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These announcements are updated daily. Please check back often for opportunities that may be of interest to you. Please let us know if you are interested in applying for any of these funding opportunities. We look forward to assisting you throughout the application process!


This Week's Announcements:

National Science Foundation & Intel (1/22/2015)

  • Partnership on Visual and Experiential Computing (VEC) 
  • The goal of this joint solicitation between NSF and Intel is to foster novel, transformative, multidisciplinary approaches that promote research in VEC technologies, taking into consideration the various challenges present in this field. This solicitation aims to foster a research community committed to advancing research and education at the confluence of VEC technologies, and to transitioning its findings into practice.
  • Deadline: Full proposals due February 20, 2015


National Science Foundation (1/22/2015)

  • STEM + Computing Partnerships (STEM + C) 
  • The STEM+C Partnerships program seeks to significantly enhance the learning and teaching of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and computing by K-12 students and teachers, through research on, and development of, courses, curriculum, course materials, pedagogies, instructional strategies, or models that innovatively integrate computing into one or more STEM disciplines, or integrate STEM content into the teaching and learning of computing. In addition, STEM+C seeks to build capacity in K-12 computing education with foundational research and focused teacher preparation. Projects in the STEM+C Partnerships program should build on research in STEM education and prior research and development efforts that provide theoretical and empirical justification for proposed projects. Pre-service and in-service teachers who participate in STEM+C projects are expected to enhance their understanding and teaching of STEM and computing content, practices, and skills.
  • Deadline: Full proposals due April 14, 2015


U.S. Small Business Administration (1/21/2015)

  • Veteran Business Outreach Center Program 
  • This project seeks applications to provide counseling, training, technical, and financial skill development, comprehensive business assessments, and mentoring to veteran, service disabled veterans, active duty, Reserve, Guard, and military spouse/survivor entrepreneurs and small business owners interested in starting new or expanding/diversifying established small businesses. Approximately $4 million is available to support up to 14 awards.
  • Deadline: Applications due by February 17, 2015


Previous Week's Announcements:

National Science Foundation (1/14/2015)

  • Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Engineering and Computer Science 
  • RET Sites support a cohort of at least 10 STEM teachers and/or community college faculty per year for a minimum of six weeks during the summer. The STEM teachers and/or community college faculty will participate in summer research activities with a common intellectual focus on a host university campus and will then participate in academic-year follow-up activities including integration of content and methods related to the summer research into their classroom practice and other related outreach activities involving teachers in their local school districts.
  • Deadline: Full proposals due by 5 p.m. on April 8, 2015


National Science Foundation (1/14/2015)

  • Thermal Transport Processes
  • The Thermal Transport Processes program supports engineering research aimed at gaining a basic understanding of the thermal transport phenomena at nano/micro and macro scales in (1) cooling and heating of equipment and devices, (2) energy conversion, power generation and thermal energy storage and conservation, (3) the synthesis and processing of materials including advanced manufacturing, (4) the propulsion of air and land-based vehicles, and (5) thermal phenomena in biological systems. The program supports fundamental research and engineering education in transport processes that are driven by thermal gradients, and manipulation of these processes to achieve engineering goals.Priority is given to insightful investigations of fundamental problems with broad economic, environmental and societal impact, and to novel studies of heat and mass transfer principles to understand phenomena, to enhance performance and/or achieve key goals.
  • Deadline: Full proposals due October 20, 2015


National Institute of Justice (1/12/2015)

  • FY15 Research and Evaluation on Violence Against Women: Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence
  • This project is seeking applications for research and evaluation on violence against women, and specifically intimate partner and sexual violence. NIJ is especially interested in 1) projects which examine the effectiveness of specialized police and court-based units, services, and methods related to intimate partner and sexual violence; and 2) research on the development, adaptation, and testing of screening tools used for the identification of intimate partner violence in family court proceedings' specifically for cases involving child custody. Approximately $1 million is available for multiple awards to support projects lasting up to three years.
  • Deadline: Full proposals due April 7, 2015


National Institute of Justice (1/12/2015)

  • FY 15 Research and Evaluation on the Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Elderly Individuals 
  • This project is seeking applications for research and evaluation related to the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of the elderly. NIJ is particularly interested in funding research to: (1) determine an estimate of the financial costs associated with elder abuse; (2) develop a taxonomy of case outcomes that can be used to define success from multiple perspectives; and (3) examine theoretical perspectives on elder abuse that move the field toward a better understanding of why perpetrators abuse, neglect, and/or exploit elderly individuals. Approximately $1 million is available for multiple awards to support projects lasting up to three years.
  • Deadline: Full proposals are due April 7, 2015


National Science Foundation (1/6/2015)

  • Science of Organizations (SoO)
  • Organizations - private and public, established and entrepreneurial, designed and emergent, formal and informal, profit and nonprofit - are critical to the well-being of nations and their citizens. They are of crucial importance for producing goods and services, creating value, providing jobs, and achieving social goals. The Science of Organizations program funds basic research that yields a scientific evidence base for improving the design and emergence, development and deployment, and management and ultimate effectiveness of organizations of all kinds. SoO welcomes any and all rigorous, scientific approaches that illuminate aspects of organizations as systems of coordination, management and governance. Projects that aim to implement and subsequently evaluate particular organizational training, effectiveness or change programs, rather than to advance fundamental, generalizable knowledge, are not appropriate for SoO.
  • Deadline: Full proposals due February 2, 2015 and September 3, 2015


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