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University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Alpha Delta Kappa scrapbooks

International organization, gives recognition to outstanding women educators. Promotes educational and charitable projects and activities; sponsors and contributes to UTC scholarships. Scrapbooks of the Tennessee Beta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa.

  • Call Number: MS 003
  • Extent: 5 linear feet
  • Date: 1955- present

Alpha Delta Kappa Tennessee Zeta Chapter scrapbooks

International organization, gives recognition to outstanding women educators. Promotes educational and charitable projects and activities; sponsors and contributes to UTC scholarships. Scrapbooks of the Tennessee Zeta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa.

  • Call Number: MS 116
  • Extent: 6 linear feet
  • Date: 1957-2010

Mildred Brashear yearbooks and memory book

Two university yearbooks and a memory book, from Ms. Brashear’s years as a student at the University of Chattanooga, 1919-1923.

  • Call Number: MS 117
  • Extent: 3 linear feet
  • Finding Aid

Alfred C. Burrill papers

Papers and documents of Alfred C. Burrill, former instructor at the University of Chattanooga Evening College and authority on conservation and natural resources. Includes personal photographs of Mr. Burrill and family, Grant University material and photos, certificates, newspaper clippings, and other university-related items.

  • Call Number: MS 071
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: circa 1920-1957

Cadek Conservatory of Music programs and clippings

Newspaper clippings about Harold Cadek and J. Oscar Miller; photographs of Cadek and others; and musical programs (1930′s – 1970′s) from the Cadek Conservatory of Music

  • Call Number: MS 006
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1930-1970

George C. Connor papers

George Connor (1920-2002) was the Executive Director of the Chattanooga Adult Education Council (1952- 1958) and a Guerry Professor of English, UC and UTC (1959-1985), including time spent as Department of English head. Letters from prominent authors regarding lectures in Chattanooga. Correspondents include C.S. Lewis, Richard Wilbur, Robert Penn Warren, Mark Van Doren, Arnold J. Toynbee and others. Photocopies of correspondence (1955-1964) between Connor and literary critic, Elizabeth Drew, mostly regarding development of a poetry study program for adult education. Photocopy of notes for October 9, 1950, Time magazine article about Robert Frost.

  • Call Number: MS 012
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1952-1985
  • Finding Aid

Orrelle Cornelius papers

University of Chattanooga Theater Professor, 1928-1942. Playbills and photos of the University Players (theater group from the University of Chattanooga), 1930′s. Playbills, newspaper clippings of the Little Theater of Chattanooga, 1920′s. Includes The Whipporwill play typescript and other plays by Cornelius as well as related newspaper clippings.

  • Call Number: MS 013
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1928-1942
  • Finding Aid

Gilbert E. and Christine Govan correspondence

Dr. Gilbert Govan was a local historian and director of the library at the University of Chattanooga (1934-1962) and his wife, Christine, wrote children's books. There are forty-five letters, mostly to the Govans, from prominent writers of the day, including Wilma Dykeman Stokely, Julia Peterkin, Andrew Lytle, Edna Lytle, Caroline Gordon, George Scarbrough, Jesse Stewart, Richard Chase, Donald Davidson, Stanley Horn, Paul Jordan Smith, Answorth Rutherford, John Bennett, Anderson M. Scruggs, Robert Burch, Robert B. Ferguson, and others. Given by their daughter, Emmy West, in 1992.

  • Call Number: MS 053
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1930-1970
  • Finding Aid

Gilbert E. Govan papers

Historian, library director, University of Chattanooga (1934-1962); book review editor of the Chattanooga Times; co-author with Dr. James W. Livingood, of Chattanooga and area histories, the University of Chattanooga, and the Civil War. Notes on Chattanooga history from Chattanooga newspapers; early photographs of Chattanooga; speeches; correspondence, including letters from Donald Davidson; audio tapes and manuscripts relating to Chattanooga and the Civil War; and papers relating to the University of Chattanooga library. Also material on the 75th anniversary of the University. Given by Dr. Govan.

  • Call Number: MS 069
  • Extent: 4 linear feet
  • Date: 1930-1949
  • Finding Aid

Isobel Griscom papers

Isobel Griscom (1898-1980) was a Professor of English, University of Chattanooga (1922-1963). Photocopies of Griscom’s poems collected and published in 1977 by her former students and entitled Isobel Griscom: An Appreciation. Included are scrapbooks of a) personal collection of school years at the University of Chattanooga b) postcards/photos of Europe, 1927 c) personal photos, 1913-1915 and d) personal photos and newspaper clippings. Photographs and manuscripts also included.

  • Call Number: MS 018
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1913-1977
  • Finding Aid

Irvine Grote papers

Irvine Grote (1899-1972) was Chairman of the UC/UTC Chemistry Department (1941-1968), Guerry Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, and served as Scientific Consultant to Chattem. Includes photographs, his 1925 thesis and subsequent publication, 1969 retirement encomiums, honorary degree from the University of Cincinnati, various certificates and a plaque from the Chattanooga Chapter of the American Chemical Society as the 1959 Chemist of the Year.

  • Call Number: MS 019
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1929-1969
  • Finding Aid

Thor Hall papers

Thor Hall was a professor of Religious Studies at UTC from 1972 until his retirement in 1994. His collection includes his class notes, essays, publications, correspondence, books and manuscripts. Hall is also an ordained United Methodist minister. Prior to his coming to UTC he taught at the Duke University Divinity School.

  • Call Number: MS 079
  • Extent: 12 linear feet
  • Date: 1972-1994

William Green Hope papers

School papers of William Green Hope (Billy Hope), while a student at the University of Chattanooga, 1932-1936. Papers reflect his course work in French, Spanish, History, and other humanities courses, taken under Professors Edwin Lindsey, Maxwell Smith, Terrell Tatum, and Culver Smith.

