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Browse collections from Manuscripts and Personal Papers and University Archives with titles that begin with the letter W.

MS 081 Robert Sparks Walker manuscripts and papers

The Robert Sparks Walker manuscripts and papers collection includes correspondence, financial records, scrapbooks, and other personal papers as well as manuscripts and drafts of book, articles, and poetry authored by the Chattanooga naturalist, writer, poet, and local historian from 1896 to 1962. Highlights of this collection include the manuscript and dummies for Walker's Pulitzer Prize nominated book, Torchlights to the Cherokees: The Brainerd Mission.

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MS 044 Dorothy Hackett Ward papers and records

The Dorothy Hackett Ward papers and records collection includes correspondence, course materials, community theater records, performance notes, annotated scripts, and photographs documenting Ward's career as a professor in the University of Chattanooga Department of Drama and Speech and her membership in Chattanooga, Tennessee community theatre groups including Festival Players and Chattanooga Opera. The materials were created and collected by Ward from circa 1940 to 1990.

Andy Warhol photographs

Polaroids and other photographs taken by noted American pop artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987).

MS 001 John T. Wilder correspondence and papers

This manuscript collection contains correspondence and military records regarding Brigadier General Wilder's service in the Union Army during the American Civil War from 1861-1865 as well as personal correspondence and papers dating from 1865 to 1937.

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Nelson Wilder papers

Photocopies of items pertaining to US Civil War General John T. Wilder (1840-1917) of Chattanooga. Items include correspondence, both war-time and post-war, documents, photographs, and newspaper articles. Given to the Special Collections by Nelson Wilder, great-grandson of General Wilder.

David Wiley papers

Papers, correspondence, and photographs related to Wiley’s career as Theatre Department head, and professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Includes play scripts, performance posters, and teaching materials.

MS 074 Ralph W. Hood and W. Paul Williamson field recordings, interviews, and photographs

This manuscript collection features more than 400 hours of church services and interviews documenting contemporary serpent handlers of Southern Appalachia. Ranging from 1975 to 2004, this collection focuses on the major Pentecostal congregations that practice speaking in tongues, imbibing poisons, and serpent handling in the southeastern United States.

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MS 045 Lula Ulrica Whitaker correspondence, photographs, and papers

This manuscript collection contains correspondence from nine of the twelve authors known as the Southern Agrarians written in 1934 as well as photographic prints and negatives of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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MS 083 Raymond B. Witt legal documents, records, and correspondence

This manuscript collection contains Mapp v. Board of Education legal documents and Board of Education records regarding desegregation of public schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee from 1953 to 1986.


MS 103 Bayard Wootten photographs

The Bayard Wootten photographs collection contains two photographs captured by Wootten, a North Carolina photographer. Horse Traders features three weary men staring to their right and the untitled work depicts the photographer eating breakfast with three acquaintances.

World War I posters

Twelve large French war posters from World War I.