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                                   Our Staff

                                       Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Robert Ratchford Chief of Police 425-4004
Craig Hamilton Deputy Chief of Police 425-2145
John Boe Lieutenant of Operations 425-4074
Karen Farrow Sergeant 425-4013
Matthew Holzmacher  Sergeant 425-4357
Willie Trueitt Sergeant - Residence Life Operations 425-4653
April Bolton Police Corporal  425-4357
Craig Haney Police Corporal  425-4357
Paul Soyster Police Corporal 425-4357
Mary Connelly Police Officer  425-4357
 Jay Johnson Police Officer 425-4357
Steve Runyan  Police Officer 425-4357
Thomas "Shep" Spurlock  Police Officer 425-4357
Rebecca Tolbert Police Officer 425-4357
 John West Police Officer 425-4357
Harry Wolverton Police Officer 425-4357
Regina Shoulders ALT TAC/Security-Communications Officer  425-4357
Debra Cureton Security-Communications Officer  425-4357
Angela Dearth Security-Communications Officer 425-4357
Mark Szydlowski Security-Communications Officer 425-4357
Rodney Jones Residence Life Security Officer  425-4357
 Alletha Nelson Residence Life Security Officer    425-4357
Jay Rankin  Residence Life Security Officer   425-4357