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Craig Barron and Gladys Swan correspondence

Correspondence to Dr. Craig Barrow (retired UTC English professor) from author Gladys Swan. Also included are book reviews written by Dr. Barrow and a few biographies of Ms. Swan.

  • Call Number: MS 118
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Finding Aid

 Jean Miles Catino papers

Jean Miles Catino was the daughter of noted local writer, artist and naturalist Emma Bell Miles. Catino resided on the Walden’s Ridge, studied art in Chicago, and was noted for paintings and other works of art. The collection includes family letters, correspondence, material relating to Elizabeth B. Patten, 2nd drafts of Kay Baker Gaston’s biography, Emma Bell Miles, newspaper clippings, and photocopies of Emma Bell Miles’ journals (1908-1917). Some material is restricted.

  • Call Number: MS 078
  • Extent: 6 linear feet
  • Date: 1903-2000
  • Finding Aid

George C. Connor papers

George Connor (1920-2002) was the Executive Director of the Chattanooga Adult Education Council (1952- 1958) and a Guerry Professor of English, UC and UTC (1959-1985), including time spent as Department of English head. Letters from prominent authors regarding lectures in Chattanooga. Correspondents include C.S. Lewis, Richard Wilbur, Robert Penn Warren, Mark Van Doren, Arnold J. Toynbee and others. Photocopies of correspondence (1955-1964) between Connor and literary critic, Elizabeth Drew, mostly regarding development of a poetry study program for adult education. Photocopy of notes for October 9, 1950, Time magazine article about Robert Frost.

  • Call Number: MS 012
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1952-1985
  • Finding Aid

Robert B. Cooke Burns Society collection

Pamphlets, clippings, journals and books related to the Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759-1796). This was the collection of Colonel Robert B. Cooke (1865-1942), a Chattanooga lawyer and founder of the Chattanooga Chapter of the Burns Society. Many of the books are housed in the Rare Book collection of the Special Collections.

  • Call Number: MS 080
  • Extent: 3 linear feet

Nancy Dugger manuscripts

Nancy Dugger (1903-1987) received her BA from UC in 1925 and Masters in Social Work from UT Knoxville in 1953. Manuscripts (undated) of short stories and poems written by Nancy E. Dugger.

  • Call Number: MS 015
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1960s-80s
  • Finding Aid

Concha Espina de Serna with Terrell Tatum correspondence

Letters written in Spanish (1931-1955) to Terrell Tatum, Guerry Professor of Spanish, University of Chattanooga, 1924-1967 by Spanish novelist, Concha Espina de Serna.

  • Call Number: MS 016
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1931-1955

Kay Baker Gaston papers

Includes typescript drafts (A Song of Shadows: Emma Bell Miles and Bitter Herbs: The Life of Emma Bell Miles), notes and related material for her book about Emma Bell Miles, as well as some of Miles’ publications.

  • Call Number: MS 057
  • Extent: 4 linear feet
  • Date: 1985
  • Finding Aid

Caroline Gordon papers

Books, magazine articles, and stories by and about writer Caroline Gordon (1895-1981).

  • Call Number: MS 108
  • Extent: 2 linear feet
  • Finding Aid

Isobel Griscom papers

Isobel Griscom (1898-1980) was a Professor of English, University of Chattanooga (1922-1963). Photocopies of Griscom’s poems collected and published in 1977 by her former students and entitled Isobel Griscom: An Appreciation. Included are scrapbooks of a) personal collection of school years at the University of Chattanooga b) postcards/photos of Europe, 1927 c) personal photos, 1913-1915 and d) personal photos and newspaper clippings. Photographs and manuscripts also included.

  • Call Number: MS 018
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1913-1977
  • Finding Aid

Harriet Marpe McGilliard books

Commonplace books (3v) from the 1890′s, belonging to Harriet Marpe.

  • Call Number: MS 029
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1890-1899
  • Finding Aid

Mary Quintard Steele manuscripts

Prominent local author of children’s books. Daughter of Gilbert and Christine Govan, and sister of Emmy West. Typescripts of her short stories and poems, including Pringle Story, Snail of God, Lost in the Jungle, and Kell by Herself (Wilson Gage, her nom de plume).

  • Call Number: MS 055
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1975-1980
  • Finding Aid

Lula Ulrica Whitaker correspondence

Lula Ulrica Whitaker (1902-1995) was a history, Latin, and chemistry teacher at Girls Preparatory School (Chattanooga) for 46 years as well as a local historian and artist. Seventeen letters (1934-1935, 1981) to Ulrica Whitaker from the “fugitive” or “agrarian” writers including Andrew Lytle, John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, John Wade, Frank L. Owsley, Donald Davidson, H.C. Nixon, Stark Young, Lyle H. Lanier as well as J.S. Hamilton from UNC Library. Letters were written in response to a request from UW regarding their contribution to the work, I’ll take My Stand: the South and the Agrarian Tradition. Photos and some negatives of Chattanooga from the 1960′s and 1970′s.

  • Call Number: MS 045
  • Extent: .5 linear foot
  • Date: 1934-1981
  • Finding Aid