vide academic advising and registration services for students who have not declared a major. Students who were admitted conditionally or who have a developmental/deficiency status are also advised by The Advisement Office. In addition to course selection and registration, the staff provide students with information regarding student support services.

The Records Office: The Records Office, located in 109 Race Hall, maintains all student academic records, coordinates the scheduling and registration processes, certifies NCAA continuing academic eligibility, certifies veterans, and verifies students' eligibility for graduation. Students may also register for courses at the Records Office.

New Student Orientation and Registration


The Orientation Office in coordination with the Admissions Office, the Retention and Advisement Office, and the Student Development Office provides the new student orientation programs for freshmen and transfer students. These programs introduce students to the campus and University life.

Each orientation session includes a tour of the campus, an explanation of its facilities and academic programs, small group discussions with faculty and students, placement exams, advising and registration, and the opportunity to become acquainted with fellow students.

The University also hosts an optional Parent Orientation. The Parent Orientation occurs at the same time as the student orientation and helps parents learn about campus services, financial aid, and other topics.

Participation in an orientation session is mandatory for all new students. The dates for upcoming sessions are found on the Orientation web pages (see below). Orientation information is sent to all accepted students. Information regarding orientation registration, fees, and other requirements is included in the packet. Students should carefully read this information prior to attending an orientation session. Students register for orientation sessions online. Orientation availability is limited, and students may register on a first come first serve basis. Students are encouraged to register for orientation early. Once registered for orientation, students receive a confirmation brochure with a detailed agenda.

Prior to attending an orientation session, the student must have completed the admission process. Students registering for the Early Bird Orientation may complete their admission immediately following high school graduation. A final high school transcript, college transcripts for joint-enrollment credit, and Advanced Placement scores must be sent to the Admissions Office. The student must return the completed medical history form to Student Health Services prior to course registration. Other orientation information (e.g., housing, meals, contact information, etc.) can be found on the freshman and transfer student orientation web pages via the Admissions Office: For additional information, contact the Orientation Office at (423) 425-5220.

Placement Exams

The University asks most entering freshmen to complete placement exams prior to enrolling in certain courses. Students take these exams during orientation to establish their proficiency in math, writing, and reading. Additionally, students should contact the Foreign Languages Department for appropriate testing times and dates for foreign language placement.

English Placement Test

Students with an ACT English subscore of 18 or less (SAT Verbal of 459 or less) must take the English placement exam. Students with an ACT English subscore of 28 or greater (SAT Verbal of 630 or greater) may enroll in English 121 or elect to take the placement test to place in a higher-level composition course. Students who have transferred the equivalent of English 105, 106, 121, or 122 do not need to take the English placement exam.

Mathematics Placement Test and Placement System
Who Must Take the UTC Mathematics Placement Test

Students with an ACT Mathematics subscore of 23 or less (SAT Mathematics of 550 or less) must take the UTC Mathematics Placement Test. Students who have transferred the equivalent of Math 105, 106, 131, 136, 144, 145, or 151 with a grade of C or above do not need to take the UTC Mathematics Placement Test.

Students with an ACT Mathematics subscore of 24 or greater (SAT Mathematics of 560 or greater) may elect to take the UTC Mathematics Placement Test in order to place into a higher level mathematics course.

Students may take the UTC Mathematics Placement test only once.

How to Determine Appropriate Mathematics Courses

Students may use the higher of either their UTC Mathematics Placement Test Level or ACT Mathematics subscore to determine their eligibility for a mathematics course. The following table should be used in conjunction with the mathematics requirements for a specific major and with prerequisite course requirements to determine a student's first mathematics course.

For sequential courses, including Math 105-106-131-136, Math 105-106-144-145-151, and Math 105-106-215-216, students may, under unusual circumstances, start with a lower level course than the course listed in the following table. In no case may a student start with a higher level course.

The Mathematics Department strongly encourages students to enroll in a mathematics course during their first year at UTC. Success in mathematics requires that students remember specific skills learned in previous mathematics courses.

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