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Featured Resources


Freakonomics is the highly anticipated film version of the phenomenally best-selling book about incentives-based thinking by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner.  The film examines human behavior with provocative and sometimes hilarious case studies, bringing together a dream team of filmmakers responsible for some of the most acclaimed and entertaining documentaries in recent years.


Is America Number One?

ABC News Special with John Stossel, September 19, 1999

American businesses, products, and culture are everywhere.  But does that make us number one?  How does one measure the best?  In this segment, Stossel attempts to determine what makes a country successful.  By offering comparisons of America, Hong Kong, and India, he shows that the answer seems to be economic freedom, and that, despite its problems, America may truly be number one.  Includes brief interviews with Nobel Prize-winning economist, Milton Friedman, and Federal Reserve Bank economist, Michael Cox.


John Stossel Goes to Washington A.B.C.  20/20


Junk Science

ABC News Special with John Stossel, August 28, 1997

Activists, lawyers, the government, and even the media often use science to serve certain agendas.  And why not?  Polls continuously show that Americans trust scientists more than any other profession.  However, scientific evidence may be distorted or twisted for reasons often having to do with money, power, fame, or glory.  In this segment, Stossel investigates several instances of “junk science” – what you know that may not be so.  Specific examples include the debates over tobacco use, salt intake, dioxin, breast implants, and crack babies.


Kingdom of Mocha and Return to Mocha

A two-part entertaining, animated video in which basic economic principles are explained.  (26 minutes each, grades 6-12.)  This video is popular with both junior and senior high school teachers and students.


Stossel in the Classroom



Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death


The Surprising Effects of Globalization

This presentation is delivered by Russell Roberts, from George Mason University, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Conference, Myths and Realities of Globalization, November 4, 2004.


VIRTUAL ECONOMICS, version 3.0.2

The Virtual Economics CD-ROM was funded, in part, by the National Science Foundation and is published by the National Council on Economics Education.  Virtual Economics contains the National Standards in Economics linked to thousands of lessons in the electronic resource library, materials and links for the Stock Market Game, curriculum units on economics and the environment, personal finance, And Advanced Placement economics. It is available for both Macintosh and Windows users.