Credit for Work Experience

Adult students who have not earned a degree and wish to enter or return to the University after working for several years may be eligible to receive credit for their professional work experience, in-service training, and completion of certified professional programs. UTC's Credit for Work Experience program awards elective credit for those professional and in-service training experiences that have University equivalencies. Information concerning Credit for Work Experience is available in the Office of Cooperative Education and International Programs (423) 425-4735. Students pay a portfolio/registration fee of $50.00 and an additional fee per credit hour, based on current University charges for IEP credit hours awarded.

Normally, non-traditional credit will not apply toward the last 24 hours of residency. However, students who have completed their last 24 hours of traditional coursework at UTC and earn IEP credit in their final semester need not petition for an exception to the final 24-hour residency requirement.

Petitions and Appeals

This section presents the appeal processes for matters related to admission, readmission, and residency. Applicants should note that all petitions of appeal must be made in writing and that many of the petitions must be submitted before specific deadlines. In each case, the applicant must first submit a petition to the appropriate committee or office. Applicants who receive a negative decision may then appeal to the Chancellor for special consideration.

Admission and Readmission Decisions

Applicants who are denied admission or readmission may petition the Admission Committee. A petition form is automatically mailed to applicants for whom admission has been denied. This form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the appropriate admission application deadline date: August 1 for the fall semester, December 1 for the spring semester, and April 15 for all summer sessions. Applicants are not permitted to attend class during the Admission Committee's review of the petition.

Applicants may appeal to the Chancellor to overturn the decision of the Admission Committee by following the procedures described in the Appealing to the Chancellor section below.

Transfer Course Classification

Students who believe that their transfer coursework was misclassified should present their concerns in writing to the Registrar as soon as possible. The Records Office staff will review the coursework and issue a response to the student.

Residency Classification

Undergraduate students classified as non-residents may appeal this classification by submitting a petition and supporting evidence to the Admission Office on or before the fifth day of classes. Those appealing for a five-week summer term have until the third day of classes. These deadlines also apply to students seek

ing to pay in-state fees due to their full-time employment in the State of Tennessee. Decisions on appeals made before the deadline will be effective for that semester. Petitions received after the deadline, if granted, will be effective the following semester.

The Director of Admissions serves as the primary classification officer for undergraduate students enrolled at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Residence classification appeals should be made by completing the petition form provided by the Admission Office. Appeals should include appropriate evidence to support the student's establishment of domicile in the State of Tennessee. Evidence of residence includes rental agreements, property deeds, voter registration, and other instruments that verify that the student's permanent residence is in Tennessee.

The student may appeal the decision of the Director of Admissions by submitting a formal request to the chair of the Residency Appeals Committee. The chair of the committee will schedule a hearing to review the student's request. The student may be present at the committee's hearing and may bring to the hearing any materials or other individuals (including legal counsel) that he or she believes will support the appeal.

The student may appeal in writing the committee's decision to the Chancellor of UTC. The student has the right to appeal in writing the Chancellor's decision to the President of The University of Tennessee. Final appeals are decided by the Board of Trustees for the University of Tennessee.

Appeals to the Chancellor

Applicants and students who are not satisfied with the result of a petition review may submit an appeal to the Chancellor requesting specific action. The appeal must be a written letter that can be mailed or hand-delivered to:

Dr. Roger Brown, Chancellor
Office of the Chancellor (Dept. 5605)
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37403

The letter should provide:

  • a clear rationale for why the Chancellor should overturn the decision, waive the regulations of the University, or both;
  • additional information that was not presented with the original petition or a review of procedural errors made in the review of the petition;
  • a list of actions the individual requests;
  • a list of courses in which the individual intends to enroll for the forthcoming semester (for appeals to be admitted or readmitted);
  • current mailing address;
  • daytime telephone number where individual may be reached; and
  • UTC ID.

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