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2016 Band Camp

August 14 - Drums, Guard, Leadership, New Members 

August 16 - Veteran Winds, Twirlers, Elite


I Heard We Get Paid to March - Really?

You heard correctly. Members receive a stipend of $300 their second year and this increases $100 with each year of membership (up to $500).  A first year Marching Moc receives a warm-up suit and all necessary uniform items.  Travel expenses are covered for all members.  Pep band members receive an additional scholarship and basketball band travels all over the country following the team to NCAA tournament. Places we have been are Charleston, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Phoenix, Savannah, Tampa, Miami, Las Vegas, Denver, and St. Louis to name a few.


Band Camp Information

  • You will get a confirmation email when you have registered for camp.  You will also get information emails closer to camp.
  • During band camp, you will be living where you will be living for the fall semester. If this is on campus, make sure you indicate this when you register so that you will be allowed to move into your dorm early.
  • Those who need an instrument can borrow one from UTC at no charge. You will be able to do this when band camp starts.
  • Make sure you also sign up for marching band as a course, MUS 0030.
  • What to bring to camp: YOUR INSTRUMENT (if you have one), sunscreen, a hat, a lyre if you have one, and a reusable cup for water.
  • Any questions? Email Dr. Schafer.


Please contact Cody Thompson for specific instructions regarding guard camp.


Drum Line/Percussion

The drum instructor is Mr. Matt Broom. Auditions and camp for the Drumline will take place from August 14 - 15.  There are limited number of spots for the drumline.  Prepare for your audition! The audition packet can be downloaded here.  If you are a music major and do not make the drumline  contact Dr. Smith immediately.  If you have any questions regarding the drumline contact Matt Broom.  


Where is the Fine Arts Center?!

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