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The Translational Project is an in-depth and integrative experience that results in a practice-related written project that exemplifies how evidence can be used to change or improve practice or outcomes for patients, families, populations, and/or health care systems. This project is a translation of current research into a final product. The student is required to develop a brief prospectus with the Chair of the project. A prospectus is the first step in producing the project and is meant to demonstrate the topic and the beginning approach are adequate to proceed with the project proposal.

The second step is fully developing the project proposal for review by the student’s Translational Project Committee. Coursework within the DNP program supports the various Translational Project components. Students should explore possible funding for the project at the beginning of the program of study. The student will complete the project based on AACN Essentials for Clinical Scholarship and Analytical Methods for Evidence-Based Practice (2006). At the completion of the DNP Program, the student will defend an evidence-based Translational Project that he/she has designed, implemented and evaluated during the program of study.

Clinical Student in OR

The project Chair will be assigned to the student and will also serve as the student’s advisor. The faculty member must hold Graduate Faculty Status as approved by the Graduate School Dean. The student should meet with the Chair to constitute his/her project committee, which will consist of the Chair, a committee member who is a University Faculty and one community member. Additional members of the committee are considered nonvoting members.

The DNP Qualifying Examination will be the student’s successful defense of the DNP Translational Project Proposal. The faculty will determine if a student is prepared and competent to implement the proposed project. To be eligible to defend the project proposal, a student must have completed the first two semesters of the DNP program. The student’s DNP Translational Project Committee and the Graduate Academic Coordinator or DNP Coordinator will evaluate the student’s defense of the project proposal. The student must receive a majority approval or conditional approval at the time of the DNP Qualifying Examinations in order to progress in the program.