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Browse collections from Manuscripts and Personal Papers and University Archives with titles that begin with the letter G.

Kay Baker Gaston papers

Includes typescript drafts (A Song of Shadows: Emma Bell Miles and Bitter Herbs: The Life of Emma Bell Miles), notes and related material for her book about Emma Bell Miles, as well as some of Miles’ publications.

  • Call Number: MS 057
  • Extent: 4 linear feet
  • Date: 1985
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Carl M. Gevers U.S. War Department maps

Retired Colonel who served in World Wars I and II. Maps primarily of Italy and Austria during World War II.

  • Call Number: MS 017
  • Extent: 3 linear feet
  • Date: 1941-1945

Gilbert E. and Christine Govan correspondence

Dr. Gilbert Govan was a local historian and director of the library at the University of Chattanooga (1934-1962) and his wife, Christine, wrote children's books. There are forty-five letters, mostly to the Govans, from prominent writers of the day, including Wilma Dykeman Stokely, Julia Peterkin, Andrew Lytle, Edna Lytle, Caroline Gordon, George Scarbrough, Jesse Stewart, Richard Chase, Donald Davidson, Stanley Horn, Paul Jordan Smith, Answorth Rutherford, John Bennett, Anderson M. Scruggs, Robert Burch, Robert B. Ferguson, and others. Given by their daughter, Emmy West, in 1992.

  • Call Number: MS 053
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1930-1970
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Gilbert E. Govan papers

Historian, library director, University of Chattanooga (1934-1962); book review editor of the Chattanooga Times; co-author with Dr. James W. Livingood, of Chattanooga and area histories, the University of Chattanooga, and the Civil War. Notes on Chattanooga history from Chattanooga newspapers; early photographs of Chattanooga; speeches; correspondence, including letters from Donald Davidson; audio tapes and manuscripts relating to Chattanooga and the Civil War; and papers relating to the University of Chattanooga library. Also material on the 75th anniversary of the University. Given by Dr. Govan.

  • Call Number: MS 069
  • Extent: 4 linear feet
  • Date: 1930-1949
  • Finding Aid

Caroline Gordon papers

Books, magazine articles, and stories by and about writer Caroline Gordon (1895-1981).

  • Call Number: MS 108
  • Extent: 2 linear feet
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Isobel Griscom papers

Isobel Griscom (1898-1980) was a Professor of English, University of Chattanooga (1922-1963). Photocopies of Griscom’s poems collected and published in 1977 by her former students and entitled Isobel Griscom: An Appreciation. Included are scrapbooks of a) personal collection of school years at the University of Chattanooga b) postcards/photos of Europe, 1927 c) personal photos, 1913-1915 and d) personal photos and newspaper clippings. Photographs and manuscripts also included.

  • Call Number: MS 018
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1913-1977
  • Finding Aid

Irvine Grote papers

Irvine Grote (1899-1972) was Chairman of the UC/UTC Chemistry Department (1941-1968), Guerry Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, and served as Scientific Consultant to Chattem. Includes photographs, his 1925 thesis and subsequent publication, 1969 retirement encomiums, honorary degree from the University of Cincinnati, various certificates and a plaque from the Chattanooga Chapter of the American Chemical Society as the 1959 Chemist of the Year.

  • Call Number: MS 019
  • Extent: 1 linear foot
  • Date: 1929-1969
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William A. Guerry papers

William A. Guerry (1861-1928) was Episcopal Bishop, Chaplain, and Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology, University of the South, 1893-1907; father of Alexander Guerry, former University of Chattanooga President (1929 – 1938). Manuscripts of sermons, religious tracts, booklets and articles in religious journals written by William Guerry, many from the 1920′s. Also oration by Guerry in the book, Semi-Centennial of the University of the South, 1857-1907.

  • Call Number: MS 020
  • Extent: 0.5 linear feet
  • Range: 1920-1929
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