second Bachelor's degree. A grade point average of at least 2.0 is required in these courses.

Post-baccalaureate students with Bachelor's degrees from regionally accredited colleges or universities who are seeking undergraduate UTC degrees are not subject to UTC general education requirements. However, they are subject to major requirements, including general education courses specifically required for the major. Post-baccalaureate students who are not seeking a UTC degree also do not need to meet UTC general education requirements.

Non-degree Post-baccalaureate Students

Post-baccalaureate students who are not seeking a second undergraduate degree should apply through UTC's Graduate School.

Non-Traditional Credit

Limitations on Non-Traditional Credit

Students may earn no more than 60 semester hours of non-traditional credit. Moreover, no student may earn more than 24 semester hours of non-traditional credit for each of the categories listed below.

Normally, non-traditional credit will not apply toward the last 24 hours of residency. However, students who have completed their 24 hours of traditional coursework at UTC and earn IEP credit in their final semester need not petition for an exception to the final 24 hour residency requirement.

Except for credit by special examination, credit earned by these non-traditional means is elective. Exceptions to this principle occur only with the written approval of the respective departments, indicating specifically the amount and type of credit to be applied to a major degree program.

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