Fall 2013 Courses

  • Intermediate Language for Conversation courses (2110, 2120) are for foreign language majors and minors only; to fulfill your general education foreign language requirement, enroll in the Intermediate Language for Reading (2130, 2140) courses.



CLAS 3140  History of the Roman Republic



FLNG 1010  Elementary Japanese I
FLNG 2110  Intermediate Japanese for Conversation I



FREN 1010  Elementary French I
FREN 2110  Intermediate French for Conversation I
FREN 2130  Intermediate French for Reading I
FREN 3110  French Composition & Conversation I
FREN 3210  Advanced French Grammar I
FREN 3320  Introduction to French Literature I
FREN 3400  French Internship
FREN 4010  Post-War Culture: the '60s
FREN 4995  Departmental Thesis
FREN 4998  Individual Studies


GER 1010  Elementary German I
GER 2110  Intermediate German for Conversation I
GER 3110  German Composition & Conversation I



GRK 1010  Elementary Greek I
GRK 3500  Greek Prose
GRK 4250  Special Topics in Greek Literature


ITAL 1010  Elementary Italian I
ITAL 2110  Intermediate Italian for Conversation I


LAT 1010  Elementary Latin I
LAT 2010  Intermediate Latin I
LAT 3500  Latin Prose
LAT 3510  Latin Poetry


SPAN 1010  Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 2110  Intermediate Spanish for Conversation I
SPAN 2130  Intermediate Spanish for Reading I
SPAN 3110  Composition & Conversation I
SPAN 3210  Advanced Spanish Grammar I
SPAN 3230  Introduction to Spanish Culture
SPAN 3310  Masterpieces of Spanish Literature
SPAN 3400  Spanish Internship
SPAN 4010  Special Topics in Hispanic Language & Literature