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Campus Security Authorities (CSA)

Although every institution wants its campus community to report criminal incidents to law enforcement, we know that this doesn’t always happen. Even at institutions with a police department on campus, a student who is the victim of a crime may be more inclined to report it to someone other than the campus police. For this reason, the Clery Act requires all institutions to collect crime reports from a variety of individuals and organizations that Clery considers to be "campus security authorities”. Data is collected from a wide variety of “Campus Security Authorities” to provide the most accurate crime statistics possible." 


Defining Campus Security Authorities

The law defines four categories of Campus Security Authority:

•  University Police

  Non-police security staff responsible for monitoring university property, monitoring events, and providing escorts to include contract security and students.

  People/offices designed under our policy as those to whom crimes should be reported. These include the Office of Judicial Affairs and the Dean of Students. 

  “Officials with significant responsibility for students and campus activities”. “Official” is defined as any person who has the authority and duty to take action and respond to particular issues on behalf of the institution.

 Officials with significant responsibility

 (Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, etc.), and individuals including but not limited to the areas of:

  • Campus Law Enforcement
  • Contract Event Security
  • Dean of Students
  • Student Affairs
  • Counseling and Student Development
  • Multicultural Student Services
  • University Health Center and affiliates
  • Judicial Affairs
  • Residence Life (to include student resident advisors and hall directors)
  • University Unions
  • University Recreation (to include team sports and recognized clubs)
  • Community Service Learning
  • Student Withdrawal
  • Career and Academic Planning
  • Staff providing safety escorts on campus
  • Disability Services
  • Orientation
  • Athletic directors, coaches and assistant coaches
  • Coordinator of Greek Affairs
  • Marching Band Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Military Science “Cadre”
  • Faculty or staff advisors to student organizations or those that serve as formal or unofficial mentors to students
  • Office of Equal Opportunity
  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Director of Parking and the manager of parking field operations and monitors
  • Trip Advisors






Reporting Clery Crimes

CSA Reporting Form

CSA - Crime Statistic Form

You can use this form for reporting Clery reportable crimes to the Clery Compliance Officer. You have to open the form with Adobe reader prior to entering the required information. After filling in the information, save the form and email it to If you have any questions concerning the reporting of a crime please contact Sergeant Steve Everett at 423-425-5074 or send an email to