How to Access Student Rating of Faculty Results: Faculty Instructions


Instructions for Faculty (click HERE for the .pdf version of this page)


Click the blue request box below to submit requests for combining results of cross-listed courses and to request results from classes with fewer than five responses. 

Please click here if you have any additional questions that cannot be answered on this page regarding Student Rating of Faculty


In order for faculty to view detailed results including student comments they should follow these procedures:

  • Log in to MyMocsNet.
  • Under the Faculty tab, find the section labeled Course Evaluations and Other Surveys.  All faculty will have an Instructor Dashboard, a matrix which includes all of the courses that were evaluated during the current semester.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:pps343:Desktop:SRF Faculty Screen 1.tiff


  • At the bottom of the Instructor Dashboard, click on the Course Evaluation Reporting link.
  • You will then come to a matrix listing courses for the current semester (or most recent results available) with the following column headings: Term, Division, Department, Course ID, Course, Description, Professor, Evaluations Taken, Total Enrollment, % Complete, and Reporting Disabled (reporting is disabled for any class in which fewer than five evaluations were completed).  In order to view results from a previous semester, put "%" in the CRN field and use the dropdown box to change the term.

Faculty Screen 2


  • Click on the number under Evaluations Taken to see detailed results for a particular class.  This will bring you to a final screen, which should display a summary of student responses and verbatim comments.
  • If you wish to see a median response for your class, check the box to the left of Include Min/Max/Median and then click the Search button.
  • If you would like to have the results reported in an Excel spreadsheet, click the box to the left of Excel before clicking the Search button.
  • You can view the Instructor Course Mean, Instructor Overall Mean, Course Mean, Department Mean, College Mean, and University Mean by checking the box to the left of Show Comparative Averages.

Faculty Screen 3



  • Also, you can click the icon to the left of a comment to view the associated Likert scale data. 

Comments section


  • Department heads will find a second link in the Course Evaluations and Other Surveys section: Department Dashboard.  Heads should select that link in order to view results for their department.  The same instructions apply for viewing departmental results as they do for individual faculty.