Message from the Department Head

Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.


On behalf of the faculty and staff of the UTC Department of Psychology, welcome!  Our faculty members are dedicated teachers and researchers who are committed to your academic development and success.  Our curriculum spans the breadth of the psychological discipline which enables our students to explore their interests within this exciting and important field of study.

Our Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees are among the most popular on campus.  Both degree options provide our students with a solid foundation in Psychology. The B.S. degree provides a sophisticated grounding in the processes and discoveries of the scientific method as it is used in contemporary Psychology.  The B.A. degree gives students an opportunity to explore psychological issues using non-scientific methodologies.  Many of our graduates move directly into business or public service, benefitting from the enhanced opportunities for success that are associated with a strong liberal arts education.  Other of our graduates enter Masters, PsyD and PhD programs in Psychology, including Industrial-Organizational, Clinical, and School Psychology.  And an undergraduate degree in Psychology does not limit you to pursuing an advanced degree in Psychology.  Our graduates have gone on to get degrees in law, medicine, social work and other disciplines.

We offer two master's level programs, one in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology and the other a masters in Research Psychology.  Our I-O program provides students with classroom and real-world experiences that allow them to graduate and fulfill important roles in work organizations.  Students in our Research Master's program work closely with a faculty mentor and take courses that teach them to use scientific methods to explore a wide range of issues.  Research Master's students, for example, have studied Psychology and the Law, Cognitive Psychology, the Psychology of Religion, Personality and Social Psychology, and Health Psychology, to mention only a few of the more prominent examples.  Many of our Masters graduates go on to pursue PsyD and PhDs at other universities.

Our faculty members enhance the learning experience of students in a variety of ways.  As dedicated researchers, we work hard to transfer that enthusiasm for research into the classroom.  Many of our faculty members maintain active research programs in which both undergraduate and graduate students collaborate.  It is not unusual for students to coauthor papers published with departmental faculty in professional journals.  Our students often have their UTC Provost Research proposals funded in a competitive, campus-wide program.  They also frequently present research at professional conferences.  Our students publish a journal of undergraduate research, Modern Psychological Studies, which is reviewed and edited by our more advanced undergraduates as part of a 3-hour, repeatable elective course.  Other students take advantage of psychology-related practicum experiences in the wider community.  We also honor our very best students though the Psi Chi Honorary Society.  In all of the activities and more, the goal is to present students with as broad and enriching a learning experience as possible.

The Psychology Department is located in 350 Holt Hall.  Come by and see us!

Brian J. O'Leary, Ph.D.

Department Head