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American Chestnut Oral History Project

Documented memories of native chestnuts’ economic and cultural importance in the years preceding and following the blight pandemic.

 Jean Miles Catino papers

Jean Miles Catino was the daughter of noted local writer, artist and naturalist Emma Bell Miles. Catino resided on the Walden’s Ridge, studied art in Chicago, and was noted for paintings and other works of art. The collection includes family letters, correspondence, material relating to Elizabeth B. Patten, 2nd drafts of Kay Baker Gaston’s biography, Emma Bell Miles, newspaper clippings, and photocopies of Emma Bell Miles’ journals (1908-1917). Some material is restricted.

  • Call Number: MS 078
  • Extent: 6 linear feet
  • Date: 1903-2000
  • Finding Aid

Douglas Chamberlain papers

Douglas Chamberlain (? – 1999) was a prominent local medical doctor and son of Morrow Chamberlain (President, UC Board of Trustees, 1932-1955), and grandson of Hiram S. Chamberlain (President , UC Board of Trustees, 1889-1897, 1898-1916 and President of the Roane Iron Company). The collection includes a microfilm copy of the Roane Iron Company Minute Book (1867-1932); Resolution documents commemorating the death (1916) of Cpt. Hiram Chamberlain from Roane Iron Company and the National Association of Manufacturers. Newspaper clippings about Roane Iron Company and correspondence (late 1980′s) regarding the receipt of the Roane Iron Company Minute Book. Daybook (1911-1912) of the Chamberlain Construction listing all contracts and expenditures for company specializing in concrete construction and owned by F.A. Chamberlain and H.E. Chamberlain (Donated by Auburn University Library Archives, 27 July 1996). Also, miscellaneous newspaper clippings relating to the flood of 1973, Ochs family and other Chattanooga events plus transcripts of speeches presented at the 1975 Bicentennial Forum and a speech by Judge Frank Wilson.

  • Call Number: MS 007
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1916-1982
  • Finding Aid

Chattanooga Area Historical Association records

Includes postcards of Chattanooga from the early 1900′s plus brochures and booklets about Chattanooga, including: J. J. Manker, Army Life, 1865; Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain and Battlefields, 188?; Centennial Manual of United States History; Margaret Petty, Highlights of a Historic Century; Selected Views: Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain…; The Centennial Celebration of the First Methodist Church…, 1865-1965; Ernest West, Chattanooga’s Battery B…, 1967. Photographs of Lookout Mountain, Chickamauga.

  • Call Number: MS 008
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1865-1967
  • Finding Aid

Chattanooga Area Library Association records

Bylaws, awards, correspondence, minutes, newsletters, programs and yearbooks.

  • Call Number: MS 073
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1980-1994
  • Finding Aid

Chattanooga Civic Chorus records

Chattanooga amateur choral group (now defunct) directed by J. Oscar Miller, Voice Professor, Cadek Conservatory. Scrapbooks (1932-1950); programs, photos, and clippings (1930-1955).

  • Call Number: MS 009
  • Extent: 1.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1932-1955
  • Finding Aid

Chattanooga postcards

Early 20th Century Chattanooga Postcards, including pictures of local Civil War sites and monuments, downtown scenes and other locations in and around Chattanooga. Many photographs by W. M. Cline.

  • Call Number: MS 090 & MS 100
  • Extent: .5 linear feet
  • Date: 1900-1930

City of Chattanooga Engineer’s letterbook

Letterbook by Chattanooga city engineer, F.T. Hampton. Plans include the design for what is now the downtown area around Market Street.

  • Call Number: MS 096
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1870-72

Robert S. Davis papers

Research material for article on notorious Hamilton County, Tennessee outlaw Joseph Ritchey (1840?-1876). Includes family documents concerning relatives and associates, as well as information pertaining to locations Ritchey lived. Additional material on outlaws and serial killers.

  • Call Number: MS 115
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Finding Aid

Arthur S. Forman Scopes Trial scrapbook

A scrapbook of news clippings (July 1925) about the Scopes trial.

  • Call Number: MS 063
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1925

Hamilton National Bank records

Former Chattanooga bank, later purchased by First Tennessee Bank. Miscellaneous scrapbooks, bank statements, ledgers, journals, and photos. Bulk of records housed in the Bicentennial Library. Given by First Tennessee Bank.

  • Call Number: MS 047
  • Extent: 2.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1889-1972
  • Finding Aid

Joseph Johnston papers

Merchant, Madisonville, Tennessee. Papers (c. 1830-1890) relating to his store, including advertisements, trade catalogs, and invoices. Some letters relating to the Mexican War and Civil War.

