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Teaching Materials

A bucket with the word "Google" on it

The Google Bucket

A group activity to make students think critically about content available via Google and how it compares to content in library databases.


Why all these Articles?

This activity engages students in a consideration of source types and how these types can be used to inform their research.   

PowerPoint Slide of four images

What's in Google?

This first-semester icebreaker draws out the most common assumptions about the internet, about libraries, and about research.

Example of a Textlinker Card

Textlinker Card

In this activity, students practice using GetIt@UTC (the UTC Library textlinker) to locate the full text of articles.

Tablet on a wood table

Points of View/Omnifile

This activity introduces students to the concept of pre-research and to basic database navigation.

View of the game board

The Game of Research

This original board game teaches students about the research process in a fun and collaborative way.

Screenshot of Research Presentation

Bake Up Some Research

Using a baking metaphor, this video describes the process of identifying, evaluating, and compiling resources.