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The UTC “Marching Mocs” entertains Tennessee’s most diverse audience. Our fans and spectators come from all walks of life and we perform shows to which each can easily relate. The goal of the Marching Mocs (MM’s) is to be as entertaining as possible while providing a solid experience in music education for future teachers. We use the most effective methods of music and marching instruction while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere that will allow you to excel while having fun. Though you will be learning contemporary methods for teaching and cleaning drill, there will always be something new to work on, and you will never be bored from doing the same show week after week.

Marching Mocs Miscellanea

  • Artists covered since 1999 include The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Van Morrison, Motley Crue, Metallica, No Doubt, Michael Jackson, Barry White, Stevie Wonder, Alice in Chains, System of a Down, Kiss, OutKast, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Santana, KC and the Sunshine Band, Parliament and Bootsy Collins, Tina Turner, and many many more.
  • Our Marching band is one of the most innovative non-prop-oriented programs in the country synthesizing styles of show band, traditional band, and drum corps.
  • The Marching Mocs work on four primary shows. These include a patriotic show with the City of Chattanooga Pipes and Drums, a Band Day Show with high schools from the surrounding area, and a homecoming show with alumni..
  • Freshmen have all expenses paid including travel, warm-ups, new shoes, instrument and uniform. Other Marching Mocs are paid at the following levels Sophomores $300, Juniors $400 and Seniors $500.
A Message from the Band Directors
Dr. Erika Schafer

During my time at UTC I have watched the marching band grow into a powerful musical group, and I hope you will join us as we continue this growth. I happen to really look forward to football games because of the variety of music we play and because you never know what is going to happen next. I also look forward to outdoor rehearsals in the fall when it is that perfect marching band weather…just a little chilly. I love being active outside, and what better way than through music! I believe there is no better place than band to make friends and find people just like you. I come from a music performance background and look forward to helping you provide an exciting experience for our audience, whoever that may be. Apparently, when I interviewed here, I said, “I love band.” Although this is now kind of embarrassing, it is true! I hope to see you out on the field!

Dr. Erika Schafer
Assistant Director of Bands

Dr. Matthew Smith

I am extremely excited about the opportunity to work with the band programs at UTC. I bring to you a perspective of teaching many different marching bands located throughout the country. I have taught at several programs from the highly competitive to the entertaining show variety. It is my belief that marching bands act as a surrogate family for our members. Some of the closest friends you will ever meet in life will be people that you will meet through the program here at UTC. While building these friendships we offer a wide variety of musical styles to entertain the fans and energize the atmosphere at Finley Stadium. I hope to that you will join us and embrace our traditions. I look forward to working with you soon!

Dr. Matthew Smith
Assistant Director of Athletic Bands

Dr. Stuart Benkert

Welcome to UTC and the Marching Mocs. Over the past 12 years we have worked hard to turn the MM’s into a marching band program that reflects the diversity and culture of the students. We are Tennessee’s most integrated band and represent all styles of music and marching traditions. Many freshmen feel as though they will not have time to be in marching band. They could not be more wrong. In fact, statistics indicate that marching band members at UTC are more likely to succeed in their studies than those who chose to not participate in extracurricular activities. We have a very short band camp and practice four hours per week on “off weeks” and six hours per week on “game weeks.” You are not required to travel to away games as we only take a pep band comprised of those students that wish to travel. If you are too busy to go to an away game you simply do not sign up for that trip. We will take one overnight trip each season and UTC pays all expenses. Unlike high school, the Marching Mocs requires very little time but the return for your efforts is incredible. You will make lifelong friends here. Make the right decision to surround yourself with other students that love what you love and will support you in your academic endeavors. The Marching Mocs is not just a marching band, it is a community of bright, interesting, and talented young students that are there for you whenever you need them. Come join us and make memories and friends that will last your lifetime.

Dr. Stuart Benkert
Director of Bands