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Information for Clinical Sites and Clinical Instructors

Clinical Education Syllabi

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Clinical Education Policies


Sample Contract


UTC DPT Curriculum


APTA Guidelines for Clinical Education


UTC Clinical Education Calendar

      • All physical therapy programs are encouraged to send annual clinical calendar requests to sites beginning March 1 of each year.  Once the responses are received, the UTC assignments are generally completed in early October.


Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI)

      • All students will be assessed using the APTA's Clinical Performance Instrument.  For more information, please refer to the APTA instructions for appropriate use of the tool. 


Physical Therapist Student Evaluation: Clinical Experience and Clinical Instruction Form

      • Students will provide the clinical site, center coordinator of clinical education, and the clinical instructor with feedback using the APTA Physical Therapist Student Evaluation: Clinical Experience and Clinical Instruction Form.


Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF)

      • The students need to review facility information prior to participating in the clinical education experience.  Clinical sites need to update the APTA Clinical Site Information Form annually.
      • Link to electronic CSIF


Student Supervision Rules

      • The State of Tennessee requires on-site supervision of PT students to be provided by a licensed physical therapist with a minimum of one year of experience.  For reimbursement and student supervision related questions, please refer to the APTA web site.
      • Reimbursement of Student Provided Services-Medicare Part B


APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program

      • We strongly encourage our clinical instructors to complete the APTA Credential Clinical Instructor Program.  The department offers this course at least twice each year.