Foreign Language Placement

If your major requires a one- or two-year level of demonstrated competency in a foreign language, you may come to the Language Lab to take a proficiency test. This test is proctored and takes 15-30 minutes. Based on your results, you may not need to take a foreign language class.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact the Language Lab director, Matthew Stuckwisch ( in 101 Brock Hall.

Online language placement tests

If you are unsure which language class you need to take, you may take a placement test to determine your current level in Spanish, French, German, or Latin. When taking these exams, please follow the instructions carefully or your scores will not be reported to the registrar properly and you will be unable to register for any language class except the first semester (i.e., SPAN 1010: Elementary Spanish) course.

When you click on a link to take a placement test, you will be asked for your email address. You must enter it in the format where ABC123 is your UTC ID. (Use your UTC email address only!)

For your semester, select "not enrolled" and enter "summer2014" for the passcode.

Foreign languages available for testing

Language placement testing is available online for these languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Latin
  • Spanish

Fluency in other languages

If you are a native speaker of a language other than French, German, or Spanish, please contact the Department Head to arrange a fluency examination. Once you have completed this test (usually a written exam) and receive documentation of your proficiency, the Language Department can notify the Records Office of your exemption from the language requirement.

Native speakers are more likely to receive a full exemption for their language requirement; heritage speakers (those who have strong exposure to a language without formal education in the language) are more likely to receive higher test scores in oral/listening comprehension than in grammar/reading comprehension. For this reason, heritage speakers may need to take one or more courses to satisfy the language requirement for their major.