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Alumni Pursuing Graduate Studies

This is a partial list based on information that has been provided by students.  Please contact Michelle Pelfrey at to be placed on this list.


Charles Buford, Georgia Tech University pursuing a Ph.D. in Quantitative Psychology

Jason Davis, Louisiana Tech University pursuing a Ph.D. in I-O Psychology

Joe Jones, Utah State, pursuing a Ph.D. in Longitudinal and Mediation Analysis at Utah State University



Aaron Manier, St. Mary's University pursuing a Ph.D. in I-O Psychology

Cherise White, University of Michigan pursuing a graduate degree in Social Work

Matt McCurdy, University of Illinois, Chicago pursuing a Ph.D. in Research Psychology, focus on aging and memory



Isaac Thompson, North Carolina State University pursuing Ph.D. in I-O Psychology 

Stephen Krauss, University of Illinois, Chicago received Ph.D. and received the outstanding student paper award from the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion while a Masters student in research here at UTC.  He has just published a book based largely upon research he completed here at UTC. The book is: Krauss, S. & Hood, R. W. (2013) A new approach to religious orientation: The Commitment Reflectivity Circumplex.  International Series for the Psychology of Religion, Rodopi: Amsterdam

Jessica McKinney, East Tennessee State University pursuing Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Alexander Roorda, Georgia Southern pursuing M.S. in Kinesiology for Sport Psychology

Rebecca Holsonback, pursuing M.S. at UTC in Research Psychology

Jordan Bodnar, pursuing counseling license (LPC) to become Registered Play Therapist



Nicole Pierce, East Tennessee State University pursuing M.S. in College Counseling and Student Affairs 

Lindsey Ogle, Indiana University pursuing Ph.D. in Special Education

Nicole Cranley, University of Florida prusuing Ph.D. in Public Health-Social and Behavioral Science

Kimberly Flynn Fasczewski, University of North Carolina, Greensboro pursuing Ph.D. in Sport Psychology

Emily Pica, Carleton University pursuing Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology

Patrick Morin, University of Georgia pursuing Ph.D. in School Psychology

Anna Beth Smith, Oklahoma State School Psychology pursuing Ed.S.

Anna Segovia, Washington University pursuing M.S. in Social Work 



Craig Reddock, Old Dominion University pursuing Ph.D. in I-O Psychology

Neil Morelli, University of Georgia pursuing Ph.D. in I-O Psychology



Laure Rodebaugh Pou, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga pursuing Ed.D. in Learning and Leadership

DeMarcus Pegues, Teacher's College, Columbia University pursuing Ph.D. in Social Organizational Psychology

A.K. Ward, University of South Carolina pursuing Ph.D. in International Business


Terran Brown, Seattle Pacific University pursuing Ph.D. in I-O Psychology


Candace Durham, Chicago School of Professional Psychology pursuing Ph. D. in Business Psychology

Amanda Alexander, University of Tennessee Knoxville pursuing Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology