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Teaching Materials

A bucket with the word "Google" on it

The Google Bucket

A group activity to make students think critically about content available via Google and how it compares to content in library databases.


Why all these Articles?

This activity engages students in a consideration of source types and how these types can be used to inform their research.   

PowerPoint Slide of four images

What's in Google?

This first-semester icebreaker draws out the most common assumptions about the internet, about libraries, and about research.

Example of a Textlinker Card

Textlinker Card

In this activity, students practice using GetIt@UTC (the UTC Library textlinker) to locate the full text of articles.

Tablet on a wood table

Points of View/Omnifile

This activity introduces students to the concept of pre-research and to basic database navigation.

Screenshot of Prezi Presentation

The World of Information

Description, information and content coming soon. Be on the lookout for additional activities in the future!

View of the game board

The Game of Research

This original board game teaches students about the research process in a fun and collaborative way.