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MS 118 Craig Barron and Gladys Swan correspondence

Correspondence to Dr. Craig Barrow (retired UTC English professor) from author Gladys Swan. Also included are book reviews written by Dr. Barrow and a few biographies of Ms. Swan.

MS 078 Jean Miles Catino papers

Jean Miles Catino was the daughter of noted local writer, artist and naturalist Emma Bell Miles. Catino resided on the Walden’s Ridge, studied art in Chicago, and was noted for paintings and other works of art. The collection includes family letters, correspondence, material relating to Elizabeth B. Patten, 2nd drafts of Kay Baker Gaston’s biography, Emma Bell Miles, newspaper clippings, and photocopies of Emma Bell Miles’ journals (1908-1917).

MS 057 Kay Baker Gaston papers

Includes typescript drafts (A Song of Shadows: Emma Bell Miles and Bitter Herbs: The Life of Emma Bell Miles), notes and related material for her book about Emma Bell Miles, as well as some of Miles’ publications.

MS 074 Ralph W. Hood and W. Paul Williamson field recordings, interviews, and photographs

This manuscript collection features more than 400 hours of church services and interviews documenting contemporary serpent handlers of Southern Appalachia. Ranging from 1975 to 2004, this collection focuses on the major Pentecostal congregations that practice speaking in tongues, imbibing poisons, and serpent handling in the southeastern United States.

View a sample of the field recordings from the Rock House Holiness Church congregation located in Sand Mountain, Alabama in our digital collections.

MS 024 James Livingood papers

James Livingood (1910- 2005) was an historian and history professor and administrator, University of Chattanooga (1937-1969) and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (1969-1975). Co-author of histories of Chattanooga, the University of Chattanooga, Sequatchie Valley, and aspects of the Civil War. Author of books about Chattanooga and Hamilton County history. Speeches, notes, and newspaper articles on the history of UC; notes of speeches at occasions honoring UC faculty; history of and documents relating to the UC-UTC merger as well as galley proofs of his book Sequatchie: A Story of the Southern Cumberlands. Also his compilation UC Chronology, 1962-1967 and a 1963 news clippings scrapbook about UC.

MS 081 Robert Sparks Walker papers

This manuscript collection includes personal papers, manuscripts, books and correspondence created by the Chattanooga naturalist, writer, poet, and historian. Walker wrote several books, including the Pulitzer Prize-nominated Torchlights to the Cherokees: The Brainerd Mission as well as Lookout: The Story of a Mountain. The collection also includes the manuscripts to his many articles and essays, as well as hundreds of poems.

MS 045 Lula Ulrica Whitaker correspondence, photographs, and papers

This manuscript collection contains correspondence from nine of the twelve authors known as the Southern Agrarians written in 1934 as well as photographic prints and negatives of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

View the letters authored by the Southern Agrarians in our digital collections.