Sophomore Year (MSII)

MILS 204-001 - Fundamentals of Military Leadership

A detailed study of the applicability of leadership principles, traits, and techniques in all job areas. Additionally, an appreciation is developed for leadership counseling techniques. The organization of the Army culminates this course.


MILS 206-001 - Fundamentals of Military Decision Making

A detailed study of orienteering to include basic fundamentals of map reading, grid systems, scale and distance, elevation and relief, military symbols, direction and location, and utilization of the declination diagram. Additionally, students will discuss the code of conduct, the principles of war and reinforce preparation of military correspondence. Leadership Laboratory is a continuation of M.S. 204 Laboratory.



MILS 104-500/106-500/204-500/206-500 - Basic Leadership Laboratory

Leadership Lab is in conjunction with MILS 104, 106, 204, 206. It is a period which supplements and reinforces, through practical application, the fundamentals taught in each of the Military Science classes. Leadership Lab is a progressive learning experience designed to produce effective and efficient Second Lieutenants for the United States Army.

CREDIT included with lecture

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