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Originally born in Iceland, Mrs. Perkins was raised in the United States, primarily all along the east coast. It wasn't until she reached her teen years that her family moved back to Iceland, where she was confronted with a new language and social customs. However, overcoming such difficulties proved achievable, and resulted in her at one point being described as transatlantic, both in speech and mannerism, traits which, if you look closely, are still evident.

Mrs. Perkins is an avid reader and has a great love of books. She attended the University of Iceland for both her Bachelor's and Master's degree in English Literature and while there held various lectures. The most notable being on Oscar Wilde and Man's pursuit of Eternal Youth for the Humanities Symposium at the University of Iceland in 2006 and, on Holocaust Literature at the Vigdis Finnbogadottir Institute of Foreign Languages in 2008. Her studies also reflected her innate love of the performing arts as they were often centered on adaptations of literary works to other forms of expression.

Having always been surrounded by music, Mrs. Perkins avidly studied the violin, danced ballet and sung in school choirs at a young age. Therefore, it seemed a matter of course that she would eventually discover the joy of opera as a young adult. Even so, her musical interests are very nearly all inclusive. This innate love of music eventually lead her to employment at the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, where she was fortunate enough to meet and work amongst prominent conductors and performers, in addition to many revered professionals from eminent recording companies, such as Naxos.

She is widely travelled and speaks and/or reads several languages. After relocating to the United States in 2009, she eventually settled down in Chattanooga with her family in 2010. She recently joined us here at UTC as an Administrative Support Assistant. When she is not working or indulging in her numerous hobbies, she can often be found spending quality time with her husband and son.