  • Call Number: MS 104
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Finding Aid

James Livingood papers

James Livingood (1910- 2005) was an historian and history professor and administrator, University of Chattanooga (1937-1969) and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (1969-1975). Co-author of histories of Chattanooga, the University of Chattanooga, Sequatchie Valley, and aspects of the Civil War. Author of books about Chattanooga and Hamilton County history. Speeches, notes, and newspaper articles on the history of UC; notes of speeches at occasions honoring UC faculty; history of and documents relating to the UC-UTC merger as well as galley proofs of his book Sequatchie: A Story of the Southern Cumberlands. Also his compilation UC Chronology, 1962-1967 and a 1963 news clippings scrapbook about UC.

  • Call Number: MS 024
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1937-1975
  • Finding Aid

David Lockmiller papers

David A. Lockmiller (1906-2005) was the president of the University of Chattanooga, 1942-1959. The collection includes photos, correspondence, speeches, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings relating to Lockmiller’s career, mainly with the University.

  • Call Number: MS 026
  • Extent: 3 linear feet
  • Date: 1942-1980
  • Finding Aid

William H. Masterson papers

William H. Masterson (1914-1983) was the president of the University of Chattanooga (1966-1969), and Chancellor, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (1969-1973) following the merger into the UT System. He was also a history professor at UTC, from 1973-1979. The collection includes letters and certificates of congratulations on inauguration as UC President; and notes for his book, William Blount.

  • Call Number: MS 031
  • Extent: 3.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1966-1979
  • Finding Aid

McIlwraith-Plettner papers

Personal papers, photos, music, and related documents from Mr. and Mrs. (Isa McIlwraith) Arthur Plettner, professors of music at the University of Chattanooga and UTC. Includes concert programs, sheet music, photographs, taped recordings and class notes.

  • Call Number: MS 072
  • Extent: 4 linear feet
  • Date: 1950-1980
  • Finding Aid

Moccasin yearbooks

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga yearbooks.

  • Call Number: LD891 .C75
  • Date: 1911-1991

Charles Newcomb papers

Rev. G. T. and Charles M. Newcomb, faculty members, University of Chattanooga, early 1900′s. Miscellaneous papers relating to UC. Photos of University play rehearsals, play programs, and local newspaper clippings. Volume 1, 1907, of the locally produced humor magazine, The Wrinkle. Photocopy of Charles Newcomb’s 1915 Master of Arts diploma. Mounted photo of P.M. Pearson, father of Drew Pearson, and friend of Charles Newcomb.

  • Call Number: MS 062
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1907-1915
  • Finding Aid

Ruth Clark Perry class notes

Ruth Clark Perry was professor (1922-1955) and Head, Math Department and Dean of Women (1922-1952), University of Chattanooga. Extensive handwritten notes of calculus textbooks which may have been subsequently used as an outline for courses in calculus.

  • Call Number: MS 033
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1922-1955
  • Finding Aid

Culver Smith papers

Culver Smith (1896-1979) was a Guerry Professor of History, University of Chattanooga (1932-1966). Pamphlets, clippings, programs, class notes, correspondence, audio tapes, and microfilm relating to the Chattanooga Symphony, Chattanooga Opera Association, music in Chattanooga, and early 19th century journalism; notes and drafts of his book, The Press, Politics and Patronage: the American Government’s Use of Newspapers, 1789-1875. 1930′s to late 1970′s.

  • Call Number: MS 037
  • Extent: 8.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1932-1979
  • Finding Aid

Thomas B. Stapp receipts

Thomas B. Stapp enrolled as a student at Chattanooga University in September 1886. Includes a $5.00 receipt dated September 21 1886 from Chattanooga University to T. B. Stapp for partial payment of the fall tuition. Other University receipts for tuition (1886-1890), Demonthenean Literary Society, Latin recitations and other receipts relating to Chattanooga businesses. Includes a student card from Grant University signed by Dean E.S. Lewis for the 1889/1890 academic year.

  • Call Number: MS 060
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1886-1890
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The University Echo student newspaper

The student newspaper (The University Echo) began it's run in 1906 and is still published today, on a weekly basis. The Echo website ( provides a searchable database for issues beginning in 2001. The University Archives has both hard copies and microfilmed copies of The University Echo

  • Date: 1906-Present
  • Index

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga photographs and print ephemera

Photographs of 1901 Medical College class, Old Main, life on campus, and football. Donated by Rebecca Eaves, March 1996. Photographs of campus taken by Viola Burdick, 1919 graduate of UC, photocopy of 1919 commencement exercise, photocopy of program for Patten chapel dedication. Contains portion of autobiography of Jerome Hixson dealing with Chattanooga and UC as well as material dealing with Dr. Fred Hixson’s inauguration as UC President. Tobacco premium ribbon from about 1910 with the UC logo. Echo Song Book, 15 October 1909.

  • Call Number: MS 064
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1901-1919

Dorothy H. Ward papers

Dorothy Hackett Ward (1905-2001) was a Guerry Professor of Theater and Speech, UC and UTC (1938-1975). Material (late 1940′s to early 1950′s) including photos, set designs, and annotated copies of plays directed by her.

  • Call Number: MS 044
  • Extent: 5 linear feet
  • Date: 1938-1975
  • Finding Aid

David Wiley papers

Papers, correspondence, and photographs related to Wiley’s career as Theater Department head, and professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Includes play scripts, performance posters, and teaching materials.

  • Call Number: MS 114
  • Extent: 1.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1975-1997
  • Finding Aid