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UTC McKenzie Arena Technical Information


Arena Exrterior View


This publication contains the technical information needed by promoters and lessees for McKenzie Arena events.
Last Updated 8/1/13


Mailing Address
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
McKenzie Arena
Dept. 3403
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37403
Shipping Address
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
McKenzie Arena
720 E. Fourth Street
Chattanooga, TN 37403
Phone Numbers
Administrative Offices: 423.425.4706
Box Office Business Phone: 423.425.4780
Ticket Sales Phone: 423.266.6627


Obie Webster, Executive Director of Entertainment & Sports Venues: 423.425.4706
Kyle AskewTechnical Director:  423.425.4746
Arland JenkinsOperations Coordinator:  423.425.4648
Sandra Farris, Event Coordinator/Accounting: 423.425.4030
Brent McMillan, Box Office Supervisor:  423.425.5273


Arena Information


Reserved Seating Capacity


In The Round End Stage Side Stage
11,557 9,107 7,463
 (Final figures vary based on stage size and placement)


Floor Dimensions
  • Full floor: 181’9” by 151’6” with all bleacher seating fully closed.
  • Oval (basketball) configuration: 110’9” by 86’ with all bleachers fully extended.


House Lights
  • Multi-vapor bulbs used.
  • Master blackout only – no dimmers.
  • Controls located back stage left.
  • Total blackout prevented by exit, aisle, and emergency lights.
  • Follow spots: Six xenon Super Trouper 1.6 kW (100’ max/50’min throw) with 10 platform locations.


House Sound
  • JBL bi-amped with Crown amplifiers.
  • Positions: permanent.
  • Sound level restrictions: 96 db average/110 db peak.
  • House intercom: 3 pin and 4 pin dry lines in 11 locations.


  • Sico Roll N’ Set mobile performance stage, skirt drapery available
  • Maximum size: 64’ by 48’ in 8’ by 8’ sections.
  • Stage height: adjustable to 4’, 5’, 6’
  • Seven 4’x8’x16” parallels and risers are available.
  • Barricade length: 80’ – 4’x4’
  • 2 stair units available with handrails.
  • 8’ fire aisles must be maintained on both sides of stage.
  • Equipment case storage is backstage.
  • House crew sets up stage, barricade and mixer platforms.


  • Advance notification and licenses required. Pyrotechnic restrictions apply.
  • Fire Marshall/UTC Safety Department representatives will inspect and attend all shows.
  • 8’ fire aisles must be maintained on both sides of stage.
  • Equipment case storage is backstage.
  • Please call Arena Event Coordinator in advance to arrange necessary licenses.


  • Ceiling over center floor: open steel truss.
  • I-beam distance: 29’ apart, pre-existing points exist.
  • Floor to truss height: 77'6”
  • Truss to ceiling distance: 20’9”
  • Scoreboard can be raised above truss level.
  • Sound cluster is obstacle only in the “In the Round” configuration.


  • Source 1: 600 amps/leg, 3 phase, 208 volt (show power)
  • Source 2: 600 amps/leg, 3 phase, 208 volt (show power)
  • Source 3: 200 amps/leg, 3 phase, 208 volt (show power)
  • Source 4: 100 amps/leg, 3 phase, 208 volt (show power)
  • Source 5: 200 amps/leg, 3 phase, 208 volt (normally TV hookup)   Located by ramp door.


Special Equipment
  • One 5000 pound capacity propane forklift, 15’ extended mast height, 4’ fork length. Additional fuel stored in building.
  • Welding machine.
  • Six xenon Super Trouper follow spots (100’ max/50’min throw) with 10 platform locations.


Dressing/Hospitality/Production Rooms
  • Dressing Room 1: First Floor backstage, common showers.
  • Dressing Rooms 2 – 5: Second Floor backstage, individual shower in each.
  • Production Offices: First Floor backstage, two available.
  • Press and Hospitality Rooms available.
  • Communications: one phone line per room (local calls only provided, long-distance on credit card), University’s open wireless internet available in all rooms (password required), EPB internet also available in larger production office.


  • House does not sell. 80/20 merchandising split.
  • If needed: CAM Merchandising, Ronnie Dodd.       423.877.0399 (voice & fax) or 800.600.2481 (pager).
  • Catering provided by Aramark. Campus contact phone: 423.425.4200.


Box Office/Ticketing
  • On-site computerized ticketing system with internet sales.
  • Visa/Mastercard only accepted.
  • Regular Box Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am to 5pm and during all events. Saturday hours can be arranged for pre-event sales.


  • Load-in Ramp: located on southeast side of building from Mabel Street.
  • Entrance: 13’10” H by 12’4” W. Building will accommodate a 13’6” truck inside.
  • Truck parking available in designated University lots (usually lot 34). Trucks cannot park on city streets.


Event Staffing
Production Staffing: promoter/lessee preference. Two local contacts are:
Crew One. Contact Melanie Hansel 615.242.4433
IATSE Local 140. Contact Bob Hasselle 423.933.4658
Event Staffing – Employed by UTC Arena
Medical – 2
Ushers – 14
Security – 13
Ticket takers – TBD
Box Office – TBD
Event Coordinator – 1
Staffing levels are determined by size of anticipated crowd, type of event and artist rider requirements.


Arena Map


Arena Map


Arena Map


Framing plan for rigging


Arena Tech Diagram