Transfer Equivalency

When transferring to this University, students must submit official transcripts of coursework attempted at all the regionally accredited institutions they attended. The University's staff evaluates each course to determine its equivalency to UTC courses. Courses without an exact UTC equivalent will transfer in as an elective course related to the specific department. If UTC has no equivalent department, the course will transfer in as elective. Transfer students will not receive credit for courses that are not at the college level or are not appropriate to the curriculum at UTC, such as technical or vocational coursework.

The grades for transferred courses are included in the transfer grade point average as well as the cumulative grade point average according to UTC's grading policies and scale. Students who transfer a course grade that is lower than the UTC required grade must repeat the course.

Students who transfer community college coursework that is equivalent to 300- or 400-level UTC equivalent will receive elective credit for the course. These courses will not fulfill the University's requirement for upper division coursework.

Students who believe that their transfer coursework was misclassified should present their concerns in writing to the Registrar as soon as possible. The Records Office staff will review the coursework and issue a response to the student.

Transfer Articulation

The purpose of a Transfer Articulation is to provide students with a list of courses to complete at the community college and at UTC that will lead to a Bachelor's degree in a specific major.

Transfer articulation agreements list the courses that students must take to earn an Associate degree in a major as well as the coursework in the same major required for the Bachelor's degree. Transfer students who change their majors once enrolled at UTC will receive full credit for their college-level transfer work but will not be considered to be within the articulation program.

Students completing an articulation program must also fulfill all UTC academic regulations listed in the Degree Requirements section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Students transferring to UTC under an articulation agreement must meet the following criteria

  • Meet UTC admission requirements.
  • Have a 2.0 cumulative GPA with no transferred grade below a "C".
  • Have earned an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree from a Tennessee two year public institution and transfer major to major.
  • Be currently enrolled in coursework at UTC.
  • Contact the Records Office at UTC requesting a review of the academic record for articulation.

Articulation agreements are valid only for the major under which the AA or AS degree was awarded and must be completed within 10 years of admission to UTC.

Applicants with the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree may not participate in the articulation program. Individual courses earned under the AAS degree may transfer as electives and count toward completion of a degree.

International Students

International students wishing to apply for admission as an undergraduate student must provide the following:

  1. A completed application for undergraduate admission accompanied by the $35 application fee
  2. Authenticated copies of the applicant's academic records (These records should describe the courses of instruction in terms of years spent in school and types of subject matter covered with grades earned in each subject. These documents must be written in English.)
  3. A minimum score of 500 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language for applicants whose native language is not English (The Educational Testing Service provides information about this test at
  4. Evidence of a TB skin test upon arrival in the United States and of an MMR vaccination before enrolling in courses
  5. Evidence dated no earlier than six months prior to registration that the applicant has adequate financial resources to meet the expenses of attending the University and that the resources will be available to the applicant in the United States prior to the date of his or her registration at the University
  6. An estimate of expense form signed by the student showing he/she is aware of the costs of attending the University

Transfer students must supply a letter of good standing from their Foreign Student Adviser and must meet the requirements for admission to the University as a transfer student and an international student. These requirements are stated in the section on Transfer Students.

All international students are required to enroll in the insurance program for UT students.

All application materials must be submitted and processed by June 30 for the fall semester and by October 31 for the spring semester. Send all admission materials to:

International Student Services Office
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Dept. 4755)
615 McCallie Ave.
Chattanooga, TN 37403
United States of America

Academic Forgiveness

The University maintains an academic forgiveness policy for courses taken at any institution, including UTC. The policy allows for the removal of all previous coursework from the calculation of the student's grade point averages and from consideration for fulfillment of all University requirements. Academic forgiveness does not remove the record of these courses from the student's transcript. Upon issuance of academic forgiveness, the student must retake, as necessary, and complete all coursework specified for an academic degree and other courses the student may be required to complete (e.g., deficiency courses).

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