  • Call Number: MS 023
  • Extent; 2.5 linear feet
  • Date: 1830-1890
  • Finding Aid

Lookout Mountain survey records

Records of Gordon Kenneth McFarland, early surveyor of Lookout Mountain. Early Lookout Mountain documents.

  • Call Number: MS 089
  • Extent: 2 linear feet
  • Date: 1864-1963

Cyrus Griffin Martin papers

Local banker and lawyer with American Trust and Banking Company (1922-1960). Letters, vouchers and bank receipts (all from 1917-1919) from American Expeditionary Forces Officer, Cyrus Griffin Martin, starting at Fort Ogelthorpe in 1917 through his military tour in France, 1919.

  • Call Number: MS 030
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1917-1919
  • Finding Aid

Reverend Thomas H. McCallie memoirs

Presbyterian minister, Chattanooga and Hamilton County. Photocopy of handwritten memoirs, begun in 1901 and continued through his last years.

  • Call Number: MS 027
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1901-1912

William S. Mills papers

William S. Mills (1920-1997) was a graduate of the Baylor School in Chattanooga, and graduated from the University of Chattanooga in 1941. He served in the Army in the Pacific Theater during World War II, and became the president of D.M. Seward Company in 1951, later becoming president of the National Ceramics Company. He donated to UTC books on Presidents Truman and Nixon; economics, the US intelligence community, Virginia Woolf and Tennessee Williams.

  • Call Number: MS 059
  • Extent: 3 linear feet
  • Date: 1900s
  • Finding Aid

Raoul Family papers

Letters, papers, photographs and documents of the Gaston Cesar Raoul family, including his wife, Marion Haskell Raoul, and their son, William G. Raoul (1911-1997). Gaston C. Raoul (1874-1960) came from a prominent family from Atlanta, Georgia and Marion Alexander Haskell was part of a prominent family from Columbia, South Carolina. The letters deal with many aspects of these two families, and include the courtship letters (1907-1908) of Gaston Raoul to Marion Haskell , and their son William’s World War II letters (1941-1945). Gaston C. Raoul was a Chattanooga businessman, who moved to Chattanooga in 1905. He was president of the Odorless Refrigerator Company and, later, the Chairman of the Board of the Cavalier Corporation, which was formed after the purchase of several other companies.

  • Call Number: MS 082
  • Extent: 15 linear feet
  • Date: 1896-1977
  • Finding Aid

J. Leonard Raulston papers

South Pittsburg, Tennessee industrialist; civic and political activist; member, University of Tennessee Board of Trustees (1956-1979); and Sequatchie Valley historian, as well as author with James W. Livingood, of Sequatchie. Pamphlets, clippings, photos, photocopies of manuscripts for Sequatchie Valley and Marion County history and genealogy (transcripts of historical records and cemetery records); University of Tennessee materials; and Raulston family and early business records.

  • Call Number: MS 035
  • Extent: 10 linear feet
  • Date: 1905-1987
  • Finding Aid

Scopes Trial papers

Material collected by Robert D. MacCurdy, Head of the Education Department, Centenary College in the 1960′s. Includes a scrapbook and 2 booklets about the Scopes trial as well as relevant postcards and newspaper clippings.

  • Call Number: MS 036
  • Extent: 0.5 linear foot
  • Date: 1925

Southern Humanities Council records

The Southern Humanities Council promotes the study and development of the humanities in the South. Coordinates activities of its members and encourages cooperation between business and academia in humanities work. Publications of the Council include: Southern Humanities Review and Humanities in the South. Contains the historical record files of the Council since its inception in 1947.

  • Call Number: MS 039
  • Extent: 5 linear feet
  • Date: 1947-1985

Robert Sparks Walker papers

Personal papers, manuscripts, books and correspondence of the Chattanooga naturalist, writer, poet, and historian. Mr. Walker wrote several books, including the Pulitzer Prize-nominated Torchlight to the Cherokees. Others include Lookout: Story of a Mountain, As the Indian Left It and The Bleechblock Circus. The collection also includes the manuscripts to his many articles and essays, as well as hundreds of poems.

  • Call Number: MS 081
  • Extent: 30 linear feet
  • Date: 1900-1960
  • Finding Aid

19th Century Chattanooga illustrations and maps

Illustrations of Chattanooga-related scenes (including hand-colored Civil War scenes from Harper’s Weekly), Maps, and other documents related to Chattanooga.

  • Call Number: MS 097
  • Extent: 2 linear feet