Scholarships &

Financial Aid


Tuition and Fees


In-State and Out-of-State Classification

Regional Tuition Credit applies to entry-level DPT students who are residents of Catoosa, Dade, Fannin, Murray, Walker, and Whitfield counties in Georgia and Jackson county in Alabama.  Eligible students pay a tuition rate equal to in-house fees plus 25 percent of out of state tuition.  Current regional tuition rates are available from the Bursar's Office.


Departmental Scholarships 


The Physical Therapy Department offers a limited number of scholarships on a yearly basis to admitted physical therapy students.  Application information will be distributed to accepted and returning students in early August. Scholarships are awarded during the first weeks of the fall semester.


Scholarships based primarily on financial need

  • Physical Therapy Alumni Scholarship Endowment: Eligibility: DPT 1, DPT 2, or DPT 3
  • Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund: Eligibility: DPT 1, DPT 2, or DPT 3
  • Benchmark DPT 1: Eligibility: DPT 1

Scholarships based primarily on scholarship/merit

  • Benchmark DPT 2: Eligibility: DPT 2: Criteria: primarily based on scholarship/merit
  • Benchmark DPT 3: Eligibility: DPT 3: Criteria: primarily based on scholarship/merit

Amber Heaven Maria Blockey Scholarship

  • Preference for this scholarship is given to first year students and/ or students with a demonstrated community involvement; financial need may be considered

Amy Mildram Scholarship for Pediatric Physical Therapy

  • This scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating third year student exhibiting special interest in the area of pediatric physical therapy.

The Bryson Family Endowed Scholarship in Physical Therapy

  • This scholarship is awarded to a first year student with financial need.


Financial Aid

The PT faculty support the philosophy of the UTC Financial Aid Office. The educational opportunities of qualified students should not be controlled by their financial resources.   Students are encouraged to contact the UTC Financial Aid office directly for additional information regarding financial aid opportunities.


Because a full-time course load is required each semester of the program, students are discouraged from seeking outside employment. In addition to the resources offered through UTC Financial Aid, students have been awarded graduate assistantships, fellowships and external scholarships which include:


US Department of Health and Human Services Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students
This scholarship is based on a number of criteria, including include financial need, level of income, and first generation attendance at college. In the past nine years, 89 students have been awarded approximately $314,000.


UTC Graduate Assistantships
A limited number of students in the second and third years of the program are selected each year for part-time graduate assistantships in the program. The assistantships include partial tuition waiver and a stipend.


African American Fellowships/Assistantships
A number of students have been awarded this fellowship. Awards include a $2,200.00 stipend and full tuition waiver for the academic year.

Additional information about scholarships and financial aid for physical therapy students may be obtained from the American Physical Therapy Association. (APTA)