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Gifts and Donations

Special Collections and University Archives welcomes gifts of books, manuscripts, and other materials that are deemed to be within the scope of its collection. Gifts are accepted which meet our Collection Development policy established to support the University's teaching and research or to add core material of scholarly research interest. 

Make a Gift

To avoid misunderstandings, we ask that all prospective donors consult with the appropriate staff members before making arrangements to have gifts sent or delivered to Special Collections and University Archives. If you have a special donation situation or questions, please contact Steven Cox, Team Lead of Special Collections and University Archives. View our Deed of Gift to learn more about the transfer of title and copyright to Special Collections & University Archives.

Gift Acceptance

Once accepted, all gifts are deemed the property of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Special Collections and University Archives will determine whether the gift item should be added to its collections, used for exchange, or disposed of in accordance with our policies. In general, it is not usually our policy to retain duplicate copies of titles or items in poor physical condition. A gift copy may be used to replace a currently held volume in poor condition.


Please note that in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, Special Collections and University Archives is prohibited from appraising or estimating the value of any gift. Donors who require an appraisal need to make arrangements to do so with an independent appraiser and pay for that service themselves. Acceptance of a gift at an appraised value does not necessarily constitute endorsement of said valuation.


The donor will receive an acknowledgment response from the Team Lead of Special Collections and University Archives upon receipt of the gift.

Change in Provisions

If a donor feels that any terms in the agreement should be deleted or changed, the donor is encouraged to discuss the matter with a library representative to verify that the desired change in terms is feasible.