Freshman Year (MSI)

MILS 104-001 - Fundamentals of Military Science

An introduction to the mission, organization and history of ROTC: Military and civilian obligation in relation to National Security; Individual Arms and Marksmanship Techniques, Emergency Medical Treatment. The students will receive information that will help them understand and prepare military correspondence (the Army Writing Style). Leadership Laboratory training to include thorough indoctrination in military courtesy and customs of the service, drill experience, development of initiative and self-confidence.


MILS 106-001 - Introduction to the Army

A discussion of the mission and responsibilities of the United States Military Forces in support of National Security with emphasis on the role of the individual, participating citizen. Students will be introduced to Map Reading Techniques. Leadership Laboratory is a continuation of MS 104 Laboratory.


MSI Labs

MILS 104-500/106-500/204-500/206-500 - Basic Leadership Laboratory

Leadership Lab is in conjunction with MILS 104, 106, 204, 206. It is a period which supplements and reinforces, through practical application, the fundamentals taught in each of the Military Science classes. Leadership Lab is a progressive learning experience designed to produce effective and efficient Second Lieutenants for the United States Army.

CREDIT included with lecture

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