The department offers a B.A. degree in Foreign Languages with concentrations in French, Greek and Latin, Latin, and Spanish. Courses in elementary and intermediate Chinese, German, Italian, and Japanese are also offered. Portuguese is occasionally offered on demand. Modern Language courses taught in English (which focus on foreign literature and civilizations) afford the non-foreign language student a broader perspective of other peoples and cultures.

The Department offers a minor in Classics, French, German, Greek, Latin, and Spanish. Native speakers (or anyone with native speaker proficiency) of a foreign language should consult the Department Head for proper placement.


  • French major
  • Greek and Latin major
  • Latin major
  • Spanish major


  • Classics minor
  • French minor
  • German minor
  • Greek minor
  • Latin minor
  • Spanish minor

Minor Requirements

All students seeking the B.A. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences must complete the requirements for a minor in the same valid catalog year as the major(s). Students completing the requirements for two majors satisfy the requirement for a minor. For students seeking dual B.A. and B.S. degrees, the B.S. major will satisfy the minor requirement.


Students may complete an established minor requiring a minimum of 18 credit hours with at least 8 credit hours at the 3000/4000- level.


Students must earn a 2.0 GPA for courses attempted in any minor. Higher standards than these may be required for some minors. Specific requirements for minors are listed with the departmental offerings. Students cannot major and minor within the same discipline. No more than 6 hours of credit in the major department may be applied to the minor.

Students receiving one minor in a given department may receive a second minor from the same department provided that the second minor includes at least 12 credit hours of course work not included in the first minor. The University considers Modern and Classical Languages, Philosophy and Religion, and Sociology, Anthropology and Geography as separate departments for the purpose of this policy.


Declaring a Major/Minor

Students (excluding athletes and veterans) can declare a major or minor through the Records Office in 109 Race Hall or online. Click here to declare a major or minor online using these codes:


Undergraduate Major Program Codes
BA FLNG: French (2020)
BA FLNG: Greek/Latin (2021)
BA FLNG: Latin (2022)
BA FLNG: Spanish (2023)

Undergraduate Minor Program Codes
Classics (4532)
French (4028)
German (4070)
Greek (4032)
Latin (4040)
Spanish (4062)