Senior Year (MSIV)

MILS 404-001 - Leadership and Management Seminar I

Leadership management and professional development, a study of the U.S. Army Personnel Management System, methods of conducting Command and Staff and Unit meetings, how to prepare military correspondence, ethics and professionalism, military justice.


MILS 406-001 - Leadership and Management Seminar II

Management simulation exercise and Active Duty orientation, small unit effectiveness and Army Training Management, the U.S. Army Logistics system, interpersonal skills, counseling techniques, and personnel evaluation, the Law and Principles of War, Code of Conduct and Geneva Convention, customs and courtesies of an Army officer.



MSIV cadets aid the cadre in training the MS I - III cadets throughout the year. MSIII cadets have an MSIV monitor for each leadership evaluation and MSIV's lead the PT sessions.


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