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Your instructor will inform you of your courses participation in the UTC Learn pilot or you will be informed of your participation when you log into UTC Learn.  This means you may have courses in the old UTC Learn as well as the new version.  Please bookmark both UTC Learn login pages (New and Old) so you can easily access all of your courses.

Please tell your friends and classmates about the UTC Learn upgrade on May 5, 2014.

Getting started with the new version of UTC Learn

What else do you need to know?

Follow our blog for the latest updates on the UTC Learn upgrade, including tutorials on some of the new features.


UTC Learn Tutorials:

Course Basics
  • UTC Learn Profiles (PDF)
  • My Grades (PDF)
  • Text Editor (PDF

  • Submit Assignments (PDF)
  • Accessing Graded Assignments (PDF)

  • Creating and Posting Entries (PDF)
  • Adding Comments To Entries (PDF)
  • View Grades On Entries (PDF)

  • Chat - How To (PDF)

Discussion Board
  • Accessing Discussion Board and Forums (PDF)
  • Creating a Thread (PDF)
  • Reply To, Edit, and Save As Draft Thread (PDF)
  • View Grade (PDF)

  • Personalizing Group Page (PDF)
  • Collaboration (PDF)
  • Discussion Board (PDF
  • File Exchange (PDF)
  • Sending Emails (PDF)
  • Group Tasks (PDF)

  • Access and Create Entry (PDF)
  • Access and Reply To Comments (PDF)
  • View Grade and Feedback (PDF)
  • Submitting SafeAssignments (PDF)
  • Understanding SafeAssign Reports (PDF)
  • SafeAssign Viewing Grade Feedback (PDF)
  • Accessing and Completing Surveys (PDF)

  • Accessing Tests In UTC Learn (PDF)
  • Submitting Multiple Test Attempts (PDF)
  • Reviewing Detailed Feedback (PDF)
  • Using Respondus LockDown Browser (PDF)
  • Reviewing Feedback (PDF)
  • Creating a Signup Page (PDF)