Order Copies

Special Collections offers digitization services for materials in its collections to assist scholars in their research. Reproduction of materials is guided and governed by considerations such as donor restrictions, condition and intrinsic value (uniqueness, rarity, costliness). We also provide high quality copies of resources accessible in our Digital Collections.

Complete a Copy Order to request high quality digital copies of materials. If necessary, attach Additional Materials to your Copy Order.

Depending on the size and complexity of your order, it may take us several days to provide copies. Once your copies are ready, we will send you a link from which you will be able to download copies to your own computer.

Researcher Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the researcher to keep complete and accurate citations (call numbers, captions, page numbers, and box and folder numbers) for all items requested. Requests for subsequent orders for high resolution images for publication will not be processed without this information.

  • Researchers must work with staff to order scans or digital photographs.
  • Some items may not be copied if handling or bright light will cause damage, or if donor or copyright restrictions do not permit reproduction.
  • Do not remove items to be copied from the folder/album, or folders/pages from the box or album.

Reproductions of our materials (photocopies, digital copies, video and sound recordings, etc.) may not be donated to another repository.

All requests are subject to review. We reserve the right to revise an order due to preservation concerns or time constraints.

Digital Cameras

Researchers may use digital cameras and other equipment to copy materials for study purposes. All equipment must be approved by our staff prior to use.