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Civil War, 1861-1865

Andrews Family Papers

Miscellaneous papers of the locally prominent Garnett Andrews family and related families of Washington, Georgia. Papers relating to the Civil War; commonplace book (1820′s) belonging to Sarah M. Bowen; diary (1870-1872) of Eliza Frances Andrews (AKA Fanny Andrews and Elzy Hay) and an album of photos used in Eliza Francis Andrews’ Wartime Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864-1865 and papers relating to the Andrews family genealogy.

  • Call Number: MS 004
  • Extent: 6 linear feet
  • Date: 1823-1950
  • Finding Aid

Chattanooga Daily Rebel newspapers

Two copies of the historic Chattanooga Civil War-era newspaper, the Chattanooga Daily Rebel. These two copies are probably reprints, printed in the late 1800s as souvenirs for veterans’ reunions.

  • Call Number: MS 098
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1862-63 (1890s)

John Chauncey Papers

John Chauncey was captain of a regiment in the Illinois Infantry during the Civil War. The collection, donated by his granddaughters in Chattanooga, includes parts of his Civil War uniform and personal effects, as well as papers and regiment records. Included are letters from Mexican-American War of the 1840s. Family pictures and mementos are included.

  • Call Number: MS 010
  • Extent: 3 linear feet
  • Date: 1830-1950
  • Finding Aid

Civil War etchings

Collection of Civil War drawings and artwork, many of which appeared in Harper’s Monthly and Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper. Some are hand-colored.

  • Call Number: MS 092
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1861-1865

Civil War Nurses’ correspondence

Four Civil War-era letters dealing with nursing.

  • Call Number: MS 088
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1862-1866

Civil War Quartermaster reports

Daily reports of the Quartermaster Stores of the Union Army for the Chattanooga area.

  • Call Number: MS 049
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1863-1865

Clift Family papers

Papers relating to the family of Moses H. Clift (1836-1911). Contains Clift and Fain families genealogical material; miscellaneous photos, correspondence, clippings, and speeches relating to the Civil War, General A.P. Stuart, Confederate Veterans’ affairs, and Chickamauga Park. Civil War artifacts include flags and banners. Moses Clift was the grandfather of actor Montgomery Clift, however, this collection contains no material about the actor.

  • Call Number: MS 048
  • Extent: 4 linear feet
  • Date: 1860s – 1920s
  • Finding Aid

Colville and Paine Family correspondence

Photocopies of typed transcripts of letters from members of the Colville and Paine families. Letters written by family members while serving in the Confederate Army in Tennessee and Georgia to relatives at home.

  • Call Number: MS 011
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1860-1865

Oscar Easley correspondence

Photocopied letters of Oscar Easley to his wife in Illinois during the Civil War, from 1862-1864. Oscar Easley was a carpenter with the Union forces on the Western front and served in Tennessee and Alabama.

  • Call Number: MS 077
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1862-1864
  • Finding Aid

Nat and Bucky Hughes collection

More than 1500 books on history, particularly American history, military and Civil War history, and literature. Many of these books were added to the circulating collection but some are housed in Special Collections & University Archives due to their value, condition, or author signature.

Nat and Bucky Hughes papers

Notes, photographs, pamphlets, books and articles from Chattanooga historian Nathaniel C. Hughes, Jr. The photography collection includes many Civil War officers. This collection accompanied a donation of over 1500 books on history, particularly American history, military and Civil War history, and literature. Many of these books were added to the circulating collection but some were added to Rare Books due to their value, condition, or author signature.

  • Call Number: MS 086
  • Extent: 8 linear feet
  • Date: 1861-1945

General John T. Wilder Memorial Collection

In the 1950s and 60s, the University of Chattanooga spent over $10,000 on an endowment from the Lilly Foundation of Indianapolis to acquire books relating to the American Civil War.  Eli Lilly (1838-1898) was an Indiana officer during the Civil War, and a member of the 18th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery under the command of Colonel John T. Wilder, also a Hoosier and later a resident and mayor of Chattanooga. The collection consists of regimental histories (mostly Union), battle narratives, personal memoirs of the war, and other Civil War histories, and includes over a thousand titles.

Charles S. Harris Civil War transcripts

Transcriptions of Civil War diaries of Union soldiers Jacob Cohn (Pennsylvania), Frederick N. Kollock (Pennsylvania), and Philip R. Ward (Ohio). Also includes photocopied excerpts, and other transcribed Civil War material. Donated by Charles S. Harris.

  • Call Number: MS 076
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1861-1865
  • Finding Aid

Charles R. & Anne Bachman Hyde collection

This collection was donated to the university in the early 1950s.  Mrs. Hyde, the daughter of prominent Chattanooga Presbyterian Pastor Jonathan Waverly Bachman, was a local historian and book collection.  Her collection includes over twelve-hundred titles of books focused on the American South, the Civil War, and American history.  Of special note is Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department of the United States, written by the father of Robert E. Lee, Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee.  This 1869 edition was Robert E. Lee’s personal copy (he also wrote a brief biography of his father for this edition) and bears his signature on a fly-leaf inside the book.

Joseph Johnston papers

Merchant, Madisonville, Tennessee. Papers (c. 1830-1890) relating to his store, including advertisements, trade catalogs, and invoices. Some letters relating to the Mexican War and Civil War.

  • Call Number: MS 023
  • Extent; 2.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1830-1890
  • Finding Aid

Abraham Lincoln clippings

Documents relating to President Abraham Lincoln, including newspapers.

  • Call number: MS 109
  • Extent: 1 linear foot

Thomas Maher photographs

Thomas Maher is a great-grandson of General John T. Wilder. Photographs (reproductions) of General Wilder include him at Roane Mountain. Given by Thomas Maher in 1992.

  • Call Number: MS 054
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1858-1917

Prevost Collection of Civil War Fiction for Young Readers

This growing collection has over five hundred books, some published during the war.  New books and publications added as they are published or become available.  Compiled by former UTC English Department head and George Connor Professor of American Literature, Verbie Prevost.

John T. Wilder papers

Union officer during the Civil War, later businessman in Chattanooga. Mayor of the city (1871). Correspondence from the Civil War period, mostly to his wife. Some miscellaneous postwar papers. Correspondents include Rutherford B. Hayes, General Philip Sheridan, and Mrs. Benjamin Harrison. Some letters relating to the Wilder Brigade veterans’ affairs and reunions. One wartime letter by John Hunt Morgan with endorsements by several Confederate generals.

  • Call Number: MS 001
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1861-1892
  • Finding Aid

Nelson Wilder papers

Photocopies of items pertaining to US Civil War General John T. Wilder (1840-1917) of Chattanooga. Items include correspondence, both war-time and post-war, documents, photographs, and newspaper articles. Given to the Special Collections by Nelson Wilder, great-grandson of General Wilder.

  • Call number: MS 087
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1862-1917
  • Finding Aid

Don Troiani Civil War prints

Signed and numbered contemporary art prints of Civil War scenes by artist Don Troiani. Scenes include the battles of Chickamauga, Gettysburg, and Antietam.

  • Call Number: MS 091
  • Extent: 5 linear feet